Wednesday - Alternate Ending (Season One)

By Gun Roswell


Set in the world of the Addams Family, the Wednesday series

An alternate point of view of what happened during and around episode eight of season one.

Pure fictional fantasy in the form of fan fiction, just because some of the things just might have gone differently.

Wednesday/Enid pairing

So, you finally Wolfed Out, didn't you!

'Trust that you have it in you, and it will happen!'

"Where, is Wednesday?"

The lot of them stood there, staring at the girl having come out from the woods. Enid. With her cuts and bruises, all that blood pouring from her face still. It must have been some fight she had been. But what had they excepted?

Going against the Hide. And her first clear Wolf-Out.

It was Bianca who steeped forward then.

With her arms stretched for the brave young wolf having fought their enemy and coming out, alive to tell the tale of it. It was clearly nothing any of them had excepted to be happening after all. The timid, snivelling wanna be of a wolf Enid had been, before.

"I, I am sorry… she…"

Bianca was ready to console Enid, the fear of having lost Wednesday in the battle after all, as last having seen her fighting the evil Witch Hunter, Joseph Crackstone. But then, seeing the glare in the girl's eyes, looking back towards the gates, Bianca turned her own gaze there as well. And what she and the others around them saw, surprised them all. After all, the fight in the court yard of Nevermore had been a fight to the death. As to the survivor? No one could have been sure of.


Without further thought to herself or even those around her, Enid started running towards the one person she knew would have survived whatever was thrown her way. Enid had trusted her to do so. After all. And Wednesday had promised as much to her. To survive, no matter what the odds.

There was an awkward moment there for a spell, as Enid latched herself around Wednesday. Only too happy to see her friend alive.

Both of them bloodied and bleeding still from their respective battles.

But Enid did not care. After all, threads could be washed or new ones bought if not. The only thing that mattered to har at the very moment, was the fact they were both alive, having survived something so horrid.

And then enemy? Well, for now, they were gone. A small victory for sure.

Enid kept on hugging Wednesday. For a moment it looked like she would not get her wish after all. The one she had sent a silent prayer for out there for the powers that be.

But then, she felt it. The hands of Wednesday's slowly but surely circling around her body and then, suddenly, they were… hugging. Finally hugging!

Clinging onto each other for dear life for a moment longer, they finally let go.

Glaring into each other's eyes for a long, long moment. The silence around them palpable. All of the other students there, staring at the two. As if waiting for something else, to happen, maybe?

And then it did.

Enid leaned into Wednesday. Invading her personal space once more. Only this time it was't simply a hug she was after, but…

… as their lips met, it felt good, right, soft and warm and most of all, loving.

It lasted an all too brief moment. But in the taste of it with a promise of something more.

As the two girls finally parted, realising there was an audience there they had totally forgotten, the embarrassment soon followed. But it was all for nought as when the cheers and hoots soon erupted, it brought the smiles back to both their faces. Even on Wednesday's. A surprise for all for sure!

It seemed the others had already seen what was coming even if Enid and Wednesday had not seen what was right in front of their very eyes.

After a moment of basking in the lime light, the two of them decided it was enough.

It was Wednesday who grabbed Enid's hand and guided her out and back towards the school building. After all, there were som many things the two of them needed to discuss. In private.

"Well guess I know now why I lucked out!"

Xavier could not help but feel a tad disappointed. Then again, he was sort of glad for the two ladies having found each other in the midst of all the turmoil. Being a good sport and all, he did not even know he was.

"Don't worry X, there is plenty of Bees out there! For us both, my friend."

Eugene sounded to his newly found friend, somewhat comforting but assured as well. After all, they were friends now, right? Both of them having been through hell and back during this whole ordeal.

"Well, if not, then perhaps we can just enjoy whatever life has to offer!"

Xavier had gotten all positive and philosophical it appeared, much to his own surprise too. Therapy really worked!

"Sounds like a plan!"

Eugene being only too glad Xavier had not contradicted his claim of them being friends now.

"Come on then Bee Keeper! I will buy you a soda!"

Xavier placed his arm around the shorter boy as they both walked back to the school.

Gone, but not forgotten

'Appreciating people only after they are gone, better later than never.'

Enid and Wednesday were standing in Principal Larissa Weems office in solemn silence. The desk totally empty as was the chair behind it. It was a sad moment for sure. Such a waste it had been in both their minds too. After all, Weems had looked out for them all, the students of Nevermore, in her own unique way. This much they both knew now.

"It is such a shame she is gone."

Enid sounded a little chocked.

"And just as we were actually starting to… well, get along."

Wednesday wasn't too happy about this, wasted life either. Having just gotten on the good side with the Principal. And now, she was gone. Having helped Wednesday in solving the case.

As the two of them stood there, paying their respects for the departed Weems. Both of them deep in thought. Suddenly roused from said thoughts when they heard a throat being cleared right behind them.

"Ladies, why so gloomy?"

As the both of them turned to look back, they could not help but gawk at the person standing behind them.

The familiar voice, the stance, the towering hight. Not to mention the trademark red lipstick and platinum blond hair… it could only mean one thing!

"Principal Weems!"

They both exclaimed in perfect unison.

Weems smirked rather coyly and walked past the two still standing their with their mouths hanging open. Taking a seat at her desk as if nothing had happened, Enid and Wednesday's glares having followed her every step of the way.

It was uncanny, unexpected, basically everything un-whatever word imaginable that Weems was, alive!

"Ladies, if you don't close your mouths, something undesirable might just fly in and take permanent residence in there."

Weems stated coyly.

"I um, we, the thing is…"

Enid was totally babbling now.

"You, are alive. I saw you die!"

Wednesday was suddenly on the defensive.

"What? You didn't think a small doze of lethal poison would kill me, did you now?"

Weems seemed totally cool and unfazed by the, well, whole ordeal, of her dying?

"But you… I saw it. You died."

It was Wednesday babbling now too.

"Yes, well, like said, it takes a lot more than poison to kill me."

And with that, the two girls were dismissed.