TCW - Happily ever after? (BACARA / NEYO)

TCW - Happily ever after? (BACARA / NEYO)


The proposal

Back in the grind… but a wedding too?

Happily ever after?


Set somewhere in the space time continuum of the Clone Wars.

After the surprise proposal, life settles to the normal grind for the two lovers now back at work. Back in the war, being the soldiers they were created to be. Right back in the heat of the many battles still to be fought.

Will the two star-crossed lovers get their happily ever after? Part of the Bacara/Neyo series, the conclusion, if you will?

The proposal

'Will you be mine, forever and a day?'

"Will you, marry me?"

Bacara's voice was low and velvety. His hands slightly shaking as he presented the ring to Neyo. Not really sure as to what the answer would be. The nagging doubt still present in his mind. But Bacara had decided to chance it nevertheless. No matter the anxiety within him. Too much loss. Of time, of their friends, the war dragging on. What little there was for a chance of happiness, for love, Bacara had decided to go for it. To at least try, if nothing else.

He could not be sure of course, if Neyo felt the same way. Really felt the same as Bacara did, the deep love for Neyo. Despite knowing the other man quite well by now. But, these things had not really been spoken out loud. Not really, despite the few, brief heart to hearts the two lovers had shared while together. The all to briefly spoken 'I love yous' in the heat of passion.

But this last incident, of almost losing Neyo?

Well, Bacara had decided to pour his heart out. To let his partner really see how he felt and what he wanted. Having been thinking of this, commitment for a while now. And then, having planned on what to do about it as well.

Only now, as the question was out there, Bacara realised, that he might not just get what he was after. Only now also realising, that if there was a rejection forthcoming, then what would their relationship be after that? Would they continue as before or, would Neyo see this, as way too much and want to end it all?

The longer time ticked by without any response from Neyo, the more nervous and choked Bacara got. Feeling the beads of sweat on his forehead forming. Even if reality it was mere moments which had passed since Bacara had popped the question in actuality. Certainly this, not a typical reaction for the stoic man Bacara was at all. Bacara felt his leg starting to shake too, having stayed in the rather awkward position on the one knee on the floor for the spell. His past injury on said leg reminding him, that he was not the young man he had once been.

Just as the worst case scenarios were starting to emerge into Bacara's mind, he felt it.

The soft touch of Neyo's on his hand.

Bacara immediately snapped out of the haze he had been in and was eye to eye with his partner.

Who was, smiling?


Was all Bacara had managed to hear.

"Um, pardon?"

Bacara needed to know for sure, if he had heard what he thought he had heard while being almost drowned inside of his own doubt.


Neyo repeated, the smile growing ever wider.

"I said yes."

"I… you did?"

Bacara seemed totally stumped and surprised, but in a good way.

But this was his plan after all. To ask the man he loved to marry him. So why had he been so quick to fall into all that again, the angst and doubt?

"Yeah, hon, I did."

Neyo offered his ring finger towards Bacara and nodded towards the box.

"Oh, yes, the ring."

Bacara was quickly thinking on his feet, the awkwardness soon passing. And then, taking the precious gem out of the box and placing it to Neyo's finger with his own till shaking hands.

Looking at the ring there, glimmering in the pale light of the room. Bacara's heart was beating fast.

"I, I am so happy you have accepted."

It was all Bacara managed to utter before he was pulled off of his feet and into the loving arms of Neyo. The man then kissing him senseless.

"I am too, sweetheart, I am too."

Neyo whispered between kisses.

Back in the grind… but a wedding too?

'The war never ending? Or is there hope for peace after all? But most of all, love?'

It had been three weeks since the vacation Bacara and Neyo had shared together.

But also, when the surprise proposal had happened.

Bacara and Neyo were back in their command, planning, plotting and battling in the war. Seemingly a never ending chore. Even if there were a few silver linings visible, signs such as plenty of victories won and the enemy's armies and resolve depleting.

So, the war just might come to an end, after all.

The two of them had agreed to keep their engagement under wraps for now. But also having planned a small ceremony to be held after registering their relationship officially.

It was something which the clones had earned - the right to form bonds and marry with no small thanks to the Jedi generals they were working with. As luckily, there were few rights the clones had earned, even if they weren't exactly free yet. But it those were all major steps towards it.


And so, the martial ceremony was on Bacara's and Neyo's agenda next. Just as soon as their next few battles were completed and they would have shore leave coming their way. To have their honeymoon as well.

But naturally, the war, the battles, the endless missions still came first as the two of them, were soldiers after all. The two Commanders, the twin Commanders as someone had somewhat aptly dubbed them as.

Sometimes the bad thoughts of not actually surviving long enough to achieve what the couple had set to become emerged in the darkened hours when the battles got too heated and bloodied. Something which they were both guilty of doing.

But then the other reminded their partner, that of there always being hope and that one simply had to believe in said hope to make their wishes come true.

And so, when the time was finally upon, the two grooms were dressed in their best civvies. Standing before the magistrate with a few of their closest friends and their Jedi Generals present. For the union being formed, between the two, Bacara and Neyo.

"I now pronounce you, partners in life."

The magistrate's words lingered in the air for a spell.

Bacara and Neyo exchanged glances. Their wide smiles a tell tale sign for anyone looking at the newlywed couple, that the two of them were giddy as Sith and this was the happiest day of their very lives.

It had been a long road from there to here.

But the two of them had finally gotten to the point in life, where they could admit their love to each other not only to themselves, but those around them. Having now legally been bonded, for life, as was their deal.

"Now kiss already!"

Someone of their wedding guests hooted out loud. As it seemed to take some time for the two Commanders to realise what they needed to do now that the ceremony was almost complete. To literally seal the deal as it were.

And so, in front of their friends and the magistrate, Neyo and Bacara shared their first kiss as legal partners. The kiss short but sweet and soft. Sharing all the love the two had for each other in that one single notion.

The honeymoon, albeit a short one, was waiting for them. A few days off, just for the two of them. The two new spouses.

Happily ever after?

'And so, they all lived happily ever after…?' Two years later with the war finally being over. The clones had earned their freedom. And the lot of them having taken themselves to live somewhere far, far away from the known galaxy. Choosing simple lives as far away from any reminders of the war and the soldiers they had once been.

Bacara and Neyo, having been married for a while, were living off the grid in the Outer Rim. With the severance payment they had gotten after the war anded and the Clone Troopers were freed and officially earning their citizenship. As each and every surviving clone had received a specified amount of credits to be able to start a new life. Something which was their own and of no one else's making.

The married couple had opted to take their small vessel towards a planet, which was sparsely populated but housed a mild climate and was rich in farm land. It had been mostly out of the way of the war and thus having survived somewhat unscathed. A perfect place to build a home on.

And so, with some effort and with the aid of a few locals not to mention a few of their fellow clones having come to live there as well, Bacara and Neyo had a small house to call their home. It was idyllic to say the least, situated by a bubbling creek and a lush green forest, picture perfect in every way. Something they both had exclaimed after purchasing the land for themselves before construction of their home had even started.

It wasn't something either Bacara nor Neyo had depicted to be doing if asked several years back though. Neither of them having even considered life after the war. They were soldiers, not farmers, not home owners, or any such thing which would have deviated from what they were manufactured to do.

But times had changed and they too, had changed.

The two of them now equal partners in everything.

And so, even for a soldier of war, there was a life after.

The fire was burning brightly in the fireplace. It was already dark outside, with the daily chores done and dinner consumed. A quite sort of life had taken place in the hectic life that of a soldier.

Bacara and Neyo were snuggled together in their cozy sofa of their living area of their small cottage they called home.

"Whatcha thinking?"

Neyo asked lazily.

Half asleep already. As despite their tenacity and aptness for hard labour, farm work was a far cry from being a soldier just the same.

And so, feeling the aches and pains not really quite used to the change of pace and manual labour, the two former soldiers were feeling the fatigue still taking over.

Bacara let out a small chuckle. Not really wanting to move himself either. Even if he knew they should be headed to bed rather than fall asleep on the sofa. But, he too felt the sleep gaining on him.

"Just, how lucky I am, sweetheart."

"Simple as that huh?"

Neyo laughed too, feeling the exact same way as his husband did.

"Yeah, it is as simple as that."

Leaning closer to Bacara, he kissed his partner, his husband softly on the lips.

"Um, bed time?"

Bacara asked after they broke off the kiss.

"Sounds like a plan… carry me darling?"

Neyo was already half asleep.

Bacara let out a slight chuckle, too tired to move himself either.

"Only if you carry me first."

A moment, then few passed, the two spouses falling asleep wrapped in each others arms.

In the end, all they needed, was each other to be happy. Because they had deserved it. Their own lives, as free citizens.

And if falling asleep on the sofa would cause them some discomfort come morning? Neither of them would complain about it, feeling only too lucky to be able to fall asleep in each others arms.