Ancient Lies

NOTE: Just reading a few stories around, I've noticed lots of authors/authoresses use the Ancient Priest Seto, also known as Seth, as the villain in one or more of their stories. Well, a while ago that really didn't bother me. I though he WAS a villain, and therefore, should obviously be cast as the villain in a story.

But after reading some of the ancient Egyptian/memory arc in the manga, it seems to me that he wasn't much of a villain after all. Or, at least, not the evil, power-seeking, maniac some think he is.

Now the Ancient Egypt arc isn't over yet, and I could be wrong about him, but for now, I just don't see him as a villain, and that's what this story is about.

As a side note, I don't know Yami no Yugi's real name, so I'm just referring to him as "Yami" throughout this story. Also, I'm going to call Seth, Priest Seto.

Disclaimers: First of all, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! Or any of the characters. And I based most of this story on events that actually happened in the manga. I got my information on the manga from these sites:

Most of the things are the same as in the manga, but I may have changed a few little things and added lines to make my story flow better.

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Ancient Lies:


It's a word used a lot; more often than most think. But who is really worthy of the title "evil"? And I'm not referring to the type of evil your English teacher is when she assigns you extra vocabulary homework over a holiday weekend. No, that's a different type of evil.

What I'm talking about is evil as in killing and destroying with no concern for anyone else but themselves. I'm talking about the evil that's hunting down and enjoying the pain of others. That's truly evil. So, who should be categorized under this "evil" label? I suppose you could say Yami Malik was evil. Yes, he was quite evil.

Maxamillion Pegasus? No, he was not quite evil. He did do terrible things, yes, but he cared for someone. An evil person has no care for anyone other than himself.

Then comes me; the ancient high priest, former owner of the Millennium Rod, and also cousin to Pharaoh Yami. Well, for anyone who said evil, I'd like to ask why? What have I done that would place me under the category "evil"?

* * * * * * * *

"There is a monster inside of the heart room of this man," Priest Shadi informed the others, after using the powers of his Millennium Key to examine a man that had been brought before them in a room in the palace of Pharaoh Yami.

"All right then," Priest Akunadin said, stepping forward and using the powers of his Millennium Eye to draw out the monster.

Lastly, I, Priest Seto, used the magic of the Millennium Rod to seal the monster away into a stone tablet.

"That settles that, then," Priest Mahado, owner of the Millennium Ring, announced to the other priests.

"No it doesn't," I protested. "What about the man who contained the monster?"

The priests looked at the man that had been brought before them.

"He is a prisoner, and he was trespassing in the Pharaoh's cemetery," I reminded the other priests. "He ought to be punished."

Akunadin stepped forward.

"No, we've already removed the monster, or Ka, from him, so why not just set him out to work?"

I folded my arms.

"All right," I agreed, turning to Mahado. "You really need to get better guards to protect the Pharaoh's cemetery. It is our responsibility, after all, to protect the Pharaoh."

"I know," Mahado said timidly. "It's just..."

Mahado was interrupted as Priest Isis gasped.

"What is it, Isis?" Pharaoh Yami asked, walking up to her.

"I sense something...approaching the palace. An dark presence," she admitted, touching her fingers lightly to the Millennium Necklace that hung around her neck.

The other priests looked around.

"A dark presence?" Priest Karim asked, alertly, looking around. "When? Who?"

Isis stepped backwards a little.

"I don't..." she began, but was interrupted as a door to the room flew open, and a strange man walked in.

He was carrying treasures; gold and gems, and other priceless things. Obviously he was a thief. He had long white hair, and cold, dark eyes. On his cheek was a strange and long scar. But the thing that caught the Pharaoh's attention was the last thing the thief was holding; a mummified body.

"Who are you?" I demanded.

"I demand to know what business you have here," The Pharaoh said sternly.

The thief laughed.

"I am a thief and I've just finished robbing the Pharaoh's cemetery," The man laughed. "My name, is Bakura."

"Bakura," The Pharaoh hissed, looking at the mummified body.

"If you just robbed the Pharaoh's cemetery, then that means that the mummy you are holding..." Karim started, but Bakura took over.

He laughed.

"Yes," he said, apparently enjoying the look of shock on the priest's and the Pharaoh's faces. "This is the body of the previous Pharaoh."

"My father!" Pharaoh Yami cried, his anger obviously rising.

"Yes, Pharaoh," Bakura laughed. "I am here to collect your Millennium Items."

He pointed to the puzzle that hung around Yami's neck for emphasis.

"The Millennium Items!" Akunadin gasped.

"You won't get them," I said boldly.

"That's right!" Karim agreed, stepping forward to attack.

But Bakura simply laughed.

"Yes, come attack me priests!" he challenged.

"This thief has a powerful Ka in his mind," Shadi informed the other priests. "We should attack together."

The other priests nodded and began to walk forward, but I stepped in front of them and blocked them.

"No, my power alone is enough to take on this thief," I said, and turned to prepare to duel. "You will pay for trespassing here and breaking the laws of the gods." I snapped at Bakura.

And so the battle began. I summoned a dragon monster to attack his Ka, but it didn't work. My monster ended up defeated. I had failed.

"Come on, Pharaoh!" Bakura taunted Pharaoh Yami. "Come attack me."

But we priests would not allow the Pharaoh to battle this thief. The others joined me in attacking Bakura's great Ka, Diabound, while the Pharaoh collected the body of his father. As hard as we tried, using all our strongest Ka's, the priests could not defeat the Diabound spirit.

"I will fight you now, Bakura," Yami cried, turning around and preparing to summon his monster. "And I won't forgive you for what you have done to my father. And your attempt theft at the Millennium Items!"

"Come on then, Pharaoh," Bakura taunted again, preparing to duel with the Pharaoh.

"Go," Yami said mystically, closing his eyes and summoning a monster to attack Diabound. "Go...Obelisk!"

A huge monster suddenly appeared in front of Pharaoh Yami, defending him from Diabound's attack. It was one of the three god monsters that the Pharaoh can summon.

We priests watched in awe as the Pharaoh commanded Obelisk to attack Diabound, driving it backwards and Bakura fled from the palace.

"Pharaoh," The Pharaoh's helper said, walking up to him. "We will immediately re-bury your father's corpse."

I could tell the Pharaoh was not in the best of moods. But then again, who would be? To disturb a mummified body was to disturb the afterlife of that person, as well as a serious offense. It's not nice to see that happen to anyone, but especially a family member like a father. Then again, I wouldn't know much about how it feels to have a father...

My father left when I was only 4 or 5. He never returned, so I barely knew him.

"Bakura's monster is so powerful..." Karim muttered, thinking to himself.

"You must have better security around the cemetery, Mahado," Shadi warned. "We don't want another break in."

Mahado nodded solemnly.

"I will do better, Pharaoh," he said to Yami, but Yami seemed too interested in making sure the burial of his father took place.

"If you fail, Mahado, you could lose your rank as a priest," I said to him, hoping to make him work harder.

"Only Pharaoh has the authority to do that, Seto," Shadi reminded me. "But you must work hard, Mahado."

My thoughts were along the lines of Shadi's. Mahado needed to get better guards for the cemetery. But also...we needed to find more monsters that were capable of defeating Diabound permanently.

Besides which, we needed to track down that thief Bakura and stop him...

Plans began to form in my mind as night approaches...

* * * * * *

The next morning, the priests gathered around outside to see a stone tablet with the picture of the Black Magician on it. The Black Magician had been Mahado's Ka.

There was an inscription too. It said, "Pharaoh, my soul will serve you forever."

"Mahado," Yami whispered, realizing what must have happened.

Mahado dueled Bakura...and sacrificed himself to increase the power of his

Black Magician. (He then merged his spirit with his Ka before he died.)

"Mahado's ring!" Akunadin gasped. "It's gone!"

"Where is Bakura, Isis?" I demanded of the priestess, but she merely touched her necklace again.

"I cannot see," she said simply.

I stepped back to examine the situation. There was really only one answer. I bet Bakura stole the Millennium Ring...taking its powers with him...

"This is bad, Pharaoh," Karim said to Yami. "Now Bakura may have a Millennium Item!"

The Pharaoh nodded.

"Pharaoh," I said with a bow as he watched me with curiosity. "I would like to search the village with a troop of soldiers for any sign of Bakura."

Yami nodded.

"I give you permission, but only if none of the villagers are harmed in the process," Yami said sternly.

"Yes Pharaoh," I replied, turning to go. "Shadi, will you assist me?"

Shadi paused.

"All right," he agreed finally and followed me outside.

I had an idea for finding a strong spirit/Ka. Why not use the prisoners, the criminals, to look for strong Ka's? Perhaps we can test and see what makes a Ka stronger this way...

"Seto, I don't like your plan," Shadi protested as we walked along the streets.

"Nonsense, it's perfect," I said. "We need to protect the Pharaoh and the kingdom. And the only way to do that is by defeating Bakura. We cannot let him get his hands on another Millennium Item."

Shadi nodded at this.

"Yes, I suppose," he said at last.

So we went about, testing Ka's. One criminal we found had only the Ka of Saggi the Dark Clown. Not much power there. We were walking down another street in the village when suddenly something caught my eye.

A crowd of villagers had apparently crowded around a rather odd looking woman. Her skin was quite fairer than any of the other villagers; almost white and her eyes were blue. She had long, pale hair, and they were pushing her away.

One villager knocked her to the floor.

"Get away, you! We won't give you any water," They said angrily as she fell down into the mud of the streets.

I walked forward and the villagers parted.

"Priest Seto," The said, bowing slightly.

I wasn't in much of a mood to be hearing excuses, but I asked anyway.

"Why do you treat this woman so poorly, just because of her skin color?" I asked, motioning for one of the soldiers to come forward. This wasn't right...especially to hurt a woman like this.

The villagers only stuttered replies.

"Give her some water and take care of her," I said to one of the soldiers, who took her.

"Seto," Shadi suddenly said, his Millennium Key glowing madly.

"What is it?" I asked, wondering if he had yet found a strong enough Ka.

"This girl...she holds a very strong the shape of a White Dragon!" he exclaimed.

"This girl?" I asked in disbelief. The one I had just helped in the street holds one of the most powerful Ka?

* * * * * * *

End of Chapter 1

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