This story was inspired by the story the Web of Gods and Fate by HandAssassinSpider-man.

It borrowers some elements, character descriptions, scenes and dialogue from Web of Gods.

Such as Peter being a minor Greek God whose name also happens to be Petros and a genderbent Kratos but with a twist…

Kratos is a woman in this story named Krata, her history is different because of her gender (this is Ancient Greece, a male dominated world after all) than her male counterpart's though largely the same in other regards. If you want to see what she looks like look up Shadbase/Shadman's fem Kratos.

Peter or in this case Petros will be a much darker than most incarnation, he's not an evil or cruel person it's more the time period he's grown up in and has lived in is pretty brutal, the Ancient World was a hard period in time where society standards and morals were very different to those of today's modern world.

The story takes place after God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Olympus

"You're leaving."

Petros the God of Spiders, Shadows and Illusions came to a halt a few paces from the oak doors leading in and out of his bedroom chamber. One could stare for hours and find nothing but extraordinary beauty with Petros. A tall fair-skin man with the apparency of a twenty-year-old mortal youth possessing a lean athletic build. Smooth brown hair kept short and brown eyes. Currently he wore black and white robes with threads of silver and platinum accessories. A silver sash tied around his waist and black leather sandals.

He turned and gazed at a slim, well-endowed woman, with green eyes and long black hair laying nude on his massive oval shape bed with black silk sheets draped over her long legs. She wore part of her hair in a ponytail-like bun held together by a gold band while the rest was allowed to fall free down her neck. She like him was extremely beautiful, fair-skinned and tall. Her clothes lay scattered across his marvel floor. A long black strapless dress that was split on the shoulders in a V-shape that exposed most of her back and part of her firm rump. Rested inches from his bed. Several gold bands with blue gems lay here and there, alongside gold chains.

"I have to Persephone, "Petros said gently. "Tonight's, the festival held in honor of Krata's victory over Ares… Zeus made it perfectly clear that all must attend to welcome the new Goddess of War and give toast to her triumph. "

Normally, none would have bothered to invite him to such an event. Petros was not a very important God in the grand scheme of things.

He often went ignored by the other Olympians.

True he held a rather respectable sphere as the God of Spiders, Shadows and Illusions. As the God of Spiders, he weaved unrivaled silk threads that he used to make the finest garments in all of Greece. As the Lord of Shadows, he offered relief to mortals in the form of shade on hot summer days. As the Master of Illusions, he crafted works of art more lifelike and beautiful than any painting could ever hope to match. Petros also had a naturel talent for smithing, sculpturing, carpeting and metalworking. He had spent decades learning all he could under the tutelage of Hephaestus.

Yet, despite all that, for the most part Petros was considered a rather… mediocre Olympian. Not that he minded, in fact he actually preferred it. There was comfort and safety in obscurity. Sure no one would sing songs about a God who made items of clothing or tell their grandchildren of the day a shadow passed over them during a hot day as they worked the fields.

But trouble and danger would never find him. None disturbed the forgettable.

That wasn't to say Petros shunned responsibility or glory, it was just that he never saw a reason to go above and beyond for others sake.

He was conscious of his limits.

As a lowly god there wasn't much he could accomplish in life. His fate had been sealed the moment he had been born. Others better than him were destined to outshine him.

"Until we crossed your path… that is." came a voice that was angelic. "Your fate took quite the turn when we first met, o Lord of Shadows."

"Aye," said a second voice just as angelic as the first. "If you should wish it. With our help you could shine as brightly as the sun itself lord."

Petros ignored the words of the two creatures that called themselves Klyntars that resided inside his body. Ever since he had come across the two thirty years ago while traversing through Asia Minor his life had radically changed. He had become stronger, faster and more powerful than he ever thought possible for one such as him. It was also when he started to make decisions Petros knew he never would have dared to make. Such as seducing the wife of Hades, crafting a ploy for her to escape from her abusive husband and aiding in said escape. "By the River Styx's… If Hades ever finds out. I absconded with his precious wife. I would be fucked... like poor Peirithous sentenced to eternal torture forever trapped behind a cage of bramble for attempting to steal Persephone as his own bride."

"But think of the prize lord." In contrast to the Demigod, the God of Spiders succeeded were Peirithous had failed. "The Goddess of Spring is ours to touch, love and bed."

Well, there was that. And what a fine prize the daughter of Demeter was indeed.

At the mere mention of the Ghost of Sparta's name, the former Queen of the Underworld's face turned sour. The anger radiating off her visage was almost palpable. "Dear. I know she was an essential part in your scheme to free me from my kidnapper… but I cannot stand that thuggish bitch. She ruined the armor you gifted me."

That couldn't have been avoided.

The fight between Persephone and Krata had to look real either wise the other gods especially Zeus and Hades would never have been fooled with her staged demise once they had awakened from there sleep.

And Krata wasn't the kind of woman to hold back during a fight. Petros was just glad the armor had done its job and protected her during the exchange. It had been nerve-racking watching it unfold from the shadows, more than once it had appeared as if the Ghost of Sparta was one swing away from ending Persephone's life for real before the time came to make the switch with the artificial homunculi construct or clone as he liked to call it.

The clone was such a perfect copy of Persephone that Hades who had spent centuries living alongside his wife, till this day still had no clue, that what he had cradled in his arms, shed tears over and placed inside a decorated coffin in the middle of a massive memorial was a fake replica of his wife.

Even after six years had passed the God of the Underworld still mourned his wife's passing none the wiser.

And if the Fates where kind Hades would never uncover the truth.

Petros nodded in agreement, "Few do. I believe she'll be just as hated as Ares was, may his soul suffer in the Pit of Tartarus for all eternity."

Persephone snorted, "I'm willing to bet coin the bitch will be even more loathed than Ares ever was."

The God of Spiders raised an eyebrow at the claim, "That's a high bar to pass beloved. Some might even call it impossible to be more abhorred than the bastard God of War."

"Mark my words love, "said Persephone as she grasped a handful of the black silk sheets that lay on top of her with one hand before flinging them off forcedly. "That woman would be despised by all of Greece before the year is done." She arose from the bed as the silk sheets graced the floor. Petros could not help but admire her voluptuous figure as she made her way towards him. The way she swayed her hips as she walked was alluring and the soft jiggle of her large breasts was bewitching. He understood why Hades had desired her so and why the God of the Underworld had never taken another woman to bed after being wed to the Goddess of Spring unlike so many other married Gods, adultery never crossed his dark mind, Hades had remained faithful to Persephone throughout their marriage. "I feel uneasy knowing you will be in the same vicinity as that bitch." Once she was close enough, she wrapped both arms around Petros's neck and leaned against him, pressing her breasts against his chest, Petros in turn coiled his arms around her waist. "Don't go… stay with me."

Petros pulled her further towards him deepening the embrace, she was so soft and warm. Her scent alone was enough to arouse him. "I have no choice in the matter… and I can handle one violent woman. Persephone."

The Goddess of Spring replied by untying his silver sash with one hand, then grabbing his cock with the other. Petros gasped at the sudden move, it was swiftly followed by a moan as she started to stroke his cock with her soft hand.

"… But can you handle me before you go?" Persephone asked with a sultry grin, voice laced with seduction.

Petros answer was to suddenly turn Persephone away from him and bent her over the square table nearby, causing her to gasp as he roughly pulled his robes up enough to free his cock and aligned it with the black-haired woman's folds. "…I have time for one more round… or maybe two. "Then with a grunt, Petros shoved his cock into the Goddess of Spring's body, causing the woman to cry out in delight as Petros's impressive girth and length sent waves of pleasure up and down the Goddess's body, causing the nails on her fingers to dig deep into the tabletop and her legs to shake.

It would be hours before the two finished.


(Mount Olympus - Zeus's Palace)

Petros was among the last to arrive at Zeus's palace. His home the island Triskelion was many leagues away from Mount Olympus.

Even teleporting in and out took some time from so great a distance.

Once the bright blue lights of the teleportation spell faded the sight that greeted him was astonishing to behold. Throngs of guests in such great numbers the likes of which he had never seen before crowded the palace.

Tonight's festivities were being held in honor of Krata, who had just slain Ares and been bestowed the title of Goddess of War and godhood itself by Zeus as a reward for killing the traitorous usurper. Just about anyone had been invited it seemed, be they minor God, one of the Twelve, various Demigods from just about any God that can fuck and become impregnated by another, Centaurs, Cyclopes, Minotaurs, Satyrs, Sirens, Gorgons and mortal human servants, all who served Olympus was in attendance this night. Petros even spotted a few Titians that aligned themselves with the Gods during the Titanomachy walking about.

And the party wasn't just resigned to the halls of Zeus's palace that was just the most prestigious place to be, the event was being celebrated in every temple, mansion, workshop and public square on Olympus. Wine brewed from Dionysus flowed like endless streams from numerous fountains designed by Hephaestus, while all manner of meats gathered by the likes of Artemis on her many hunts was cooked and served alongside various breads, fruits and vegetables grown by Demeter during the harvest.

If the meats weren't to your palate there were countless types of fishes, crabs, shrimps, octopuses and many more aquatic delicacies brought by Poseidon to choose from.

Petros eat a hot crab appetizer stuffed with fish as he admired Eos' round, well-shaped breasts from a far. She had such a wonderful pair of mounds with lovely perky nipples. None knew why the Goddess of the Dawn walked with her upper body unclothed she did not possess a lustful disposition and had only taken a few lovers to bed throughout her long life, but none offered a single word in protest either. Well at least no men did, but more than a few jealous women had brought complaint to Hera over it.

No doubt filled with breast envy and seeing all the attention Eos received from aspiring suitors.

"If you find those breasts exquisite Petros then cast your eyes over yonder by the entrance to those unrivaled melons. " Aristaeus said as he gestured with his eyes. "Look who just strolled in."

With a twist of his head Petros caught sight of who his friend was referring to and he was indeed correct Aphrodite's breasts were second to none.

The Goddess of Love and Beauty possessed a face of unearthly beauty, her fair skin was flawless, smooth and seemed to almost glow in its perfection, her long blonde hair decorated with flowers nearly touched the till floor as she looked about the room with majestic pale blue eyes. She was tall with an extremely curvaceous figure, with very large breasts and wide hips. She wore a revealing white dress that exposed her breasts, stomach, hips and that barely covered her rear, and pelvic region. She wore several golden rings on her fingers each filled with diamonds and two thin golden necklaces around her neck. She walked barefooted, alongside her two handmaidens.

She changed her hair color thought Petros the last time he had seen Aphrodite she had red hair. He frowned when he spotted over two dozen men and a few women trailing at her heels each vying for her attention. They each shouted compliments and promises of precious gifts if she were to pick them to spend the night with.

"Rather impetuous of them to so publicly pursue Aphrodite." Not to mention impolite. "Do they not fear the God of Fire might find out? "Although all knew of Aphrodite's promiscuous nature and her countless affairs with anyone who wasn't her husband. Those who wished to bed the Goddess of Love typically had enough sense to do so in secret. Least Hephaestus catches wind of it and trap's you in one of his invisible nets and wheels your naked ass out in public to be mocked and shamed.

Like he had done with Ares of all beings. What a day that had been. Despite the God of War's massive size, he had possessed a rather shockingly small cock. No wonder he had been so angey all the time.

"Oh, you haven't heard."

"Heard what?" Petros asked as he eat another appetizer of crab-stuffed mushrooms seasoned with thyme, oregano, and savory.

"That the God of Smiths has been banished from Olympus," informed Aristaeus sipping at his wine cup. "I doubt anyone has anything to fear from the likes of him. Now that he's imprisoned in the Underworld chained to his forge… The whore can suck on as many cocks as she wishes without fear of reprisal from her husband."

The God of Spiders nearly chocked at the news, "W-What!? When? Why? And by whom?"

The minor God worshiped by writers answered with complete indifferent, "It happened last night or so I have heard. And who else can banish a god from Olympus save for Zeus? As to the why there are many conflicting tales; some say that Hephaestus raped one of Zeus's mistresses… you know how possessive the King of the Gods is when it comes to his women - save for his wife that is. Others tell that he had played some part in Ares's plane to dethrone the king, while others claim Zeus simply grew tired of having to look at a son so ugly and sent him away."

Petros was speechless he did not know what to make of what he had been told.

If the first was true it would not have been the first time a God had forced himself on a woman, such a thing was almost a common occurrence. Petros had heard rumors that Poseidon had recently kidnapped some young mortal princess and kept her chained in his personal chamber and ravished her whenever the mode struck him. The King of the Seas marriage with his wife Amphitrite has been strained even more so than usual, whispers say that the two don't even sleep in the same room anymore.

Still most Gods possessed the good judgment to not pick one of the King of Olympus's women as their victim and Hephaestus was many things, but he was no fool.

The second tale Petros dismissed out of hand Hephaestus hated the God of War more than anyone, it was inconceivable that he would aid Ares to overthrown Zeus given the bad blood shared between the two. No man would help a man who had made a cuckold out of him willingly. Zeus had to command the God of Smiths to forge Ares's weapons after he had discovered the God of War's affair with his wife.

The last account Petros was unsure of what to make of it, the God of the Sky was as fickle as the wind, save for his love of beautiful women and the throne that never changed. It was not unheard of for Zeus's mood to suddenly chance one moment on a whim. Such a thing was dangers to be present when it occurred more than a few had suffered because of it. Even his wife and children were not safe, after centuries of tolerating Hera's vitriol for his philandering ways the king's patience snapped, without warning he beat his wife bloody and dangled her from her heels chained to the balcony a top the highest spire on Mount Olympus and left her there for days for all to see. Petros sat down on a klinē that had been nearby to gather his thoughts, but before he could say anything Aristaeus spoke again.

"…It seems you have company Petros." Then his friend left without leave to spoke with Eris.

Petros looked up and noticed someone approaching, the God of Spiders sat upright and watched the newcomer, a noticeably tall auburn-haired Goddess, sent him a grin that was so flirtatious Aphrodite herself would have been proud of. She had a face of such beauty that it made Petros catch his breath, fair skin with a slight kiss of the sun and with bright eyes as green as the forest, her auburn hair was gathered back in a ponytail. She sported a slender voluptuous frame with a sizable bust, yet also athletically well-toned and muscular with long shapely legs. She was clad in an elegant thigh length white and sliver color one shoulder dress that shown as if made from solid moonlight and displayed images of various animals, monsters and creatures that have been hunted by the woman. She wore black leggings, leather sandals, pearl earrings hung from her earlobes and a silver necklace. Her auburn haired was so long that even tied in a ponytail it still reached her knees.

"Artemis…" Petros nodded to the Goddess of the Hunt and made to get up before the Goddess seamlessly slide on to the klinē and gently lowered Petros down until his head rested on one thigh while the other, along with her leg, rested over his stomach.

"Hello Petros…"Artemis cooed at the God of Spiders.

"To what do I owe this unexpected honor?" Petros asked although he already had a good idea what had caused this. His lover was not the type for such brazen displays of affection in public. So was he for Petros knew receiving such treatment from a Goddess as beautiful as Artemis came with risk, he knew without looking that her actions were drawing quite a bite of attention.

More than a few pair of eyes stared at them with envy. Well at him. Which was something the Goddess of the Hunt made clear she wished to avoid whenever possible when she broke her celibacy with the God of Spiders ten years ago. To this day Petros still couldn't explain how he had managed to do it, or even why Artemis chose him to begin with, quite a few other Gods of higher standing and beauty lusted for the Goddess of the Hunt, a fact she was well aware of.

She could have done much better than the son of Morpheus and Arachne.

Maybe it was because they had been born on the same year. They shared the same age and had grown up around each other. Such as thing was rare for Gods, save for twins, to be born only mere months apart. Or maybe it had something to do with the death of the Furies; well one of them anyways, with them out of the picture there was no one to punish those who broke a blood oath, such as the one Artemis swore to Zeus centuries ago when she made her vow of Chastity. A bit extreme, to invoke a blood oath for something like that, personally she would have been better off following Athena's example of simply saying she wished to preserve her virginity and sticking to it until she changed her mind, but never let it be said that Artemis did things by half measures.

"Or perhaps it was our counsel to thee that you heeded that attracted her to you lord." came the voice of the Klyntar that called itself Venom. "Is that not, further proof that you should listen to use more, Lord of Shadows?"

The God of Spiders felt his mouth go dry at the thought. He did not like that at all.

"Am I not allowed to display affection for you?" Artemis asked with a giggle, her breath laced with wine.

"Ah, I shoot the arrow right on the mark. Drunk," Petros though with a snort as he adjusted his head against Artemis' thigh and continued to stare up at the auburn beauty, "You can my love. " There was no point in arguing with an inebriated woman.

You would never win the exchange.

"Good." Artemis said with a nod as she leaned down to plant a small kiss on Petros' lips. Her lips tasted of fermented grapes and strong alcohol. "It took me quite a bit of time to find you. I've been searching for you since nightfall. I heard from Hestia that you arrived less than an hour ago. What kept you?"

The festival was scheduled to commence after the setting of the sun and Petros had arrived more than a few hours passed the expected time.

"Fixing the torn garments of a certain Goddess who continues to ruin her clothes on her endless hunts." Petros lied with a fake scowl of annoyance. Technically that was not a full lie since he had been repairing her damaged clothes earlier today, before the fire raging between the Goddess of Spring's legs had to be put out. But by Tartarus there was no way he would ever admit to being delayed by the lust of the deceased wife of Hades.

Or even that he had been with another woman moments before arriving. Hera she may not be thank the Fates, but the Goddess of the Hunt was a jealous woman.

Artemis huffed in annoyance, "I can't help it. Your clothes are too soft, they are comfortable to wear and pretty, but they are as brittle as glass. I can't chase after prey without tearing them. And don't you even dare to suggest that I should hunt without clothes on again. I'm not Aphrodite, I do have some sense of modesty."

"Then I will have to constantly repair them for you." Not that it bothered him, especially ever since Artemis started to pay for his labors with sex. Repairing the same items over and over again, hasn't bothered Petros at all, as long as it meant sharing a bed with the Goddess of the Hunt. "How are you liking the dress I made? "

"Are you sure you are not the God of Weaving and Fashion? " Artemis asked with a smirk. "I absolutely love it; I've lost count of how many compliments, I've received from other women or how many men's heads, I've turned since wearing it. "

"Endymata is the Goddess of Fashion," Petros pointed out. "As for the God of Weaving, perhaps I could claim such a title. I will have to seek council with Zeus to see if it is available or not."

The Goddess of the Hunt, panicked at the thought of Petros meeting her father now after witnessing the savage beating, he had dealt out to Hephaestus only yesterday, "I would advise against meeting my father right now, he has been… troubled these last few days. Ares's betrayal and death has left him… shaken."

Her troubled look though brief had not gone unnoticed by Petros, but he opted not to press the matter.

Suddenly the large room went silent as if someone had died, the couple noticed everyone was staring openly at something. Following along they found what was the cause.

The reason for the party had just walked in.

The new Goddess of War had a notable savage and primal beauty about her that no one could deny, although that didn't dissuade a few of her detesters from trying. In hushed whispers they claimed the Spartan woman was close to par with Aphrodite's own sensual beauty.

All could see why Ares had taken a liking to her and made her his servant and lover, even though rumors claim she had been married long before crossing paths with the God of War. Looking at her in person any man could understand why Ares had desired her so. Her pale white skin, the result of the ashes of her family being magical affixed to her body, her bright red body tattoo that went down her torso and up to her skull and down again crossing her left eye and finishing on her cheek, a scar on her right eye, shoulder length black hair tied in a braid and a lean athletic body with well-toned muscles drew the eyes of many men and women. Standing over six feet she was among the tallest women in Olympus.

Normally she would clad herself in revealing leathers that were reminiscent of the attire of Spartan warriors which only added to her beauty; today however she wore an ankle-length red dual slit dress with a deep v neckline and a pair of leather sandals, the chains of her accursed Blades of Chaos, however where still plainly visible on her arms.

How does such a single small strap of leather keep such a mighty bosom in place? Wondered Petros as he imagined Krata in her usual attire. In terms of pure size, the breasts of the Goddess of War weren't far behind those belonging to the Goddess of Love.

"How does she move so swiftly and nimbly with those heavy melons and rear weighting her down?"

Someone who sounded like Momus asked out loud before he was promptly hushed into silence again by those around him.

It went against the laws of physics that someone with such a huge chest should be able to move so quickly as the Ghost of Sparta. The Gods have always made a mockery of earthly physics, but mortals were bond to it, yet it seemed no one had bothered to tell the Spartan woman that, no doubt frightened off by her menacing visage.

"Tell, me my love, do you think it was a good idea to make her the new God of War? "Artemis asked as she nodded towards the brooding form of Krata. She was always angry. The Spartan woman was never without her signature scowl. You would have thought being bestowed godhood would have brought a smile to the bitch's face, but evidently it hadn't. "She doesn't strike me as… sane and sensible."

"That ship has sailed dear. At this point what does it matter if it was a good idea or not? She is the new God of War now whether we wish it or not." Petros said with a sigh as Artemis ran her fingers through his hair with one hand while the other rested on his chest and traced small circles into his breast with the tip of her nails.

"Do you think a vote should've been held," Artemis inquired with curiosity. "Not just among the Twelve, but amongst the rest as well? "

"Wouldn't have mind to give my opinion on the mater," If they had Petros would have told them two Goddess of War was enough for the Pantheon. Athena and Enyo had both done a spectacular job of it so far in his humble opinion. Plus, it was rather confusing having three different Goddess's of War wandering about Olympus. "After all, how many mortals have been granted Godhood?"

"Not many, though I noticed they were all children of Zeus." Artemis said as she glanced at Krata briefly and took in the woman's form, trying to see if she could perhaps spot any sort of familiarity in her body that might belong to her father. To her frustration she found none. "Though, I suppose it no longer matters. "

"You're just saying that because now there's another woman on the Council of Olympus." Petros scoffed before he winced as Artemis pulled lightly on his hair. "You know I'm right, don't deny it. "

"I will not deny it's a bit pleasant to know that things are now equal, gender wise, among the Twelve, "Artemis said with a faint grin. "And I will no long have to worry about Ares looks, a bonus I shall cherish."

"Confess," urged the Klyntar known as Carnage, "Tell, her of the part you played in Ares's death. Your reason for your actions as well. It will enamor you further in her eyes lord."

The God of Spiders hesitated Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and a member of the Twelve, she would be duty bound to report to her father that a God had ignored the king's decree forbidding direct involvement by the Gods against the God of War. It had been made clear to all that the King of Olympus wished to avoid open war amongst the Gods at all costs. Zeus did not want a repeat of the fiasco that had happened during the Trojan War.

For good reason. No one had come out of that mess with their head held high.

"Aye, confess lord," agreed Venom. "You would win much praise and affection from her."

"Think lord," Carnage implored. "The Goddess of the Hunt would not have confided in thee in secret her worries of her half-brother's dark desires all those months ago for you to stay placid on the sidelines. As the God of War planned her rape. She wished for you act in her defense for she knew you love her. Why else did she chose to tell you and not one of her many other half-brothers? For she knew they were too cowed by Ares's might and would not dare to stand in his way when the time came… after all what is their half-sister's honor worth to them? They who themselves have taken the honor of many maidens over the centuries… Artemis knew you would take up arms for her."

Petros's face went blank as he thought back on the day Artemis had walked into his workshop on Olympus, perturbed beyond belief. He had never seen the Goddess so unsettled then he had done so that day.

What she divulged to Petros both enraged him and sent a chill down his spine. She had overheard whispers that Ares had set his dark sights on her and wished to rape her to produce him a strong son.

The God of Spiders had insisted then that Ares never would have dared to do such an act to a daughter of Zeus and a member of the council. But Artemis had stoically shaken her head and explained to him why that would not dissuade him.

Zeus cared little over such matters as long as it didn't inconvenience him, by the Fates, the King of the Gods had committed more than his fair share of rapes over his long life, for Zeus to punish anyone for rape would have been the greatest of ironies. And out of all of the women on the council, the Goddess of the Hunt was the one who carried the least amount of risk for Ares to bed.

Athena he could not touch because she was ever Zeus's favorite child, and the Goddess of War and Wisdom was by her own right a highly formidable warrior and well-beloved by the other Gods. Many would have come to her defense if Ares had picked her as his target. Hera is his mother, not that incest matters much to the Gods, inbreeding amongst the Olympians was prevalent, brothers marrying sisters or cousins, uncles fucking nieces or aunts breeding with nephews and so on was quite known amongst every corner of the Hellenic World, but fathers and daughters or mothers and sons' relationships was where the proverbial line was drawn, plus the Queen of the Gods was far too vengeful a woman to cross.

Demeter his aunt was the one being on the council that could destroy everything he values, namely war, by killing off those that partake in it by killing all the plants like she did when her brother Hades had taken her daughter to wife. The killing of the grain harvest that year forced the hand of the other Gods to intervene in the matter. To prevent the starvation of all of Greece, Zeus negotiated with Hades; Persephone would spend two-thirds of the year with her mother and one-third with her husband. Although over time Persephone would spend more and more time in the Underworld, until her stay became permanent, after a bitter falling out with her mother.

Aphrodite whores herself to the bastard enough that he could have taken her whenever he wishes. The Goddess of Love had even bore him several children over the centuries, all of whom Ares had found to be wanting and too feminine… even the boys.

Iris had lost her position to Hermes. And Hestia had gave up her throne for Dionysus.

That only left Artemis. She was the one whose bedding would incur no sever repercussions the God of War couldn't handle. The perverted looks Ares's thrown her way whenever they saw one another recently along with the comments he'd made added credence to the rumors. Furthermore, she was not popular amongst the Olympians few would risk the God of War's wrath for her sake and although the God of Spiders would never say it to her face, she was no Athena, the Goddess of the Hunt was good with a bow and arrow but poor with a blade.

And the God of War was no minor being that Artemis could easily kill like she had done with Bouphagos, the son of the Titan Iapetus, after the man attempted to rape her on Mount Pholoe.

"Athena already knows of your involvement in her brother's death," Carnage reminded Petros that the Goddess of Wisdom had caught him in the act while he had been in Athens when it all went down between Krata's and Ares's duel to the death. "What's one more daughter of Zeus?"

Petros let out a long sigh, he could find no fault with Carnage's logic if the favorite child of the King of Kings hadn't uttered a single word of his crime to her kingly father, then the God of Spiders doubted his lover would rat him out. "… Artemis if I were to tell you something in confidence, would you swear on your life to never tell a soul of it?"

Artemis blinked taken aback by his stern tone, then her face became deadly serious, "If you wish to confide a secret to me my love not even Hades sinister hands could pry it off of me, as long as it does not endanger Olympus or my father. "

"It does not," Petros said then took a deep breath. What he told her next the God of Spiders did not say with spoken words there were far too many ears all around that might overhear them. Instead, he spoke them telepathically. "I aided Krata in her quest to slay Ares… in the flesh. I flew Pandora's Box and the Spartan to Athens on a shadow."

The Goddess eyes went wide, and her face lost some of its color, Petros hissed as her nails dug deep into his flesh, "If my father finds out you-"

"I would gladly bear any punishment deemed fit by Zeus," Petros interjected with conviction." As long as that monster never gets to lay his blood-soaked hands on you."

"…Y-You did it for me," Artemis's arms went limp as realization dawn on her. "What we spoke of… in your workshop."

Petros nodded, "After you expressed your concerns to me for what he had planned for you… I couldn't just stand back and do nothing and still have called myself a man."

For a long moment Artemis stared at him with blatant wonderment in her eyes, before smiling, "You reckless fool… You damn lovable mooncalf… You did not need to risk so much for me. I might have been able to handle, Ares given time."

"Agree to disagree, " Petros said shrugging his shoulders as he ended the telepathic link.

"Fool," Artemis said with a slight shake of her head as she took a deep breath and gestured for Petros to sit up so she could move.

"Leaving already, I didn't sour the mood, did I? " Petros joked as he sat up and watched as the Goddess of the Hunt stood.

"No, I just wanted to move so I could do this." Artemis said before she suddenly had Petros turn to face her before she fell to her knees, unloose the knot on his sash with a quick pluck of the hand and began to push the lower part of the robe he was wearing up. "Consider this the hero's reward for coming to the damsel's aid, as well as payment for the dress. "

The Goddess quickly exposed his semi erect cock and began to pump it with one hand while the other reached down and began to gently massage his balls. Petros couldn't help the shudder that went thorough him as Artemis manipulated his cock with her hands before leaning forward and taking the tip into her mouth.

"By the Gods…"Petros closed his eyes in delight as Artemis hummed in delight as she took her lover's cock deeper into her mouth while her hand reached up to unclasp her dress and allowed it to fall and pool around her feet.

"My sweet lady, " Petros murmured, in a voice thick with rapture. "My sweet love."

The God of Spider's cock was now fully erect in all its glory and as hard as the bronze used to construct the Colossus of Rhodes. Petros with great effort opened his eyes to take a moment to appreciate the sight of the nude Goddess. Seeing her like this without her sliver bow, quiver filled with arrows, or her hunting cloak always seemed so majestic.

With a hand coiled around his shaft for reference as to how deep she should take Petros's cock in her mouth least she chokes, Artemis moved her head rhythmically backward and forward, then repeated the motion again, and again.

The Goddess of Virginity was performing fellatio on him inside a room filled with their fellow Gods. Why did that seem so surreal?

"Others are staring," Carnage informed.

Petros took a quick glance around the room and found they had somehow become the center of attention.

However, they were not alone others were engaging in coitus in the room too, Petros saw Poseidon's son Triton, tore off the tunic of a nymph to let her breasts spill out, before he quickly started sucking on the woman's nipples. Triton sucked her nipples till she cried out half in pain and half in pleasure.

The Goddess of Love was bent over a table chest pressed against its wooden surface as Boreas, the God of the North Wind, thrusted his cock into her from behind, while close by Aphrodite's Handmaidens pleasured Zephyrus. There were two of them. One a short mortal woman who appeared to be in her early twenties, she was buxom with round ripe breasts with large nipples. She had olive skin, large dark eyes and long, thick black hair. On her knees, she massaged the member of the God of the West Wind, between her large mounds as she sucked on the tip of his cock with her mouth. The other was a tall mortal woman about the same age as the first, with shoulder-length blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes and small breasts. The blonde stood behind Zephyrus hands on his shoulders as their mouths waged war against one another.

Nike mounted Adonis who laid flat on his back a top a fur rug that had once belonged to a lion, drawing Adonis so deep inside her, that Petros could not tell who had the cock and who the cunt.

The God of Spiders raised an eyebrow when he spotted the Demigod turned God, Hercules balls deep inside Enyo, the Goddess of War and Destruction. The son of Zeus fucked her till she screamed, and then again until she wept, before he finally spent his seed inside her womb. His seed trickled down her thigh. She would need to brew some of Asclepius' tea or risk bringing another God into the world.

"This festival has turned into an orgy," though Petros as he found a few more partygoers engaging in intercourse. Yet him and Artemis seemed to be drawing the most attention from the crowd.

Perhaps it was due to her being one of the Twelve?

"Give them a show that they won't forget lord," suggested Venom and Petros for once readily agreed with the creature.

"Dinner and a show," Carnage said giddy with anticipation. "How delightful!"

Petros reached out and placed both hands a top Artemis' auburn head, "That's enough love. " The Goddess came to a halt midway through on a blow, Artemis pulled her mouth off from his cock, her chin and lips dripping with saliva as she gazed up at him. "… Anymore, and I might start to get selfish… It's your turn now."

With a tilt of his head, Petros gestured to a spot on the klinē.

Artemis wiped her mouth clean against the back of her hand as she glanced at the spot on the klinē, Petros had specified. She knew what the God of Spiders planned to do next, and it left the Goddess of the Hunt feeling uneasy. The act he wished to perform on her was viewed as shameful and unmasculine in the eyes of most men.

Be they God or mortal.

Petros sensing her nervousness gave a sly grin, "Go on, I'm already tarnished in the eyes of our kind, a few more snark remarks and snide looks will not bother me."

His father the God of Dreams took advantage of Helios' disappearance by casting the Gods and mortals into a deep slumber and began enveloping the Earth in a black fog in an attempt to seize permanent power for himself. Had Krata not rescued the Sun God from the Titan, Atlas in time, his father would be lording over the whole earth right now, with everyone under his control. Petros's mother the arachnid monster known as Arachne had slain a minor God and consumed its godly flesh, somehow that act had apotheosized her to Godhood, for this deed she had earned the title: Terror of the Gods by the Olympians.

Needless to say, neither of his parentage had made the God of Spiders particularly popular on Mount Olympus.

There's no talking him out of it though Artemis as she looked at his grinning face, with a small sigh the Goddess of the Hunt nodded, then stood up, set down on the aforementioned klinē and crawled past Petros until she lay at the center of the klinē. The Goddess unlaced her sandals then kicked them off, next with both hands she removed her black leggings one by one, not wishing to stain them.

"Are you sure about this?" Artemis asked throwing her leggings on the floor next to her dress. "I can't stop my half-brothers from ridiculing you, because of your parents and if you go through with this, you'll be handing them new material to mock you with on a silver platter."

"Let them spew their taunts, I care not what comes out of their mouths," Petros clicked his tongue as he lightly stroke a hand down her left thigh, fingers caressing every inch of soft skin along the way.

Artemis slowly spread her legs for him. Even though she had long ago given her virginity to him, she found herself unable to look him in the face out of embarrassment, not for Petros, but for herself, "I-I didn't get you to cum. You say it's being selfish, but it's disgraceful that a woman couldn't milk a man's serpent with her mouth."

"Says who?" Petros asked as he started to kiss the inside of Artemis's thighs, slowly working his way to her core, "I've had my fair share of women before we started our courtship and never heard such a thing. "

The Goddess of the Hunt was having trouble forming words as pleasure convulsed through her body, "…It's something… I overheard my huntresses say one night." Artemis lied she had heard it from Aphrodite after she had asked her for advice on how to please a man using her mouth. But she would sooner allow herself to be eaten alive by wild beasts, then admit to seeking the council of the Whore of Olympus.

"They could have been discussing their personal opinion on the topic," Petros absently said, more focused instead on gently slipping his fingers into Artemis' sweet spot. "Furthermore, aren't most of the women that you bring along on your hunts virgins themselves?"

"Oh, by the Gods… " Artemis breathed out. Flat on her back, she found it hard to stay still. The Goddess of the Hunt squirmed underneath the masterful sticky touch of her lover. "Not all of them are pure maidens… and this is not how she described it… your touch is different. "The God of Spiders unique ability to stick to surfaces when employed sent a foreign tingling sensation that crept throughout her body that only served to heighten the pleasure.

Petros found Artemis to be extremely wet, simply from the use of two fingers alone. The poor thing, all bark and no bite. She acted tough like the fierce lioness she believed herself to be, but he had to go easy with her or she'd be overwhelmed and Petros didn't wish to see his lady humiliated in public. When it came to sex, she was more akin to a kitten that you had to take care not to tire out too soon.

Honestly, if Petros did it with her like he had done it with Persephone earlier Artemis wouldn't last five minutes, let alone be able to walk for the rest of the day.

Artemis tried and failed to suppress a delighted squeal when Petros pressed his mouth to her pussy. Fingers holding open Artemis's sensitive folds, the tip of Petros's tongue danced about inside. She grabbed Petros's hair and pulled him to her. Whatever she had to do to bring herself closer to this pleasure she would more than gladly do. The deeper he probed leashing around, the more her body trembled and the wetter she became.

A chorus of gasps and shocked comments rang out across one end of the room to the other when he entered her with his tongue.

They were soon companied by snickering and mocking laughter.

"This is no challenge at all, she is too easy to pleas," Petros amusedly thought to himself as he spun his tongue about Artemis's insides. The God of Spiders would have liked to boast that he was truthy that amazing and skillful in lovemaking. That he could bring any woman to a paradise of pleasure in mere minutes using his fingers and tongue alone. Sadly, that was not the case. The simple truth was that the centuries of celibacy had served Artemis poorly, purity was fine and all, but it left one lacking knowledge, skill, or wisdom gained from experiences of the flesh.

Much like in any field practice was key and it wasn't feasible to play catch-up to someone who had learn to fuck at the age of fourteen and had been practicing it ever since, honing his skill with each session to perfection for over two hundred years in the timespan of a decade.

And it wasn't as if they had spent every single hour of every single day of the year having sex throughout those ten years. Both of them had duties to attend to and pleas to fulfil from their mortal worshipers.

Well, much more her than him. There were times when neither of them would see the other for months for one reason or another.

Artemis's newness to sex combined with what Petros suspected was a higher-than-normal sensitively to the pleasures of the flesh made the Goddess of the Hunt an easy prey. Each motion he made was met with a new sound of approval from his beloved. "Alright, the prey has been allowed to run far enough, time for the hunter to go in for the kill. "

With a though the God of Spiders tongue extended far beyond the limits afforded to the human anatomy. The instant Petros's tongue brushed the fleshy little nub that was Artemis's clit, her legs wrapped tightly around his head.

"Yesss! "She cried out, "Petros, don't stop! Keep going!"

Well, he couldn't in good conscience ignore his lady's command. Petros forced Artemis's leg back apart, spreading her as wide as possible so that he could slay his prey properly like the hunter he imagined himself to be. He attacked his prey's cunt with a slash of his tongue, followed by a vertical swing that went up and another that came down, then swirled around before slashing out again.

The Goddess of the Hunt could feel a warmth in her build greater and greater as it reached towards a crescendo, until finally that moment came, and she could take no more. Artemis was reminded of a volcanic eruption as the orgasm hit her, her entire body shuddered, her toes curled, her fingernails dug painfully into Petros's scalp, and she let out a deafening yell.

Petros withdrew his tongue back into his mouth in its normal size then finally pulled his head up to look over his slain prey, he found Artemis splayed out, breathing heavily and with a pleased look on her face, "Satisfied?"

"…Very," Artemis replayed breathless, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling. "I'm glad… I didn't talk you out of it." Was that selfish of her? Yes, but at the moment she didn't care. Later she would and it would eat away at her soul.

"Oh my. How utterly shameless of you, Petros." Came a regal voice from behind Petros that all who lived on Olympus knew all too well. "And bold. I never would have pegged you to be so daring. "

Artemis placed a hand on her face and sighted dryly, her good mood extinguished in an eyeblink like a fire before a storm. Petros turned towards the newcomer and gave a curt nod and spoke in a clipped tone. "Hail your majesty Hera, Queen of the Gods. "

Hera gave a slight nod as she swirled the wine inside her gold chalice, "No need to be so formal dear, it's a social gathering not a session at court."

The Queen of the Gods was an incredibly beautiful woman with a perfectly symmetrical face that few women mortal or immortal could hope to rival. She had long chestnut brown hair that went all the way down to her thighs, tied in a braid with gold and silver ribbons weaved in. Her skin was pale, flawless in its perfection, luminous and creamy. Her eyes a sharp cyan-blue and wide-set below her high forehead, she had a small, cut button nose to go along with a small chin, short and narrow jaw, high, sharp cheeks and full pinkish-red lips. She was much taller than the average mortal woman with a slender, curvaceous physique. She wore a floor-length pastel purple dress with a deep v neckline laced with golden trims that exposed much of her impressive bust. Her dress had a high slit on the left, revealing her entire leg. She had a fortune's worth of jewelry on her person, her royal tiara was adorn with a single light-blue sapphire in the center, gold armbands embellished with sapphires, diamond necklaces, earrings with precious blue stones, various rings housing either diamonds or blue gems, the most prominent piece was a golden choker decorated with aqua gems and clear ornaments. She seemed to appear as the perfect woman, few of the other goddesses could equal her elegance.

"Apologies for intruding. "Came a second voice, "But you are needed Artemis."

Behind the queen standing to her right stood a tall young woman that was stunningly beautiful. Her long silky light-brown hair was done in a bun, held in place by a gold bun cage. Her eyes were the deepest shade of blue, they were full of wisdom and kindness. Her facial features were similar to Hera's, equally perfectly symmetrical but fair-skinned with a slightly smaller nose and forehead. Her body was slender and incredibly shapely, hour-glass figure with wide hips, slim waist and ample bosom. She wore a gold breastplate ornamented with emeralds, a white cloak with accents, a white knee length toga under a brown pteruges belt, golden greaves and brown leather sandals. On her waist hung two swords inside brown leather scabbards.

In contradistinction to Queen of the Gods, the pair was glade when Athena spoke.

Artemis raised an eyebrow, "Needed by whom Athena?"

Athena was about to answer but at the last moment Hera intruded, "By the almighty Zeus, who else can summon one of the Twelve? You ask such idiotic questions girl, it's no wonder you stick to so brutish a thing as hunting. No intellect needed there, just find the beast you wish to eat, stick an arrow or two in its hide, wait for it to stop squealing then call it a day… a simple activity for a simple Goddess. Tell me do you still find it difficult to read?"

Oh no thought Petros as he watched the anger slowly bubbling in Artemis' eyes, the Goddess of the Hunt was not the type of woman to take insults laying down, save for her lord father. For the king she held her sharp tongue in check, for her stepmother she did no such thing. If he did nothing a quarrel between the two Goddesses would be the end result, so Petros spoke and hoped for a miracle, "What for your majesty? I thought all would be free this night from any duties, they may otherwise have had."

"Not much of a duty dear, our king wishes for the Twelve to offer a toast to the savage who slew my idiot son in private before we give the public one later tonight," Hera said waving her hand dismissively.

"Zeus also wants the new Goddess of War to meet the council," Athena added. "Since she'll be taking Ares's vacant seat, she'll be working alongside us from now on as a fellow councilmember. "A look of revulsion crossed Hera's face and to Petros's surprise Artemis' as well, the thought of having to sit through monthly meetings with the insolent and short-tempered Spartan for the rest of eternity was appalling.

"Please child. Don't remind me, I'll throw up my supper," Hera said before chugging the wine in her chalice down in one gulp. When she finished, she tossed the now empty cup at a mortal who happened to be walking nearby holding a silver plat filled with cucumber shrimp appetizers in one hand, the mortal looking the other way failed to notice the flying chalice heading straight towards him, it struck him on the cheek. He stumbled and the plat in his hand came crashing down, it hit the floor with a terrific thud.

The Queen of the Gods paid this no heed as she strolled to a servant holding a plat with two cups filled with wine, taking both she said, "Well come on… let's not keep my husband and the mongrel waiting. "



The toast itself had been a straightforward affair, Zeus gave a rather banal speech welcoming the new Goddess of War to the Pantheon then held his cup high and asked everyone to raise their cups and drink together in honor of Krata.

Few cared for the Spartan, yet most did as their king had asked, however Poseidon had not raised his cup and neither had Hades.

The God of the Seas refusal came as no surprise to anyone, all knew that the Ghost of Sparta had inadvertently destroyed the city of Atlantis, the personal domain of Poseidon and the place of his greatest temple in her mad quest to find her mother and brother. Poseidon had been livid when he had received the news of Krata's assentation to godhood after she had caused his beloved city to sink into the ocean. He had lobbied ceaselessly and vociferously to change his brother's mind and instead pushed for the Spartan to be punished for her crimes.

How the God had failed to change Zeus's mind, Petros didn't know.

Hades on the other hand had come as a mild astonishment, as far as anyone knew the Spartan had done the God of the Underworld no wrong. Many speculated in hushed whispers as to what might have caused this animosity, some put forth the theory that it was due to the Spartan woman escaping death after Ares had kill her in the Desert of Lost Souls, but Petros believed that it was because Krata had killed his beloved wife.

"Persephone was a traitor who would have killed us all had she succeed with her mad plan to destroy the Pillar of the World. Why would Hades detest Krata for killing her… it saved his life? "

The God of Spiders rotated his head left then to the right and repeated the motion twice more," You're looking at it from the wrong angle Plutus, your belief comes from a point of view of logic, where there is none to be found here. Instead, gaze upon it from the prism of emotions and there lays the answer. Hades loved his wide dearly," some might have said 'obsession' was a far more accurate term then love to describe that relationship. "So dearly that nothing could have changed that, not even her betrayal. The Ghost of Sparta earned the wrath of the Lord of the Dead the moment she ended Persephone's life."

Plutus scratched his cheek and hummed, "That sounds like a bit of a stretch Petros. It makes more sense that he hates her for making a mockery of his charge over the dead." It didn't if one knew that Krata had never died in the temple and that was just an illusion Petros had cast to fool the God of War, but Petros couldn't divulge that fact to the God of Wealth. "Let me grab a bottle of wine and we'll discourse this further. "

Petros nodded, watched him go, then turned and lend on a baluster overlooking a maze made of bushes.

After the toast Artemis had overheard her twin brother Apollo claim that even while drunk, he was still the best archer in the world. Always eager to prove herself the equal or better than her twin, Artemis had challenged Apollo to a drunken archery test to see who the better archer was. Finding archery, a rather dull thing Petros instead chose to stay behind and converse with one of the few friends he could honestly say he had on Olympus.

It came as slight surprise to him that he had stayed this long, usually he was among the first to leave any social event. Although that was in order to avoid any awkward questions about his parenting or leave before the insults started to fly, then any antisocial behaver he might have had as some claim.

The faint echo of foots caused Petros to turn his head around, "That was quick of - oh." It wasn't his friend Plutus who was behind him, it was Krata, she met his eyes with her own as she headed straight towards him.

"Shit! I knew. I should've left earlier," Petros thought as the white beauty stared him down with her distinctive scowling face as she rapidly approached. Two things mare her appearance in Petros's opinion, the first was the fact that she was always scowling and snarling at people. The second was that when she spoke to others, her voice who could've lulled a demon to sleep with its soft gentleness and aroused any man with its feminine tone was always spewing venomous insults and barbs at others.

Add to that, that she had violent tendencies, was always quick to throw a punch or drew a blade to anyone who crossed her path. And one may be forgiven for thinking that all her flawless were self-inflected.

"Petros…"the Spartan woman said with something not quite a snarl but not quite pleasant either. It sounded as if she had tried to speak like a normal person would but had come up short.

"Krata," Petros replied wishing he had left the festival early like he usual did, he waited of her to continue but after a few seconds of tense silence he added. "How are you enjoying your welcome to godhood party? "

"Very little," Krata answered. "These social gatherings bore me to no ends." Then without asking if Petros wished for her company she took the spot on the baluster to his right and placed both hands on the stone rail… inches away from his own. "Even when I was mortal. I never understood why they were so popular."

"What's not to like? Drinking, feasting, talking with family and friends… and the occasional stranger here and there," Petros said and as soon as he mentioned family, Petros knew he missed up as Krata looked at him with sorrowful eyes. "…I'm sorry. That was insensitive of me. My condolences on the loss of you mother and brother. "

Krata's face seemed conflicted as if she was unsure what words she should respond with, "Th-Thank you, you are the first to offer sympathy for my loss… bug."

She just had to throw a barb in though Petros, even when she was trying to be nice, she came off as a bitch, "…Your welcome."

"Since, I already thanked you once. I might as well thank you for the aid you gave me in my quest to slay Ares… and for the dress. "As a warrior of Sparta, she had no need for such a womanly gown thus had own none she could have used for tonight's event. Krata would have arrived in her usual attire had the God of Spiders not gifted her the red dress she now wore the day before.

Petros frowned, "You swore to me, you would never mention my part in your quest ever again."

"It is just the two of us," said the Ghost of Sparta as she rolled her eyes, then suddenly a sly grin graced her face. "…Tell me is it true you accept coitus as payment for your garments? "

The God of Spiders was struck dumbfounded that she knew of something so intimate; he only had such an arrangement with Artemis and never uttered a word of it to another. "… From whom did you hear that?"

The grin on her visage grew wider, he did not deny it outright which means it was true, "I overheard it from that woman who couldn't milk your snake with her mouth, the one who's cunt you sucked until she-"

"That woman's name is Artemis," Petros interjected with a click of his tongue annoyed that the Goddess of the Hunt would blabber out something so private for the Goddess of War to hear. "And I know you met her at least once in private so please try to remember her name from now on. "

"Yes her," said the Ghost of Sparta before continuing. "She told you exchanged your labor for her flesh, while she was in the company of Athena, Demeter and Aphrodite."

Petros hand met his face in a loud slap, if Artemis had disclosed that secret in the company of the Goddess of Love then everyone on Olympus will be hearing of it come morning. "…And you where nearby when she said this? "

"Yes," Krata said as her grin became predatory, "I take it what she spoke was true," Petros seeing no point in denying it now, reluctantly nodded, "Then I want you to commission a gown for me, I'm told wearing the same dress twice for these tedious festivals is in poor taste for women on Olympus. " Her voice suddenly took a sultrier tone, and she reached out to run her hand up and down Petros's arm, "Do I pay you now or once the dress is complete? "

The God of Spiders froze at her touch, the Spartan's skin was warm and soft and her hand to his amazement was smooth and free of calluses. The polar opposite of what many had whispered her touch would've felt like after a lifetime of harsh training in Sparta. Pleasure spread throughout his arm at her gentle touch, but it was overshadowed by the sense of pure terror that sweep over him. There was no woman in all of Greece, worse for him to bed then Krata, fucking the Queen of the Gods herself carried less consequences for him then laying with the Spartan. At least the king would be merciful enough to give Petros a swift execution for his crime, but if the women he was with ever caught wind of him bedding Krata, the hell that would descend upon the God of Spiders would pale in comparison.


Petros jumped at the sudden voice of Hercules and turned to see the raising brown head of the massive son of Zeus coming up the set of steps leading from the floor below. "A thousand thanks to you son of Zeus and Alcmene… you just saved me from the darkest of fates."

Krata's scowl returned and fiercer than before as she ceased stroking his arm, withdrew her hand and turned towards the approaching God. "What is it Hercules?"

The Son of Zeus glanced at Petros with a look of annoyance and anger as he came to a halt before the two, "I see you met the insect… not the most respectable or sociable of characters here on Olympus. "

Petros beamed at the insult which baffled Hercules and Krata, "You know me Hercules always larking in the shadows, all by my lonesome, speaking with spiders and all kinds of creepy stuff… Just like my mother. "At the mention of his mother Hercules' face grew uneasy. "Which reminds me, I've left my spiderlings unsupervised for far too long, with your leave, I bid you both farewell. "Then without waiting for a replay, teleported back to his home.

The last they saw of the God of Spiders was a look of relief on Petros's face as he vanished in a blue flash of magical energy.

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