A/N: Warning: This story will contain graphic depictions of violence, mature language, abuse and lemons in later chapters.


-The World Drops Dead-

The frigid water seemed bleak and depthless as I struggled to breathe, fighting against the power of nature.

I inhaled the ocean water surrounding me as I struggled for air, my hair fanning out in front of me in a billowing shock of brown waves as the weight of my body pulled me deeper… deeper. Limbs floated up and I watched with a detached sort of slowness as my skin reflected the light filtering down from the gray sky above as the water took control.

The coolness of my skin, the paleness of my fingers, all contrasted against the undulating push and pull of the dark current mastering my movement. My hips bowed with a rush of water and I felt myself propelled backwards. My fingertips trailing ahead of me as I felt my temple make impact with something hard and unyielding beside me.

The first blow against the cliff's base knocked what little air I had preserved in my lungs out in a fast burst of sky-bound bubbles and as I reeled back with another pull of the water, crimson blooming in front of me. Pain… sharp, hot pain sizzled through my temple but I managed to keep my eyes open as the second current, this time slamming into my chest pulled me back towards the hard wall of stone and my neck snapped backwards as the base of my spine collided into a sharp edged crevice behind me.

Blackness consumed my vision, the taste of copper and saltwater evicting space from my chest as the will in me wavered along with my energy. My lips, open and closed uselessly, my body beginning its tremble as consciousness became fluctuant and hard to control.

My life didn't flash before my eyes…I didn't hear the sweet song of heaven. No light appeared or warm embrace of long dead loved ones came to collect me and help usher me into death. It was just pain and darkness as I continued my descent into the undulating sea.

No sound...no movement, once I fell far enough.

With a final flick of my fingers, a hopeless attempt at breaking the far away surface, I succumbed quietly to the water, mouthing his name as the shock shifted into acceptance.

At least I had not suffered.


Okay. So. I had another Paul/Bella fic posted called "Blood From Stone." While I am invested in my Bella and Paul saga, I want it to be a long lasting one. One that I enjoy writing, and has some level of longevity. I always aim for all my stories to be over 100k words, and even in the first few chapters of that story, I realized the story I wanted to tell required a different platform. I hope you enjoy this new version.

To address a few things. On my last fic I heard some concern regarding Paul as a character. While I completely respect everyone's preferences, please allow me to make my pitch for him. My Paul, not to give too much away, is a protector. Not only of those he loves, but for himself. He responds in violence and anger, and while that is never acceptable, I hope you give him a chance to grow as a character.

Next, this is a story that will contain descriptions of various disabilities. Please be respectful in your reviews and comments regarding every characters ability and coping mechanisms. If there are any readers who live with physical disabilities and would be willing to speak with me, I would greatly appreciate your feedback at guidance.

Lastly, if there are any medical professionals out there that are willing to speak with me, your input would be invaluable in this story. Please forgive any incorrect medical information I weave into this story without that aid. This is a work of fiction after all.


"Be Like Water" By Taoist Elf

"The Devil You Know" by Unseelie Sidhe

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

"Hit By Destiny" ocdmess

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