Authors Beginning Notes:

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in the story, except a couple characters and the story line. I don't take credit for any characters that show up in any of the actual Tamora Pierce books.

Rating: R Well, I'm just assuming it will be later on w/ the whole, sex and scandal that seems to protrude into all my stories. ; ) Plus, probably some swearing and violence.its fun.

Okay, small note, I don't really pay attention to facts in this story, sorry. I just kind of write and hope it comes out coherent, so don't really pay attention to the whole time thing or little details like that because I am quite aware that it doesn't all add up too well. Plus, here's a fair warning, this is really just a little piece of fluff that I decided to kill some time by writing. Nothing wrong with that, is there? No, I thought just enjoy this brain-cell-killing story, allright? Awesome! Make sure to review cause it'll make me happy.