Summary: Did you guys see the little girl in a high school gym class? She was standing behind mike... well what if that was Bella and her mom Rene worked as a Gym Teacher... When Bella was about 8 or 9 and she had talk to cullens when they was at lunch and Charlie was friends with Dr. Cullen and Bella has a bond with Carslie * much better than it sounds*

Okay so I just realized it had a little girl in a high school gym class and it looks like she goes there every day maybe it was take your child to work day? But she looks like she knows the kids there but what if was Bella and her mom? because Bella visits every summer just bare with me here... . and mike is same age as Bella

Bella POV.

I was laying in my bed I was 9 years old I lived in Forks Washington and my mom is a Gym Teacher at Forks Washington High my dad Charlie he's a Police Officer he helps tale care of people but I was scared of School... I Had got bully alot mostly about my hair and people would say I smell but I don't smell! So my mom thought of this idea I have to go with her to school everyday because she doesn't wants me home alone watching tv and eating Fish & Chips something that my dad does I groan... Those kids might be mean to me... Repeating it all over again I heard a car horn I got up from my bed and saw Charlie with his Friend Dr. Cullen people called him that but they should call him by his name! My old friend Jessica she says Mr. Doctor Cullen that doesn't even make sense ... I watch them walked inside Carlisle was looking at me smiling..oh shoot ... Did he see me? I sign I was so bored I grabbed my notebook and started writing I heard a knock on my door and saw My dad Charlie

" They're will be drinking involved so just stay in your room you're mom Will come get you soon she's working late " Charlie said I nodded as he closed my door Its like he doesn't want me to see his friends but I had saw when Carlisle looked at me I was just drawing in my notebook when my door open it was my mom

"Mom your back!" I said hugging her she hugged me back

"Of course I was with Esme and her family but I brought you some food ... Burgers and fries you'll start school with me tomorrow if your tired just sit on the bleachers if a kid ask why are you there just say its take your child to work day..." My mom Rene said I nodded and took the bag from her she didn't want to be a School Gym teacher but she had to make money she close my door as I sat by my desk eating my food I yawn I had felt tired I kept my light night on and went to sleep

*The next day*

I woke up with my mom waking me

" Time to get up sweetie its 4 in the morning but you know how Traffic is... And I need to prep for my kids Class today " My mom said I felted Jealous when she said Her kids I'm her only child... I sign

" okay morning mom" I said getting up

"Make sure you take a shower... Don't want people bullying you those are big kids..." My mom said I nodded that's sad they want to bully a kid I got up and took a shower brush my teeth and my hair in a bun and I had on Long pants with a pink mermaid shirt I love mermaids I have a poster in my room

" I'm ready mom" I said walking downstairs with my mom as she open the car door I sat in the back with my booster seat she click in my seatbelt

"I'll drive to MacDonald drive though ... But were rushing don't want my boss to get mad" Rene said I nodded I was so nervous I didn't want to eat we reach at MacDonald drive though and order a Kids Happy breakfast meal and she got a iced coffee and I got orange juice she handed me the food

" Thanks mom" I said and started to eat oh gosh we reach FORKs HIGhT SCHOOL SPARTAN

I saw a few kids standing by the door but it has these people with good hair

" Do people really wake up this early?! " I asked my mom as she got out the car close her door and unbunckle my carseat as I Got out the car she was holding my hand

"Yes your school starts around 8 something In the morning they're just waiting for breakfast She was walking by the door as someone called her name

" MS . SWAN Who's that's with you?" a guy said He had a baseball jacket on

" My daughter Juan... " Rene said looking at him I was looking at the other people with the good hair I pointed to them they smiled and waved to me

I looked at a girl she scrunch up her face... Oh boy was it me?

"Can we come in?" A girl asked

" Not yet Alice until bell rings... ".My mom said

" okay" Alice said My mom open the door and walked to the teacher lounge I had stop holding her hand and cross my arms I didn't want to tell her about the girl face she made at me

" okay printing out some papers is it loud bella? " my mom asked me I covers my ears a little bit

" MS. Swan who's that with you?! " a another teacher asked

"My daughter she gets...bully alot so she'll be working here " My mom said he nodded

" Just don't let her get lost in the crowd " He said and patted my mom back how come people are nice to her but not me

"Okay follow me to the gym Bella guys and girls will be running if they bump into you or throw a ball at you just say sorry if your hurt well take you to Dr .Cullen " my mom said I nodded this was a long day We walked inside the gym it was huge! Bigger then my school I My mom got a chair that's by the wall you can sit down I nodded and sat down my mom layed out the gym mattress and gym balls with paper and pencil on the floor soon the bell ring for class it was louder then my school people started pilling up the gym my mom was talking to her class

" ALRIGHT CLASS 20 PUSH UP AND 10 RUNS!" My said said I never seen her that loud I saw people looking looking and laughing at me I put my head down yeah they was making fun of me... Soon the bell rings for lunch My mom looked at me

" Bella I trust you to a big girl and get lunch...? Don't mind if people look at you just ignore them" my mom said I nodded

"Okay" I was so scared I hated going to the cafeteria I was walking with my head down I Walked inside the cafeteria they had stopped talking and was looking and pointing at me

"Who your here with.." A girl asked ?

"My mom..." I said

"shouldn't you be in school..." Another girl asked

" I am in school just like you" I said there was ooh what did I say?

"You smell.." A girl whisper to me I froze they're it was again I felt someone tapped my shoulder

" Come sit with us I'm Alice " Alice Said she was by the door earlier I walked to Alice table

" Guys this is Bella Bella this is my siblings... " Alice said they smiled said wave to me

" Hey Bella don't mind them... Rosalie will get your lunch " A guy said (Emmett)

" That's Emmett , Edward , Jasper and Rosalie " Alice said Rose had went to get my lunch

" Can I call her Rose? Can't hardly say All lie and em Emmy and Ed Eddy Jaspe Jazzy ? I asked them they just smiled as Rose came back with my food

" Do you guys mind?" Alice said

" Nope don't mind at all " They said and smiled people were still looking like looking looking at us

" We'll take you to your mom Bella so people wouldn't mess with you.. " Eddy said

" Thanks Eddy " I said and started to eat my salad

" What do you like to do? " Alice said I thought about it

" Paint and draw..." I said I heard someone yell making me jump a Principle walked up to us with a cheerleader

" Um Brittany said she left her child here?" the principal said the cheerleader laughed

" No No that's Isabella she's Rene daughter " Alice said

" Okay whatever" The principal said and walked away the cheerleader stayed I got a weird vibe from Edward its like he was trying to scare her off she slammed the table

"Don't think having a child around with you guys make you guys cool watch she will sit with us since Edward don't Date " Brittany said and walked away

"Well if you guys aren't cool people think I smell but I don't " they laugh

"Good one Bella" Rose said

" Ohh I have to get back with my mom shell freak" I said finishing my food throwing it away

" We'll take you Emmett has Gym next " Alice said I nodded as we walked out the Cafeteria people still looking at us we had walked back to the gym my mom didn't see us I tapped on her side

"Oh Bella you made it!" My mom said hugging me she looked at the Cullens

" I see you met the Cullens " My mom said

"Yeah they had help me with my lunch people were staring again" I said

" Did they" My mom start to ask I didn't want to lost her job Emmett said something

" MS SWAN... mind If I play with Bella to keep her company this whole period?! Were not a people person but Bella seems bored..." Emmy said I smiled

"Please mom?" I said

" Sure " my mom said I saw a girl whisper stuff to her friends I rolled my eyes Soon the bell ring for next period People was going to there next class period My mom went back to her Job as Emmy got a big red ball

" Catch" Emmy said I catch the ball And threw it back at him but it had bounce on the floor he picked it up

I saw a group of guys and girl looking they walked in front of our ball

" look at Emmett Cullen playing with a child since he doesn't have friends... " A Guy said

" He does have friend's... Me..." I said he look at me

"Did I asked you He said ? Emmy walk up to him

" back off" Emmy said my mom saw

" no fighting around my daughter Emmett I know your mom" Rene said

"Sorry MS .Swan ... Emmy said and whisper something to him he walked off scared

How come the Cullen scare people alot...

Author note writing another one soon how was this one ?