*A Lavender is someone you met and they changed your life around instantly. Showing you beautiful things in the world you didn't see before and they walked into you life like they had always live there.*

British Columbia

June, 2006

Brandon speeds through the trees gracefully, trying to find another victim that would fill him up since his last meal wasn't as good as she looked. The girl he had lured away from her truck when she parked at the side of the road to look at her map didn't satisfy him.

The many forests of British Columbia gifted him the darkness he needed to hide from the peering eyes of any witnesses who drove by. The good thing about these forests was that they were secluded from the city. But they didn't have a lot of prey to his liking.

Almost twenty-five years had passed since he became a vampire.

He still couldn't believe it. But he wasn't mad about it. His human life was a wreck. He doesn't remember all of it but remembers the important ones. He worked a dead-end job with no degree and was about to be evicted from his apartment, which smelled like piss. When he got turned by that vamp in his hometown in Minnesota, it was the greatest moment of his life.

He no longer has back pains or can get sick. No longer took any shit from his landlord. He even got some revenge on those hussies who tried to stop his fun whenever he approached one of their girlfriends. He smiles as he remembers their screams and pleads to stop. Even remembers the taste of their blood. It was delicious.

He never met his creator. He only knows that they were sloppy enough to leave him alone after they were done with him at an alley near a bar he goes frequently as a human. Wherever they were, whoever they are, he wished to thank them for giving him these ungodly powers.

As luck must be on his side, he smelled a strong aroma of a human nearby and smirked. A hiker at night, no doubt, wanting to see the sunrise from the top of Mount Sin, where the view of the horizon was exquisite this time of year.

Then, it was gone.

He stopped and settled on a tree's branch to sniff out where the human was located. He sniffed again, but he was getting nothing.

Strange? He could've sworn he smelled his meal somewhere around these parts of the forest?

Something was definitely strange. He just didn't know what.

He was going to leave, but something was heard in the air.


He turns again. Beginning to be frustrated. It was obvious that he was being played with.

"Show yourself!" He shouted.

The whisper then became two voices.

Three voices.


And counting.

Brandon looks around in frantic as the whispers begin to crowd around him. But he couldn't find the source.

"You piece of shit."

He turns. He knows that voice.

"You couldn't even pay a simple rent. Look at you. Barely holding your life together."

His father.

"You're a disgrace!"

"Stop it. . ." He mutters.

"A loser."

"Stop it." Brandon covers his ears.



Brandon panted after shouting.

That's it. I'm getting out of here.

But he couldn't budge. In fact, he was struggling to even move when he tried to move and the whispers got louder until they were shouting.

He followed along.

And then it stops.

"This is the one?"

His eyes looked up and saw a figure.

It was a human-no. Something was different. The man had black hair and blue eyes. He smelled human, but there was something else. He smelled divine that his venom began to salivate.

"Yup. His thoughts are interesting. But nothing new."

His eyes look over since he can't turn his head. If he could sweat, he would be flowing a river. Who are these freaks?

"Damn. I thought we were getting something exciting." A younger voice claims in disappointment.

"You're still young, Matthew." An same old straining voice replies. "There'll be more opportunities. And watch your mouth."

"Yes, sir."

Brandon then felt a stinging pain in his head, and he shouted. He's never felt such pain before.


He shouted and shouted.

"Can we hurry it up?" An impatient female voice complains. "I'm sleepy."

"Patience, Analee," The old man says. "We're nearly finished."

Brandon shouted louder as the pain worsened and he was floated into the air. His arms spread widely without his control, and he felt himself being ripped apart. Literally. He heard his skin crack as his arms were ripped from his body. And then his legs.

He could've sworn he heard one of the freaks . . . these demons, giggling as he suffered.

"My dear, since it's your birthday." The old man says the name with such care as he asks. "Would you do the honors?"

Brandon looks down and sees a beautiful young girl with blue eyes that pierce into his own. And for once, after being turned into a killing machine, all those confidence was thrown out the window as he watched this girl smile.

Her smile will be the last thing he's ever seen.

"No harsh feelings." She said. "We would've given you a chance to live. To flourish back into an honest man. But we saw the potential."

Brandon's breathing rapid with fear.

"And it's really low."

She lifted her hand towards him and he felt it.

The pain was replaced by something more sinister. More deadly.

And he suddenly knew why.

He was burning.


And he was gone.

Forks, Washington

August, 2006

He was near the forest edge watching the festivities continue at the Cullens' home.

While he stood still and listened to the various voices, he had his hand in his pockets and was wearing his white dress shirt and black pants. Some talked, laughed, and even sang along to the music playing in the night air.

He looks up at the cloudless night sky and sighs. It is with a great deal of anticipation that he prays for this reunion. He's finally going to face the woman whose singular presence used to make his heart beat for millions of miles. He closed his eyes when his ears picked up on the same woman's voice when she laughed and shared lovingly whispers with her new husband.

There would be a time when he would practically shiver at the sound of her laugh. Even her voice would melt the wolf inside him.

But it didn't happen.

He didn't feel the same exhilaration he would've felt when Bella would be close to him or talked to him.

He didn't feel the same happiness of knowing that she was close by due to her sent.

Most of all, he didn't feel the same heartache when he had lost her to a leech's arms.

"Not going in?" A voice asked him from behind.

Jacob Black turns and smiles at the girl who changed those feelings, and his life, the minute he laid eyes on her.

His angel.

"Not yet. Edward told me to wait out here."

She kissed her teeth and nodded. "Well, Eddie's sure taking his sweet time. Why don't you just head on in?"

"No," Jacob shakes his head. "I don't want to make a commotion."

Edward told him of the missing person case that Charlie had fabricated when he ran away. Considering his own father didn't report him missing, he was not surprised. Jacob wasn't angry though. He deserved it.

He looked back at the reception. "It's supposed to be their day."

Frances Daunt sighs and stepped to his side, slipping her hand into his. He grabs on instantly, allowing the comfort of her touch to relax his nerves. He felt more calm when he looks down to her and smiles when his eyes caught hers.

Her eyes were one of his many favorite things about her. His heart was completely held by their distinctive shade of blue.

The slight tint of pink on her face quickly told him that she was bashful by the way he was staring at her. He was pleased by the effect he had on her, just as much as she has on him.

She looks down and up at him again. "Either way. . . I'm a little hungry."

He snorted. "You just ate."

'Franny' only shrugs and remarks. "Doesn't mean I won't get snacky afterwards. Also, who are you to judge? You ate like a whole pie of pizza before our flight."

Jacob rolls his eyes in annoyance with a toothy smile as his shoulders shake in laughter.

"See. There's that smile." She nudges his side.

He looks back at her.

"Don't worry, Puppy."

She squeezes his hand again. He slips out of her grip and his arm wraps around her shoulders, pulling her closer to his side, and she immediately circles her arms around his waist. Franny smiles at the warmth that his body is projecting and silently prays a 'thank you' to Jacob's ancestors for gifting him this remarkable trait as a shapeshifter. She leans her chin on him and grins up at him. Telling him that everything will be fine.

Jacob returns her smile and looks back toward the reception when he hears the bride and groom's voices. They managed to get away from the crowd and went outside to the space where Edward told him to meet them.

He looked back at Frances, and she gave another encouraging smile.

"It'll be okay." She promises.

Jacob sighed and moved the small strand of hair behind her ear. Even at night, her hair was affected by the moonshine and glowed naturally from it.

"I know it will. I got you."

She huffs a laugh but still smiles widely as she steps out of his grasp and shoves his shoulder.

"When are you gonna stop?"

He knew what she was asking. 'When are you gonna stop the flirting?' Was an interpretation of her words.

"Never," Jacob said. "It makes you smile."

She gazed up at him, practically glowing with her radiant smile.

Another one of his favorite things about her was her smile. He'd go through the lengths just to have the corner of her mouth crack.

"Alright, Puppy," She says and gestures with her head in the direction behind him. "Go on."

Jacob steps back, holding his gaze on her. "Later, Angel."

She giggled and pointed at the house. "Go."

He raised his arms in mocking defeat. "I'm going." Sending her one last smile before leaving.

Though he wouldn't admit it, he was a bit nervous leaving her alone in Cullens' territory. No matter how capable she was, he would always worry about her safety before his, before anyone's.

If falling in love was terrible, imprinting on someone was worse.

And he wouldn't change it. Not now, not ever.

Not when he was this close to having her. It took a while, but he convinced her to go on an actual date tomorrow after weeks of patience and giving her space. He was looking forward to it and could tell she was too.

You could say that she enchanted him.