Chapter One

Location: Just Under the Tyne Bridge

As the sun had already sunk away below the horizon, to make way for the impending night, two lonely young adult girls leaned upon a railing, looking out at the vast river and the bridge looming over it, bathed in a series of artificial lights running along it, all underneath a violet-blue sky. The ambient sounds of distant cars and rippling waters droned off into a vague distance.

One, the slightly younger girl, Aimee Shih, had very short straight black hair, with one side kept back by a hairpin, while wearing a drab-green jumper within a dark-brown jacket along with tight greyish-blue denim trousers and a long cardinal-red scarf around her neck. The other, slightly older girl, Rica Mall, had long straight pure-white hair, and skin almost as pale as her hair, and bright entrancing blue eyes, while she wore a cyan shirt within a bright-green jacket along dark-grey tight jeans.

"So I was in a long-term relationship, but that ended about two years ago, and online dating can be pretty frigging weird, you know?" The slightly younger girl explained and expressed. "N-not that you're weird in particular, Rica. I mean that the whole internet scene, grasping for intimacy from total strangers. It's-"

"It's okay, I'm not offended in the slightest, and I know exactly what you mean," the slightly older woman spoke. "Sometimes I think that simple human interaction is the most baffling existence in the whole entire universe". She started to stroke Aimee's smooth delicate cheek with her equally smooth fingertips. "And as for weird? Well my dear, Aimee Shih, you've no idea..."

Gazing back deeply through Rica's eyes, Aimee had become practically become hypnotised, her attraction being taken advantage of. Rica's fingertips slowly floated downwards until they rested upon Aimee's chin, patiently drawing their faces closer forth to each other. No further word was spoken by either woman as their heavy eyelids soon shut together and their lips gently and finally touched, their nostrils sucking up the cool air around them before letting out warm air.

With lips and tongues still dancing and caressing together, Rica moved about and turned Aimee around so that latter was right between the former and the railing that pressed into and against Aimee's back. With their bodies and torsos pressing together as well, both of Aimee's hands grasped tightly around Rica's back. As one hand stroked through Aimee's short, smooth, and silky hair, Rica's other hand carefully pulled Aimee's scarf free from the neck and settled it down upon the railing, and with intent.

With one defence down, Rica soon went for another, as her hands went down to unbutton and unzip Aimee's trousers, causing the other to slowly snap out of her brief sensual daze. Her eyes turned down and focused to see her lover's right hand snaking its way in. The chilling fingers sending signals through her skin and all the way to her rushing mind.

"You sure about this?" Aimee shuddered.

"Oh I'm far more than sure," Rica grinned as her fingers soon entered and slipped right into the very centre, causing a mild gasp to escape from Aimee's lips.

As soon as they were in as deep as they could, Risa's fingers slowly pulled out by a few inches, before pushing back in again. Then out again, then back in again, out and in, out and in. Deeply inhaling as she softly bit down on her own bottom lip, Aimee dispersed an ounce of warm bothered breath. The two women were seemingly lucky enough that no one else was remotely around the witness the public sight.

While the vague seconds flew by, Rica gradually increased the pacing of her hungry lustful fingers, already feeling a hint of wet slickness within, while she continued snogging her victim, greasy tongues and all. As a reaction from her charged up nerves, Aimee's hips soon bucked forth and back with and against those dominating fingers. Her blood was already running hot and wild, as Rica could already sense quite very well in fact.

"Ah, oh god Rica, you're gonna..." Aimee shook and shuddered. "You're gonna make me c- c-cu-"

"Good Aimee, I know, I can tell..." Rica grinned some more as her fingers eventually sped up. "...Do it, come for me, Aimee Shih, release, my love..."

Aimee moaned and wheezed some more, her legs wobbled like pillars beneath ever-growing pressure, one hand of hers gripped tightly onto the railing behind her while the other hand still clutched to Rica's back. Their kisses became more and more sloppy with every rushing moment, almost drooling even. Her body becoming more limp and flimsy from the overwhelming orgasm, Aimee arched back her neck, leaving it nearly fully bare and exposed before her lover's dark-red lips. Rica's left hand plowed through her victim's hair before palming around the back of the head.

Before long, as her body and muscles trembled up and tensed out, Aimee let out one last, weak shriek before finally coming and releasing her essence right upon Rica Mall's strong, arousing right hand. Rica herself continued to smile as she could feel the liquid gushing and squirting upon her palm and wrist, taking her time to slow down her lustrous pace.

Once she had slipped free her fingers, now coated in dripping clear juices, Rica then suckled on each finger at a time, and licked all over her own hand until it sparkled completely clean. Then her full attention turned back to the phased-out Aimee and her still-exposed neck. For that wouldn't be the only fluid she would be tasting that night.

With the blood within Aimee's toned neck still at its warmest, Rica parted her own lips as her fangs soon unveiled and finally sank their way into the skin. Aimee's eyes suddenly darted wide open in shock from the sharpness piercing down through her neck, her breaths fractured as her arms shook and trembled, as if in a futile effort to struggle herself free. However, as Rica soon slurped up the oozing, trickling blood from the deep bite marks, the dark sweet nectar running down into her, Aimee's body eventually paled and became mimsy.

However, Rica Mall wouldn't be done yet at all, she had further plans. Before Aimee could even slip off the mortal coil, Rica bit down on her own right wrist and lifted the fresh, open wound right above Aimee's parting lips as a streak of slowly running blood poured its way down through the mouth and into the mortal girl's system. Rica let free a quiet yet sinister chuckle as she let the rest take good absolute care of itself.

Aimee gasped back to life as her wounded body arched once again, convulsing from the bitter fluid taste entering her and into her veins. Her very eyesight and hearing started to distort and spin all about; the only thing in absolute clear focus was the face of the one turning her, Rica Mall, or whoever she truly was. What was once a fiery warmth had soon become a icy cold, from her silent unbeating heart to her deepest sexual core.

After what felt an eternity of arousing pain and silent agony, it was complete. Aimee's veins had darkened, her irises had turned a bright blood-red, her sclera a pitch black, and her canine teeth had mutated forth into sharp fangs of her own. She had been turned.

Satisfied with her first victim in what may be a very long time, Rica offered yet another kiss to the now vampirised Aimee, a declaration of intimate love, full dedication, and total obedience.

"Now, you are completely mine, and my very own alone," the vampiric woman, under the guise of 'Rica Mall' declared. "Now let's bring some more recruits into our own".

To be continued...