Author's Note: 'Welcome to the real World' was not written to be a part of the original Matrix story line. It's only a wild fictional fantasy that happened to come into my head one day. I do not believe in bashing characters, so anything that happens to any of the characters in this story was done as part of the story only and was not meant to bash any particular character. I love all characters (the Twins being my absolute favorites) of the Matrix movies and would never think of bashing any of them. The character of Angel is really supposed to be myself, but she can be whoever you want her to be. I leave it up to your imagination. She can continue to be me or she can be you or just a character of her own.

By far, one of my most popular and beloved Twinsfics! Be sure and check out its sequels!!!

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Rated PG - mild violence and action

Place: Our World, Chicago, USA

Time: 10:30 p.m.

Date: October 29, 2003

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined something like this happening to someone like me. My life has always been easygoing and not to mention boring at times—the lonely life of an artist and writer. Anyway, this is the story of my life, or at least it's one small part of it. Yeah, as if everyone wants to hear about it. I was in Chicago at the time. No earthly idea why I was even there, aside from I was taking a sort of vacation away from my work. It was night and I was strolling along the streets while enjoying the sights of the city lights and of the downtown stores. It was also pouring rain and the thunder was something to behold. Only an idiot would have gotten out on a night like that, but there I was—no umbrella, my tennis shoes soaked, and my long dark hair clinging to my face and clothes. But I didn't care. I was having too much fun just loafing and doing whatever I wanted. Most of the stores by that time were closed. Only a few, that stayed open that late, were open for business. However, I didn't feel the need to go into any of them.

I had walked for a good long while and had found myself in a remote part of one of the city's ritzy neighborhoods. The streets were lined with Victorian street lamps and most of the houses looked totally divine. Since I've always loved architecture—especially Victorian architecture—I decided to take it easy and try to enjoy the beautiful houses the best I could through the night's blackness. Before I realized it, I had come to a stop in front of one of the biggest houses in that part. It was a pretty house (from what I could make out in the darkness of the night), but at the same time I seemed to get a chill from looking at it, like something evil lived there. I stood and stared in its direction, hands in my coat pockets, and just admired it for a few minutes. Suddenly a light came on in one of the front rooms. People turn on lights in their houses all the time so I didn't think much of it at the time I was standing there, but later on I would soon wish I hadn't seen that light at all. The light stayed on a few minutes, and then I saw, through the thin window curtain which was drawn to, a shadowed figure of someone walking around in the same room. Then there was another, and then a third. I knew good and well it wasn't any of my business as to what those people were doing, but I for some reason couldn't bring myself around to leave just yet, and stood on watching in complete silence. From the actions of the outlined figures in the room, it looked like a deep and serious conversation was going on. The second and third figures were pointing at the first as if they were accusing him of something. Then, to my horror, I saw the first figure suddenly reach out and slap the second figure, which had been doing the pointing, in the face. The one he slapped cowered and disappeared for a few minutes into another part of the room that was away from the window. Then he slowly came back beside his friend, who all this time appeared to be arguing with the first. Before I knew it, their voices and yelling got so loud I could actually hear what was going on inside. I decided to crouch down behind some of the bushes lining the yard in case they saw me. I crawled to the very edge of them and peeked around the end one. I must have looked crazy lying on my stomach in the rain soaked grass, peeking around the edge of the bushes. I lay as still and silent as I could and listened. I couldn't make out everything each one said, but it was enough.

"You've failed me for the last time you disgraceful, vile, and loathsome creatures! I don't know what I was thinking when I saved you." I heard the first figure shout at the top of his lungs to the other two.

"This is the last time you will ever fail me! I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget!"

As I watched, the first figure picked up something and hit one of the others with it then he continued to hit both of them with it. I lay there, scared and not knowing what to do. The figure continued to beat the two figures mercilessly with whatever it was he had picked up. I could hear them scream in pain and their pleads to stop, but the first man didn't bother to listen. The light in the room suddenly went out—supposedly knocked out by the wild scuffle going on. Even in the darkness I could still here the beating and the screams. Sweat beaded on my face and a lump started forming in my throat. What should I do?

"Get up and out of my house," I heard an angry voice shout. "I said get up!"

The same voice that spoke suddenly turned into one speaking and spurting out French words.

"Levez-vous! Vite Vite! Allez-vous en, jumeaux argents! Allez-vous en!"

After that I heard several glass things break and more scuffling, then all went silent for several minutes. All I could hear was my own heavy breathing and the wild beating of my heart within my chest as I lay motionless on the wet ground. I swallowed several times to put moisture back into my dry throat. Suddenly a wild and loud snapping sound (much like a whip) caused me to almost jump out of my skin. Then I heard more screaming as if whoever it was in there was in total pain. My eyes grew wide at the thought of what was going on, and I backed up and away from the edge of the bush and tried to get hold of myself.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of that dreadful whipping sound, everything came to an end. Another light came on in another part of the house then the porch light came on and there was motion at the front door. I could see through the frosted glass two figures talking. One looked like a woman, the other a man. The man disappeared back into another part of the house for a few minutes then came back out while dragging something behind him. The woman bent down over the thing that the man had dragged out into the front hallway then it looked like she was trying to tell the man something while pointing to the front yard. Had I just witnessed a murder? I continued to lie as still as I could and watched to see what happened next. The man disappeared again, and again returned dragging yet another figure behind him. The woman turned and opened the front door wide and the man grabbed hold of both of the figures lying on the floor and tossed them out onto the front lawn one at a time.

"And I don't ever want to see your faces again! If I do, you'll get more of what I just gave you tonight, or worse! You aren't in the Matrix world anymore; you're in the real world now. You'll soon see that it's not as pleasant as the one you're used to. No one here will have anything to do with you. They'll see you as something abnormal. You'll probably remain in a lot of pain for awhile because I wouldn't count on anyone helping you any too soon." The man shouted to the two beings he had tossed out onto the lawn.

"What are we going to do about them? We can't leave them out there. Someone will see them and call the police. Then that will give us attention we don't need." said the woman.

"We'll deal with it early tomorrow morning; right now I want some sleep." I heard the man say just before the front door slammed closed and the porch light went out. I lay still for a minute then peeked around the bush again to see if the lights in the house were out completely. They were. The man and woman must have gone to bed. What happened next is something I still can't fully understand. I heard the moans of the two beings the man had tossed and I found myself getting up from the ground and slowly making my way through the darkness to where the moans were coming from. It was starting to rain again when I reached the sides of the two creatures lying on the ground. A cold October wind blew through the night, making the rain seem colder. With a shiver, I took out my flashlight I had placed in my pocket before leaving my hotel room and turned it on. I gasped at what I saw before me. There, lying on the cold and wet ground were the two Twins from the Matrix Reloaded movie. Or at least it used to be them. The poor guys, for some unknown reason, had been brutally beaten and whipped by the man inside the house. Their faces were wet with sweat, tears (from where they had been supposedly crying from the pain), and blood that slowly streamed from cuts and gashes in their cheeks and foreheads. With sunglasses half hanging from his face, one of them slowly turned his head to look at me then winced and covered his eyes with his hand as if the light from my flashlight hurt him. I quickly moved the light away and he placed his hand down, but winced again from the pain of his wounds.

"There, there, it's ok. Don't move. You're going to be fine." I heard myself whispering in a soothing voice as I quickly knelt beside the two. I put my hand on the one who had looked at me and gently rubbed his shoulder, to comfort him, and then I drew out a cloth from my other pocket and, with the help of the pouring rain, tried wiping some of the blood from his face. The twin jumped when I touched his face with the cloth and tried to get as far away from me as possible, but clumsily stumbled over his brother lying beside him.

"Take it easy. I'm not going to hurt you," I calmly and quietly said, easing back a little to show the twin I didn't mean him any harm. "I-I just want to help."

The twin calmed down and let me continue wiping his face. After I had finished he closed his eyes and lay back on the grass and breathed heavily as if he were in pain. I had no idea of what to do. I flashed my light down his body and wanted to just burst out in anger. Some of his clothes were torn and blood seeped through in more than one place. It looked as though some wild, savage animal had got hold of him. It was sad to see two once powerful creatures lying beat up and totally helpless at my knees. I looked down at the left hand of the one I had wiped the face of and noticed it was Twin Two. I slowly stretched my hand out and softly and gently ran it down his silver dreadlocks, which by now were soaked with rain. Two again jumped at feeling my touch and opened his eyes and stared at me as if he didn't quite trust me. He very soon settled down and slowly closed his eyes again as I continued to stroke his dreadlocks in a comforting way. Twin Two lay still and ceased his hard breathing as if he enjoyed it.

As I sat there in the rain, stroking Twin Two's hair, I tried to think of what to do next. The Twins and I couldn't stay there all night. Soon it would be morning and whoever it was inside the house would be coming out to finish the Twins off. Not only that, but the Twins needed serious medical help, of which I couldn't give them. I looked down at Two. He laid perfectly still, eyes closed, and breathing normally as if he had fallen asleep from me gently stroking his hair. I didn't know for sure, though, if he was actually asleep or just resting from his past horrid ordeal. I took my hand away from his dreadlocks and slowly inched my way around to his brother and started wiping his face off as I had done to Two. In the middle of wiping off One's face I flashed my light back to Two to see how he was making out. Surprisingly Two's eyes were open. I quickly turned my light enough off him so it wouldn't harm him, as he acted like it did. He nervously glanced around, supposedly looking for me, and seeing that I wasn't there beside him started to get up.

"Hey, it's ok, I'm right here." I whispered as I placed my hand on his right shoulder. He stopped and eased back down. To my greatest surprise I saw a weak smile form on Two's lips the moment he set eyes on me again. After that he quietly watched me wipe off the remaining blood on his brother's face.