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'Beep, beep, beep, beep' Kagome groand, she hated to wake up so early in the morning. She turned off her alarm clock. Who in the right mind would wake a person up at this god-forsaken hour for school? Kagome really wanted to beat the first person who she saw.
(AN: as we all know that not many people, espeacliy Kagome, are not morning people.)

Kagome reluctintly got out of bed, put on her usual uniform. After putting her stuff in her back pack. If she didn't hurry then she would be late. " Alright I'm gonig now, bye Mom!!" Kagome said as she ran out of the house. Kagome ran down the long case of stairs. She eventually made it right befor the bell rang.

Kagome sat down just as the teacher walked in. Unfortunatly math was her first period. " Math, how I loath thee", Kagome muttered. They were reviewing algebra since they were having a test next Monday. Today was Friday. " Ohh, how I wish the day would go faster!", Kagome again muttered, not really paying attention what was going on..

Believe it or not, the day went bye in a flash! And befor she knew it, she was home.

"Momma, Sota,Gramps, I'm home!" ~~no answer~~ She went over to the refridgerator. There was a note, and it said "Kagome, Sota is staying over at a friends house, and me and grampa are out shopping. - Love Mom"

So Kagome went up stairs to go pack. She grabbed 2 pairs of out fits. After acomplishing that little task, she went into the kitchen where she grabbed 2 days worth of instant ramen.

Kagome was goning to suprise Inuyasha by comming early, because school let out early. She grabbed her now humongous pack and made her way to the well.

She let out a long sigh, and then jumped in. Kagome landed with a 'thump' on her butt. Kagome started to clim out of the well, when her foot slipped. Almost causeing her to fall, but a clawed hand grabbed her hand to steady her. Kagome mummbled a 'thanks' before she got completely out of the well.

What she saw, was not what she expected.

There standing infront of her, was a demon, who was known as Naraku. And he was grinning very evily at her," Hello my little miko."

"N-Na-Naraku, w-what are y-you doing here?!"Kagome asked as she hopped that she sounded firm than scared.

" My, my, Kagome was it? You have a very beautiful soul, did you know that?"

" What do you want Naraku!?" Kagome said in more of a demand rather than a question.

" You will know soon enough, my soon to be darling." With that said he dissapeared.

Kagome's heart was racing. She was sure that her heart was going to explode just by fear itself.

" Oi, wench, what are you doing just standing there?" Inuyasha asked, which made Kagome stiffle out a cry of surprise. He took a sniff. "Why do you smell like Naraku?"

"Er... he was prapbably around this area where I'm standing." Kagome tried not to let him see through her lie.

"Come on wench, you need to help find the Shikon shards, there's a rumor that there is some in the next vilage."They walked in silence as they entered the vilage, where you could here people talking. Once they got to Kaede's hut they saw Miroku flying out of the hut and hit a tree falling unconcous.

They looked to see a very flushed Sango putting her boomerang in its proper spot. Kagome thought 'dumb Miroku, can't go one day without getting slapped.'

" Kagome, I missed you sssssoooooooo much! Kagome, Inuyasha was hitting me the whole time you were gone!!" Shippou put on his best pouty face on.

"Sit Boy!" Kagome said as she would always because Inuyasha would always pick on Shippou, while she was away.

" I can't belive you could do that!"

"Do what? I didn't even do anything!" Inuyahsa asked, being stupid, like always. (AN: I know how Inuyasha just seems to never get what people are saying, so in my story he's goning to be a LITTLE stupid... If you don't like it, I DON'T REALLY CARE WHAT YOU THINK THEN!)

"Hit on Shippu when I'm not around to stop you, how childish."

"Feh," Inuyasha said " like I care, I'm always the one to get blamed!"

Kagome went over to see if Miroku was still among the living. She was beside him, Kagome bent over to check for a pulse. But Kagome lost her balence and landed on Miroku. But what Kagome didn't notice, as the letcherous smirk on his face.

Miroku had made her lose her balence, and placed his hands upward, (as if you were going to catch a small basket ball ) on her chest. Giving him the prefect chance to... ~~squeeze~~ ~~squeeze~~

Kagome quickly got off of him. "Yup he's still alive... BUT NOT FOR LONG !" Kagome got a hold of his neck , and strangling *poor* *poor* Miroku. After he started to turn a light blue, Sango pulled Kagome back, restraing her.

"WHY YOU . . . " Inuyasha threatened.

Miroku reconized the fireyness in his eyes. ~~GULP~~ " Uh . . . BYE!!!" Miroku yelled as he made his way to, uh, anywhere but here.

Inuyasha chased him. They didn't come back for about 5 whole minets.

Miroku had several LARGE bumps on his head .Other than that everything was fine.They started their journey of going north. Kagome and Sango could hear Miroku mutter 'sorry, never let it happen agian', or 'please don't hit me on my head agian', and finnaly ' I didn't know Kagome was yours'.

That last comment made Kagome's blood boil. " I'm NOT anybodys!!!" Yeah, Kagome was pissed alright!

"Sorry I didn't mean anything by it, Kagome-san," Miroku said, while rubbing his poor abused bumps, he had recived from Inuyasha.

"Oh, that's okay, I was over-reacting." Kagome said not really paying attention, feeling a little wierded out, trying to comprehend on what Naruku wanted to talk to her about.

It had been a few minetes of walking, when they stopped. Kagome still deep, VERY,deep in thought did not notice when they had stopped. But soon found out as she walked into Miroku, knocking her backwards,and he lost his balence.

(AN: Can you guess WHERE he landed?! ^__^) He landed right on top of her. Seeing his golden oppertunity too . . . *accindentaly rubs Kagome*.

THAT, snapped her out of her thoughts."Miroku," Kagome said with the hint of mischerious,makeing itself VERY well known.

"What? Has Kagome-san agreed to bear me a son?" Miroku asked almost like a cute plead.


"Then what, Have you agreed to bear Inuyasha's-"

"No, and before I forget to tell you, RUN!!" Kagome seethed. Now Kagome was VERY pissed off! From a tree near by, she broke off, a very long switch, and started to clobber Miroku with it. After about the 6th hit she stopped.

Miroku prayred 'thank you' to Budda, for makeing the evil lady stop, along with the pain.

"Huh . . . Why did we stop in the first place?" Kagome asked. She then relized what the problem was. Inuyasha was sniffing the air.

It didn't take long for Kagome to figure out what Inuyasha smelt, because she felt the presensce of none other than kikyo. Kagome scolwed. ( I refuse to capilze the 'k' in kikyo because I really hate her with a pasion!!)

Kagome had long gone stop loving Inuyasha, but didn't want to see him draged into hell. She still hated kikyo though...

Within seconds Inuyasha had told them that he wanted to camp here, and left to be alone for awile. Kagome still followed, just to make sure that kikyou didn't try anything, that could winde up makeing her lose an important friend.

As usual kikyou and Inuyasha were hugging. For some strange reason Kagome had the urge to say 'go get a room', but decided against it. Now a few months ago Kagome would have been very upset to see this little 'cozzy' scene.

But then Inuyasha sniffed. He turned around, and looked shockd. Inuyasha wispered something in kikyo's ear. And kikyo left.

"K-Kagome!, w-what are you doing?" Inuyasha stamerd.

Kagome cursed, she had been so careless, as to let Inuyasha sniff her out! (AN: No pun intended!) She had to come up with something beliveable."Oh, there you are Inuyahsa, I'm so glad I found you! I thought you would like to know that the instant ramen is almost done." Kagome lied through her teeth. Her back facing him.

But he seemed to be buying it.

"Feh..." Inuyasha said blushing.'I thought I was cought for a moment'.

When Kagome turned back around, he was gone.

For some strange reason, Kagome felt as if someone was watching her, her every movement, but Kagome shruged it off, unawre of how very right she was.

That night when everybody was slepping, Kagome tossed and turned in her sleep. Something was plauging her dreams.

***Kagome's dream***

Kagome was in a dark room that was filled with black furniture. Black bed, black sheets.ect.

"Ah, beautiful soul, I have finally found how to break the barriers of your innocent dreams. Though now it will be easier to crack the defenses around your thoughts." Came a man's voice.

"Who are you and what in the world do you want with me?" Kagome asked.

"You shall find out when I allow you to know, and in the mean time would you mind showing me the way to insnare your heart and soul in to an interity in darkness?" The man asked sarcastically, finally revieling himself to be none other than the hanyou, Narku, he appeared and smiled evily.

And then leaned down and kissed her.

***End of dream***

Kagome bolted upright in her sleeping bag, soaking with sweat.

Kagome looked around to see if anyone was awake. Nope, Kagome sighed. Kagome loooked down to see herself all sweaty.

'Yup, I need to take a bath', Kagome thought as she double checked to see if anyone was awake. Still nothing, Kagome got up, careful not to wake the sleeping Shippou. Silenty Kagome crept towards the hot spring near by.

Not fully aware of the dangers that may lie near. . .

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