Disclaimer: Need I say anything?

Summary: This is written as Frodo leaves for the undying lands.

Authors note: Just to let you know that this is written by both Sam and Frodo. The first verse is by Sam and the second by Frodo and so on and so forth. I hope you enjoy it.

The bond of two friends


As I stand here and say goodbye

My heart is torn I cannot lie

I long to go with you, my friend

Be with you until the end


I must leave though I long to stay

My heart shows me no other

The ring, it torments, memories of fear

The future to me is now so clear


It grieves my heart to see you leave

As without you it's hard to breathe

You are my friend and part of my soul

Without you I am not whole


My dearest friend you will always be

Forever you are part of me

Wherever I travel; I can never forget

That special day when we first met


I do not feel the pain you do

Though I see how much it torments you

I see it in your eyes everyday

And now I know you cannot stay


The friendship we have and the bond we share

It cannot be broken it will always be there

Deep in my heart your memory is secure

You are my companion, I couldn't ask for more.

Did you like it? This is only my second go at a Frodo and Sam poem and they do kind of get addictive once you have done one so you may see a few more in the future. Anyway, please let me know what you think? Should I carry on or quite whilst I'm almost ahead?