TCW - Recovery - (BACARA / NEYO)

By Gun Roswell


The deep cut wounds of the battle

Trying to make a full recovery

Some ground rules to be made


Clone Haven's Ship-of-the-month weekly prompt "recovery" Bacara/Neyo. Set somewhere in the space time continuum of the Clone Wars. The battles of the war continue. And so do the possibilities in getting wounded, badly so, even mortally. No matter how careful one just might be out there in the fields filled with danger.

Neyo gets injured in the heat of the battle, lethally so. Bacara is rushing to his bedside. Worried to loose Neyo. The two of them only just having started a more deeper and meaningful romantic relationship. Part of the Bacara/Neyo series

The deep cut wounds of the battle

'Sometimes, all the protection in the galaxy does not help, and then, the one you love gets wounded.'

Neyo heard all the warnings. The shoutouts of his squad mates as he was running fast.

But there was no time to heed those warnings now. Because the mission, always came first. But then again, so came his squad.

Neyo needed to do what he needed to do. Neyo was the one closest to the site of their enemy and he had the means as well. To get his crew to safety. Even if it meant risking his own life in the process.

But the good of the many, outweighed, the good of the one. Right?

So, there Neyo was, ready to make the sacrifice.

Having found the perfect spot to hide in after taking off from his crew. Only waiting for the right moment in the hideout. And then, Neyo, would make the jump.

The plan was simple. To get in there, place the charges and then get to a hopefully safe distance before blowing the whole karking thing up. Neyo had already made the calculations. It should have been simple enough. After all, this wasn't his first bombing. And he was good at planning after all.

The power of the blast should have been sufficient enough to take down the whole building with the lot of the clankers there being prepped for a launch and search mission. It was Neyo's squad they droids were after. The team having been on a simple recon mission while having found something on the planet they were not supposed to find.

An enemy base, close enough to several Republic friendly worlds and prepped with the most lethal weapon created by the Separatists so far.

It was a prototype still. Something the Seppies were clearly in the process of creating.

It did not help that the Republic forces had managed to foil the Seppies plans earlier either. Those of the so called Super Droid. Now decommissioned every last one of them. By the GAR troopers no less with no small thanks to Neyo and his partner Bacara having played a big part in the process.

Neyo let his thoughts linger a moment longer on his beloved. Sending good thoughts his way and hoping to see Bacara again. But if Neyo did not, then, the last thoughts on his mind would most certainly be of those of his lover.

Neyo made one final scan and then, he jumped out of his hiding and ran as fast as he could towards the structure. Placing the charges in the calculated places and then, he was already running away to safety.

Counting in his mind the closest he had to be to pull the switch, Neyo stopped for a moment and flicked the red switch of the explosives.

Just as Neyo started running again, he felt the heavy wave hitting him with such force, it threw Neyo several metres in the air. Ending in Neyo landing on a rocky surface, with his face first against the hard surface and making him bounce around the ground for a moment after landing.

The excruciating pain Neyo felt. Knowing his body had taken a really bad hit after all.

The image of the face of Bacara being the very last thing Neyo saw in his minds eye, before it all went blank for him.

It seemed, that Neyo, had miscalculated his odds after all. And majorly so.

Trying to make a full recovery

'When down and out, feeling broken, trust in those closest to you to lift you up.'

The beeping noises were the only ones heard in the otherwise quiet room.

Bacara was right by the bedside of his lover, Neyo.

He looked, well, perhaps awful wasn't really the word to describe it. But all the bandages, the bacta patches, the tubes in and out of the man… It had been a shock for Bacara to see Neyo in such a state.

Neyo had been lucky though. Being still alive. It had been touch and go for the longest while there. With his troopers finding him half broken on the planet after the bomb had gone off. Luckily, they had made their escape and having had a experienced medic on board their vessel keeping him alive until they had reached their base.

But, the surgery, all of it, had been a rough process to say the least.

Bacara had been informed of his partner's status as soon as they had reached the base.

Bacara had then taken off like a brezak out of the Void to be with Neyo. Luckily, Bacara had been off duty, on shore leave of sorts and able to leave right away. After all, he was a Commander, a soldier of the GAR and leaving his post was not an option while on duty. But Bacara was sure he would have done it anyway. Shore leave or not. Permission or not.

And so, there Bacara was, sitting by Neyo's bed. Watching, listening to his breathing, or rather the machines doing it for him still. And sending out prayers to the Force to save his love.

After all, the doctors had not given Neyo good odds. But, knowing how tough and resilient Neyo really was, Bacara would have bet good credits he would pull through. He had to. Because Bacara needed him to. And that was reason enough for Neyo to pull through, right?

Bacara had dozed off, while trying to remain vigilant at his partner's side. But, the long hours, the trip back to the base Neyo was hospitalised at, not to mention the stress of having his lover at death's door… All of it finally catching up with Bacara.

And so, having fallen into a light sleep. After having so valiantly trying to stay awake and talk to the still comatose Neyo. Telling him how much he cared and loved Neyo, all those things one's lover would want to tell someone whom they desperately wanted to survive.

The dreams Bacara were having during his sleep had been disturbing at best, nightmarish even. And just as the worst bits started rolling into his slumbering mind, those of a dead Neyo, he felt rather than heard it. The familiar grunt of Neyo's, rousing Bacara from his sleep.

As Bacara opened his eyes he could see Neyo's eyes on him.


Bacara was up in a jiffy and right at Neyo's bedside, grabbing a hold of his hand.

"How are you feeling?"

Bacara quickly removed the mask from Neyo's face so he could breathe on his own now that he was awake.

"Like being mauled over by a freighter…" Neyo paused, coughing slightly before he managed to continue, clearly adamant to have his say no matter what the condition. "…and that then having doubled backed up several times over my old bones."

At least Neyo's dry humour was still there, which made Bacara chuckle slightly. Letting him then have a sip of water for his clearly dry throat, with his tone hoarse, even if Neyo was clearly able to form words.

"Well, you are not far off. And you are not that old either."

Bacara reminded Neyo, them being almost the same age. And he knew the details of the mission and what Neyo had done to save his squad. Something of a valiant deed indeed in Bacara's mind.

"The explosion really threw you around for a bit there."

Bacara wasn't going to lie about what had happened even if he suspected Neyo remembered it himself too. They were both soldiers after all and both to them knew the risks in the battle fields.

Neyo gulped and nodded only, feeling the taste of the tubes in his mouth still, the stale taste of plastoid. Bacara made him more comfortable, adjusting the bed ever so slightly as did he the pillows.

"Yeah, well, I did what had to be done."

Neyo wasn't going to apologise for his actions either. Not that he expected for Bacara to ask that of him.

Having done it for the benefit of his squad and knowing he would do it again and again.

"I know you did love. And I am proud of you."

Bacara leaned in and gave Neyo a soft kiss on his lips. Mot wanting to overwhelm Neyo, as he needed time to recover. Still looking rather frail and well, not himself.

Neyo looked up and at his lover. Only nodding in response, feeling rather overwhelmed of the whole ordeal. The explosion, but also the unconditional love from his partner getting to him. Neyo felt only lucky to have Bacara by his side.

His eyes watered and it was all Bacara could take.

Placing his arms around the sobbing man, Bacara tried to pour all the love he felt for Neyo in that one notion. Only hoping it was enough, for the healing man.

Some ground rules to be made

'There is something about almost dying, making one reflect on the more important things in life.'

"So, now that we have some time off, what do you think we should do with it?"

Neyo was out from the medical facility having had an almost full recovery.


As he still needed to take it easy, being on leave and all and taking some meds. But, with thanks to whatever the Kaminoans had put into the clones tubes, they were more resilient than regular humans. And so, having gotten some time off after his heroic act, Neyo and Bacara both had decided it was the best time for some leave time, together. A luxury for sure in the midst of war. But the two Commanders weren't the only ones fighting the good fight. And sometimes, time to recuperate and gather oneself was needed. And so, one left, on said leave.

"What about… what of taking off to some desert island? Just the two of us? For a few days?"

Bacara was full of surprises, at least, sometimes. Besides being the cool and aloof tough guy he seemingly appeared to be most of the time, Neyo, was privy to the more softer side of the man. And actually Bacara too, having taken the time off to spend it with the still recuperating Neyo had been the biggest surprise so far.

"Sounds like a totally great plan! Only, how are we going to get there?"

It wasn't that the GAR would simply given them a ship to fly off to some romantic setting, to the sunset? Right?

"Don't worry, I know someone who has a ship. And luckily for us, they own me a great big favour too. So, I have already asked if they can take us to our destination and pick us up at then end of the stay."

Bacara having clearly thought of everything. Which made Neyo feel all fluffy and warm inside. Then again, it might just have been the medicines he was still on. But, he knew better as to the real reason causing all these, sensations to him. It was Bacara, of course.

"Well, then, how can I possibly say no to that!"

Neyo could not be sure, but Bacara had been rather secretive the past few days and clearly, somethings had been up with the man.

But, Neyo had not wanted to question Bacara as to they why's. After all, the two of them trusted each other more than anyone else in the galaxy. And so, having let it simply slide past him.

But, as that very comment had made Bacara flush a little, which was kind of new and all. It made Neyo really rethink as to what Bacara just might have had in mind for their trip.

Guess he would find out soon enough.

"Dinner is ready."

Bacara quickly changed the subject then.

"Better eat before it gets cold."

Guiding his lover to the small galley of their joint quarters at the base, hoping Neyo was none the wiser of his… plans.

And so there they were.

On the sunny beach. Both of them laying under the shade of the warming sun.

With the soft warm winds lulling the gentle waves of the all too clear blue ocean right in front to them.

A paradise it was, for sure.

"This is nice."

Neyo was half asleep, having had his partner taking real good care of him the night before.

"Yeah it really is. Still glad we came here?"

Bacara chuckled slightly, already sure of the answer.

"I am. Totally so."

Neyo felt the sleep getting to him. Then again, they were on a vacation and a nap here and there would do them both a galaxy of good.


Was all Bacara managed, clearly at the verge of dozing off himself.


Neyo stated softly.

"Don't mention it love, you, we both deserve this."

And soon enough, the silence fell upon the two lovers, slumbering off at the lull of nature's sounds around them.

The table was set. Rather festively too.

Bacara having prepared the fish they had bought from the nearby market place. It all looked totally gorgeous with the flickering lights in the middle of it all, the ambience of the room dim and cosy. Some would even say, romantic.

"Dig in."

Bacara urged Neyo as they were both seated at the table.

Bacara did not have to tell Neyo twice, loving his partner's cooking.

"Um, this is great!"

He was already digging in, as per ordered.

"I agree."

Bacara agreed his own cooing.

Having had indeed made the right call in getting the recommended kind of fish from the market and seeing Neyo chow it down with gusto made him all warm and fuzzy inside. Because Bacara really enjoyed spoiling Neyo.

After the meal had been consumed, they were both seated in the living area of the rented bungalow enjoying some local wine.

After a moment of comfortable silence, Neyo could see Bacara was starting to fidget just a little.

Never really having seen Bacara nervous, Neyo decided to ask what was wrong with him, as having seen the man flush only once earlier, just a little before their trip. Clearly, something was up with Bacara.

"Um, sweetheart… what's going on?"

Bacara glanced at Neyo, having been caught.

Not that he was good at hiding things from Neyo anyway. So, the jig was up and Bacara needed to finally confess.

Bacara then got up and walked to the small dresser in the room. Pulling something out from the drawer, he returned to the seating area. Only this time, Bacara did not sit on the sofa, rather got down on the floor. Right in front of Neyo. On the one of his knees to be exact.

Neyo's eyes flew wide open, glaring mouth agape at Bacara. And then at the small box Bacara was now holding right in front of Neyo. And that of a ring inside of it. The surprise, complete.

Bacara had his eyes locked on Neyo, trying of find his voice, the words, and then…

"Neyo, would you do me the honour of becoming my… riduur?"