TCW - In the heat of the Battle (BACARA / NEYO)

TCW - In the heat of the Battle (BACARA / NEYO)


A battle won, a battle lost, but, we two, remain

The mission always comes first, except when it does not


Clone Haven's Ship-of-the-month weekly prompt "Battle Romance" Bacara/Neyo. Set somewhere in the space time continuum of the Clone Wars.

Inspired by the romantic trope meme "Just kiss already!"

It's a middle of the heated battle, the losses are mounting into too much on both sides of the war.

Whenever there is even the smallest of victories, there will be a loss to counter said win just the same. It is the balance of things, the way of the universe, just to keep the playfield level.

But no matter what war they are fighting in, the would or rather could be lovers will never be torn apart.

And so, In the heat of the battle, they will find a way to each other, no matter how long the distance between them might just be. Part of the Bacara/Neyo series

A battle won, a battle lost, but, we two, remain

'Trust in it, believe in it and you will get it. Lover - come back to me?' The battles roaring on the outside. The fires burning brightly, both structures and bodies alike becoming dust. Along with the nature once lush where greeneries lay, now all dull and grey.

Brutal, is the word for this kind of destruction, where nothing, and no one, survives.

But, somewhere, in the midst of all the horrors of war, something so fundamental thrives. Love. The only constant in the galaxy, the universe, keeps on going, never showing signs of slowing down, not matter what just might be thrown its way.

And so, where there is love, there is always hope. That of winning something important back, even in the midst of battle, that might just be, the thing which keeps them all going.

The two Commanders had been sent to different locations.

It wasn't unusual per se, Bacara and Neyo being in different locals, fighting in different battles. But this time, the distance between them seemed more palpable somehow. The losses having become more grave to say the least as their enemy had deployed the much rumoured super weapon. A new form of regenerative droid. A machine capable of building itself back together from the pieces of itself and others of its kind around them right there, in the battlefield.

There had been rumours of course, of this, machine being built. Even reliable intel having been gathered of its existence. But, the speed it had been implemented had taken the GAR Commanders by surprise.

And the devastation left behind as this, monster of a thing, could not be easily destroyed. As the weakness it most certainly housed yet to be found, was having its toll on the soldiers surviving the skirmishes agains these, so called super droids.

But, no matter the dire situation, the clone troopers would always prevail.

And then having managed to capture one of these, machines, in tact no less, Bacara's troopers were busy trying to figure out, what made this special droid tick.

Bacara had worked together with his men in trying to decipher the droids mechanics for a while now.

The problem was, that no matter what they managed to do, the super machine always seemed to counter any effort they had done.

Bacara and Neyo had worked on technical projects together before. It was that which had drawn the two of them together in the first place, having become fast, even close friends.

Despite the rumours going on amongst the troopers both in their respective squadrons, but also on Kamino, the two were not lovers. At least, neither of them had admitted as much to the other nor having acted on anything leading to that rumour to be true.

Not that neither Commander did not harbour such feelings for the other. But being the stoic, sometimes even considered cold figureheads they both were, such things never lingered long in either man's conscious mind. At least that either of them admitted, not even to themselves most of the times.

But, clearly, they missed the others presence, having been long a part from the other. Being such good friends and all.

As of now though, things were about to change as Bacara had requested for Neyo to join him on his vessel. As this, captured new super weapon of their enemy needed all the effort they could muster to be able to defeat the rest of them in battle.

* Neyo stepped out of the shuttle, having flown half way across the galaxy to get to where Bacara's ship was located at.

This being a mission of utmost urgency and knowing that, Neyo had had the ship's throttles at impossible speeds to get to his destination as quickly as possible.

Seeing Neyo on the platform, Bacara could not help the grin forming on his face. After all, seeing his best friend after a long spell, was, well, it warmed his sometimes chilly insides to no end. Not that Bacara would have admitted such a thing out loud. To anyone.


Bacara greeted Neyo with their usual arm grip, the formality kept between them when in the field.

"You got here fast enough."

Neyo let out a small chuckle.

"You said it was urgent, so yes, I did and here I am!"

"Hope it wasn't anything important I dragged you away from."

Joking never came easy to the rather dry humoured man. But the two of them had developed a rapport between them. And all jokes aside, they understood where the other was coming from.

"Nah, just a few bloody battles is all. I am sure my Lieutenants can handle them just fine."

Neyo had left strict instructions for his second in commands, of course. But having trained them himself, Neyo knew they could handle things quite well in his absence.

Bacara smirked a little, Neyo being among the few who could actually bring such humorous and well, warm emotions forth in him. And visa versa, as the two of them understood each other without too many words needed between them.

After the regular few pleasantries had been exchanged the two of them made their way to the part of the ship where they had a makeshift, but quite functioning lab.

It was also there where they had the captive new droid held.

The appearance of this, new enemy super weapon was far from impressive. It looked rather ordinary. Similar to those of the battle droids the clone troopers faced on daily bases while out there in the fields of war.

"It, really doesn't look that daunting at all, does it."

Bacara was still in awe of the thing, even if it was the most terrifying weapon they had encountered, so far.

"No, it does not."

Neyo was already familiar with all the research Bacara's team had done in the short amount of time they had had the super droid in here possession.

"But, as you saw from the holo vids, the destruction these, things, can do and the way they, well, regenerate is frightening for sure."

Bacara sounded contemplative in his statement, perhaps somewhat worried as he should be. Something he usually did not let on to anyone. But Neyo knew better. Knew Bacara better.

Then again, this weapon was something they really needed to be afraid of. As it was way out there, something which could not be defeated by conventional means.

"Don't worry my friend, we'll get the hang of this… droid of a thing, together."

Neyo then casually and in a totally friendly manner, placed his arm around Bacara. Simply to show his support for the other Commander. Totally acceptable behaviour between friends the two of them simply were.

"I am glad you are here."

Bacara's tone was a breathless whisper almost.

But, having felt the touch of his, friend, had felt good, assuring even. Perhaps too good. But, Bacara also knew, that together, they would be able to solve this. That they would be able to hack the super droid.

"As am I."

Neyo simply told Bacara.

As even if Neyo could not help sensing there was more there, left unsaid by his, well, friend. Or perhaps, it was simply wishful thinking on his part.

The mission always comes first, except when it does not

'Sometimes, even in the midst of war, there has to be some respite, especially for those in love?' The time had flown by, rather quickly at that.

The super droid having been finally dismantled, successfully. It's ability to regenerate halted by the hack uploaded into the droid's base coding. Neyo and Bacara had devised this program with their small team of engineers. Their next step would be to test it in the field.

For that, a mission was planned which would take place in few days time.

Meanwhile, having run all the tests they could muster, making sure their code would work as designed. Both Commanders being then convinced it was as good as possible and would also work on the other super droids. Alas, that conviction still needed to be confirmed.

So, having chosen the most perfect target for their field test. A somewhat secure but small Separatists base to try it out, having gotten news the super droids were present there as well.

Having the few days until they reached their target location, Neyo and Bacara were spending some leisure time together while finally off duty after a lengthy time working on the project. Having taken to the simulation area, with a few sparring matches between them. Taking the edge off as Bacara put it. The frustration, the long days having taken their toll on their bodies and so, a perfect way to sweat it all off.

It was already late in the evening when Bacara had suggested for the two of them to have a late dinner in his quarters.

Afterwards, the duo were chatting about everything and nothing, mostly moments spent in comfortable silence, as they were somewhat tired after the stretch they had endured for the project at hand.

Sipping to the contraband whisky Bacara had managed to procure from some planet he had visited a while back.

"Um, you really got the good stuff!

Neyo was enjoying the bitter taste in his mouth and the burning sensations in his throat as the liquid traveled through his taste buds on its way down his throat.

"Well, sometimes I get lucky."

Bacara let out a small laugh, something he seemed to have been doing a lot lately. Must've been the company he kept, Neyo being key.

"Most of the times, these traders water down their produce and the taste is really bad."

Bacara knew it was always a risk to buy contraband, but it did not cost so much. And this time, he had been lucky.

"Well, cheers to that!"

Neyo raised his mug, clinking it with his friends, before both of them downed the remains of the liquid.

The two of them chatted for a moment longer, before it was time to say goodnight. Both of them knowing it was time for sleep. Yet, feeling great in the others company and not really wanting to move.

But, the time was telling them both it was late and they needed their rest. After all, they were both on duty, even if the ship was en route still. Luckily though, with no battles to fight before they reached their target location.

Still, the time spent together, working together rather closely at that… Both Neyo and Bacara had totally enjoyed it. And so, the leaving part seemed, tough at the very moment.

Having been such good friends before even. But, this project seemed to have brought their relationship to a whole other level.

As to the why and why now? Well, guess, the war dragging on, the distance between them having caused the two to re-evaluate their, well, feelings. Even if neither Bacara nor Neyo cared to admit they had those. Feelings. At least not deep ones. Those kind which made the skin tingle with anticipation, the butterflies to fly in the belly and the pupils to dilate simply because the other person occupied the same space as they did.

But, clearly, no matter how much one wanted to deny and bury all those kinds of sensations deep, deep down. In the end, it was pointless. Difficult to resist them for re-emerging. Constantly.

Because having worked side by side, the accidental contact their bodies had made while working in closed quarters in a manner of speaking had certainly brought it all to surface. And the time on their hands now? Spending the off duty hours together?

This all had made it more and more difficult to push away any of it. The shared lingering glances and soft touches having increased during this time also something very hard to deny.

That was why it was so difficult for Neyo to let go. To simply get up and leave Bacara's quarters.

"Well, guess I should be going."

Bacara heard the words, not really wanting for the evening to end either.

"Yeah, well, we are on duty from midday tomorrow… so, guess it would be a great idea to get a good nights sleep for once."

Neyo finally got up and was headed for the door. Bacara remained seated, but his thoughts swirling inside of his head were leaving him in turmoil. Those thoughts, of Neyo. Having chucked the warm sensations he had felt ever since, well, a long time ago, but especially now, whenever Neyo was close by. And whether it was the alcohol making him bold or something else, Bacara knew he had a decision to make.

Rushing up from his seat, the whisky causing a slight buzz as he did so. But shaking it off, Bacara quickly closed the gap to the door, where Neyo was still at, about to step out and leave.

Neyo was just about to turn and wish Bacara good night, when the realised the other man was standing right behind him.

Their bodies almost colliding when he did, causing a slight jolt in either man. Both of them grabbing a hold of the other so not to fall down.

And so, suddenly, there they were. Standing toe to toe, nose to nose almost, holding onto the other. Sharing in the same air. The tingling sensations amplified as it was all happening. So fast.

And before either of them knew what was happening, their lips collided fiercely.

The kiss rough and probing at first, before it turned into something more. A passionate and searching kiss, with tongues gently sliding into the other's mouth.

Breaking for air finally, Bacara and Neyo were panting slightly. Their eyes on the other's still. Holding on to the other's body. Not wanting to let go.

"So, that happened."

Neyo's tone was light and soft as he was the first to gain his ability to speak.

"Yeah, that happened."

Bacara had a small smile on his face.

"So, what happens next?"

Neyo had no regrets. But neither did Bacara. This had been a long time coming. The two solemn men finally coming to terms with what they really wanted. And that was each other.

"Well, I have a perfectly comfortable bed in the next room… So?"

Bacara offered then, feeling even bolder than earlier. Because too much time had already been wasted and he wanted to more. The more of Neyo that much he was sure of.

Neyo held Bacara's gaze for a moment, searching something there. Which he found, as with a soft smile and a tone he simply answered.

"Lead the way,"