Wednesday - The rest of the semester not cancelled after all - (Wednesday/Enid/ General)

By Gun Roswell


We're all mostly still here… so, what happens now?

So, are we going to talk about this, thing, hanging between us or not?

Moving forward, with baby steps? As what's the hurry?


Set in the world of the Addams Family, the Wednesday series

This is pure fictional fantasy in the form of fan fiction, just because some of the things just might have gone differently in m mind and so, mostly not really canon compliant. While Principe Weems had survived, the school semester continued as per scheduled.

The really bad and all too sad happenings of a few days ago, still fresh in all the students minds.

And, the kiss shared between the two friends?

Well, guess the question left hanging simply was: How to move on from there?

Wednesday/Enid pairing

We're all mostly still here… so, what happens now?

'Sometimes, it is hard to be the survivor. But looking too far back does not help so much as does the moving forward.'

"I can't believe she is, well, not dead."

Enid repeated for the umpteenth time.

Enid was sitting on her bed in their shared dorm room.

She was staring into the air in front of her having done so for a spell now. Three days had passed since the, well, incident as the local police called it, had happened. With the whole school shook to its core - the students, the teachers. All of them still trying to fathom of what had really expired. Well, they had the gist of it of course, but the whole thing had been so way out there, even for the outcasts to digest.

But it was all over now. At least, they had caught and dealt with the culprits. Marilyn Thornhill, who had conjured up her forefather, the evil Witch Hunter and founder of the town of Jericho, Joseph Crackstone. Then Wednesday having defeated him, hopefully for good. Not to mention the also captured Tyler Galpin aka the Hyde. The Sheriff's son having turned out to be not as normal as everyone had assumed. Well, most of them had.

But why was Enid repeating the same thing then? Something which they all should rather easily have processed by now? The fact that their Principal, Larissa Weems was back from the dead. Living her best life most likely. Being back in charge and ordering people around among other things. Not that any of them seemed to be complaining about it. As clearly, before her demise, Weems had redeemed herself, sort of, in the eyes of at least Wednesday and Enid.

The thing was though, with Enid, that despite their rather heartfelt reunion, hers and Wednesday's after the battle. The hugs, the kiss shared…

Well, the two of them had not talked about that particular part at all. Rather their previous relationship, of being sort of besties, with the ability to talk to each other, at least Enid had done so, had taken a few steps back even. Becoming less than it had been, before the kiss?

Because Wednesday, was withdrawn. Then again, there was nothing unusual there. But Wednesday's usual dark spirit wasn't sparkling at all with the gloom of doom as it so proudly had done. And, she was mostly keeping to herself. Even more so than usual.

So, for Enid, with the need to talk. Constantly, exhausted the extent.

Well, Enid now resorted to the supposedly safe topics while talking to Wednesday. Like repeating herself several times over. Not really sure if Wednesday was even paying attention to her or not.

Enid glanced at the desk where Wednesday was sitting at. Typing away on her machine. But just now, she was clearly having a break, or then sorting out her thoughts in regards to the new story she was writing. As Enid could not hear the keys clacking any more.

"So, what do you think?"

Enid tried again.

Wednesday had been deep in thought that much was true, having half heard Enid's ramblings. Not that she minded, at all. Listening into Enid's voice was soothing for Wednesday for some reason she had yet to fathom. But was that really the case though? Or was she simply lying to herself? Buying time and for what? To wiggle out of a emotional situation? Hadn't they shared a most earth shattering kiss together? At least, that is how the oh so brief touch of lips had felt like to Wednesday, no matter how hard she had tried to deny it afterward having some time to think about it.

So, why was it so difficult to admit to herself, that there was so much more between the two of them, than simple tolerance. Friendship as the others called it?

Sighing heavily, Wednesday turned to Enid and their eyes locked. For the first time in a while, the two of them were really looking at each other, and not avoiding eye contact.

Wednesday felt the familiar tingles running through her whole body. The same ones she had felt when they had shared the kiss.


"Sorry, I was… thinking about the one scene I am writing here."

Wednesday lied.

"How is it going?"

Enid seemed interested immediately though.

"Well, I am kind of stuck."

She wasn't lying about that though. As she had been stuck with the next chapter for a while now. Why? Because her thoughts had been filled with images of Enid and herself and well, what they could be.

"Oh? Can I help?"

Enid was hesitant at first, not really sure if Wednesday would accept her help after all.

"Well… sure."

Wednesday was shocked she had agreed to it so fast and willingly. Because that would mean they would be in close proximity with each other, right?

Enid for sure wanting to come sit by her side? And that was the problem now wasn't it?

As Wednesday could not be sure how she would react to Enid being there, right beside her. So close… The familiar scent of her, the way Enid liked to sit real close when they worked on something together. Too close…

And as suspected, Enid jumped to the occasion in one a pink blur. She had a chair with her and placing it right beside Wednesday's. Right there, so they were touching with their sides against each other. Their arms touching… way too close…

"So, what seems to be the problem?"

Enid was already on the case, seemingly oblivious to how Wednesday's heart rate had picked up and her breathing having become uneven.

Wednesday looked at her friend wide eyed.

Then, taking in deep breath and releasing it, in the effort of trying to calm herself and concentrate on the task at hand. After all, Enid was there only to help her with her writers block. Right?

But what Wednesday did not know was, that Enid was having as much trouble being at close proximity to her friend. And not being able to touch her the way she wanted. Being too afraid Wednesday would reject her. And to then say out the dreaded words. That they were… just friends.

Soon enough, their mutual thoughts of pining faded into the background as the two of them concentrated on the novel at hand. And what might just be the problem with the current chapter of Wednesday's new book.

So, are we going to talk about this, thing, hanging between us or not?

'Sometimes, all one needs as a good a kick in the rear, is for someone they love to almost die to understand what needs to be done to keep them around.'

The attacker had come out of no where.

The Sheriff having investigated the incident, had no clues as to whom or even what it was. So chucking it down to simple robbery gone awry. For now.

But Wednesday suspected there was more to it than simple robbery.

With her investigative instincts kicking in, she had been on the case since get to. Finding new evidence and figuring out the missing pieces, even if the Sheriff had warned her against it.

Then again, it had not deterred Wednesday before either so why would it do so now?

So, despite all that, Wednesday had managed to figure out there was something sinister brewing beneath the surface. And it wasn't the simple supernatural monster lurking in the shadows. No, it was something more … well, usual. It was real people. And it had been, a true hate-crime.

The so called normies, as they were dubbed by the outcasts having attacked Enid while on her way back to the dorm late in the evening.

There was a crucial piece of intel Wednesday had found. A picture taken by some passerby during the incident and Wednesday had managed to get it through mutual friends. Something which the pix snapper had not even realised they had until later. But, Wednesday had kept it for herself for now. Not wanting to flare up the already simmering flames. The hatred between the outcasts and normies brewing. Because her schoolmates had already suffered enough to last a long while.

And so, Wednesday wowed to figure this out on her own.

But right now, she had other things on her mind. Which was for Enid to get better.

Wednesday was sitting by her friends(?) side in the hospital, having spent most of her free time there, only waiting for Enid to wake up. Which Enid still had not done, even if two days had already passed since she had been attacked.

Wednesday had tried to talk to Enid. Having learnt it was good to do so to comatose patients. But so far, there was no response of any kind. But Wednesday had hope and so, she kept on talking. And with the things she had shared with Enid, while, well, her sleeping? Wednesday was now only too glad Enid had not heard any of it.

Wednesday was deep in her thoughts.

The puzzle pieces of the case, as Wednesday thought of it as, even is she really wasn't a sleuth, were still far from forming a clear and complete picture. But having decided to solve it, if for nothing else, then at least for her friend's, Enid's sake.

The play by play movie of sorts playing in her mind. Of all the things Wednesday had already collected as evidence, even if the Sheriff, once again, did not agree she was really on the right track.

But that did not deter Wednesday.

After all, she was usually right about these things. Usually.

Well, most of the time.

It was then when she felt a soft touch on her arm.

Wednesday usually the ever vigilant one, half jumped up from her seat.

Having been at the bedside of Enid's ever since she had been omitted to the ward after the attack. Keeping an eye on her friend, just in case the doctors had missed something. And, she had wanted to be there when Enid woke up as well.

Wednesday could only stare at the appendix placed on top of hers. Following the length of it with her eyes to its owner. Only then realising, that Enid, had actually woken up.


The tone so soft and coma ridden, Wednesday could barely hear Enid's words. But with thanks to her somewhat enhanced hearing, Wednesday did and she could not have been more happy at the very moment.

Which meant, that despite her trying hard to not to smile, Wednesday could not stop herself. From a huge wide grin forming on her face. It was almost, painful. The good kind of pain.


Wednesday finally managed to utter. Because all those sensations from before. The fluff she totally hated, the butterflies… all of it was back. Wednesday was completely, utterly and totally overwhelmingly happy, that Enid was up and alright. Something she would definitely not admit out loud though. Being all those, things.

"Ho… how long?"

Enid tried to speak more then.

But her voice was too gravely and coarse, having been out of it for several days. But clearly, Enid was aware of where she was and what had happened to her. At least, it seemed like she was.

Wednesday was quick on her feet and already grabbing the cup of water and straw, offering Enid a sip from it.

"Careful now. Not too much in one go."

After Enid had had her share of the drink, Wednesday wiped her chin of the drool and water droplets as well, as Enid wasn't totally up to par yet.


Enid managed to utter, feeling all kinds of things, because of Wednesday taking care of her. She decided she liked it, even if Enid was in recovery and all. But it felt good in all kinds of ways. And besides, Wednesday had not even complained about it. Once.

"No worries. I know you should not move around much as you are still, well, recovering."

Wednesday had her doubts though. Whether to ask of Enid what she really remembered. Not that there really was any hurry. There was still plenty of time to gather the intel Wednesday still needed to solve the case. At least, she hoped there was. As nothing further or similar incidents had been reported.

"I, yeah. Sounds about right."

As Enid tried to move around for a bit even, she felt the sting of the wounds now healing on her body. She had a good recollection of what had happened. Well, in the sense that she was aware of having been hurt by some, an unknown assailant when she was on her way back to the dorm.

It had all happened so quickly though. As if whomever it was had been waiting for her. Then again, Enid had not seen anything except felt the person behind her. And then, the punches followed by the coldness of concrete on her face. And after that, only the darkness was what she could remember, not much anything else.

Enid had had glimpses while being brought to the emergency room though. Of the incident even but other things as well. While the medical personnel had been working on her. And then having fallen into a deep deep slumber. The coma.

And so, despite being inside of the unconscious world, Enid had heard the words spoken by Wednesday while she had sat by Enid's bedside.

The truths having come out when Wednesday thought Enid could not hear her.

And so, Enid knew the truth. How Wednesday really felt about her, despite all the awkwardness between them since their first kiss. Still, Enid also knew enough of her best friend and knew not to push her either.

So for now, Enid decided to pretend, she had heard, nothing. But, Enid was still going to push a bit though. Playing the patient card and letting Wednesday take care of her. And with that thought in mind, she was trying to shift a bit, letting out a slightly exaggerated pained sound out of her. Only slightly as it all still hurt.

Wednesday was immediately at her side, helping Enid, adjusting her pillows, even helping her to sit up better.


Wednesday asked then, having a worried look in her eyes.

"Yes, thanks! And sorry for being such a, well bother."

Enid was going to definitely milk this, that much was for sure. But she knew there would come a time the two of them needed to talk. Really talk with each other. But for now, Enid was going to recover and enjoy her best friend's company. And care.

"No worries. You never bother me. Too much."

Wednesday let out a soft smile, taking her seat at Enid's side once again.

Staying the ever vigilant friend she was. Just in case Enid needed something. Anything.

Moving forward, with baby steps? As what's the hurry?

'Sometimes, it is better not to rush anything, as good things come to those who wait. Right?'

Enid had gotten a clear bill of health, finally. Having then been discharged from the hospital. The road to recovery never an easy one though, no matter all the superhuman powers the students of Nevermore possessed. But now, Enid was finally back in school and in their shared dorm room. She had also been granted the permission, as per agreed by her doctor to start with her classes again too.

Enid could not complain though about the time spent in the hospital. Having had Wednesday stay at her side almost constantly. Not to mention her practically having taken care of Enid's every little whim and not so little need. Well, the basic ones at least. Like fluffing her pillows, helping her to the bathroom, with her food, those kinds of things.

That being said, the situation between the two was still somewhat awkward.

But it was all getting better, slowly but surely. Besides, Wednesday was in the midst of working on solving the open case of Enid's attack. Trying to figure out whom the culprit was having attacked her.

Something though, which Enid had thought was too dangerous to do on her own. But Enid had decided to give all the help she could to Wednesday just the same. Knowing Wednesday would not back down no matter what. Besides, two sets of eyes were always better than one and all that.

And this also meant the two of them had more time to spend together. So, it was all good in Enid's book.

Enid had snuck behind the Wednesday, who was busy working at her desk.

Peaking over her shoulder to see what Wednesday was working on there, as the evidence board was pretty much full with all possible evidence having been pinned down to it. So, the rest of it had kind of floated to the table top.

As far as Enid could see, Wednesday had obtained further intel too. A few snaps, which looked like printouts from some security camera, them being monochrome and somewhat grainy and out of focus of sorts.

Wednesday had pretty much kept most of the details of her investigation under wraps from Enid.

Really not wanting for Enid to re-live the horrors of the assault. Not to mention wanting Enid to recover properly and thinking of herself rather than something else. Something bad.

But, as Enid had probed Wednesday further of the case, wanting to know what she was up to first of all and the prying into the details she had already figured out. Well, Enid was kind of aware of it all.

There were a few things Wednesday had ruled out and facts remaining having kept as she now knew to be those, facts.

The one being that Enid had not been accosted by an outcast. That much she was certain of. As all the evidence, all the tests she had run to the small piece of blood taken from the crime scene, which was not Enid's was that of a normie. A regular human.

It had taken some effort for Wednesday to get this, piece of evidence. But having heard from Enid herself, after she had woken up from her coma, that she had indeed scratched the assailant. Wednesday had then gone back and search for any signs of blood and finally having found some in the undergrowth of the site, the most likely route the culprit had taken to ran off.

So, trusting on her own deductive mind, the testimony of Enid's and the various other pieces of the puzzle, even the grainy security camera images, Wednesday was on the right track.

"Whatcha got there?"

Enid finally asked.

Even if Enid was pretty sure Wednesday had felt her standing there for a while, but opting not to either say anything or ask for Enid to go away either.

Which was good too.

And besides, Enid felt like she had already waited long enough for Wednesday and her to have a talk. About, well, them. Where they were now at.

Because they really needed to talk, about the kiss and all that. Whether there was something more there for them to pursue. Because Enid needed to know. That much she was sure of.

"Some rather blurry images from the security feed."

Wednesday softly stated.

She had been basking in the warmth of Enid's. Letting herself get carried away in the sensations her friend's presence was causing her. Not daring to beat any of them down either. Not like she had done so far.

But the incident, of almost loosing Enid had kind of woken Wednesday up from her, well denial. Of having any kinds of feelings in the first place. Not to mention some deeper ones, the l-word kinds?

So, staying there for a moment longer before Wednesday decided enough was enough. And so, she collected herself once again, becoming that cold, stoic, aloof person she pretended to be.

"Can I have a look?"

Enid offered then as Wednesday turned to her.


Wednesday collected the few images off from the desk and offered them to Enid.

As Enid accepted the photographs, their fingers touched ever so briefly as the evidence exchanged hands. The immediate tingling sensations not missed by either of them, but with a quick glance they both seemed to shake those off. At least for the moment.

Enid looked at the pictures. Really looked at them. As if willing for something of the grey, pixelated and blurry image to jump up. To jog her memory. Even slightly.

But it was, just that. As blurry as it was and she could not see anything familiar there. Then again, the assailant had come from from the shadows, right form behind Enid.


Wednesday asked hopefully.

"No. No, nothing. I am sorry."

Enid shook her head and handed the pictures back.

"Well, I am sure something will come back to you. You know, when you are feeling better. More like yourself."

Wednesday sounded sure, even making Enid believe in that fact. As Wednesday did want to solve this case too. Almost as much as Wednesday did.

"So, do you have time now?"

Enid then changed the subject suddenly. Because the case was not the thing on the top of her mind right at the moment.

Wednesday sighed and her shoulders slumped. She was pretty sure what was coming. It was long over due after all. Knowing what they really needed to do that.

To talk. About their feelings no less.

Wednesday looked back up and at Enid, seeing the pleading eyes of her friend.

"Fine. We'll talk."

Wednesday finally yielded. Admitting it was unavoidable and well, guess it was good to clear the air after all.

A small smile emerged onto Enid's lips as she offered her hand to Wednesday. Dragging her up from the chair and leading Wednesday beside the window of their room to the snuggly loveseat Enid had insisted on getting for their room.

They two of them must've sat there for a long spell. Neither of them finding the courage to speak, despite the earlier bravado and agreement of going to have the talk. The awkwardness was palpable in the air. And both Wednesday and Enid were starting to fidget in their respective seats.

It was Enid, once again though, taking the lead as she was totally itching to know. Well, not just that as the proximity of her friend was becoming uncomfortable as well. The good kind of uncomfortable though. As all the sensations, the effects of being so close to the other were growing ten fold now.

Not really sure where to put her hands, Enid finally made her choice.

Enid turned and placed her hand on Wednesday's which was placed on her lap. The shock of the contact total and felt by both. It was almost an electrical jolt like being electrocuted, but in a good kind of way. The clear current running between them felt by both.

And it was so hard to let go. And so, neither of them moved. Only glaring at the two joined hands.

As their eyes finally connected, the both of them simply kept on staring at each other for a long, long moment in perfect silence, while being inside of their personal bubble.

"Look, I…"

Enid broke the silence first.

But before she was able to think of anything more to say, she was once again surprised by Wednesday. Something which was happening a lot lately.

Because Wednesday too, was feeling totally overwhelmed of the whole situation. All the new and undefined feelings and sensations running rampant inside of her. She had nowhere to hide now. And so, without any kind of thought as to what she was doing, Wednesday leaned into Enid's personal place. Deep in there.

Their lips met.

For the second time. And this time, it was unhurried, slow and there was no audience there cheering them on either.

The soft touch lingering longer than expected. All the feelings and sensations taking over the both of them, letting guide them forward. The probing, ever so gentle and slow. There was no rush after all. They, were in no rush.

And so, without further words, both of them knowing for sure right at the moment, that this was what they had wanted to do. But also, where the two of them need to be at. In the arms of each other. Sharing soft, unhurried kisses.

To be continued