I head downstairs fixing my hair in a ponytail so Sam and I can go for our daily run. I see my dad reading the paper and sipping his coffee at the kitchen table.

"Hey dad," I greet.

"Hey Morticia, heading out with Sam?" he asks quickly glancing up from his paper then looking back down.

"Yeah, heading for our morning run," I reply.

"Don't forget Bella's coming today," he reminds me for the twentieth time.

"You mean make sure you remember Bella is coming, dad" I correct.

"Don't psycho babble me," my dad jokes.

"It's not psycho babble dad," I say rolling my eyes. "It's a firmer way to help remember things."

I hear a knock on the door. I head over and open it. There Sam is standing there all model like. I swear he always looks like a runaway model. We started doing runs together as a good way to get to know each other when he first imprinted on me. We've been dating for a few months now and things are going smoothly.

"Cara mia." He says offering his hand for me to take. I giggle.

"I swear after I showed you the Addams family and told you why I admire Morticia and Gomez as a couple you got cheesier." I tell him.

"Well, you were named after her," he says with a chuckle.

My mom wanted me named Morticia after the cartoon. She died during childbirth, so my dad named me Morticia in honor of her. My dad raised me as a single parent. Renee wasn't any help at all while she was here. Sam and I start running through the forest as my pace. Him being supernatural he lets me set the pace and distance.

"Plans for the day?" I ask him.

"I have two repairs to do at client's houses. Then patrolling. How bout you?" He replies.

"I have a few patients, then I gotta be home to greet my sister." I tell him.

"Your sister is coming to visit?" He asks shocked.

"I wish. She's coming to live here," I say. "When I heard that, that surprised me more."

"That is shocking. You told me she hated forks." Sam says.

"She likes to pretend she's self sacrificing. Just avoid her. She's very nasty. She thinks she needs to know everything about everyone. She also doesn't have much to herself. She blames her mom, but that's not all of it," I tell him.

"I shall endeavor to avoid her. But why are you psychoanalyzing her?" he asks me.

"Because she gets on my nerves. I'm trying to understand her actions. So, it doesn't piss me off as much." I explain.

"So, the counsel told me that if Jake phases, I'm gonna have to submit to him and give him Alpha." Sam tells me casually.

"Why?" I ask alarmed.

"It's his bloodline." He says.

"But he's only sixteen," I say.

"I know, I didn't say I liked it."

"I recommend holding back for a little while. Let him grow for a bit giving him a few responsibilities as a time. Then hand it over." I say.

"I could try that," he says thoughtfully as we arrive back at my house.

"I'll see you tomorrow," I say. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me.

"See you tomorrow." He replies getting into his truck.

I head inside and wave to him as he pulls out. I close the door.

"Dad, I'm back," I yell out.

I head upstairs to my room and go into my attached washroom. Dad had this addition built for me years ago. He had it soundproofed as well to give me peace and quiet. I finish up my shower and get ready for work. I head to my Tesla a grad gift from my mom and dad.

I drive to my office. It's right in between Forks and La Push. My mom owned the building. There are a few stores here as well to pay the mortgage for me while I was growing up. But now it's extra money. My first client is Paul and his dad. They are both doing family and individual. I wanted them both to come in today to meet them. I walk in and see them in the waiting room.

"Hello Paul and James. I will be with you in a moment." I say as I pass them.

"Alright," James replies.

I walk into my office and set my stuff down. I head out to invite them in.

"Hello, thank you for waiting," I say. I offer my hand for James to shake. "I'm Morticia." I shake Paul's hand as well. I notice Paul smile a little bit. I lead them into my office. "Take a seat and get comfortable. Is there anything I could get you?"

"No, we are good." James answers,

"Paul?" I ask Paul. He looks surprised.

"No, I'm good, thanks," He replies still in shock.

"So, I hear Paul has a hulk temper. Is that a safe guess?" I ask coming right out. Paul starts to shake getting upset.

"Yeah, he does. We need your help getting rid of it." James tells me. Paul gets more upset hearing this.

"I can't get rid of his temper." I say smiling at Paul.

"Then why were we sent here?" James asks getting upset.

La Push High School asked me to do therapy for Paul, so he becomes a better student. They felt I might have an easier time reaching him.

"I will teach Paul to manage his temper and to channel it in a positive way. But the will also mean a shift in behaviour from you." I tell James.

"Is that why I need individual sessions?" he asks.

"Yes, because children take cues from their parents. If you can't control your temper, how is he supposed to control his." I say. I look over at Paul. His shaking has stopped, and he is giving his dad a smirk. "Your not off the hook either mister." I turn to Paul. "In our individual sessions is how to control your temper despite everything going on around you."

"Okay," Paul agrees.

"Now that, that's taken care of house rules." I say. "I don't have many. Breaking things that aren't meant to be broken is not allowed. Yelling over each other is not allowed. I have a bell that I ring if you break one of those two rules, you freeze, and I'll explain what was broken and how. You will sit and we shall start again without rule breaking.

I will not discuss what happens in individual sessions without permission unless it will harm you or others. I think that covers house rules. Oh, I like to bring snacks or go to the coffee shop downstairs help yourself. we might take a field trip downstairs sometimes." They both nod agreeing to the rules. "Anything I should address now before we end today's session?"

"My dad took away football till my temper gets better," Paul says crossing his arms.

"Did taking football away help or fix anything?" I ask James.

"No, if anything his temper is worse," James admits with a sigh.

"That might be because you took his positive outlet away from him. Now, he has no where to put it. so, he blows up." I explain.

"How do I punish him? He put another student in the hospital." He says almost whining.

"Make the punishment fit the crime. When he's done football for an hour a day he has to volunteer at the hospital." I suggest.

"That seems like a good idea. He would be giving back," James says eyes lighting up.

"Now, give the option to Paul." I say. "Giving him a chance will help him navigate through life."

"I would like to keep football without the volunteering," Paul says upset.

"Well, you have two options lose football or keep football and volunteer." I say firmly.

"Fine! I'll volunteer," He says throwing his hands up in the air.

"See there's progress. There was no destruction. He made the choice himself." I tell James, "If you need, I can reach out and get things set up."

"Yes, thank you," James says.

"Is there anything else?" I ask.

They both stand up I escort them out and tell them I will see them next week. It's Thursday, I never work Fridays. I like to go out with my girls. Leah walks in.

"Yo hoe, what are you doing for lunch?" she asks.

"Nothing. What's up?" I ask.

"Now, you do. We're going to the dinner," she says.

"Alright." I say.

Leah and I are best friends. Her and Sam used to date. When they graduated, they realized they wanted different things. Sam wanted a wife, kids and to live in La Push. Leah wanted to go to medical school and become a doctor. Sam disappeared and phased. Then Leah set him up with me. She realized that what I wanted and what he wanted lined up. I got lucky and he imprinted on me.

Leah leaves and I see one more patient. I see children and their families. I will do individual therapy with the parents or other family members. But it does revolve around the child. The session wraps up quickly. I finish up my paperwork when she leaves. Then Leah walks in.

"You ready to go?" She asks.

"Yeah, we can go," I say standing up from my desk and I walk out.

We head to the diner in her car. We sit down and order our food.

"So, how's work?" Leah asks.

"It's going well. Why aren't you in class today?" I ask.

"Teacher was sick. So, I got the day off," she replies.

"I loved days like that. Surprise days off." I say with a smile.

"But you're a nerd and you studied on those days." Leah says smirking.

"You remember that? You were still in high school." I say laughing.

"Of course, I do. We did homework together." She says laughing with me. "You had a textbook bigger then you."

"True, they were massive." I laugh.

"I remember reading your textbook once and thinking it was gibberish." She tells me.

"Oh, it was probably mainly Latin them." I reply with a laugh.

Our food comes. Leah and I both get bacon cheeseburgers, fries, and a milkshake. We start eating our burgers. I hear the door open and look up. Sam is there with some of his construction guys. He meets me eyes right away and smiles. He walks over.

"What are you looking at?" Leah asks me as Sam walks up behind her.

"Me," Sam replies startling her. He gives me a quick kiss. Leah throws a fry at me.

"Boo you whore." She jokes. Sam and I burst out laughing. "Go back to your boys. You're ruining girl time."

"Alright, you win. I get where I'm not wanted. "Sam jokes back with a smile, putting his hands up in a surrender motion.

"I love you." I say with a chuckle.

"Love you too. See you tomorrow." He says then heads back to his boys.

"So, ready for Bella to move in?" Leah asks.

"Not really. I have an odd feeling it will be a lot of drama all the time." I say.

"Bella is drama, Mia," she points out. I sigh knowing she's right. We both finish up eating. Leah drops me off back at work to finish my day.