Hey guys this is a prequel to a much larger story I have in mind,I'm planning to write it out over the next month and should have multiple chapters uploaded at the same time

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She knew they would need him. The moment it was decided that the newborn army was heading to Forks, she knew. But she was hit with an overwhelming feeling of trepidation nonetheless.

Jaspers head shot up from the pages of War & Peace he had been so engrossed in until he felt the uncertainty rippling off his love in waves. Eyes meeting he raised an eyebrow in question.

'We need him….'

Jaspers questioning quickly morphed into a frown. The him she had been referring to was Justin Lacey. The Volturis experiment gone wrong.

In an attempt to better understand and get the upper hand over their enemy the wolves,the Volturi had spent two centuries imprisoning and experimenting on them. They were obsessed with trying to make the 'perfect weapon',half vampire half werwolf. They had all but given up when they came across Justin and his pack. The pack had made the mistake of defending their lands from a vampire laying waste to the community.neither knowing of the Volturis existence or that the vampire scourging their lands was a member of the guard. As a result the entire pack was rounded up and taken to Voltura to be dealt with. One by one each member was subjected to the same fate,a last ditch attempt to create the envisioned 'weapon'. All attempts failed except one.


Nobody understood why he was different, maybe it had something to do with Aro- the leader of the Volturi- biting him himself but they couldn't be sure,what they did know was that neither before or since they have not been able to replicate the process.

Justin was trained to be the ultimate monster, his Wolf form used to terrify renegade Vampires who had broken the laws. He had the speed,bloodlust and strength of a vampire but the ferocious temper and majestic prowess of a Wolf.

However the Volturi did not foresee certain issues that would soon arise. He could not be tamed even by them, often breaking through the chains they had resorted too and attacking members of the guard.

Aro could not bring himself to destroy his new creation, he was unique and to Aro uniqueness was sacred.

Eventually they decided to release him,but made it clear that should he EVER bring the existence of their kind to the attention of the humans he would be destroyed,unique or not.

So that was that, cast out into the world. Frankenstein's creation.

It would be 26 years of living on the fringes of both human and supernatural societies a creature of rage and death,before he would meet her.

Hunting in the Boreal Forrest in Canada, a brilliant black beast chasing after a lynx.He was never so content as when he was on a hunt, a trait he knew to be of vampiric origin and not the wolf in him. Justin lived his life in a cycle. He would spend months sometimes years permanently in his Wolf form,living of animals before going through the painful process of phasing back to his Vampiric form, spending months hunting humans.He hated it but he knew no other way to balance the two opposing forces.

He was stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of her.She was also on the trail of the Lynx -who took the opportunity of both his predators having a stand off and slipped away- a petite, black haired woman who to the untrained eye would of been no match him but he could smell it on her.she was no human.

Justin took an unsteady step back keeping a wary eye on the vampire before him.

"Wait! I'm not going to hurt you" sensing his uncertainty Alice raised her palms towards him in an effort to reassure him that she meant him no harm.

"Your beautiful" she breathed, so low that no human would of heard at the distance they were. But Justin did.

Alarm bells started to ring in Justin's mind. He had done his best for years to avoid crossing the path of vampires and wolves alike. None would understand the abomination he was and would surely kill him.

Taking another cautious step back he was hit by an overwhelming feeling of calm Justin could do nothing except freeze.These weren't his f feelings,he knew that. He should be alert and on guard but he wasn't,it didn't make sense.

No sooner had the thought crossed his mind did someone else appear from the trees. Another vampire,this one much taller than the female,muscular with curly auburn hair, fixing him with a strong steady stare. He knew immediately that these feelings of calm washing over him were not his own but radiating from the male vampire standing before him.

This was too much.forcing the unwelcome feelings out of his mind he turned on his heels to run. He couldn't risk a fight with two vampires. He could hold his own he was aware of that but taking on more than one vampire without a pack was a huge risk.

"Wait! Stay. I just want to talk" the female called to him.

Justin froze again turning his head to look over his flank at the woman,waiting for her to continue.

"...and it would be easier for us to talk if you could speak too" she chimed in a sing song tone.

Justin paused for a moment. Maybe he should phase, it was getting close to the time he was due to anyway and a part of him hoped that when they saw him phase into his alternate state it would scare them off seeing the abomination he was.

Decision made Justin felt a ripple through his body,followed by another and then another getting faster and more violent as they went,until finally he crashed to the floor. It wasn't the four legs being replaced by two he noticed first nor the lack of fir.

It was the thirst.

The overwhelmingly excruciating thirst he felt and without a moments hesitation he took of running like a bolt of lightning through the trees,completely forgetting about the strangers,looking for the nearest human he could find to quench his thirst.

He headed to a hiking trail he knew to be approximately 4 miles south. He already had it planned out in his mind. He would cross the trail path at a sprint picking up a lone hiker as he went, leaving no witnesses at the speed he was going. As he drew closer he could practically taste the blood. Until he was airborne,hurtling sideways felling a tree as he went.

Something had hit him. No.someone had hit him.

Crouching into an attacking stance he rotated to see his attacker,letting a low warning growl rip through his chest, he came face to face with the man from before mirroring his stance and letting loose his own warning. Preparing to lunge at his enemy his view was blocked by the female companion.

"Easy. I told you We just want to talk" looking over her shoulder she addressed her mate "Jasper it's okay,why don't you take a walk.we will be fine" she finished with a pointed look.

With that Jasper straightened himself,kissed his love on the forehead and headed for the trees

'Was he stupid' Justin thought to himself,did he not know that he could rip his mate in two with one swift motion?

Justin didn't ease up on his stance instead he let another growl ripple through him as he kept a watchful eye on Alice.

"It's okay,I just need you to listen.can you do that?"

Giving a curt nod Justin stood up and waited with anticipation

"We need him" Alice repeated after no response

Jasper paused for a moment pondering the option that Alice presented to him.

Justin was dangerous that was a given, but if anyone could control him it would be Alice,the woman never ceased to amaze him that was for darn sure. The newborns would be surprised enough by the local wolf population but adding Justin into the mix would give them much more of an edge. How would he fair around Bella though and how would the wolves react to him? It was a risk he soon realised he would have to take for the survival of his family

" fine" he smirked at Alice who wore a confused expression

"But you have to tell Edward"