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Spike sat intently in the severely uncomfortable seat behind the receiving end of the officer's desk. He sent a look to Jet, he sat in the seat beside him, who had the most bewildered look on his face. This was strange. He knew, whatever reason they were at the police station on Mars, it was because of something idiotic Faye had done this time, though, it was peculiar that he had not called herself to beg for their help. The officer cleared his throat.

"I need to talk to you about a Ms. Valentine? Does that name sound familiar?"

"Yeah, Faye." Jet began. "What has she gotten herself into this time?"

The officer immediately became flushed, his eyes wide in surprise. "They-they didn't tell you? At the front desk, no one talked to you?"

Now, this was beginning to get suspicious Spike thought. She must have really fucked herself over this time. Spike turned her head to look at Jet, and was incredibly surprised to see such worry scribed across his older features. Jet was a policeman, he remembered suddenly, something serious must have happened.

Quickly, the plump little man scribbled something down on a piece of paper, and folded it up, handing it to Jet.

"Come back when you're done, I'll wait for you." The officer said with a sad smile.

Jet looked at the paper, and nodded. "Thank you," he said ruefully, and got up, leaving. Spike followed him all the way in silence until they were outside.

"Jet, where are we going?"

"The hospital," Jet replied darkly.

What? What could she have possibly done? There had been no warning, no cause, no reason, it had just, happened. Faye had lost it, she must have lost it, he thought. She had been different ever since he had come back to 'life', but, still.

The drive to the hospital was just a silent as the walk through the police station, and as the entered the elevator, Spike reached for one of the buttons.

"What floor?"

"Basement." Jet replied quietly.

"But, all that's in the basement is the cafeteria and the..morgue." Like a pelt in the stomach, the thought his Spike. Faye was..dead? It couldn't be. NO! It just couldn't. His silence now became angry, and he trudged after Jet down the white hall, forcing a calm disposition.

Jet was the first through the swinging doors, the smell horrendous, as a coroner examined a gunshot victim's body, before snapping to attention.

"Oh my, hello." Said the plump man, looking a bit like the police officer from earlier.

"My brother sent? He just called." He asked quietly, taking of his coat which was riddled with blood splotches.

"Yes, were here to identify the body of Faye Valentine." Jet said politely, though there was another audible twinge in his voice.

The coroner sighed, which made Spike snap to immediate attention. He motioned for the two to follow, and opened one of the tiny refrigerator doors marked 'Jane Doe' with Faye Valentine and a question mark next to the name just below the original nick name.

"Alright, she's kind of a mess, so, be warned." That was the last thing Spike needed to hear.

The man pulled forth the metal bed, cadaver revealed. The body had no physical attributes left. All it was, was a bleeding, burned mess, and Spike fought the urge to look away, and then, once he realized that the eyes had melted to nothing too, her beautiful, green eyes, he fought the gag reflex within him. He stared down at the abysmal, empty sockets that were left.

"What happened?" Spike asked calmly.

"A suicide." The coroner replied.

Well, this just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? Spike thought.

"How?" Jet asked.

"She crashed her ship into an abandoned part of Mars's shore. It burned her to what you see now, she was most likely already dead before the fire started, however. I found no smoke in her lungs. What would you like me to do with the body?"

Spike and Jet looked at each other. What was there to be done with the body?

"We'll get back to you on that." Jet nodded.

"Alright," the coroner replied. "My brother will be needing to speak with you now. I'm really sorry."

Without a word, Spike began to walk away, and with another nod to the little man, he followed suit. What was going to happen now?