Title: Love you!

Part: Epilogue

Author: Usagi-chan [usagilikesduochan@hotmail.com]

Warnings: sad, little bit of romance

Pairings: kind of 1+2

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, I don't make money from fanfiction. I write only for fun and to get better at English. ^__^

Describtion: I... I really don't know what's going on with me. My first English fic on this ML and a deathfic. I hate deathfics! And now this. But I had to write it. Do you know 'Walker-Texas Ranger'? On Saturday the 24th August they showed the second part of an double episode in German TV and it was about a little boy, who had the HIV virus. He died in the end. It was so damn sad. But it was also great to see how he tried to do his best and learn as much as he could, till his death. He wanted to live a nice life, right up until his death. I think that's why this film inspired me so much. *sobs*

So, it takes place after EW. The boys live together for a while and during that time Duo seems to get a little cold. He goes to the doctor to make a little check and gets the shock of his life. He is infected with a hereditary disease, which will cost his life in the end. Duo becomes depressed. How should he go on with his life, with the knowledge, that he could die any day?

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And I mustn't forget, many thanks to Helen for helping with my translation from German to English.

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AC 212

15 years after Duo died

"Mr. Yuy, Mr. Yuy!"

Heero Yuy stopped walking and turned his attention to a 15 year old girl who was running towards him excited.

"Shisa," he stated. "What's the matter? Why are you running in the corridor when you know it's not allowed?"

The girl, named Shisa, blushed deeply. But she regained herself seconds later, remembering the important point.

"Uhm, well I am sorry, Mr. Yuy, but if I hadn't ran I would never catch you and ask you something."

"But we have lesson in ten minutes," Heero replied and lifted an eyebrow. "Can't you ask me then?"

"No, I can't," the girl said. "I am too curious. I can't wait ten minutes longer."

"I think you have to learn it then."

"But Mr. Yuy pleeeeeeeeeease!" Shisa winced. Heero hide a very light smile and sighed.

"Well, then ask me!"

"Thanks Mr. Yuy!" Shisa called out happily. "So, well, is it true that we will get two new students in our class?"

Heero nodded. He had expect something like this.

"Yes, that's right. They will arrive today. And yes, they are both boys. Twins to be exact," he added before she could ask the question. "That's all I know so far."

"Oh!" Shisa looked surprised and disappointed at the same time. "So you don't know their names? Or if they are good looking?"

"Sorry, I don't know."

The girl sighed but then smiled again.

"That's a pity. But thanks at all. See you after the break, Mr. Yuy."

And she run away, left Heero where he was. And now it was his turn to sigh.

"You shouldn't run in the hallway," he mumbled good-natured before he went on with louder voice. "OK, and you three can stop giggling and come out of the corridor."

"You knew it was us?" a voice asked behind his back and from another corridor, the blond haired owner of the voice stepped out, followed by his two friends.

"Always the 'perfect soldier', aren't you?" Wufei said in a mocking voice. "You should let go your soldier nature, you know? So how long did you know we were here?"

"Since Shisa arrived," Heero answered.

"Shisa, this girl who asked you about the new students?" Trowa asked. The Ex-Wing pilot nodded and sent a light glare to Quatre, who eyed him the whole time since they came out of their hiding spot.


"Oh, sorry, Heero," the blonde apologized and looked away, "I didn't mean to stare at you. But after all these years somehow I still can't believe it. Heero Yuy, a teacher at a simple school. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought of this to happen."

Heero smiled, a sad smile.

"I want to be near teenagers," he explained quiet. "I want to do something that helps them to stand on their own feet. Help them to realize their dreams, have a great future and enjoy their life. All the things Duo wanted but had never the chance to do."

The three men immediately saddened when they got the answer. Quatre also swallowed hard.

"I am sorry, Heero," he whispered. "I shouldn't ask. It's 15 years ago since Duo died but... you still miss him very much, don't you."

Heero showed a light smile.

"Sure I miss him. I love him. That's why I will always miss him. Miss him till we met again. I am looking forward to that day."

"You still believe in this crazy vision, Maxwell had just before he died?" Wufei blurted out unbelievable. "Listen, Yuy, sure his death was terrible and we will never forget him and always miss him, but it's not good if you keep on daydreaming and hope for something which will never happen. I know, this sounds hard, but you have to understand. If you don't face reality soon, I don't want to think about what will happen. We are worried about you."

Quatre and Trowa sent Heero short worried glances after Wufei finished his speech. They were surprised when the Ex-Gundam pilot started to laugh a little.

"You guys forgot one thing," he explained after calming down himself. "Duo NEVER lied. And there is something more to prove. It's difficult to describe you. It was only a feeling but a special feeling. I felt it when he told us about Solo and their rebirth. It told me to believe. Because of that feeling I do believe. And no one will ever destroy my hope of Duo coming back to us."

The three men exchanged puzzled skeptical glances. It was still hard for them to believe their Duo would stand in front of their door once more, some time in the future. But they kept silent about it now. It was obvious that Heero would never ever listen to them. And he also decided to change the subject now.

"So, what do you want from me? I suppose you didn't come here and visit me at work to discuss about belief."

Quatre shook his head.

"We came because we wanted to say goodbye to you," Wufei explained. "If you remember, we are going to holiday today. Our flight will leave in three hours. So we have still enough time for a little chat."

"Yes, I remember, it was today," Heero stated absently. Quatre watched the young teacher still a little bit worried.

"Heero are you SURE we should go?" the Arabian asked. "I mean, we still can cancel the flight and book a new one when you have holidays as well."

But Heero only shook his head and smiled.

"I told you before it's OK. You were looking forward to go to this place in Arabia and these were the only free weeks. When I have holidays every pupil and student has too. Remember? It was all full, no chance to get a flight to Arabia. So it's OK. Go with Wufei and Trowa and have fun."

"But what will you do?" Wufei asked.

"We will see the other days. Today I will stay by Duo's side. It's his deathday, you know."

"Sure we know," Quatre replied sighing. "We visited his grave earlier this morning also to say goodbye for these next three weeks. We brought him new flowers. You will take good care of them, won't you?"

"I certainly will. Since, they are Duo's flowers."

"Send him our best wishes when you visit him," asked Trowa and laid an arm around Quatre's shoulders.

"Take good care of you, will ya?" Wufei said, still looking a bit suspicious because of their earlier conversation. Heero nodded.

"Have a good fly and write us a card, will ya?"

"Sure we will," Quatre promised and gave his best friend a big hug.


So much had changed since Duo died. Heero held onto the promise he gave his love before his death. He waited for 15 years now. Shortly after the burial, the Ex-Wing pilot quit work at Preventers and started to study. Because of his high intelligence he finished after only three years.

He got a job at a high school and to the surprise of everyone he became quite popular to his students although he still didn't show that much feelings.

And during all these years he and Quatre had become very close friends. The two often met and talked about Duo. Heero had also never let go of his lover at all. He always spoke from 'Duo and him' as if the Deathscythe pilot had never left this world.

Duo was buried at a little cemetary in a little town on earth. And his three friends had started to live in this town.

Heero and Wufei, who was engaged with Sally Po now, were neighbours while Quatre and Trowa lived together some streets away. Trowa and Wufei worked for the Preventers and in his free time the Ex-Heavyarms pilot helped Catherine and everyone else at the circus when they needed him. His lover Quatre led the business of his father. They all were content with their lives.

Heero visited Duo's grave every day and took care of it with much love and devotion. The grave was the most beautiful one in the whole cemetery with its mass of flowers. Often he was accompanied by his friends, who helped him maintain the grave. But everyone still missed their friend. His absence was the only hole in their really good life.


And now Quatre, Trowa and Wufei got vacation for the first time without Heero, who was bound to the school holidays. Sally couldn't also make it, because of her work for the Preventers. But she told her soon-to-be-husband to go with his friends and enjoy the time. She knew how important it was for her fiance to be with them.

Trowa and Wufei also gave Heero a big hug.

"See ya in two weeks, " Trowa said.

"And can you please keep an eye on Sally?" Wufei asked. "She has a knack on getting herself in trouble, you know?"

And he grinned a bit. Heero smiled back and promised to watch that she won't overwork herself.

The bell rang already for the second time, telling the break was absolutely over now. It was time to go for Quatre, Trowa and Wufei. They waved a last goodbye to Heero and left. The young teacher watched them leaving and turned then around heading to his class.


Heero was headteacher at the school he worked for. Shisa, the girl who asked him about the new students who would arrive that day, was a girl from his own class. He taught most of the subjects like PE, math, physics, English, Japanese and even a German workshop. Especially math was not easy to teach his students. Most of them hated the subject - like Duo had.

Heero started with his lesson for the day, after he greeted the class. But he spoke only for five minutes about Japanese grammatics then a knocking sound from the door interrupted the lesson. Everyone looked curious at the headmaster, who entered the room, followed by two 15 year old boys.

"Sorry to interrupt your lesson, Mr. Yuy," he said, "but the new students have just arrived."

Heero nodded in understanding and changed his view to look a his new students, who the headmaster now shoved from behind his back to the front. Heero just had to take a quick glance to forget how to breath.

"These two are the Maxwell's: Solo and Duo," the headmaster explained and lifted an eyebrow when the teacher suddenly had to lean a hand to the desk to hold his weight. Heero himself was surprised that his voice sounded as normal as ever then he spoke to the twins in front of him.

"Welcome to our class, Duo and Solo. Please would you like to introduce yourself?"

"Sure!" the boys replied, both grinning wide. The class was already falling for the cheery nature and the self-confidence the two new boys obviously had. Especially the girls, who all liked what they saw.

"I am Solo Maxwell and I am three minutes older one between the two of us", the first boy started, grinning to his 'little' brother. The other just showed him his tongue.

"Don't be too proud of it, brother", he said smirking. "By the way, I am Duo Maxwell. I run, I hide but I never lie."

"Gesh, Duo are you still using that sentence?" Solo asked and rolled with his eyes.

"Sure I do and I will never get rid of it; it's my motto," Duo explained.

"Sometimes it's good to keep something old fashion alive," Heero interrupted with a warm smile at Duo. The braided boy blinked surprised at his new teacher. But he got soon over his surprise and the two told a little more about their hobbies, birthday and favorite subjects.

Heero barely listened to what the twins said. Unseen he only watched and listened to Duo. He watched the sparkle in his eyes, his sweet red lips forming words and a smile from time to time, his braid swinging at every move he made. And he heard the melodic voice.

How he missed everything of it. The young teacher had hard to fight back the tears of joy, which wanted to come out of his eyes. Meanwhile the headmaster shoot a last quick and confused glance to the teacher before he decided to leave the class.

After the twins finished their introduction Heero spoke again, still in his usually calm voice:

"Thanks much. Now I would like to ask you to take one of the free seats in class, please."

Solo sat himself in the middle of the room between two girls and smiled to them. But Duo took his seat in front of the teachers desk and Heero also noticed that the boy sent him many curious glances.

He gave his new students a little smile and his gaze stayed on Duo as he welcomed them both again and instructed the whole class to be nice to the new students. After a last intensive exchange of glances between him and Duo, Heero tried to go back to Japanese grammar. And when he turned around to the board to write some examples down, he allowed himself a single tear to escape his eyes and he sent Duo his own personal greeting in his thoughts:

*Welcome back to this world and us, my love!*


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