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He didn't understand. He couldn't possibly understand what was happening around him. Not at all. I-It was against his pride to admit that he didn't understand.

She had called him sama...


Where all he'd get trailing after his name was, Inuyasha, SIT!

He didn't understand what went wrong. Couldn't comprehend as to what was happening between Naraku and Kagome that they weren't telling him about.

He knew his mouth was hanging open, and he hated it. Hating having been so shocked, that he could barely speak.

What was wrong with him?


Naraku's going to smirk to death if he keeps that up... 'Saving the trouble of me killing him, how nice?' Kagome's going to die from two things, one, for staring at me with that 'ohh, I can't believe I said it' look. And secondly, for calling him, HIM, sama!

Naraku's grinning from Kagome's stares....'I can't TAKE it anymore!'


Kagome giggled, and then looked serious. "Because you tried to kill me Inuyasha-sama."

She was mocking him at her own expense. They both knew it, he growled.

"He tried to kill you to!"

"But he has never tried to kill me by his own two hands...er claws. And Kikyo doesn't count, b-because I'm not her, and she's not me so there!"

"He sent people after you." He said quickly. A little too quickly.

"Yes, but...That doesn't matter."

"So you're going to hold a grudge against me for what? Because I've tried to kill you before?!"

"Yes." 'Well, duh!'

He clench his fist so tightly, blood began to drip from his knuckles.

He couldn't believe it. After all the sits he endured. He got nothin.

Except for craters that look like him, but that's it!

"Why do you hate me?"

He had a mental image of chibi Naraku and chibi Kagome running around in circles holding hands, saying, "We don't hate you! We LOVE you Inuyasha- Sama!"

He cringed, that, was simply TOO creepy to think about.

"I don't hate you, I never hated you Inuyasha."

"This...is creepy...."

"Yes it is."

"And why the hell isn't Naraku saying anything?"

"I don't know."


"Why what?"

"Why don't you know?"

"Because I don't."

"Why not?"

"How could I possibly KNOW why he's not talking?!"

"God, you're so very helpful."



"That's not fair!"

She growled, he chuckled.

She aimed a punch at him, he dodged.

He ran, she chased.

Ran right behind Naraku, the devil himself.

Another punch, only there was a glow forming on her hand. Purification. It hit Naraku.

He shot forward at the force. His face grimacing in pain.


Steam came off his back slightly.

"Oh Naraku-sama I'm so sorry!" She ran over to Naraku and hugged him saying how sorry she was.

He turned and looked at him. He grinned.

'T-The nerve!'

"Oh, you-!" –you're gonna pay!



"You need to-"



He crashed to the floor, pain emitting in his lower back.


Why him? Why was this not working out the way he wanted it to?

'It's because Shippo said the monk said that today was a nice day, the deceiving little brat...'

He looked over to Naraku, and growled.

She set him down and he fell asleep holding her...

'JUST wait 'till I can get up!'

He swore blood would spill.

Snf snf

'God Damnit! When does the bad luck END?!'

"Hello little brother."


"What the hell do you want?!"


She groaned.

"Well, I'm kinda preoccupied right now, so if you will please either leave, or wait 'till I can get up, I would happily fight you." 'That's it! The brat dies!"

She got up and walked over to Sesshoumaru and...bowed politely. "Konnichiwa Sesshoumaru-sama!"

'Does this EVER end?! And why the fuck does she call HIM Sama?!'

"Just kill me now..."

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