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Dueling Days


Wazzup? OMG, the Inter City Tourney starts today! The idiotic computer said I only had 4 stars!! I merely sniffed. Isn't that classic? OMG, this messed- up Kaiba dude needs to get a hobby. How could he find out everything in my deck?? They even said I'd lose my Fire Unicorn card if I lost, but you'd better believe this girl isn't losin' nothing!! But I went and got my emergency deck. Kaiba couldn't know about that, I've never even used it! That deck has a Red Unicorn, not as powerful as my fire one, only 200 pts less. I'm so excited!! I heard that Yugi Moto was competing. Maybe I'll actually meet him!! Oh, so he's short. Height has nothing to do with real love! Maybe I'll actually DUEL him! But of course if the Triplets win the war, I'll maybe even get to shake his hand after I beat him! But then again, he beat my sister. But Mai said it was good for her, and she made a valuable friend. (But sure, that friend won't even sign a measly scrap of paper.) Well, ya, if I meet him I won't let on how much I adore him.

Today at school that new guy, James, asked Daine out, when she rejected him, he asked me out, and THEN, HE ASKED Jewel out! We all had his number: Go out with one of us, be considered "a man." We don't date immature guys.

But yeah, the headmistress told us our clothes were too "suggestive."

So??!!! We don't dress like Mai!


Crissy Valentine


Tourney! Tourney! Tourney! My sisters and I are entered.Mai split as soon as we arrived. Can you believe James? Asking all three of us out?! What a loser!

Crystal's drooling over Yugi, disgusting, he only wins because he puts all the good cards in his hair.maybe I'm just mad that he beat our sister. Now the white haired kid is more to my taste. White hair is soooo fine!!

These little metal dueling disks are so cool.but that jerk Kaiba said my sisters and I only had 4 stars each!! We're much better than that Joey kid. Gotta go, bye!

Aundaine Valentine


Ughh.So this idiot named James comes up to my sisters and I and asks all of us out!! One after the other!! Desperado!! He claimed he didn't know we were sisters. Ughh.Idiootti!!!

So my sisters and I enrolled in this Duel Monsters competition. The guy running it is very rich but constantly looks high.and he was able to find out all about our decks!! Oh well, I've never used more than ½ of my deck, and have never used my most powerful monster; I've never had to.

Jewel Valentine



I cannot believe the competition! Or should I say the lack of competition! Good lord! This stupid shirtless guy named Mako made a bet with me. If he beat me, then I'd have to go on a date with him, along with my Unicorn and my mappy thing. If I won, I'd get his card, his map, and I'd get the extra map card thing he won from his last duel. That fish head never knew what hit him! I got my change of heart card, second turn, took his Giant Shark man against his own life points, knocking the fool to 200 LP! Next I got my fire unicorn out from the shark boy, and bubye to Mako's LP, Electric Eel and both of the fool's map disks, 2 more for the Triplet team! Wow, I need some sleep if I'm to stay awake tomorrow.

Crissy Valentine


PS: Unfortunately, I haven't seen Yugi yet. :(

First day of the tournament and I already have two cards! With my two sisters, and me we'll have the full map really soon. I hope we won't have to fight each other.

I beat Weevil, this ugly little bug person. His hair is green! Eew!! And his glasses creeped me out. He was easy to beat, but since he had two cards he wasn't knocked out. I wonder how such an awful player actually won a match.

There are seriously no hot guys here that I've seen anyway. Where are Yugi and his hot white haired friend?

Aundaine Valentine


OK, so I met this really creepy dude in a black cape today that called himself a rare hunter. Well, Daine pointed me a t him... Really, with the cape and the blue hair (it couldn't have been cut in months!) he was just asking for it.

So I dueled the creepy person and won. He hasn't dueled anyone else or he'd already be on his way home. Now I've got 2 map pieces.

I swear everyone here is a geek! Where are all the decent looking guys? Well, maybe Mai scared them all away. If she did, I swear I'll kill her.

Jewel Valentine


OMG, I'm still blushing!! Guess whom I saw today? Yugi Moto! Well, I saw him from a distance, and he was watching a duel. I had a plan to meet him. So I nonchalantly came up and asked, "Have you seen a duelist named Mai Valentine?"

He laughed (ooh sexy!) and said in a cute voice, "She's right here!" Then the unmistakable war cry of my sister (well, not a war cry, but hey!) rang out from the middle of the circle of people.

We (don't you just love that?!) pushed to the front of the crowds. "Hey Cristal!" Mai waved another map card at me. "Hey Yugi! I'm glad you've met one of my charming little sister!"

Yugi turned to me as I waved my three map cards back at her. "Looks like I've left you in the dust!"

I was immensely proud (and glad Yugi was watching) when she gave me a high five and said, "You guys are just about passing me up!"

Yugi asked me, "Is this your first tournament? Sounds to me like you're quite the duelist." Here I blush modestly.

"Thanks! And yeah, this is the biggest one so far. Only school's one big interruption, so it kinda messes up a duelist's schedule."

He nodded. "I know just how you feel. Hey, Cristal, maybe you could join me and a group of my friends tonight. We're going to grab some burgers and then just ride around town. Your sisters can come too!" (Yeah, he actually said that!!) So, of course, Daine, Jewel, and me are going to hang out with Yugi, Joey Wheeler, his girlfriend, Tea, Tristan, and Bakura. I don't have a clue that these people are, but luckily, in a half hour the girls and me are cycling out to meet them. (Apparently, Bakura, Tristan and Joey have motorcycles, so I thought it should be cool if we come on ours.) After dinner, we're going to see an outdoor movie marathon. And amazingly, Mai didn't set this up!! Well, I'll write about every little detail later.

Crissy Valentine


Oh my gosh!!!!

Hot!!! Oh my gosh!! He's so fine!!! OK.let me back up here. We met up with Yugi, Bakura.and their other friends. Yugi invited us to go to dinner. Bakura and I maintained eye contact for like ten or fifteen whole seconds!!!!

He's even hotter in real life! Cristal will not shut up about meeting Yugi.Jewel ignores her, and I'll sit there, daydreaming about * sigh * Bakura.

Oh yeah, we also met up with our big sister.

Back to the important stuff.we're riding out to meet them in about 10 minutes. We're going to some fancy restaurant, then movie marathon. I'm not too into the whole "watch like 5 movies in a row" kind of thing, but if I get to sit next to Bakura, I guess I'll make it work.

Now.back to the problem that I've been contemplating for over an hour. What do I wear????? I wish I could just wear the same thing every day like my older sister. She does have OK taste in clothes, though, I must admit that.

Cristal has been yelling at me for like ten minutes to "hurry up!" I can see why she's anxious. But I will not be late either!!!!

So do I wear a skirt or shorts? Or pants? Or a dress? I mean we are going to be riding our bikes, so I can't wear too long of a skirt.I wish my love struck sister would help!

OK, I'll wear my black skirt and.a halter-top. Blue, I think. My sisters are yelling at me again. Time to party!!!


Aundaine Valentine



OMG, Cristal got Yugi Moto to invite all of us to a fancy dinner place and Daine and Bakura obviously have a future, so where does that leave me??

Well, I suppose that Tristan is nice enough, and its not like he's deformed or anything.

So, I'm sitting here, wondering what to wear, listening to Cristal scream at Daine.

Let's see.dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, peasant tops, man I brought a lot of clothes out. Oh, screw it; I'll wear what I have on.

OMG!! They're here! Tristan's is staring at me!! Hmmmm.. he's hotter in person.. this could be a decent day after all.

Let's get on the motorcycles and GO ALREADY!!

Jewel Valentine