Before Limbo:

"Booty make him cook, booty make him do the dishes-"

"Jake, you're wasted." Leah giggled, shoving me away as I tried to twerk in front of her.

"Big ol' booty and my face top tier, collect his funds, I'm the cashier." I strutted down the empty alley, doing my best catwalk because I knew it would make her laugh. It worked, she was doubled over clutching her stomach.

Her long-time boyfriend, Sam, broke up with her the night before over dinner. Leah was expecting a ring while her best friend was expecting a baby in 6 months with him. The guy was a crooked dick. Driving around town on his vintage motorcycle he loved to brag about fixing up himself. He conveniently left out Leah's participation, who knew more about engines than he and I put together.

"I can't breathe." She had tears in her eyes and her smile was stuck in place.

I stuck my arms out and spun in fast circles with my head back, watching the stars as they blurred together- spinning faster and faster, till it looked like one big blurry circle in the sky. The pitcher of margarita's Leah and I had shared was also helping the affect.

Leah is my mom's cousin's daughter, removed by choice. My mother and hers no longer speak after the enchilada sauce incident. Five years ago, my mom brought enchiladas to my grandparents for Sunday dinner and Leah's mom was overheard whispering - loudly- that the sauce was canned which caused my mom to spit at her feet and storm out of the house with me in tow.

"You're going to bring me back to get my truck in the morning?" I asked Leah who walked into a small, but neat yard. Her house was buttercup yellow, and she had planted flowers when she moved in that grew bright and colorful in borders around her porch during the spring and summer.

"I'll pick you up before work and drop you off on the way."

"Thanks." Leaning over and giving her cheek a loud, wet kiss.

"Ew!" She wiped at her face, unable to keep the small smirk off her face. "You better be ready, or I 'm leaving you behind and Uncle Paul said if you're late one more time he's going to have to fire you."

We worked together for our Uncle Paul. We weren't exactly sure how we were related to him, but he has always been there to take us for ice cream, baseball games, and giving us our first -and only- jobs. Leah will be up in a few hours, freshly showered and ready to start her day despite not getting home till after one in the morning while I'll be lucky if my eyes open before noon and was already preparing myself for another berating from Uncle Paul.

"He says that bi-weekly." I winked, walking backward off the curb.

"Text me when you get home, okay?"

"It's only another block over!" Laughing off her worry.

"Jake." She spoke sternly, scowling.

"Alright, alright, I'll let you know."

She smiled with relief and walked up the porch steps to unlock her front door, knowing I wouldn't leave till I saw her go inside and relock the door behind her. I walked backward, stepping further into the street, waiting for her to close the door.

"Night." I waved once more as she turned to wave at me.

As I turned to face the road, a set of headlights came from around the bend and I held up my hand to shield my eyes. It all happened to fast, what was occurring never fully processing. I vaguely heard Leah scream my name, a pain like I have never experienced before washing over my entire body, leaving a trail of calm, and then the headlights turned off.

"AHH!" My tight chest let out a breath of air and a scream at the same time, causing me to gasp heavily; squinting against the brightness of the room I was in. I was sitting on a floor of a very bright, empty room. I shakily got to my feet, looking around at the stark white blankness of my new surroundings.

"Where the hell am I?" I asked aloud to myself.

"Ah-ah, we don't allow that here." A booming voice spoke. It echoed around the room, and I staggered about trying to figure out where it came from. Giving up, I turned back around and yelled, raising my fists in self-defense at the large man who was standing directly behind me

"Who the fuck are you?" I demanded, trying to sound tougher than I felt.

"Please, refrain from using foul language, you've used your last warning."

"Labron James?" I gasped, lowering my hands and feeling my jaw slacking in astonishment.

"No, but very distantly related. I'm Howie."

His large smile twinkled, and he wiggled his toes excitedly in white sandals.


"It's uniform." He said and snapped his fingers.

I started to giggle uncontrollable, feeling as if invisible fingers were tickling me all over my body, lasting for exactly 7 seconds.

"What was that?" I gasped, and gasped again when I looked down to find myself in white linen pants with a matching button up short sleeve like he wore; crocs included.

"We call it 7th Heaven," throwing his head back and letting out a bark of laughter. "It's funny, because I know someone who won't be going there!" Giving into another raucous laugh at his own joke.

"Where am I and how did you do that?"

"You're in The Limbo!"

"Like the dance?" I asked, sticking my arms out in motion.

"That's the macarena, this is the limbo," he said, sticking his arms out and doing squat hops to move forward, bending his back backward. "we aren't talking about a dance, we're talking about a place."

"What place?"

"So you're one of those." He sighed dramatically, rubbing his temples.

"You are in The Limbo." He said, bringing his hands together above his head and making a rainbow shape in the air. "You are standing before Heaven's door! Theoretically, anyway… It's actually ten miles to the northeast. A very pleasant walk through a maze of English lavender and tea roses. It can be tricky, I got lost once for six days and Hermes had to come to rescue me!"


"You'll meet him later." He said dismissively with a wave of his hand.

My head was starting to feel like my still wobbly legs - mushy, and I felt myself falling. I wave my arms frantically, trying to grab onto something to break my fall, though I already know we were in a empty room. I felt as my body hit the ground beneath my feet, but instead of the bruising fall I was preparing for, the ground gave as if it were a trampoline covered with a down comforter. Once there my body refused to get back up and I smiled, toes curling with pleasure, snuggling into the soft warmth.

"No time for nap, we have a mission to complete!"

"Look, I need to get back home." I said, sitting up, crisscross-applesauce style. "If I don't show up for work tomorrow, my uncle is going to have a cow."

"I'm afraid that isn't going to happen. See that circle of light over there?" He asked, pointing across the room. Instead of the plain, bright wall that was there before, it was now a blue sky filled with balls of fluffy, white clouds. "Your light is to the left in the middle, the one that is turning gray."

I saw a ball that was a shade darker than the other glowing orbs, with a dim yellow center.

"You only have a few earthly moments left. I'm honestly surprised Donny let you in early."


"Don Knotts, I thought everyone knew who he was these days! Oh, was Carroll there instead? Don and Carroll O'Connor split shifts every other month and I lose track of time."

"I can't breathe." I panted.

"Deep breaths, in… out… just slow them down now." He spoke in a soothing voice, calming me with a hand to my shoulder. "Oh, that's why!" He perked back up, making my heart race again. "Your light is fading more."

I looked at the small orb that apparently held my soul and watched as it grew even darker, quickly turning black before my eyes.

"No, not yet!" Adrenaline shot through me and I jumped to my feet, running for my soul.

"Jacob, it's useless. You'll just come right back."

I leaned forward, gaining speed, and let out a war cry. The closer I got, the bigger the orb grew till I was right in front of it and it was as wide as I was, suctioning around my body. My lungs burned and I couldn't breath, my bones feeling like they were shattering one by one.

A familiar light began to appear and I was filled with defeat. I began to open my eyes and accept my fate, only to see a beautiful face hovering over mine instead of Howie's.

"Doctor, he's awake!" Who appeared to be a nurse called out. "Jacob, can you hear me? My name is Bella, and we are going to do everything we can. Hang on for me." She grabbed my hand and held onto it tightly, her brown eyes warm and pleading.

I tried to open my mouth to speak, but I was once again thrown into darkness and the burning returning to my lungs, bones rebreaking. My body jolted and I felt the funny soft ground under my back again.

"Welcome back, Snookum's."

I reopened my eyes and Howie winked, his smile bright as ever.

"So, Limbo, huh?"

"The Limbo."

This is it! I have no update plan, I do not even know the entire plot, but for the beginning, middle, and end. This is also not beta'd by my sweet friend because I cannot make a promise right now. BUT… I adore this little bunny and I think it's going to be a fun ride 😊 Some days I may post twice and somedays not at all, try to be patient with me while I regain my focus, my dear friends!