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* * * * * *


{Amber and Ryuji ran up the palace stairs and up to the door. When they reached the inside, they shoved their way past the people crowing around to see what had happened.

Amber gasped, noticing the two dead bodies on the floor.

"What...what happened?!" she cried, backing up and putting her hand to her mouth in horror.

Ryuji made his way forward to some of the soldiers who had been standing around the bodies of Seto and Isis. (Yami's, Shadi's, and Bakura's had vanished, remember)

"What happened here?" Ryuji demanded.

A soldier looked up at the man.

"It seems that two more of the priests were killed, a third vanished during an attack, and Pharaoh...Pharaoh...oh THE Pharaoh vanished along with the thief," One informed Ryuji.

Ryuji gasped and looked down at the bodies. The priest and priestess they had talked with earlier, and the Pharaoh...dead?!

Amber looked around, hoping to find Anzu, and suddenly spotted the dancer across the room, sitting outside the window with someone. Amber ran over and leaned out the window.

"Anzu!" she cried, causing Anzu to look up at her.

"You..." she said softly, looking saddened.

"Did you...SEE what happened?" Amber asked quietly, looking strangely down at Mokuba in her arms.

Anzu nodded.

"And...this kid did too?" Amber inquired.

Anzu nodded again.

"One of the priests was his friend," Anzu explained, gently patting Mokuba's back comfortingly.

Amber nodded slowly, then leaned out the window a bit more.

"Hey, kid?" she said in a sweet and cheery voice.

Mokuba looked up at her, his cheeks tear-stained.

"Hm?" he mumbled uninterestedly.

Amber smiled.

"Listen, I know this is hard for you, but don't worry," she said, Anzu remembering a similar conversation with her earlier.

"You're friend's not gone forever," she continued.

"Yes he is," Mokuba said stubbornly, looking as though he were about to cry again.

Amber shook her head.

"No, you'll see him again someday," she said gently.

"When?" Mokuba asked, looking up at her.

"In the afterlife," she replied, looking up at the sky. "But for now, just remember what he did, and try to be just as great as you thought he was."

Mokuba didn't reply.

"Someday, you may even become a priest of the Pharaoh's," Amber concluded. "So stand up and go on home to your parents for now, okay?"

Mokuba looked at the ground as he stood up.

"I don't have any parents to go home to," he mumbled sadly.

Amber patted his shoulder.

"All right then," she said brightly, stepping out of the window. "Come with me then."

Mokuba walked after her as she walked back into the palace. Before she disappeared around the corner, she looked over at Anzu.

"You better go check on the rest of your band," she suggested, then gave a small smile before walking into the palace.

Anzu gave a weak smile back, but as soon as Amber disappeared, so did her smile. She sighed and sat down on the stone edge of the stone window.

* * * * * * * * *

The crowd inside had begun buzzing as loud as angry bees with confusion and curiosity at what happened.

"The Pharaoh and the priests died?"

"That is what I believe..."

"...what was the Pharaoh's name again? I can't believe it but I've forgotten!"

Ryuji boldly walked past the soldiers and got up on a piece of higher ground so the crowd could see him.

"All right, people!" he cried loudly, directing all the attentions of the crowd toward himself.

"Thank you," Ryuji said loudly and clearly.

"Hey! Get that civilian out of here!" One of the soldiers yelled and the others nodded.

A man in the crowd raised his hand.

"Hey! Let's hear what he has to say!" he protested, looking anxiously up at Ryuji.

The soldiers look taken aback, but allowed Ryuji to continue.

"All right now!" Ryuji called, calling order once more. "I don't have all the answers everyone wants, but I do have some advice."

Malik and Lishito were still over by the bodies, but where watching Ryuji as well as everyone else. Even Anzu was watching from the window.

"What has just happened, for those who don't know, is that the Pharaoh and the remaining priests died in sealing in the evil of that thief."

People in the crowd gasped.

"In other words, we are free from the evil," Ryuji added. "But since our Pharaoh...who's name I've...forgotten," Ryuji paused a minute, waiting for the name to come back to him, but he couldn't remember.

"But since the Pharaoh and the ones who helped him are dead, it is our duty to keep the memory of what they did alive."

Malik looked down at the Millennium Necklace and Rod in his hands. (He'd gone and retrieved them.)

"We must keep the Millennium Items safe from those who would use them for evil," Ryuji continued. "Though the items were created for good, apparently the risk is too great for them to be used as an evil force controlling them creates a deadly and dangerous power."

"I can protect this necklace and this rod," Malik said. "And I can keep the memory of their deeds alive as well."

"I will assist you, Malik," Lishito added and the crowd murmured.

"The trustworthy embalmer and stone worker will take on that responsibility," Ryuji announced. "And who can look after the key?"

"I can," Said a woman. "My clan and I are very respectable and we will guard it well."

Ryuji recognized the woman and nodded.

"Yes, you may," he said, bending down and picking up the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle.

"And I will attempt to reassemble this puzzle," he said, looking hard at it. "And together, we will make sure that they are never forgotten, nor the items used for evil again."

The crowd cheered loudly and clapped as Ryuji made his way back toward Amber.

"You were great," she commented, her hand on Mokuba's shoulder.

Ryuji raised an eyebrow.

"He has no family, his best friend died, and he's depressed," Amber whispered in his ear.

Ryuji raised his hands in defense.

"No problem!" he replied, picking up a box on the floor and putting the puzzle piece in it. "Maybe he can help me but this thing back together..."

* * * * * * * *

Ryuji was never able to solve the puzzle, and eventually gave it to Anzu, the dancer, to take with her on her travels, in hopes of finding someone who could solve it.

Malik started an organization called the "Grave Watchers," that would accept people who would be his and Lishito's successors in watching and protecting the one piece of information regarding the Pharaoh that was left, a tablet portraying a duel, and the Millennium Rod and Necklace.

The woman who had taken the Key put it among her family's most treasured items, and kept it safe from others.

And as for the ring that had mysteriously vanished that tragic day, the magician and sly thief, Arkana, took it back to the stone tablet and placed it with the eye and the scales, in hopes of one day collecting them all and obtaining the dark magic, as Bakura had tried to. (Rest assured, he never succeeded)}

* * * * * * * *

So now what do you say, after hearing my story? Do I still seem evil to you? Well, I don't think I was, though who knows what years and years of passing down tales has done to my reputation.

It's like a game a telephone. Each generation tells a story slightly different from the true one, until finally, it becomes something completely different from the original.

The ancient stories become, ancient lies.

* * * * * * * *


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