Astrid Swan never had a good relationship with her mother, who she enjoyed driving crazy with her wild behavior. She jumped at the chance of returning to her hometown to be with her dad.

Jasper Hale & Emmett Cullen have been a mated couple for over 50 years unfortunately they've always fell a piece with missing in their lives, that all change when Astrid came to town.

How will the relationship between the three work especially with her older sister's drama pulling her along!!!

Astrid (P.O.V)

I handed the cab driver the fare stumbling a bit as I got out. I honestly wanted to enjoy my last night in Phoenix as tomorrow I would be moving in with my dad who wouldn't tolerate this type of behavior. I had a few drinks at a friends house but I wasn't drunk.

My dad Charlie Swan was the chief of police of the small town of Forks in Washington. People sometimes think I have bipolar, when I'm in my hometown my behavior is different from the wild child who loves driving her mother crazy.

I don't know how but I managed to get my key into the lock without multiple tries. I was giggling to myself as I saw the lights on inside and I honestly could care less who was up.

"Astrid Jane Swan". My mother Renee voice sobered me up a bit.

"Renee Dwyer". I said in a mimicking tone rolling my eyes. "Do we have to do this at this moment I would really like to get to bed. I don't need another lecture from you at the moment the other one you gave me a few days ago is still fresh in my mind". I said yawning ignoring her glare completely.

"My god where did I go wrong with you? Why can't you be like Bella?". Renee said irritated.

"You didn't go wrong with me anywhere, unfortunately mama Bella was a kid trying to raise the three of us, since you were too busy after leaving dad trying to be young again, leaving her to take care of me, you and herself as if she was the mother". I hissed angrily as Phil was behind my egg donor trying to keep her in place.

It's because of Renee I couldn't have a real sister relationship with Bella. She had to grow up to take care of me when we were both children and to this day she has the mom roll which caused an ever large drift in our relationship with our constantly arguing.

"Ash please go get some rest". Phil said tiredly, which made me sigh nodding my head walking off.

I have nothing against Phil, Honestly he's a good guy and if I had any respect or love for my egg donor, I would be happy she landed a guy like him but in my opinion he could have done better than a woman who was older than him and couldn't give him children.

I walked to my room, only to see Bella standing in the hallway outside of hers. "Not in the mood mama Bella". I said ignoring her look of disappointment and walked into my room.

I sighed closing the door behind myself. I didn't even bothering to change I threw myself onto the bed. Luckily, I was already packed and had been for over a week. I went over everything one more time before going out as I knew myself as I wouldn't wake up until the last minute before we had to leave.

My eyes slowly started to close as I started drifting off with the sound of Renees voice that held so much anger and frustration that just made me have a smile on my face.