Dream XD was the supposed "god" of Minecraft, at least that's what the rumors say. It was true he was a god, but he never really cared about the people, he never found interest in mortals lives. Kristen, his sister, however loved mortals. Even though she was supposed to be the "Godess of death."She even started associating with a hybrid by the name of PhilzaMinecraft. Eventually, after years of knowing each other they married and Kristen officially left XD alone, all to go to that mortal world.

XD still remembered the argument.

"You're getting married to a mortal?" XD practically spat, angered at the fact that his younger sister was really going to have that much faith in the mortals. The same mortals that just hurt their own kind. The idiots.

"Yes, I know you hate them, but please listen XD he's-" she wasn't even able to finish what she was saying before XD replied punching the wall.

"He's what? Different, are you sure? Do realize what mortals do to each other, what if he finds out about us, about me. You really don't want to be responsible if something happened to me would you?"

Kristen wasn't able to respond, she just stood there speechless.

If only it ended with that conversation, however it was, unfortunately for XD, far from over. It was only a few months later when he found out that Kristen had actually married PhilzaMinecraft.

"You got married to him do you not care about me one bit?" XD asked in disbelief.

"Why does it matter so much anyway?" Kristen asked, fidgeting with the ring on her finger. "I know you just don't want to be associated with mortals, but their not as bad as you think if you would just give them a chance then maybe you would see what I mean.

XD was at his breaking point he couldn't stand this. His younger sister was abandoning him for someone that wasn't even a god. He took a deep breath, If she wanted to abandon him fine, he would just tell her to leave. And he did. He wished he could take her powers, but it was impossible. He had remotely no control over her. The lack of control of someone, what might've just led him to make children.


Of course as a god XD didn't even have to get anybody to help him make the people. All he had to do was use some magic and he could easily create his "children" his first son was named after him, fittingly the child had his genes and nothing else, except something to make him have a more mortal like body. It would make the plan work all right.

Of course XD had also filled the person with fake memories of things that would normally happen in a family. Such as birthdays, important events with XD, etc, etc.

Of course XD had been vey curious with his "children" he decided to make another one. This time XDs second child would have ender dragon blood in him. He looked at the second child and decided to name him Ranboo. After XD had finished making sure the memories were right, he decided to let Dream leave first. Ranboo would come later, after all he was the backup. Only to come after he started the Diaster SMP. As XD liked to call it. Little did he know that something else had formed. They had become their own people for being "stored" so long.

A few months later It was finally time to release Ranboo he tried to cast the spell he did with Dream , but something went wrong, so wrong. A headache started in XDs head as he fell to the floor, he saw Ranboo teleport.

Meanwhile in the Dream smp chat a message poop up causing several to ask questions

Ranboo has joined the server.


When Dream had first been put into the prison he couldn't escape the feeling that something was wrong. Terribly wrong. He was worried about Ranboo, of course he was, but the kid was fine on that trip right?

Ranboo wasn't the only thing that Dream thought was off. For some reason he felt bad about his course of actions. Was it really right? Doing all that to Tommy? To Tubbo? Why did he do that? Why?why?WHY?

Suddenly a headache came over dream and he passed out.

No, it was necessary, he had to do that.

Dream rerge- &$ did not regret, he did not regret he did not regret. HE DID NOT REGRET IT. HE MUST DO WHAT IS NECESSARY.