Hello everyone!  Here is my newest creation.  I've always wondered what happened after Buu, especially within the home of the Vegeta-Briefs.  More particularly, I've always been fascinated by how Bra came to be.  The age difference between Trunks and Bra has always led me to believe that Bra was sort of an accident, for lack of a better word.  Well, here is my take on how Bra came into the world.  I hope you enjoy it and please remember to REVIEW!

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            Bulma gazed at the man who slept next to her, delighting in the opportunity to study his peaceful visage.  Normally, Vegeta was up hours before she would awaken.  He always wanted to get a few good hours of training in before coming to have breakfast with his family.  Bulma smiled at that thought.  Her prince charming was definitely a different man than he was a year ago before the whole Buu incident occurred.  True, Vegeta still held onto his tough exterior, it was the only way he knew how to present himself to the world, but here in the sanctity of their own home he was a little more expressive of his feelings toward Trunks and herself.  Now it wasn't anything obvious, Vegeta certainly never spoke of his love out loud, and any outside observer would probably comment on how unloving Vegeta was toward his family; however, anyone that knew of Vegeta's past and of his struggles to understand his emotions would notice the tremendous change in his behavior and treasure it as she did. 

To Bulma, a woman that had lived with the Saiyan Prince for 11 years and had the privilege of witnessing his slow transformation over the years, the little things he did now touched her so very deeply.  For instance, everyday he made it a habit to come in and eat every meal with Trunks and herself, he would occasionally take Trunks to the park, he made it a point to tell Trunks how proud he was of him, and sometimes Vegeta would ruffle his hair and joke about its ridiculous color.  Towards her, Vegeta was definitely more affectionate.   She couldn't tell you how many times he would "accidentally" brush against her when she was working on something, whether it was in her lab or cleaning up after a meal.  He remarked more often about how beautiful she was and seemed to have a new fondness for caressing her cheek with his hand as a sign of farewell when he was leaving to go somewhere, usually to the Gravity Room.

Bulma smiled again as she thought of how Vegeta still reacted around their friends.  If anyone was around that may catch a glimpse of his "softer" side, Vegeta would bottle it all up inside and have no physical contact with his family and there would definitely be no compliments coming from him.  He would not ignore them or anything mind you, but he certainly wasn't going to go out of his way to show any type of feelings.  However, even around the rest of the gang, Vegeta was not as harsh as he once was.  In fact, at times she truly thought he enjoyed their get togethers.  It was just that Vegeta was Vegeta, showing any kind of fondness towards others in public was taboo and it always would be in his book.

Reaching out, Bulma lightly ran her hand down the side of his face and traced his lips with her fingers.  She closed her eyes and sighed with happiness.  Dende, how she loved this man, and although he had never said the words to her, she knew that he loved her as much as she did him.  Vegeta stirred slightly, a small almost-smile upon his lips.  Bulma gently kissed his forehead and started stroking his hair, right before she let out a surprised yelp.  Two muscular arms had wrapped around her waist and pulled her on top of her lover in the blink of an eye.  Bulma looked down into the amused eyes of her husband and she pouted her lips.

"I thought you were asleep," she said in a low voice, disappointment clearly evident.

"And you are disappointed that I am not?  I'd hate to think what you were planning woman."  Vegeta replied with a smirk. 

"I wasn't planning anything!"  Bulma clipped out in mock anger.  It was Vegeta's turn to act disappointed.

"You weren't planning anything?  How disappointing" He responded sexily and he gently kissed Bulma's lips.  "I guess I'll just go on back to sleep."  Then as an afterthought he added: "If everything is alright that is; why are you up Bulma?  I don't even wake up for at least another three hours."  The woman on his chest sighed and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Vegeta, nothing is wrong.  I just couldn't sleep and so I was just partaking in a favorite pastime of mine."  Bulma said with a small smile before kissing his shoulder.

"And what pastime is that?"  Vegeta asked, his hand rubbing up and down her back.  Bulma looked up at Vegeta and kissed his nose, something she knew bothered him to no end.  She truly had no idea why.

"Watching my sweet prince sleep of course."  She said, mischief clearly seen in her eyes.  Vegeta's eyes, however, closed off and looked as cold as ice.  Bulma tilted her head in confusion as she caught on to his instantaneous change in demeanor.

"So, there is someone else that you desire," Vegeta said in an emotionless voice.  "I know for a fact you weren't referring to me.  I'm not, nor will I ever be, sweet."  Vegeta spit out the last word as though it pained him to speak it.  Bulma immediately smacked the man below her in the arm.

"You are such a dork, Vegeta.  I thought something was seriously the matter for a second!"  She said with a small laugh, hitting him again for good measure.  Vegeta was now smirking at his mate.

"You are much to easy to bait, woman.  It amazes me every time."

"It's not my fault you have a sadistic sense of humor."  Bulma said in a sulky voice.  Vegeta's eyebrow rose in amused surprise.

"I'm the one with a sadistic sense of humor?  I don't think so.  I do remember a joke you played on me on that silly human holiday where you purposely go out and fool people."

"April Fools' Day"  Bulma supplied the day for her husband.

"Whatever."  Vegeta dismissed her help with a wave of his hand.  "As I was saying, wasn't it you who got me all worked up thinking you were pregnant?"

Bulma started to laugh and then quickly covered her mouth as she saw the look on her mate's face.  He did not like being made a fool of, regardless of how funny, and harmless, the practical joke was.  "Oh come on Vegeta, it was only a simple prank.  I will never forget the look on your face.  You haven't made a face like that since we found out about Trunks!  It was hilarious."

"Oh hardy-har-har."  Vegeta said sarcastically, and Bulma giggled.  She loved it when Vegeta used what he called, "ridiculous Earth phrases".  It was in those times that she felt he was truly becoming fully adjusted to life here on his adopted home planet.  The blue-haired scientist quickly moved in for a kiss and stopped Vegeta from the rest of his discussion over who had the most evil sense of humor.  Vegeta wrapped his arms around his mate's waist, effectively pinning her to his chest and rolled over.  Bulma gasped at the pleasant surprise of finding herself now below her prince.  What could she say?  It was her favorite place to be.  Bulma placed her hands on either side of Vegeta's face and pulled him close for another kiss, moaning slightly as his hand caressed her thigh.  Vegeta broke the kiss and looked down at his wife with lustful eyes.

"I can't believe you had the audacity to wake me up," he purred and started kissing down her neck.

"So you were asleep!"  Bulma gasped out through her quickening breaths.  "Good, I'd hate to think you were playing with me the entire time I was watching over you."  Vegeta picked his head up from her neck and placed a finger over her lips.

"Bulma, I'm not interested in holding a conversation with you right now."  He scolded lightly.  "All I want to hear rolling off your tongue is my name."  He gave her a sexy smirk before asking, "can we do that?"

"I think that can be arranged your majesty," she responded huskily with a smirk of her own.  Reaching up once again she pulled Vegeta down to her, anticipating the rest of the night ahead of her.

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