Her body felt like it was being filled with lava.

Why was she burning?

Was the house on fire?

Was she on fire?

No, she wasn't in her house. She could feel something soft beneath her. Something softer than she had ever felt before. It felt like silk against the fire raging through her. How had she gotten like this? The last thing she remembered was falling asleep in her bed, still trying to get over a cold. It had been an absolutely miserable week. Her sister had gotten ill and then passed it on to her and then on top of that, she quit the job she had been working at for only a month or so. Sleep had come quickly that night, most likely due to the amount of cold medication she had running through her system.

She had never enjoyed being sick and was glad that she was the type of person that only got sick a few times a year. Nova had gone to bed a monday night after taking another dosage of medicine in hopes that it would make her feel somewhat better.

Then she was here.

Wherever here was that is.

Something about it felt familiar to her.

Faintly she could hear voices around her. Two males conversing it appeared. Her lips pressed firmly together to keep herself from groaning out because of the pain. How much longer would it be?

After what felt like an eternity, the pain started to fade from her feet and started making its way up her body. Everything felt nice until the pain and the burning focused on her heart and she could hear it begin to pick up until it sounded like a high thrumming in her.

And then it stopped.

But she wasn't dead.

In fact, she had never felt more alive.

Her eyes opened before she realized it. Everything was so clear now, she could see new colors she couldn't have seen before and hear everything within a certain radius. Was it normal to be overwhelmed? And the second she saw the closest face, she knew exactly where she was.

Carlisle Cullen sat in the chair closest to her, not a hair out of place and strangely looking almost as he did in the movies.

That's where she was!

Well fuck.

A chuckle brought her out of her thoughts and she found herself staring into the eyes of one Edward Cullen.

Great, he was in her head. Exactly what she needed from him.

"How did you find me," Nova found herself asking the men, eyes drawn to them.

"Edward and I were hunting about three days ago when we came across your body. It looked like you'd been attacked so we made the split decision to change you."

With a flash she was upright in the bed, staring at the bronze haired man, a sneer on her face.

Now more of a reason to hate both of them. She had always hated his character and how he left Bella like she didn't mean anything to him. Don't get her started on how he thought he would damn her soul to hell for all eternity.

"How do you know about all of that?" He asked her as he shared a look with Carlisle.

She found her voice.

"Where i'm from, all of this," She motioned with a wave of her hand. Note to self, get a mirror check soon. "is just fiction. It's a book and movie series about all of your lives and most things that happen in it." She finished, relishing in the fact that her voice sounded so different now.

Jesus fucking christ she was a vampire.


"Everything?" She heard Edward ask, and she nodded as she continued to take in the room around her. They seemed to be in a spare bedroom and that was when she noticed that besides the two males, they were alone. Everyone else was gone. Probably waiting to see if she would flip and lose her shit. She laughed to herself. The room was dimly lit and she could see that while it was sparse in decor, it still looked like something they would have decorated. The sheets that she was on were a pale blue and she noted that she was dressed in blouse and slacks?

What the fuck Alice?

Disgust came over her and she vowed as soon as she left here she would remove them from herself.

Oo, speaking of leaving, where could she go now?

"Mhmm, like how you left Bella in the forest and told her how she meant absolutely nothing to you. Shitty ass move there dude. First of all, telling her not to do anything stupid but leaving her in the forest where you know there was a good chance for her to get hurt. And second, if she really was your mate," She turned to glare at him, noting how he was becoming increasingly upset at her. "You wouldn't have been able to leave her like you did. Oh, and don't get me started on damning her soul to hell. That's a load of bullshit and you should have wanted her by your side forever."

"You have no right to talk to me like-" Edward was cut off by Carlisle placing a hand on his shoulder.

"How's your thirst, you're calm for a newborn."

It was then that the burn made its appearance.

"Is it always supposed to feel like this?" She asked her hands to cup her throat, thinking that it would help.

"We'll take you hunting, that should help."

But what if she didn't want to hunt animals. Nova must have made a face for Carlisle to speak again. "We only hunt animals here." What if she didn't want to?

She felt her thirst increase when she caught the scent of the greatest thing from a couple miles away. She had to get it. No matter the cost. It felt like something sparked in her throat and engulfed it in the same burn that was coursing through her body not even an hour ago.


"What is it Edward?"

She took that moment while they were distracted in conversation to make haste and escape out the open window.

A dumb move on their end if you asked her.

She glided faster than she ever thought possible, the movies failing to show everything and this was one of them. She felt graceful and invisible. Leaves held more detail than she thought possible. The smells that permeated through her brain was nerve ending and a touch overwhelming. Legs pushed her up and over a creek where she landed without a sound and was about to lunge into the small cottage when a body slammed into her and forced her in a headlock.


She struggled against him, teeth sinking easily into the skin on his arm and succeeded in getting out of his grasp and was making a move again.

Then she found herself hit with a wave of something and everything went black.

welcome to my newest work that i just had to write! this is actually based off a dream and i just could not get the idea out of my head so here it is! some things about the lore and some of the characters will be different but i hope you all like this!