Hello everyone, my name is Jade and this is a FanFiction I wrote about three years ago. Last year I had started to post the story on here and sadly was not able to finish it and I went ahead and took it off my page.

My great grandmother passed away and so many things were going on in my life and I just had no time to even think about this story. I have about 31 chapters already written that I will be slowly posting over time. I do not have a schedule for what days I will post, as it becomes to much and overwhelming.

If you were one of the few who were reading this story I sincerely apologize for taking this story away from you all. But I will be adding and taking away from this story. I want to go at it a bit differently and make it even better for my readers.

I hope you enjoyed my take on an all human twilight. Same couple pairing with a few new friends along the way! Lots of fluff and very cute Bedward moments.



Our Crazy Family - Bella POV

I sighed as I watched the rain pour down on the windshield seeing how the fog covers the mountains around me. Already shuttering at the thought of the cold rain soaking my hair and clothes. I hated the rain. But I knew it was worth.

Forks Washington. Where it all started. I was born in this small rainy town. Raise at forks Elementary school in a classroom packed with 30 kids just to fit everyone in such a small place. Had my first date at the only diner in town, spent my weekends at the tiny shopping center the townies call their mall.

I was never the popular kid and I honestly never wanted to be. I was perfectly happy with my books, my big brother Emmett and my dad Charlie was the only friends I needed. When my mom left our family when I was only six years old and Emmett was ten at the time. It fully showed me they were all I ever needed.

Em was the one who walked in on her leaving with her new flavor of the week and was the one who had to tell Charlie that our mommy and his wife just up and left our entire family.

Renee was not the motherly type and who knows why God would think she needed kids. She wanted to stay young forever and two kids definitely held her down.

My sweet daddy did his very best for me and Emmett. He gave us everything we needed, wanted plus more. He tried so hard to make up for the places mom had failed us in.

The forks judge seemed to think that us kids needed a woman in our lives and decided we needed to spend at least one month of our summer vacation with Renee, pre her request.

That month was spent at our grandmothers house in Texas and only seeing our mom maybe three times if even that.

It was always such a terrible four weeks. Grandma Higginbotham was the worst of the worst. She would have us spend all day doing chores in the hot summer sun, putting us to bed at promptly 8:30 after having us eat at only 4 o'clock! and all night leaving me and Em wishing we were at home with our dad in our beds.

Over time the visit became less and less till it was just a phone call once a month when her boy toy would break her heart and she would want the love only her kids could provide her.

I learned her tricks over time and got to where I would just let her talk and not believe the shit that came out of her mouth.

But not my big brother. He loved mom so much. Thought she hung the moon and stars and would do anything for her to love him the same. Each time it was my dad picking up Emmett when he was broken by our mom once again.

Being raised in a house with two men, I was a full on Tomboy. You would never see me in anything but jeans and a T-shirt with my red converses. And still now as an almost 23 year old, only like to wear this type of outfit.

With glasses to big for my face and my dull brown hair that hung down to my bottom, I was definitely never on the radar for the cute guys. They honestly treated me like I was not even there, most of the time. Except for Mike Newton.

The only boy to ever "like" me was Mike Newton. He took me on my very first date at the ripe age of 14.

It started out as a very nice date. Dinner and a movie just like in the TV shows. but it was when Mike wanted to show me his new car was where it all went down hill. Mike tried and failed to get to second and third base with a girl. Safe to say I was the wrong girl. I mean my dad was the chief of police, like I would ever give it out in a car where my dad could find me.

Mike ended up very upset about it and argued with me the whole way to my house about how I wanted him to kiss me like that and how I liked it and just wouldn't say.

By the time we pulled up to my house I was in tears and so confused at how this happened. And on top of that I had to slip and fall on my way to the door. Thankfully I could blame that, so my dad did not ask any questions. I just wasn't that lucky.

The next Monday at school Mike had told the whole school that I had slept with him and I would give it out to anyone that shows me attention. That's how slutty swan got started.

First they trashed my locker at school. There was not a spot on my locker that did not say. "Slutty swan" "Whore" "slut" "porn star" you name it.

Then it was spray painted on Emmett's red truck out front. That's when my dad got involved and I had to tell him what happened that night. He tried everything to get it to stop, but with no hard evidence of who was doing it, he had no way to help.

After a month of that I couldn't take it anymore, when I started getting tripped and pushed though the halls. Being locked in bathroom with the school girls as they laughed at me and threw trash in my hair while they called me a whore.

After that I knew what I had to do and after lots of begging and tears, my dad agreed to let me moved to Phoenix Arizona to go live with my mother. At least there I can start fresh. There I can go back to hiding in the shadows. My mom couldn't be any worse then everyone in this small town.

Charlie went down that day and pulled me out of school and also had a few not so kind words with my principal about how he handled this situation and we never looked back.

I didn't have any friends that I wanted to say goodbye to. Non of the teachers really even knew who I was till last month when I became the talk of the town. The chiefs whore daughter. Lovely.

The week after thanksgiving I was in my mom's small home in Phoenix and holding onto my dad and brother, trying to tell myself I was making the right decision.

"It will all be ok Bells. If you want to come back home I will be here before you know it" Charlie said as he patted my hair. Emmett nodded agreeing with him. "And I will be here for college before you know it Belly" I smiled at Emmett and fell into his big bear hug. "Thanks Em. Now go before you miss your flight"

It didn't take me long to settle in and I found that I really liked Arizona. The heat was so nice to feel after so long in the cold rain. I loved to just sit outside under the shade with a good book. Or to lay and watch the stars shine over the mountains.

My mom was always at work or with a guy, so I was alone most of the time, but I didn't mind. It was kinda nice. I definitely missed Charlie and Emmett though. I wished I could have had the best of both worlds.

Life got a lot better when Emmett came to GCU. With him there I just loved Phoenix even more.

I liked my school and I had even made one friend! Her name is Angela Weber and she was my best friend. We had so many things in common and loved to do any lot of the same things.

Me and Ang spent just about every waking hour together. She was so different from the girls in forks. She had this ray of sunshine type of vibe. It was just what I needed.

The years passed quickly and before I knew it my high school graduation was vastly approaching. And I felt like I had done nothing with my life. Sure I was a plus A student and I was graduating at the top of my class but I had no fun teen memories. Just school, homework, hang with Angela and do it all again tomorrow.

A month and a half before my graduation I got in a huge fight with Renee, over her newest boyfriend Phil. He was only 26 and a baseball player. He was closer to Em's age then my mothers for crying out loud!

Renee swore up and down that she was going to marry Phil and travel around the world with him. She wanted to put our house up for sale and give up everything (including me) for their love. I told her she was acting like a teenage love sick puppy and one day Phil is gonna wake up and realize he wanted a young and hotter woman and I acted like the teenager I was and stormed out slamming the door behind me.

I tried to call Emmett but he didn't answer. I called Ang and once again a no go.

I patted for the note that was in my pocket pulling it out and feeling the paper in between my fingers. James Hunter the stoner boy in my class gave me this. He has watched me for weeks and has tried and tried to get me to go on a date with him and today he gives me this note and walked away, not saying a word.

I was pissed at first but now I was starting to feel thankful for it.

I read over it about a hundred times before finally getting the guts and got in the car. This was it. You can do this Isabella. I was gonna go to my first ever party.


I could hear the beat of the music before I even got out of my car or was that my heart racing behind my ears. Who knows at this point.

I parked my car and for awhile I just stared at the chaos In front of me. Red solo cups scattered the plush green grass and toilet paper was thrown carelessly into the trees and shrubs. Just about the whole football team was running around, clearly drunk and stupid.

Bang bang bang. Jumping I quickly turned to look at my window and saw James standing there in a black T-shirt with red hooded eyes and a smirk on his face. "Swan!" He yelled banging harder on my window. I slowly opened my door and James yanked me out of my car slamming the door behind him.

"You maade itt" he slurred. He moved his face closer and his hot breath hit my face making me pull back. "Ugh James you reek" I said trying to push on his chest.

He just smiled his ice blue eyes shining bright but not in a good way. My heart raced faster and my whole body screamed to move back to the car, but James had other plans.

He laugh out loud and pulled me up to the house and though the crowds of people. "Let's get you a drink little swan" I gave him a nervous laugh and let him pull me to the drink table.

James handed me a red cup with what looked to be a green punch but it didn't smell like it was just punch. "Come on, my buddies are over here. You'll love 'em" he grasped my hand tightly dragging us over to a group of people in a cloud of smoke.

"Guys this is Bella Swan. Bella this is My best friend Ben and his girl Jessica. And then Laurent and Victoria" My eyes scanned though all of them but it was Victoria that had me taking a second glance. Her face was almost as red as her hair as she stared at mine and James hands before moving her dark green eyes to my face and giving me the death look.

I ducked my head down not wanting to meet her glare any longer and mumbled a hello. James finally released my hand and moved to grab the joint that Ben was passing around. Jessica leaped forwarded and started talking a mile a minute. I could barely keep up with her.

"Sorry" she laughed. "I have a bad habit of talking to much and too fast" I shook my head and gave her a small smile. "It's ok" as we talked I found myself taking more and more sips of the green punch that filled the red cup.

After another full cup I was feeling quite flushed and couldn't stop thinking that I was going to die and for some reason that made me laugh and once it started I was having a hard time getting it to stop. "What's so funny little swan?" James said into my ear wrapping his arms around my waist rubbing his hands over my stomach.

James started kissing me, pulling me upstairs whispering in my ear how much fun this will be and to just trust him.

My vision was starting to cloudy once we entered the upstairs bedroom but my head still seemed clear but all I could think about is how I really don't want to graduate a virgin.

If I was thinking logically and not in my drunken state I would be modified by my behavior right now. James is not who I wanted this to happen with.

"Come on little swan. You will love this, just relax" I tried to listen to what he said and took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Did I want this? "I don't know about this jame-" he placed his finger over my mouth, shushing me. His hands smelled of weed and it made my stomach churn.

"Just let me do all the work baby. You wanted this Bella. Remember?" He gave me another one of those smirks and slowly pulled my jeans and underwear down my legs. My face flushed bright red and I squeezed my eyes shut as I heard the zip of James pants.

"This might hurt, Bella" and with that he slammed into me. Sheathing himself fully in with one hard thrust. Pain shot though my abdomen and down my legs making me cry out in pain.

"Told you, it's nice huh" James said pushing in hard and pulling out faster. He tucked his face into my neck leaving his hot breath over me.

Tears streamed down my face as I tried to get the words to come out of my mouth but I was frozen. Would anyone even hear me if I screamed? The music seemed so loud.

It was over as quickly as it began, but to me it seemed like hours before James released into me, finally rolling off me to my side.

He let out a satisfied sigh as he passed out with his arm thrown over his face, a cocky smile upon his lips.

Covering my hand over my mouth I let out a sob and quickly shot up to look for my pants.

That I found was a very bad idea as the pain was excruciating and my core seemed to throb from it. Tears clouded my vision as I searched for my clothes, so I could get the hell out of here.

Somehow made it though the house and to my car without getting seen by anyone who could have known me and I drove straight to the one person who will always be there for me. Emmett


Night before Gradation

Emmett saved me that night. Him and his girlfriend Rosalie took me to the hospital once they saw the blood that covered my thighs, all the way to my red converse. They both tried to get me to file a police report, but I knew that His family would just cover it up for him. It was pointless.

Rosalie opened up to me and told me how this also happened to her and the man who did this to her was schools janitor. Someone who the school should have done a check on, but failed to do so.

He got caught when Rose came forward and shared her story. Her having the faith to come forward aloud other girls to tell what the janitor had also done to them.

I think that was her way of trying to get me to file a report on him, but I just wanted this night to be over with and not have to think about it again.

After that night I never wanted to speak about what happened. I didn't want anyone to know how stupid I had been, if I had only just stayed home that night. That was not me. I was not the party girl. And I definitely was not the type of girl who started making out with stoner guys.

I woke up the morning of my gradation to Renee and Phil yelling at each other about why Phil had come home so late. Rolling my eyes I stood up and caught my reflection in the mirror that hung above my dresser.

Dark purple bruises covered under my eyes. My cheeks bones were poking out from my lack of appetite making my clothes seem so big on me.

Any time I tried to eat I just felt so sick and over the weeks I have kinda just given up at even trying anymore.

I sighed moving my face around in different angles. How was I going to cover this up! My dad would see right though me. Picking up my phone I dialed Rose's number. "Rosalie, it's me. I need your help"

I swear Rosalie is a miracle worker when it came to makeup. She helped me cover all the bruising and I somehow actually looked good. "Oh Bella you look fabulous!" I gave her a small smile.

"Thank you so much Rosalie. I couldn't have done this without you" she gave me a tight hug, patting her hand on my cheek. "You are so welcome Bella. Now, lets you get you graduated missy"

My family probably yelled my name the loudest as they called me up to accept my diploma. And I held my head high as I walked across the stage. I had done it! Though everything I actually made it to graduation.

Emmett and Rosalie got everyone out of the school quickly saying we were going to be late to our reservation at the restaurant. But I knew they were trying to get me out of there before he spotted me.

Dinner was good affair. Everyone stuffed their-selves with pasta's and bread, I was even able to eat a little of the food which I was thankful for.

I don't think the smile ever left my dads face as we sit there all together again. He told me over and over how proud he was of me. If only he knew. I was not the same little girl anymore. I was dirty and ruined now. He would never want to see me again if he knew the truth.

Three weeks later

I should be planning for my dorm room right now. Packing away all my things. Telling my friends goodbye. Trying to fit everything I needed to do into six weeks before I went to college.

But instead I am sitting in my towns free clinic feeling like I was dying. I knew what was happening but I didn't want to believe it. Once I knew the answer my whole life was going to change forever.

"Isabella Swan" all eyes turned to me as I stood up and walked over to the nurse. "Hey honey, follow me" the nurse who's name tag read Olive led me over to a nook of the office and took my weight and blood pressure.

"You anxious hon? Your blood pressure is slightly elevated" I nodded twisting my hands in my lap till they were a bright red.

"A little" I mumbled. She seemed to catch on that I didn't really want to talk and continue her task before showing me to the bathroom and handing me the clear plastic cup. "I need you to urinate into that cup and once your done just push it through the little metal door and we will get it from there"

Once I finished my business I washed up and went to the room that Olive had pointed out to me. There was a single hospital gown placed on the bed, that I figured was for me to put on.

"The doctor should be in here shortly" Olive said peaking her head into the door. "You can lock the door so you can put on the gown and just make sure to unlock it once your done"

"Thank you" I whispered moving to the door and firmly turning the lock. The last thing I needed want for someone to walk in on me naked.

I did just as the nurse told me to and folded up my clothes sitting them on the chair next to the bed. It didn't take long for the doctor to come in to the room.

She was very tall and had the brightest blond hair I had ever seen. It was almost as bright as her perfectly white teeth. "Hello miss Swan, I am Tanya Denali, I will be your doctor for today. How are you?" I gave her a small smile and shook her hand.

"Hello, I'm doing well. And yourself?" Dr Denali pulled the spiny chair over to the bed and gracefully sit down. "I'm doing great thank you. Now what are we in for today?" I explained what had been going on though the last few weeks and I gave her a little bit of information about the night of when it happened.

"I want to start off by saying how sorry I am miss Swan. Since we already have a urine sample I can pull a test from that and we can have those results in about 30 minutes" I nodded feeling my hand start to shake. It was one night, I could be completely wrong. I probably just have the flu.

45 minutes later

"Apologies for the longer wait Isabella. We are a little backed up today" I just nodded feeling to nervous to speak right now. "From your levels it would seem that you are about seven weeks pregnant. Congratulations"

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