Vigilante vampire, Edward Cullen, follows a different type of monster down a dark alley, but ends up finding more than he bargained for. Rated M for lemons. One Shot.

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I have read a lot of fan fiction in the last few years and never really considered writing anything myself, until this plot came into my head and wouldn't go away until I wrote it down. It's just a one shot and I don't really plan on writing any more of it, but never say never, I suppose.

Monotony. This was my life now, if you could even call it a life. I repeated the same things week after week, month after month, year after year in an endless loop. I only continued for sustenance, no meaning or purpose anymore, not since I'd left them so long ago. I couldn't even think their names, it was too hard. I couldn't go back now though, it was too late, too much had happened, things that surely even his compassion couldn't forgive.

So here I sat on a bench staring down at the newspaper in my hands. It was merely a prop, something to make me blend in. I took in no words from the page, my mind listening to the voices only I could hear. Sifting through the thousands of inner voices, looking for something that would make me leave my seat. I never had to wait too long, in a big city like this there were always monsters lurking, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to cross their path. Just like me.

What a pretty little thing! I bet she'd put up a bit of a fight. I like it when they fight back...

And there it was, my cue to start the hunt. It should have been exciting, exhilarating, but I felt nothing. It was a means to an end, but if I could save the innocent female from a fate worse than me, then maybe I could feel something.

I stood slowly, moving at a human pace until I was sure that no one was watching, then I sped through the dark alleys towards my prey, following the vile inner monologue. I listened with disgust as he followed the innocent girl into a dimly lit alley. Though they were a distance away, my speed and the darkness would mean I would reach them in no time. I slowed to human speed as I turned the corner, I couldn't risk the girl seeing me.

He had just reached her and backed her against the brick wall, she had nowhere to go, trapped as he leaned closer to her, leering down at her. "Come on, baby. Let's have a little bit of fun," he slurred, as his alcohol infused breath fanned over her face. I couldn't see the girl clearly as he was blocking her from my sight, but I could tell she was frightened. She knew his intentions and the likelihood that she would be able to fight him off was non-existent. Resigned to her fate, but clearly unwilling to go down without a fight she pushed at him.

It was at that moment that I reached them and pull the oaf away from her and pushed his back against the wall, feet dangling just off the ground. Let's see how he likes it. Without looking at the girl, I growled "Run!" I heard her breathing quicken as she took in the scene before her, then her footsteps as she ran for her life.

With the girl gone, I could concentrate on the vermin still dangling in front of me. I looked deep into his eyes, letting him see the blackness in mine, letting him feel some of the fear he'd instilled into his victims before I would put him out of his misery. When I could no longer resist the call of the blood flowing just under his skin, made all the sweeter by the adrenalin and fear coursing through him, I lowered my mouth to his neck and sliced through his skin, right at his carotid artery and drank the warm nectar down quickly. It should have been ecstasy to drink human blood but marred by the alcohol in his system and the fact that my mind would no longer allow me to enjoy taking a life, even one as wretched as his, I couldn't take much pleasure from it anymore. I wondered how much longer I would be able to continue with this life, but what else would I do?

As I pulled the last of the blood from the body, I looked up and into deep brown eyes staring straight at me. As our eyes met, a crackle of electricity passed between us and neither one of us was able to look away and break the eye contact. She had just watched me drain the blood from her attacker, she should have been screaming or running, but she looked right back at me with as much wonder as I felt. I should have been worried at being exposed but I couldn't find it in myself to have any negative feelings as I stared into the deep pools of her eyes.

I was unsure how I had missed that she was still in the alley the whole time, this had never happened before. Sometimes the victims froze, but I always knew when they were there and waited until they had gotten over the shock enough for their self-preservation instinct to kick in. It was at that moment that I realised why I hadn't noticed her there, as I listened to hear what she was thinking, but there was nothing. I concentrated harder, I must have been mistaken. I can hear everyone's thoughts, even as much as I don't want to at times, no one has ever been able to keep me out. Until now, it seems.

I managed to break the eye contact that seemed to sustain me better than the blood I'd just consumed, to look at the rest of her. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. Her deep, brown eyes were complimented by long, luscious, mahogany hair that fell in soft curls past her shoulders framing her heart shaped face and her pink, full lips called to me in a way that I'd never experienced before.

I knew we couldn't stay in this alley indefinitely, staring at each other with his dead body on the ground beside me. I had to dispose of him before I could solely concentrate on her, but I hated to have to leave her, even for a moment. I looked into her eyes again. "Stay, please," I almost pleaded with her and I stood, lifting the body and quickly ran to dispose of it. I hoped she would listen and stay, not because I wouldn't be able to find her again, but because I desperately wanted her to want to stay with me.

I made quick work of disposing of the body so it wouldn't raise suspicions, having done it so many times before, and nervously sped back to the alley after just a few minutes, hoping beyond hope that she was still there. When I smelt the strawberries and freesia fragrance that I recognised as her scent still there, I rejoiced. Once again, the electricity crackled between us when our eyes met and I walked slowly towards her, closer than we were previously.

"I want to take you somewhere warmer and more comfortable, where we can talk, come with me please?" I whispered, hoping she would accept as there was no way I could leave her now. This strange connection we shared would not allow it, plus I had exposed my true nature to her, I couldn't risk it. She looked at me with wonder and confusion, clearly feeling the connection as strongly as I was, and nodded.

I gestured for her to follow me, whilst still keeping a little distance between us. This connection and the electricity that crackled between us scared me a little, I was unsure what would happen when I touched her and thought it best to wait until we were alone. We walked at a human pace, not touching, not talking, not looking at each other, for a few blocks until we reached my apartment building. Whilst I didn't need the human comforts a home provided, I had become accustomed to them when I lived with them, and I needed somewhere to while away the time between hunts.

We entered my small apartment and I gestured for her to sit on the sofa while I sat on the single chair across from it. Our eyes met and again they were filled with the wonder of our connection.

"Can you feel it too?" she breathed, the first words I had heard her utter, spoken so low I'm not sure I would have heard it if I'd been human. I nodded.

"Is this normal for... whatever you are?" she whispered, again so quietly, but I didn't struggle to hear her with my enhanced hearing.

"Not for me. I've never felt like this before," I answered truthfully. I had never even been attracted to a woman (or man for that matter) before, but this was more than attraction, something deeper.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, the electricity hanging in the air around us. It should have been uncomfortable considering we had only just met, but somehow it wasn't. It was as if we'd known each other for a long time, rather than less than 30 minutes. I heard a soft giggle escape from her. I glanced up at her enquiringly.

"I've just realised, I don't even know your name," she laughed quietly. "It feels like I've known you forever. My head is spinning, logically know I should be scared or at least uncomfortable with a complete stranger, but I just can't feel like that somehow. I'm Bella, by the way."

"I'm Edward," I responded, in awe at how comfortable we both seemed to feel with each other.

"You aren't human," she said, a statement not a question. I looked in her eyes, trying to see if there was fear there, but I could see nothing but curiosity. I wasn't used to having to read someone like this. Years of mind reading had negated the need to wonder what people were thinking. This would take some getting used to, but surprisingly, I enjoyed the peace that came with her silent mind.

"Aren't you scared? I'm waiting for you to run away screaming," I admitted, looking down. I couldn't look her in the eye if she was going to tell me that she was scared after all and wanted to leave.

"No, not anymore," she replied. "I was scared at first. I was terrified when that guy cornered me, I knew I couldn't really fight him off but I sure as hell was going to try. When you pulled him off me and I saw you lift him so easily, I felt some relief. I was saved. You told me to run, and I did but I tripped and when I looked up again the sight was even more terrifying," She paused looking at me carefully from under her eyelashes before continuing, "but then I was frozen in place. When you finished and looked into my eyes, all the fear just disappeared, replaced by this feeling of... I dunno... rightness, like I was exactly where I was supposed to be, like I was home..."

"So right now, you feel no fear of me, despite what you saw?" I questioned.

She shook her head. "Nope, no fear. I know in my head that I should be scared, running and screaming like you are waiting for, but my heart won't allow it."

"Are you going to ask?" I wondered. She looked at me, no confusion in her eyes. She knew what I meant.

"I saw enough that I'm pretty sure I know the answer already," she replied. "Besides, my heart has already decided it doesn't matter."

"It doesn't matter?!" I exclaimed. Maybe the reason I couldn't hear her mind is that it was too crazy to hear. How could it not matter? I drained the life of a human being right in front of her eyes, only moments before.

"No, it doesn't matter." she replied. "As I said, my heart has already decided and deep down, somehow, I know that you won't hurt me."

"No, I won't." I assured. "I don't think I physically could. This connection is too strong to be broken by me hurting you."

"So... vampire?" she enquired. I nodded, staring down, unable to make eye contact. No point in denying it now, she'd seen it all and I honestly don't think I could have lied to her. Finally, I glanced up at her, still not convinced that she wasn't going to run and scream. Still there was no sign of fear in her eyes. All I saw was curiosity and acceptance. Staring into the deep pools of her eyes, I felt the electricity fizzle around us and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to be closer to her, to touch her, but if I did that, I wasn't sure where it would end. Things were stirring in me that I had never felt before and I didn't know how to control them. I broke eye contact before I lost control completely.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions," I mumbled, unsure if I really wanted to answer them but certain that this needed to happen.

"You... feed from humans... obviously," she stuttered, "but you saved me. I know what that man was going to do, and I also know I wasn't likely to survive it."

"Some vampires have special talents. I can read minds..." I explained but stopped as she cringed and hid her face in embarrassment. "Not yours!" I exclaimed quickly to ease her embarrassment. "I don't know why. You're the only person I've ever come across that I can't read. I'm not used to being blind, or maybe deaf is a better word, in that sense. I have to work a lot harder to read you, but I actually find I quite enjoy the peace I get from your mind."

She relaxed then and looked up from her hands, urging me with her eyes to continue.

"As I said, I can read minds, so I look for the criminals, those who want to hurt or kill other humans and I feed from them. I don't want to be a monster; I didn't ask for this life. This way I feel that I am helping, saving people from the monsters of their own world. At least I used to feel like that, until recently, very recently, I've been feeling nothing except maybe guilt. Who am I to be judge, jury and executioner?" I stopped talking, realising how much I had just opened up to this girl. I couldn't look her in the eye, afraid of what I might see there.

"I think you're quite brave," she said softly, after a few moments of silence. "You could make life easier for yourself and just feed from whoever is easiest, but you go out of your way to save people. I'm sure you've saved more lives than you've taken."

"Maybe, but it still weighs on my mind. Vampires have an amazing memory, I can remember every single life I have taken," I breathed. "I haven't always lived this way, and that makes it worse. When I was first changed, I didn't drink from humans. My sire is the most compassionate person, human or vampire, that I've ever met. He's never tasted human blood. He learned that he could live on the blood of animals, and he taught me that way when he created me. That's what makes me a monster, I lived that life for a long time, but I left him and his mate, who were effectively parents to me, to drink human blood."

"You could always go back to them," she said quietly.

"I'm sure they welcome back the murderer like the prodigal son," I scoffed.

"If he's even half as compassionate as you said, then I'm sure he would be overjoyed to have you back, especially if you are like a son to him. My dad would never turn me away, no matter what I had done." I looked up at her and wondered if she could possibly be right.

"Tell me about yourself," I asked. I wanted to know everything there was to know about her. In the short space of time, I had known her, she'd become the most important thing in my world. I needed to know her, almost as much as I needed to touch her, to be near her, but I resisted that compulsion.

"Ummm... I'm 19, I'm studying English Literature at college because I love to read. I live in halls not far from here. I lived with my dad in Washington for the last couple of years of high school and lived with my mom in Phoenix before that. There's not much more to know about me, I'm plain and boring," she finished with a sigh, looking down at her hands again.

"You are far from plain," I proclaimed, as I rose from my seat, finally giving into the strong desire to be close to her. I sat down beside her on the sofa, only a few inches separated us now. "You are by far the most beautiful woman I've ever met." She continued to look down at her hands, clearly not believing my words.

I reached my hand towards her chin, gently tilting her head up so I could look into her eyes. As my fingers touched her skin, we both gasped as the strongest jolt of electricity flowed through us. She looked into my eyes, and I could clearly see that she had been affected in the same way. I could no longer control myself and I leaned closer to her face, slowly giving her time to protest if she was uncomfortable, and gently pressed my lips to hers. I moaned softly as a spark jolted through me as our lips touched. She was warm and soft, her lips yielding to my cold hard ones. She moaned softly into my mouth as I gently traced her lips with my tongue, and she moved her hands into my hair. The feel of her fingers running through my hair was heavenly. I groaned at the sweet flavour of her, dipping my tongue to meet hers. I could hear her heart rate pick up, as I suckled her top lip, and she took my bottom lip into her warm mouth.

I moved away from her mouth when she needed to breath, but I couldn't force myself to stop so I slowly made my way down to her neck leaving open mouthed kisses as I went, slowly making my way to just behind her ear. I had never felt anything as amazing as kissing this beautiful woman. Her taste was addictive, like my own personal brand of heroin, I had to have more.

"I can't...stop," I breathed into her neck. I really should stop, take things slowly, but everything in my being was calling for me to claim her and have her claim me right back.

"Then don't stop," she pleaded. "Please, don't stop. I want you. I need you."

That was all I needed to hear. With that, I pulled her onto my lap, so she was straddling me. I could smell her arousal and, in this position, she could clearly feel mine too. She groaned at the friction and moved her hips to create more.

I captured her lips once more and lost myself in the heat and taste of her. She moaned into my mouth and a shot of electricity went straight to my very core. I moved my hands down her side to the bottom of her shirt, just dipping underneath to feel her warm, soft skin. I knew my hands were cold against her, but she didn't even seem to notice, and the smell of her arousal intensified. I gently gripped the hem of her shirt and paused, waiting for permission to continue. We were moving so fast, I wanted to make sure she wanted this as much as I did, but I really didn't want to stop. Our connection was compelling me to continue, to claim her, to be claimed, it was hard to even contemplate stopping, but I knew I would if I felt she wasn't ready. She raised her hands above her head and that was all the permission I needed to pull to shirt over her head and throw it into the corner of the room. I gazed at her beautiful breasts, still concealed in dark blue lace, which complimented the paleness of her skin so perfectly.

"Devine," I groaned as I bent my head towards them, I needed to taste them to see if they tasted as amazing as the rest of her. She threw her head back in ecstasy and made the most sensual sound I have ever heard, which just spurred me on. I kissed the soft mounds just above her bra, dipping my tongue between them and breathing in the delectable strawberry and freesia scent of her. I moved my hand around to open the clasp at her back; I needed to see all of her without the confines of her bra. When it fell forward, revealing her rosy, pink nipples, puckering into peaks, I couldn't stop myself from taking one in my mouth and gently swirling my tongue around it. I moved one hand to the other perfect peak and gently rubbed my finger over it, feeling just how hard it was. Amazingly erotic noises escaped from her mouth and her hands snaked into my hair holding my head in place, though I didn't want to move at all anyway.

After a few moments, I released her nipple from my mouth with the intention of swapping sides to give the other one the attention it so deserved, but she pulled me back to her mouth for a quick kiss before whispering in my ear, "My turn." She grabbed the hem of my top, slowly pulling it up over my head and sending it to join hers across the room.

"Wow," she breathed. "You look like a Greek god!" Then she ran her finger gently across my chest and down over my abs. Her touch felt amazing, no one had ever touched me like this before and I wondered how I had ever lived so long without her touch. I knew now that I wouldn't be able to live without her touch, her taste. My arousal was now so hard, it was almost painful, but the sensations that came from the friction of her moving her centre over it were mind blowing. As she moved her hands towards the top of my pants, I quickly flipped her over, so she was lying on her back on the sofa.

"I need to see you, all of you," I begged. "Are you ready for this?"

"Please," she whimpered, and I leaned down to remove her socks and shoes. Then I captured her nipple in my mouth once again, it was only fair to make sure both were showered with attention, after all. Reluctantly releasing it, I then moved my hands to the top of her jeans, quickly opening them and slowly pulling them down her long, smooth legs. Out of the confines of her jeans, the scent of her arousal was so intense. Her most intimate area was covered with a small scrap of blue lace that matched the bra she had worn. I decided that it was now my favourite colour, the way it complimented her alabaster skin made my groin stir. As much as I loved the colour, I needed to see her in all her glory, so I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her underwear and pulled them down her legs.

Once again, I stared at her in awe. I had seen many naked women in people's minds, but she was without a doubt the most stunning woman there had ever been. I lowered myself over her, keeping most of my weight off her, and whispered into her ear "Exquisite, amazing, beautiful, ravishing...these words don't even come close to describing you."

I ran my fingers gently over her breasts, down her stomach towards the soft, brown curls that topped her perfect mound. Slipping my fingers in between her lips, a groan escaped me as I felt the warm, wet heat of her centre.

"So wet, so warm," I gasped. I quickly found her small bundle of nerves, slick from her arousal, and gently circled it with my finger. She writhed beneath me and purely erotic noises escaped her mouth. The only part of her that I hadn't yet tasted, called to me so I moved myself down her body, hooking her leg over my shoulder until I was staring straight into heaven. I removed my finger from her small bundle of nerves and replaced it with my tongue, eliciting a gasp which quickly turned into a very erotic moan. I slipped a finger into her hot centre, while continuing my ministrations with my tongue. As I heard her heart rate increasing and breathing coming in quick pants, I slipped a second finger into her heat and curled them, just as I felt her muscles clamp down on my fingers, she fell over the edge with a scream of my name. After riding out her spasms, I removed my fingers and moved up her body, kissing her deeply.

"I can taste myself on you," she muttered as I pulled away to look into her eyes. "That's so hot!"

"What's hot," I replied "is hearing my name on your lips as you scream my name in ecstasy. And I need to hear it again." I stood up, unbuttoning my jeans and removing them along with my underwear so I stood naked in front of her. She lowered her eyes to take me in, biting her bottom lip into her mouth as she did so.

"Oh, you're so big," she breathed, as I began to lower myself over her again, pressing my lips to hers and running my tongue over her bottom lip to seek entrance into her mouth. Our tongues danced together, as I gently caressed her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples between my fingers. Her hands traced lines down my back, sending sensations all over my body, all focusing on one point.

"Are you sure...?" I asked, hoping against hope that she said yes, as the need to claim her was growing increasingly strong.

"Yes," she breathed, "I need to feel you inside me. I need to know you are mine."

"Yours," I growled, the possession in her voice only spurring me on. I lined myself up with her entrance, still slick from her earlier orgasm, and pushed myself deep into the delicious, heat of her core. Even fully seated inside her, I felt I wasn't close enough to her, but the feeling of belonging that washed over me as I pushed inside her was something I had never felt before.

"Mine," I hissed, as I began moving inside her, slowly at first but as our connection took over me, I began to move faster as she groaned "Yes, oh yes," over and over again. Her breathing quickened and she moaned inarticulately as I continued pressing deep inside her. The pressure building up within me was getting greater and when I knew I was close to exploding, I moved my hand between us pressing on her bundle of nerves and we both tumbled over the edge at the same time, her screaming my name again as I'd hoped and me breathing hers over and over, like a whispered prayer.

As we came down from our high, and her breathing and heart rate began to slow a little, we stared into each other's eyes, the same connection and electricity as before still flowing between us. I knew at that moment, that I had claimed my mate and she had claimed me. I would not let the fact that she was human, diminish my happiness in this moment, and staring into her eyes I could see that she was just as blissful as I was. Some way, somehow, we would work things out and find our forever.

Authors Note:

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