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Chapter One
White, the color of Faith


It was a beautiful day in Domino. The birds sang, children happily played, puffy clouds sailed across the clear blue sky. Everything seemed so perfect. Yet, to everyone's knowledge, nothing is what it seems.


On the side of the road, a little boy cried, his black hair clinging to his tears. Some people tried to comfort him. But most of the people surrounded the person lying in the middle of the street.

"Big brother! BIG BROTHER!!"

** Five Days Late **

All he could see was darkness. Not even one ray of light could be sighted.

Rustling was heard beside him along with some blocked voices. The distinct smell of roses was over whelming. Opening his sapphire eyes, he noticed that everything was still pitch black. He couldn't see anything beyond it. Blinking his eyes, he leaned back, arms supporting him. Shock was on his face. I can't be blind…

"Hello?" a voice greeted. "Good to see that you're awake, Seto Kaiba."

Seto Kaiba looking around, trying to locate the voice. One thing about being blind was that you couldn't see anything. "Who's there?"

Instead of hearing a response, he heard the clicking of heels, heading his way.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you," was all the person said. From her voice, Seto could tell that this was a female. Was it him or have he heard this voice before? It sounded vaguely familiar. But his thoughts were cut off when the clicking of her shoes stopped and Seto felt some weight at the end of his bed. Putting the pieces together, he realized that she was sitting at the end of his bed. "So how are you?"

"What do you think? I hate hospitals not to mention I'm blind, " was his sarcastic reply.

"Why do you hate hospitals?" was her reply along with, "It's not that bad being blind."

Seto hated when people asked him about his live. So instead of being nice and explaining why, he just said, "None of your business." And as for what the girl said about being blind, he added, "How would you know."

"Well my friend's sister was blind before her operation," was the response. Seto could tell that the figure was smirking. "Plus, you're not going to be blind forever. The doctors said that you'd get your sight back within a week. All you need to do is take a few vitamins."

He just crossed his arms and huffed, defeated. But before he could stop himself, Seto asked, "How's my brother?"

He heard the sheets under the individual shuffle on the bed before she said, "Mokuba? He's fine. He'll be visiting you tomorrow." The sound of liquid pouring was heard.

Wanting a conversation, Seto thought of something to say. The sound of water pouring along with the sound of pills shaking in a bottle made him remember his condition. It reminded him of his experiences in the hospital. There was only one thing on his mind…

"The roses smell nice," he mumbled. It wasn't everyday the arrogant Seto Kaiba gave out compliments.

Smiling, the figure said, "Thanks. My boyfriend always sends me roses as a reminder of how much he loves me."

Seto snorted while muttering, "Love sick fool."

Ignoring Seto, the voice continued, "And if you were wondering, it's yellow. It's usually red, to represent love, but he sent yellow today cause they ran out of red."

"I still think he's a fool."

Seto could tell the person was glaring at him. "You're the fool. I find the roses sweet." Sneering, she added, "Where's your girlfriend? Too anti-social to have one?"

He just coolly replied, "Girls are just flirtatious harpies. One minute they say they love you, the next, they're clinging to some rich bastard."

"How would you know? You've never had a girlfriend?"

Seto just replied, "I guess I have a sixth sense about these things."

"Some sixth sense. More like stupidity."

Seto was about to reply to her comment when she said, "Look, I love to sit here and aruge with you but I have to go. Any questions?"

"Yeah, I have two." Seto prompt himself up using his arms, his cocky smile still plastered on his face. "Whose your idiotic boyfriend? He must be crazy to like you."

Seto was surprised to hear the pride in her voice. "You'd be surprised." The weight at the end of the bed ceased and the clicking of heels was heard again.

"Second question: Are you a nurse?"

The turning of the doorknob was heard. The figure opened the door while replying, "Kind of. More like an assistant nurse. I give the patients their medicine and try to help them feel more comfortable."

Seto scoffed. "Some help," he said sarcastically.

"Think what you want. Just go to sleep." Three clicks could be heard. "Mokuba's going to visit you tomorrow. You need rest."

As Seto was about to lie back down on the bed, the door opened again. "And don't forget to take your pills. Take them first thing in the morning."

Seto just mumbled a "yeah whatever" while closing his eyes for sleep. Being blind sure was tiring


Getting into the elevator, Anzu had a lot on her mind. She hated how Seto was so arrogant and cocky, even when he's blind. She expected him to be a little nicer, but no, he just had to be impossible for her.

Once she reached the floor level, she said 'Good bye' to everyone. Getting outside, she noticed someone leaning against the wall. "Yami!"

Yami turned around and opened his arms out for the brown haired girl sailing into his arms. After a sweet peck at the lips, Yami held out a rose, its red petal shimmering.

"Oh Yami! Thank you. It's beautiful," Anzu exclaimed, her marine eyes full of joy.

Yami smiled, pleased. "But not as beautiful as you, Anzu."

Anzu blushed at the compliment. She snuggled into Yami's arms, as they were walking down the street.

Seto's wrong. Yami isn't a fool. And I love him too much to just dump him for some rich bastard.

If only Anzu knew how mistaken she was.


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