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Summary: Four devious teens are somehow transported into the world of their favorite show, Yu-Gi-Oh! There will be hardships, trickery, humor, disaster, and laughs along the way, but there arrival has triggered something much more greater than friendship as they soon know. The whole world depends on whether they can work together, all of them, to defeat the malevolence that threatens to destroy this world and their own! Will they make it? At what cost will they succeed? What is more important? Friendship or revenge? And will they ever get home and see their loved ones once more? The future of everyone lies in the hands of destiny. And destiny is never kind.

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Never ride on the Wheel Chair Express

"Aw! Ya gotta be kidding me gramps!" Tiki said totally frustrated.

"Nope, this DVD costs twenty-four dollars and you only have half of that Tik, sorry." He stated calmly. His old complexion giving a small smile from the enthusiastic side of the girl. He looked up to see two police officers coming the way of the young lady. He looked at the often visitor and eyed her. "Did you get into mischief again? He asked.

Tiki looked behind her and found two cops coming her way. "N-No I didn't do anything! I just wanted to buy this darn thing Gramps!" Tiki shouted, accidentally slamming the DVD down as it crashed into a zillion pieces. Tiki looked up wide-eyed, with an eyelid twitching open and shut. "I hate my life...." She jammed her hands into her pocket and walked off, trying to be unsuspicious.

She passed by her friend as she saw the police officers coming closer. "It's time to go Naomi!" She whispered pulling her friend in the opposite direction of the police officers.

"Why? I wanted to stay longer! There was a hot picture of Joey on the poster over there!" She whimpered, struggling out of her friend's grip. Then she spotted the police and rolled her eyes. "Don't tell me, you harassed the cashier again...." Naomi sighed and started to quicken her pace.

"Yup," Tiki stated calmly as one of the police officers spotted them and started to race in their direction yelling.

"Hey! Stop! You Missies! Stop!" The police officer repeated in a German dialogue as the girls walked on.

"Great, two FUZZ cops are after us! Tiki what DID you do? Usually there's only one on our tale at the mall!" Naomi complained as Tiki started to drag her again.

"I said STOP!" The police officer shouted, starting to run after the girls.

The duo started to run too as they turned to corner, bumping into another security man. They smiled and slipped away, dashing to the nearest drug store in the mall.

Tiki ran up to the cash register and bought a pack of gum. Naomi dragged her out by her heals and they headed due south. Where the food court was.

"Here, have a piece of gum." Tiki offered as she stuck a piece in her mouth. Naomi picked a cheery flavored one and popped it into her mouth. They chewed and ran at the same time.

"Hey Tik," Naomi said exhausted. "How are we gonna get out of this jam?" She asked as the klutz ran into a man in a wheel chair. She knocked him flat off.

Tiki stopped. "I got an idea!" She rejoiced and hopped into the wheel chair. Naomi apologized to the man and started to push the wheel chair down a ramp that lead to the food court.

"This is gonna be fun...!" Naomi yelled non-enthusiastically as she hopped onto the back of the chair, balancing her weight to the front of the craft.

"I am so enthusiastic...." Tiki gulped, swallowing her gum, as they started to speed down the hill. "That wasn't smart..." She choked out, choking some on her mint-flavored gum. "I don't even like mint..." She mumbled as speed up faster.

The two girls zoomed passed neighboring traffic as they made their way down Mt. Everest. Skidding on one wheel at times as they hit the railings and spun the chair to the side. The chair quickly regained it's stability and resumed it's coarse into the food court. It knocked down chairs and bowled people right over as a child walked into the median.

"CRAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!" The duo screamed, there eyes bulging out of there heads, as they had to abort the route. Naomi clamped onto the wheels and turned the right wheel harder so it went left. Straight into a line of tables.

"Dang.... Hey Bob look at that!" One police officer cried as a line of tables were cascaded into to air by two girls in a wheel chair. The tables went left and right as the wheelchair headed straight for the arcade.

"Hey! Who's up for some video games?" Tiki shouted to her friend as they neared the arcade.

"Not MMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Naomi screamed as she pushed down hard on the break. She heard something crack and screech. She lifted the broken brake bar as her friend watched on in horror.

"Abandon Shiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!" Tiki shrieked as they sped into the arcade, exceeding the speed limit by a good ten miles. Naomi managed to turn the chair so it did a U-turn and bought the girls seconds more time to live. They headed for a game that the title was unclear as they whizzed towards it.

Suddenly the chair turned in a different direction as the girls zoomed out of the arcade, loosing Tiki's Driver's Licenses in the process.

"I lost my ID!" Tiki shouted as she tried to snatch her ID before it fell past her.

Naomi slapped her face, "Your worried about a friggin' Driver's License! Oh yeah, a policeman might run us down and fine us! Yeah, if they can catch us that is!" Her bandana flew off her head as she caught it as they headed back into the food court.

They screamed cross the floor like a mad cow as they headed for a card shop.

"Anyone up for some Yu-Gi-Oh cards?" Tiki joked around as they neared the shop. Naomi knocked her on the head one good time as they started to enter the shop.

"I could use an out of this world experience right now!" Naomi screamed as they sped into the game shop. The wheel chair ran straight for the back wall, where reluctantly, there were bookcases to ram into.

"I guess we can't stop, huh?" Tiki gulped as Naomi shook her head and waved the brake bar in front of her friend. Tiki sighed and shouted, "Goodbye world! Nice knowin' ya!" She screamed as they edged closer to the bookcases.

The friends looked at each other, shook hands and screamed, "NUTCASES ON THE JOB!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" They laughed as the wheelchair crashed into the back bookshelves.

The crowd gasped as they heard a loud crash and a wheel off a wheelchair come rolling out of the smoke. When the smoke cleared, there was a mess of DVD's and games strung out on the floor. But no sign of the culprits in sight...

"Excuse me! Move out of the way!" The police officers shouted as they pushed their way through the chaotic crowd to the scene of the incident.

When the one police officers finally made it to the scene of the accident he said, "Alright girls, are you-" He stopped and gasped at the sight. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"What is it Billy?" Another police officer called to his teammate.

"Hank, they're-they're," He paused. "Gone..." He finally gasped as the other police officers came into view. The crowd started to panic as they stampeded out of the store, bulldozing the officers into the ground in the process.

"What?!" The others shouted as they saw the sight for the first time.

"By Joe! They are gone!!" Gasped another.

Then the chief came into view. "What?! How could you buffoons let two teenage girls disappear like that! Where are they?!" He sighed looking at the puzzlement on the officers faces. This was the third this week that mysteriously disappeared without a trace, and the police officers were running out of excuses to the parents. Not even a trail for them to follow was left behind. Like they were never here. "All right, well, this case will be highly confidential along with the others, you hear me? Any one who saw this incident unfold will not speak a word of it! Their parents will have to be notified." He scratched his chin.

"But boss, what will we tell them?" Asked one officer.

The boss shrugged, "It's obvious, tell them the truth but jazz it up a bit. Like they got kidnapped or something. I don't care. I don't want to give this security force a bad name. Now off with ya! And get this place cleaned up pronto!" With that said, he left to go finish his dounut.

The man that was the clerk of the DVD store walked out of the game shop. He exited the food court and made his way back to the DVD shop. He swept up the pieces of plastic that was left over by the DVD that Tiki had shattered and muttered to himself, "Those two tikes." He laughed, "They ain't dead. No sirry, their with my grandchild. One of the ones that went missing this week. Though I might not know where they are right now. They should make the best of it, for their heart desired it.... This same incident...brings back memories. Only he didn't hitch a ride in a wheelchair. My grandson fell off the Farris wheel and vanished in thin air. Like him, they yearned for an adventure from the deepest part of their soul. They got their wish. In the way, not many are offered..." He smiled and resumed his cleaning.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" The duo screamed as they fell through a blue, swirling abyss. They started to fall faster and faster. Tiki clutched onto Naomi as Naomi started to fall backwards and sideways.

"I never liked rides that went upside down!" Tiki screamed as she tried to keep her shorts pulled down. "My shorts are starting to ride up my butt!" She complained as her angle shifted to knee-falling.

"I didn't need to know that!" Naomi shouted back sarcastically, falling head first down the vortex. "And don't you dare puke either! I remember that time on the swings at the fair!" Naomi then shifted to a feet first position, trying to hold down her baggy white shirt that said 'I am Nobody' in BIG purple letters.

"Do you think we're gonna land any time soon?" Tiki asked now clutching her shorts and pulling them down. She laughed, "Cause I'm getting a major wedgie!" She complained again as Naomi burst out in laughter.

"I don't know," Naomi shrugged, "Guess we should have checked with the travel agent!" She replied, now falling in all directions.

"And I say, this is no First-class flight either!" Tiki remarked, "What kind of cheap tickets did y-" Suddenly she saw the ground coming nearer and nearer. The Jamaican turned pale and gulped.

Naomi noticed her drop of spirit and asked, "What's wrong?" She asked as she noticed the ground too. "Whoa! Hold the phone!" She screamed as her limbs started to wave madly around.

The ground came closer and closer as the girls both closed their eyes and hoped for a miracle. Which wouldn't happen of course...would a miracle send them flying through a swirling blue vortex at a speed unimaginable? I thought not.

"I'M TOO YOUNG TO DDDDIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" They screamed as they started falling faster and faster. A city came into view and a very tall building to the west. The girls started to marvel at the sight as they forgot about the falling issue. Then they snapped back to their hectic state and began to scream bloody murder again. They could see a city square down below and a duel raging on.

"Hey Naomi, do you see that? A duel!" Tiki shouted as she pointed to the duel down below.

"Yeah, nice." Naomi commented as she noticed something strange about it. "Hold the second phone!" She shouted, scaring the daylights out of the Jamaican. She pointed to the monsters that were attacking each other. "That's a holographic duel! We don't have that technology! I would know!" She stared at the duel coming closer and closer into view.

"Isn't that a Gear Freed right below us?" Tiki asked as the gigantic monster came closer and closer into view.

Naomi peered over at her, "Yeah, too bad it's hollow and not real..." She paused. "But wait...Holograms...the duel monsters stadium...the technology...the animation? " She gulped as the two duelist came into view. She glanced at the boy on the right with spiky multicolored hair then at the blonde. "Yugi....Joey?" She gasped. "My life is fulfilled! I gazed upon to of the most hottest guys on the show!" She laughed as Tiki slapped some sense into her.

"Yeah, we're gonna DIE!" She snapped, then noticed the two duelist also. Tiki looked at her, "Is it possible?" She asked her friend growing wide-eyed. Naomi shook her head. "But the only place that would have the technology is....And the Characters is...." She trailed off as they both started to realize how real it was.

The two girls gulped and whispered, "The world of Yu-Gi-Oh!"

Then Tiki noticed a certain light engulfing her fingers. She gasped and tried to shake it off, it wouldn't come off. "Naomi! Help!" She screamed as Naomi looked at her own hands as the light engulfed both of the friends entirely.

A strange sensation passed through them as a soft hush fell over the wind whizzing passed their ears. It was like a strange feeling was uplifting them as the light faded, revealing two animated girls with shocked expressions on their faces.

Naomi was astonished as she flexed her fingers. "I-I'm animated?" She blinked as Tiki looked down at her fingers also.

"B-But..." Tiki looked down to the ground coming closer and closer. She struggle for breath. Her teeth started chattering. "Naomi...I think we'll be landing in just a few seconds..." Naomi looked over and blinked. She gulped also. This was weird.

Suddenly they both hit the stone-cold ground and blacked out...

"Ohh....my aching butt...I think I broke my tail bone.." Tiki groaned as she rolled over onto her back. "Those stupid FUZZ cops.." She sighed and sat up. "Naomi?" She asked with her eyes still tightly closed.

Naomi groaned, "Wha?" She asked annoyed. "If your asking what hurts, every dang inch hurts on me. My legs, my thighs, my butt, my feet, my back, my head especially, and my jaw. It pops now..." She moved her jaw, hearing the popping noise that came from it. "And my-" She pointed to her chest when Tiki threw a shoe at her.

"I didn't need to know that much!" Tiki yelled back at her and sat up. "Where's my shoe?" She shot as Naomi threw it back to her, hitting her in the face. "Ow..."

"Well, you asked what hurt, didn't you?" She asked and sat up. They were on the ground with people all around watching them. The two duelists were the closest, and had a quizzled look on their faces. "Hi!" She greeted shortly and stood up.

"Who you saying 'Hi' to?" Tiki asked as she looked around. "Oh..." She noticed and stood up. "W-Where are we?" She asked anonymously, pulling down on her shirt.

Joey motioned to the sky and then slammed his fists to the ground, as if they hit like a brick. Then he pointed to his throat and then pointed at the two girls. "H-How?" He asked. Clearly, he had a loss of words.

"Ummm..." Naomi scratched her chin and looked to the ground. She had no words to explain. Sure, she could tell them that they were from another dimension and all, but their reaction would be crazy. She shrugged and smiled. Then she pointed upward and shrugged again. "Skydiving?" She laughed innocently as Tiki walked over and touched Joey.

"He's real!" She exclaimed and jumped on top of him, smothering him in hugs and kisses. "Ohh! Hallelujah! I wanna hug you and kiss you and squeeze you till the day I die!" Tiki snuggled up to hi closer.

"Get her offa me!!!" Joey screamed as Naomi slapped her hand on her face, knocking herself dizzy. "Ow...that wasn't so smart..." She groaned and turned around. There, right in front of her was not Yugi, but Yami. "Hi again?" She shortly laughed and backed away. He looked rather disturbed at the girls entrances and didn't believe 'Skydiving' was the case. But he decided not to question right now, he was a little scared of the blonde headed girl, and if she would do the same thing to him, like her friend was doing to Joey...

"Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey!!!" Tiki squealed as Joey tried to push Tiki down his left leg. Apparently, Joey had managed to get Tiki off of him, but she jumped right back and aimed for his leg. And now, she wouldn't let go.

"Get this girl offa me!!" Joey yelled again as Naomi came to the rescue, followed by Yami. "Please! She's squeezin' off da circulation!"

Naomi kneeled down to Tiki and attempted to pry her off. It just made Tiki's grip tighter. She attempted to tickle her to get her off. That didn't work either. So finally, she and Yami managed to strip her off by Joey undoing his pants and sliding his leg out.

Tiki sat there with Joey's jeans in her grip as he yanked them away. Her face fell, "Dang...did I just do that?" Tiki asked the trio as they all nodded. "Oops..." She managed to get out before Joey gave her a death glare. "Umm...Nice boxers?" She complemented. pointing to the red and white briefs. She started to laugh the I-Am-In-So-Much-Trouble laugh and scooted away.

Joey blushed at the complement, and then put back on his pants, not wanting to flash everyone with his boxers, grumbling in the process. He stared hatefully at her, "If ya come twelve feet distance from me, I will take ya down." He threatened as Naomi stepped between him and Tiki.

"And if you lay a finger on Tiki. I will bring you down, bring you down to china town." She threatened back as she grabbed Tiki's wrist and dragged her away. "Oh and by the way, thanks for at least stopping the duel, oh and Yugi, or whoever you are, your gonna win." She gave a small smile and a thumbs up, then started to walk away.


"Hey Naomi?" Tiki asked as Naomi looked at her.

"Yo." She replied. She tied her bandana back onto her head and looked at the awestricken Tiki. "What?" She asked waving her hand in front of her face. Tiki pointed to a limo with a guy getting into it. It was none other than Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corp. "Oh..." Naomi replied as the limo drove away. "Well, at least we are sightseeing!" She said to try and brighten thing up, it didn't work.

"How about let's just shut up and walk...." Tiki gave her a death glare as they walked further on.

"Okay...but I feel this ain't goin' no where..." Naomi sighed and shoved her hands into her pocket. Looking up at the blue sky from which they fell, and this was only the start of their nightmare...

To Be Continued...