Spike sat, defeated. He had been searching for near three days now, and there was nary a word of Faye or Romani. He threw himself onto the squeaky motel bed, and listened to its old springs ring. He wanted to scream. He wanted to cry. He wanted to find her, to hold her, to ki-WAIT!

Shooting straight up, Spike rethought his last mental words. He just wanted to find her because of his conscience..yeah, that was it. His conscience, but…he knew, in the dark recesses of who he was, that that wasn't it. That maybe he did care about her, and seeing her as of recently sparked something he had tried so hard to bury. Nothing scared him more then thought of moving on, and that's exactly what Faye meant. Moving forward with life. He stopped his thoughts..he needed to sleep, however restless it may be, so he laid back down, and closed his eyes, fighting the urges to re-open them.


So..this was to be her life. It had all been explained to her from day one. She just had to play along, go with the flow, and everything would be well. She was a prisoner, and victim, however, not very many victims lived a life like this. She cast a glance over the room she was in. Velvet and gold leaf covered the walls, the bed, and all that was present. An antiquitous mansion was her residence, and worse yet, Viscious's mansion.

She scoffed lightly to herself, and took from the bed she laid in, to the windowed doors, and then out to the balcony. The night on, well…whatever planet she was on did surely glow. She counted the twinkling stars and thought to herself, while wrinkling in nervous fingers, the silk of the innocent little nightdress she wore. She was a pawn, a tool, but…oh well.

"Nice night."

Faye jumped at the sound, and looked about her, only then to catch the figure next to her, on it's balcony. She clutched the cloth tighter.

"Vicious." She stated simply.

He smiled at her from his own protruding porch and leaned against the finely carved marble railing. He set his face back to the sky, as Faye did for a moment, before turning back to him, and as she watched him, she almost dreamed of a smile. His face was so tender, and child like as he stared up, lit with a mischief that would rival Puck, the trickster. If this was the way she had first seen him, perhaps she wouldn't be afraid, as she was now, but..it was easing nonetheless.

"Can I ask a question?" she begged him meekly, and breaking his concentration of the sky above.

"Surely." He returned simply.

Faye nearly smiled as she drug out her words, "What are you going to do with me?"

Vicious stood for a moment, then straightened, looking at her.

"Am I supposed to be doing something with you?"

Faye gave herself a moment to ponder the question. IWas he supposed to be doing anything with her? Honestly?/I She looked back to him.

"Well, there's a reason I'm here, right."

He nodded, and then walked off the balcony with a slight hand wave and a barely whispered goodnight. Faye stood, dumbfounded, and took to her own room. She threw herself down upon the bed. There had to be a reason, yes…and then it hit her.

"THAT BASTARD!" she screamed sitting up, glaring at the wall behind her. She tore out of her feathered bed, and picked up the nearest thing she could find to throw. A hand crafted silver mirror was the first thing she came across, and she sent it shattering into the wall with all the might in her, and listened as the pieces landed upon the carpeted floor in /I. She continued the act again, and again, until the double doors to her room came swinging open, and there stood Vicious, sword ready, along with a few other men, a bit to trigger happy.

He was surprised to see that it was her making all the racket, to say the least, and quickly, he dismissed the guards back to their posts.

"What are you doing?" he asked calmly, shutting the doors behind him, and setting his sword down upon one of the many hand crafted mahogany tables.

Faye turned to glare at him, and picked up a vase, filled with wilting roses, and sent it, with heave towards him. With a bit of shock, Vicious caught it, and set it next to his blade.

"And here I thought, you were and okay guy! Here I thought, you were civil. /b!" she stormed towards him, and stood beneath his line of sight just slightly, giving a hard glare into his stormy, broken eyes.

"I beg your pardon?" was all he replied, looking down upon her.

"Am I a tool? An I a /b tool?" Faye demanded with an intense, quivering voice.

"I don't understand you?" Vicious replied, now clearly annoyed, "What are you talking about?"

Faye just shook her hard, furious.

"I'm here so you can get even with Spike! That's it isn't it?! I should have known. It's pointless, he's not going to come for me, he could care less if I lived or died. God, no wonder you two, hate each other so much, you're exactly alike." Faye began to walk away, slightly hurt, when her arm was grabbed, and Vicious lifted her to his line of view.

"Don't compare us." He said lowly.

Faye stood there, frightened to silence and stiffness, and, once Vicious realized his effect upon her, swiftly set her down. He turned from her, grabbing his word on the way out, and with a low, rueful tone, he opened the door with a, "Sorry."

Faye watched him go, broken, and torn.



Spike wandered the streets of Mars, hoping that she was somewhere upon the planet, hands dug deep into mournful pockets, and he took a moment to stop, and dropped the cigarette out of his mouth, stomping it to death. He glanced up for a moment, for the sheer sake of doing, when a face caught his attention. He knew that face.

The man who caused the recollection was hurrying down the street, a brown bag crinkled tightly in his one hand, and a cigarette in the other. His shagged black hair rested uneasily as he scuffled through the thin sidewalk crowd, and then, it hit Spike. That face was the face of a man who worked for..Vicious.

Spike wasted no time in chasing him down, and with a practiced ease took him to the ground, in plain view, a gun shoved to his nose.

"You!" the man cried, as Spike crushed one his knees into his chest.

"Where's Vicious?" Spike retorted, calmly dangerous.

The man replied, spitting in Spike's contorted face. He only pushed the gun down harder.

"I'm in /b mood for anyone's shit, so do well, and tell me what I want, or I swear to God, I shoot your face in."

The man sneered, but all too soon changed his way as Spike clicked the safety off, and set his finger onto the trigger.

"Where's Vicious?" he asked again, a smirk on his face.

"On the coast." The man replied. "Not to far from her, on the East Side of the docks. 24450 West Egg St."

"Good." Spike replied, "Now, tell me of the woman with him."

"There's no woman!" the man swore.

The lanky man shrugged, and shook his head, then reamed a flat strike to his cheek, ignoring the sounds of the crowd around him.

"Let's try this again. Tell me of the black haired woman with him, and tell me WHY he wants her?"

The man sighed, and swallowed before beginning his tale.

"He's keeping the girl because he can. She's just a whiny bitch."

Spike punched the guy again.

"Tell me his purpose for her!" he screamed into the air and the man's face.

"FINE!" he replied, slightly terrified. "She's got some relationship to this kid he's got. She's like, the mother or somethin', and Vicious is the father." Spike was stunned and appalled, and in a desperate act, racked his gun across the man's face a final time, knocking him unconscious. This had to be alive…Faye had Vicious's kid? /I

He scooted away from the limp body and knocked the dropped paper bag, tripping it open, and out poured child products, food, formula, and diapers. This couldn't be possible. This couldn't be possible!

Spike took off in the direction of the mansion.


Faye sat on her bed, and looking thoughtfully to the man next to her.

"So, what came between you and Spike, I mean, if you guys were such great friends and all?" Faye asked, continuing a conversation they had been carrying on for a short while now.

"Julia." He answered in a simple, cold rebuttal, and the green-eyes seductress tensed at the name.

"What happened?" She asked, cautiously.

Vicious sighed, beginning his tale. "Julia was originally mine. She was a star assassin, and beautiful, and..she loved me, or so I thought. Spike was my best friend, and somehow, they ended up together in a twisted, secret romance. Inevitably, I found out, and I was mad with rage. My best fried, and lover was sleeping together. I was out for blood at that point. I was in pursuit of Spike's demise imparticularly, that is, until something happened."

Faye waited patiently, eager to hear what was left to be said, and watched carefully as he tenderly turned his eyes to her, continuing his thought. "After Spike and I had fought, for what, I'm pretty sure, the both of us had thought was the last time, and went into hiding, finding solace in a shit-hole bar on the darker side of Mars. One night I was there, and this woman was sitting down a ways from me, at the bar. I recognized her, and..she was visibly smashed, her head thrown onto the counter. I decided to approach her. When I did, she must not have recognized me, for she smiled, and offered me a seat. We talked, and laughed, and in the end, spent the night with her."

Faye nodded, listening. "What ever happened to her?"

Vicious stood, visibly distressed, and grabbed her hand in a gentle hold, lifting her up as well. He pulled her behind him, out of her room, and into his, much the same. He drew her slowly around the canopied bed, and there, laid a bassinet, woven in baby blue, sea green, and white. It rocked gently, a Faye dropped her hand from his grasp, stepping forward and glancing in.

There, a child lay, peacefully sleeping on it's back, head turned to her. It was a beautiful baby girl, with thin, colored hair, a light violet, and pale skin. Up and down her little chest breathed, and Faye stood there, aghast. One hand raised to her mouth, the other to caress the child's soft cheek, and she cried without movement.

It seemed as though hours went by, and with a gentle grasp, Faye lifted the child to her, and held her in an everlasting embrace, rocking her slowly in her arms.

"I know you," she whispered as the child stirred before settling back into sleep. "I know you. You're Alice. /b Alice." The enthralled mother, realization of the father not yet setting in upon her stared at Vicious, as he spoke tenderly.

"You know what happened to her. She had a baby."


A/N: Wow..I hope you all, like..didn't hate that. I know it's kind of a stupid twist. Kudo's to one person, who figured it out.