-Anthony's Room-

"Why do I subject myself to these sorts of animes? I just keep hoping either Louise grows much kinder to him overall or that Saito will move onto some other women that is obviously much better for him. Yet, neither of those things happen." Anthony says as he sighs to himself.

Anthony is a 17 year old boy with short brown hair and an overall average figure and height. He has been into anime and manga for many years now and after getting a new desktop computer recently, he decided to watch various anime that caught his interest. The most recent anime he finished is Familiar of Zero. He watched all 4 seasons of it and he found himself quite annoyed with it overall.

"It has a fairly compelling plot and many characters that could've turned out great. However, it's all ruined by all the unnecessary fanservice! Like geeze, stop with those filler episodes that barely move the plot forward whatsoever. Though honestly, I could've endured it. I probably could've if it wasn't for one specific character. And she's the freaking heroine of this show!"

"Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere. What a ridiculously long name. She alone brings the entire show crashing down. I can't even begin to describe just how horrible she is to Saito. The beatings, explosions, and freaking WHIPPING him! Seriously, how is she not the antagonist of this show?! And to add insult to injury, outside of Siesta to some extent, no one cares whatsoever!" Anthony pants a little after this little self rant to himself. Or well, he thought it was to himself. He suddenly hears the door to his left open and shut.

"Master? Are you alright? You seem to be quite upset. Did one of the girls upset you? If so, I swear I'll…" The person who enters suddenly clenches their right fist.

He suddenly swings his head around and looks at the person who enters. "Faye?! How much did you hear?"

"I just heard you yelling in here at something. I didn't make out any words except for 'and to add insult to injury, outside of Siesta to some extent, no one cares whatsoever'."

"Oh, I see. I'm fine. I'm just ranting after watching this overall meh if not bad anime. Sorry to have worried you."

She shakes her head. "Don't worry master. It's natural for me to worry for your safety. I'm interested in this 'anime' you're talking about. Would it be alright if you explained it to me?"

He nods.

Faye is 15 year old girl who also has brown hair, but hers go down to her shoulders. Her clothing consists of a typical maid outfit. She is of average height as well, just being slightly shorter than Anthony. She's a maid who has faithfully served Anthony for the past few months now. Being raised in a maid school alongside many other students, she performs her duties exceptionally well. In addition to being well-versed in house cleaning, cooking, and performing tasks for her master, she has two other major traits. The first is that she is extremely good at hand-to-hand martial arts. Having trained for ten years, she can easily beat anyone who is poor at fighting face to face. The second is that she has supreme healing magic. She is able to heal major wounds, broken bones, and powerful poisons. However, she is unable to resurrect anyone and if she runs too low on mana, she is unable to cast magic.

The reason she serves Anthony is because he once saved her from being run over by a car. She wasn't paying attention to the road as she was reading a book and the driver in the car wasn't paying much attention to what was in front of him. Anthony saved her at the last second despite having severe injuries himself due to unrelated circumstances. This touched her so deeply that she devoted herself to him pretty much right then and there.

"So you see Faye, basically this average guy gets teleported into this fantasy world and-h-huh?!" Anthony begins to explain but all of a sudden, a giant lime green portal appears right in front of his computer screen.

"W-what is this?!" He yelps.

"I don't know master, but it looks dangerous, please don't touch it!"

While Faye is replying to him, he looks back at her and while he looks at her he doesn't realize that he moves his right hand a bit towards the portal. His index finger barely touches the portal and all of a sudden, it begins to suck him in.

"Ahhhh! No! What's happening to me?!" He yells before his face goes through the portal. The rest of his body is quickly getting sucked in as well.

"Master!" Faye screams as she launches herself and grabs one of his legs. She tries to pull him back but unfortunately the suction of the portal proves to be way too strong even for her. She and Anthony end up getting pulled through the portal together.

Familiar of Zero World

-Near Tiffania's Village-

"Explosion!" Louise yells as points her wand upwards. A series of explosions occur that blow up all the fenrirs that were summoned by Sheffield. After doing this attack, she bends down slightly and begins to pant.

Siesta, who is also with her, gets knocked unconscious due to both the explosions and a fenrir that attacked her earlier and was quickly defeated by said explosions.

"Siesta!" Louise kneels down and holds her head in her lap for a moment to see if she's alright.

"Ohh…Saito…" Siesta mumbles happily in her sleep.

Louise just sighs, but she quickly notices that she is surrounded by another pack of fenrirs.

"Well, looks like you got some fight in you." Sheffield says to her while maintaining almost never-changing smile. "But are you sure you can defeat them all with magic alone?"

Setting Siesta down, Louise stands up and looks at the ground. She begins to shake her fists while still grasping the wand in her right hand.

"I have to try…I have to try to summon Saito again! If he becomes my familiar again, then he'll be able to fight!"

"What a hopeless idea. You cannot summon the same familiar again. Now, call the other Void mage if you don't want to get hurt." Sheffield threatens.

Ignoring her, Louise begins to perform the chant.

"My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere. Pentagon of the five elemental powers. Heed my summoning and bring forth my yet to be seen familiar!

Sheffield appears to be amused. Well, let's see what she gets.

A lime green portal appears and a few moments later, two individuals appear out of the portal.

Sheffield is a bit surprised to see the outcome of this. Huh? Two individuals came out of the same portal? I've never heard of such a thing before! I'll have to report this to master Joseph immediately. But first, let's get rid of these two pests.

The two individuals land on top of Louise. Taking a couple of seconds to realize just what happened, they quickly get off of her in a panic. Louise gets a quick look at the two and immediately notices one is male and the other is female.

"Master?! Are you alright?" The female begins.

"Um…yeah. I think so. Hurt a little though. Are you ok?" The male replies.

She nods. "Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for asking."

"W-w-what the…" Louise stammers. I failed?!

"Attack!" Sheffield shouts. The fenrirs growl and begin to target the two people that came out of the portal.

One launches itself at the female and the male barely pushes her out of the way of the attack.

"Woah that was close Faye." Anthony breathes a sigh of relief.

More or less grasping the situation at hand. Faye quickly stands herself up and instantly gets herself into battle mode. Seeing the shining blue eyes of the fenrirs surrounding them, she realizes this will not be the easiest fight she's ever done.

"Please stay close to me master."

Due to Anthony not knowing how to fight very well, he usually has to leave all the fighting to Faye. However, he is not afraid to help assist her in any way he possibly can. Usually, it's moral support. Regardless they've never been in a battle quite like this before, so he is a little unsure what to do.

"I think you should focus on the one's in front of you first. We'll figure it out from there." He suggests."


Facing them head on, Faye begins to shift and maneuver around the fenrirs while punching them sky high with her insanely strong punch. The fenrirs are unable to get a single successful strike on the quick and nimble maid.

While she does this, a faint voice in the distance begins to grow louder and louder. Soon enough it's loud enough for Louise to hear.

"Louise! Louise! Where are you Louise?!" The voice cries out, clearly distressed.

"Saito!" Louise immediately recognizes the voice.

A few moments later, he arrives and quickly asks Louise, "What in the world is going on here?!"

"T-this person came out of nowhere and began to attack me and Siesta with these fenrirs! I-I t-t-tried to s-summon you b-but I got these two instead!" She points to Anthony and Faye.

"I don't really understand what's going on here, but I'm going to help them."

"B-But you don't have your rune! How're you supposed to fight?!"

"I can hold my own even without it to some extent." With that, he enters the battle.

Louise crosses her arms and huffs, "That idiot! Running off and doing whatever he wants." But still, I need to talk to him. We've hardly spoken with each other recently.

The next few minutes are filled with chaotic fighting. Ultimately, Saito and Faye are able to deal with all of the fenrirs. Even Anthony picked up a stray tree branch nearby and managed to fend off one fenrir before Faye came in and ultimately killed it.

"Hmm. This could get troublesome. I guess I'll leave them for now. The highest priority right now is to report this to master Joseph." Sheffield says to herself. In the blink of an eye, she disappears from the area.

The next minute is spent with everyone catching their breath. Although Faye does not appear to be that fatigued. Even though it is night time at the moment, the blue and pink moons hanging high in the sky provide more than enough light for their surroundings.

Anthony sighs as he looks at the moons. Yep. Looks like I'm in yet another world! Why does this keep happening to me…not only that, but I even got Faye caught up in this. I'll have to apologize to her. In the meantime, who exactly was with us? I think I saw two other individuals in all the chaos…

He looks around and, to his horror, finally notices who the other two people are. No…it can't be…no…

"L-L-Louise?! Saito?!" He yelps.

Hearing her name, Louise stands up and heads towards him. She accusingly points a finger at him.

"H-How do you know our names? Identify yourself!"

Getting a better look at her, he now fully realizes just what sort of situation he is in now. "NOOOOO! You really are Louise! And if I'm here, then you must've used the summoning ritual!"

"How do you know all that?!" She demands in an increasingly hostile tone. "If you don't identify yourself immediately, I will assume you and that girl are spies from Albion!"

He scoffs, "I literally just told you! You summoned me and her together!"

Louise shows a perplexed face, "I did?"

"You did!"

Saito, who has moved a little closer to the group, suddenly says, "Wait, so if what you are saying is true, then you two just went through what I went through some months ago!"


He nods, "Yeah, I was also summoned by Louise and became her familiar."

And proceeded to be treated like a literal dog and whipped for disobeying her or ogling at other girls a bit. Anthony adds in his mind. He just couldn't believe he could take on the abuse like it was nothing.

"Are you two also Japanese?!" He asks excitedly.

"No, I'm from the United States." Anthony replies. Well, once was anyway.

"Yes." Faye simply answers.

"If what you two say is true…" Louise begins, "then there should be no problem in finishing the ritual."

"Finishing the ritual?" Faye says confused.

She nods, "Yes. You two are lowly commoners, so you two ought to be grateful you were able to be summoned by the likes of me. And especially two at that. I've never heard of anyone doing such a thing before! How did this happen…"

No, you are definitely the worst option among all the people here with familiars. Anthony thinks.

"What happens with the ritual is finished? And what exactly do you do?" Faye asks with suspicion.

Louise suddenly blushes thinking about it. "B-B-Basically, I say some extra words a-and k-k-kiss you! A-Afterwards, you two are to serve me as my familiars!"

This immediately prompts Faye to stand up and look at Louise with disdain and contempt in her eyes.

"No." She speaks coldly.


"I absolutely refuse to serve you. The only one I serve is master." She points to Anthony.

Anthony also stands up, "I agree with her. If I was summoned by any other mage, perhaps I'd consider it at least a little. But you? No. No way."

Louise is utterly shocked. She remembers Saito resisting too back when she summoned him, but this is a new level of resistance she has never seen before.

"L-Listen you two! I summoned you both, thus it is your duty to willingly become my familiars! Seriously, why are all the familiars I summon so disrespectful to their master?"

"Because I'm not your familiar!" Anthony shouts.

"L-listen, if we all calm down and talk this out rationally, perhaps we can come to an agreement…" Saito says, trying to deescalate the situation.

"Do I need to tell you again?" Faye says with increasing hostility. "I serve master and master only. If you think I'm doing anything you're saying. You are absolutely out of your mind."

"Let's get out of here Faye. I need to clear my head and we both need to avoid becoming her familiar."

"Agreed Master. Let's go."

With that, the two swiftly begin running in a random direction.

"Hey wait! Come back here you dogs!

"Louise! Just let them go. You can't force them to be your familiars. I honestly applaud them for resisting like that. I wish I had the level of courage they have…" Saito says.

"What are you saying you dog?!" Louise proceeds to give Saito a pretty hard punch to his head and he falls to the ground as of a result.

Faye stops in her tracks once she realizes what Louise called Anthony. Turning around, she begins to head back towards them. "Faye?" Anthony says as he follows her back.

"What did you call master?" Faye asks coldly upon approaching her.

"A dog, that's what you two are! Lowly peasants!"

Faye reels back her right fist and launches it straight into Louise's face. This causes her to fall backwards onto her back, instantly knocking her unconscious.

Saito is both horrified and very upset with Faye. "What the heck did you do to Louise?!" Running over to her, he cries, "Louise! Louise! Are you alright? Speak to me."

Faye answers tersely. "She insulted master. I will allow no one to insult him on my watch."

Returning to Anthony, the two leave and make a ways into the forest before they decide to sit down and discuss their predicament.

"Craaaap…this sucks." Anthony sighs. "Faye, I'm so sorry I got you caught up in this."

"There's no need to apologize master! You were absolutely not at fault for any of this. It was that unpleasant pinkhead's fault. Speaking of, who exactly is she? I wish I knew."

"That girl is Louise Valliere. Her name is much longer, but honestly there's no way I can remember such a long name. She's one of the characters in that anime I was trying to tell you about earlier. And yes, she is just as unpleasant as she appears. In fact, she's much worse."

Her eyes widen, "What do you mean by worse?"

"Did you see that boy beside her? His name is Saito and like us was summoned here from his home world by her. The way she treats him is…" He shudders, "horrifying."

Faye gives him a look to continue on.

"She punches him, berates him, treats him like a literal dog, or at least at first. She never trusts him. And perhaps worst of all, she literally whips him!"

"To think he would have such a cruel master, how horrifying indeed."

"Seriously, what if I treated you like that Faye? What would you do?"

"I would follow and obey your orders always. I don't care how you treat me." She states resolutely.

"And that's the problem right there. Listen, I love how far you're willing to go for me, but you really need to be able to stand up to your master if he or she starts acting cruel towards you. You shouldn't just take it like Saito does. Thankfully, I'm not like her and I know just how valuable you are to me."

"Master…" She tears up a little at his heartwarming words.

Suddenly and a bit forcefully, Anthony places his hands on Faye's shoulders and gives her a serious look, "Promise me something Faye, if I ever start acting not like myself, whether that be becoming more cruel towards you or others, then please go against me and help me realize the error of my ways."

Initially, she just stares at him, but eventually nods and says, "Yes, I promise master. If you ever start acting unlike yourself, I will do all in my power to bring you back to normal."

He smiles at her and lets her go, "Good. Now, what are going to do from here on…"

"May I suggest something?" She asks.

"Of course. You don't have to ask you know."

"We should look for a way out of this world, unless there's no way out…"

He smiles, "Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to get out of here."

"What methods are there?"

"First method is to have a solar eclipse occur. See those two moons?" He points up to the sky which contains two fully illuminating moons. One blue and one pink. The blue one is more than twice the size of the pink one in the night sky.

"Apparently, when the two moons come close enough together during the day and block the sun, it's apparently possible to return to the world you came from by going towards the moons. Saito was actually going to do this in a fighter plane but he ultimately chose to stay with Louise and assist her in the war they were fighting. By the time the fight was over, the solar eclipse had already passed."

"Where would we get something like a fighter plane though? Aren't those really expensive?"

"That's not the problem, the problem is that it's the only one of its kind here. This is a medieval sort of world so I don't think they really have any military technology beyond swords, bows, and cannons."

She frowns at this, but decides to make a mental note about this escape option in the back of her mind.

"As for option number two…we'd unfortunately need Louise in order to leave. Since as far as I know, she's the only person able to do a spell known as World Door, which allows people to transport between one place and another, including worlds. Though considering I'm pretty sure I know where in the story we are, she has not learned this spell yet."

"That is indeed an unfortunate option, but it is good to know of it regardless. I presume we will pursue option number one master?"

He thinks deeply for a moment before responding, "Yeah…probably. However…there's something I'd like to do before we go back."

"What's that?" She asks with a curious look in her emerald green eyes.

"I'd…like to save Saito."

"Save Saito?" She repeats.

"Yeah, I want to save him from the abuse he's going through. No one should have to go through that, period. Additionally, while he seems to have consented towards it to some extent, it's not exactly him consenting. At least, I'm very sure he isn't."

"What do you mean? I don't fully follow, I apologize." She bows to him apologetically.

"N-No! It's fine. He's basically more or less gotten used to it by this point in the story. Except, I'm pretty sure it's not fully his will that is accepting this treatment. You see, when the summoning contract is complete, there is some sort of mind magic that is placed on the familiar that naturally inclines it to follow, obey, and protect its master."

"You're saying Saito is being forced to serve her?"

"At least to a small extent, yes. I think he does genuinely care about her too, though I have absolutely no idea why he does. Either way, their relationship is toxic no matter how you slice or dice it. I want to help him realize that."

"I see, I'll assist you in this endeavor however I can master." She says with confidence. "Although I do have a question, how are we going to dispel the mind magic?"

"Actually, that's already been taken care of." He smiles.


"He's actually not her familiar right now. Not officially. I realized what point in the story we were dropped off in, and it's not too long after Saito died and was resurrected by some magic item an elf named Tiffania used on him."

Faye makes a shocked expression, "There's actually an item stronger than my healing magic?!"

"It's a one-use item I think, but yeah, I believe so. I'll have to tell you how the magic of this world works as we travel. Anyway, due to him being dead, even if it was for a short period of time, the contract between him and Louise was nullified. She was actually trying to summon him again just a moment ago to renew the contract but ended up getting us instead."

"And since she hasn't kissed either of us…" She starts.

"She currently has no familiar, correct." He finishes. "We should get going. I don't think it's a good idea to be out in these woods late at night. Let's find a town or something."

"I'm right behind you master."

Some time later, they come upon a lone wooden shack in the forest.

Meanwhile Louise wakes up a few minutes after Faye punched her in the face.

"Oh Louise! Thank goodness! I wasn't sure if you were going to wake up or not." Saito says relieved to see her awake. He had been watching over her while she laid in the grass.

"W-what happened to me?" She asks as she rubs her face and sits up.

"That girl you summoned punched you hard in the face and ran off with that boy you summoned as well. I couldn't believe what she did to you." He growls a little.

Louise suddenly remembers that entire encounter. Suddenly standing up, she shouts, "Where do they think they are getting off, rebelling against a noble like that?! And its their master, no less! I didn't perform that summoning ritual for nothing, so I'm gonna go and try to find those dogs right now. I will make them my familiars no matter what it takes!"

Just as she begins to angrily walk off, Siesta, who neither of them were thinking about at that moment, wakes up and upon seeing Saito, launches herself at him.

"Saito! Saito! You came to save me, right?! You did, right?!" She says excitedly as she hugs and clings onto him.

Saito can only nervously laugh as Louise grumbles loudly next to them and says, "You stupid maid! You should've kept on sleeping!"

Shortly after saying that, the three make their way back to the log cabin they, Agnes, and Tiffania are staying at.

Unknown to them, Anthony and Faye not too far away had just found the log cabin they are staying at.

It appears Anthony and Faye will be meeting with them again sooner than expected.

-Author's Corner-

Hi there! I'm here to present a new story, Summoning Two Familiars! I've been binging through the Familiar of Zero anime as I've been wanting to write this sort of story for a little while now, but I didn't know anything about Familiar of Zero yet. Now that I've watched a good portion of the anime at this point, I feel ready to begin this.

If you read Entering the Love Hina World, then you will recognize Anthony and Faye here. I really enjoyed using them in that story and I just couldn't resist bringing them back again. They will maintain their personalities from that fic, but this will be an AU for them. Basically, this story here does not canonically happen at any point in Entering the Love Hina World.

I will likely make small nods to that story from time to time, but that will be the extent of the connection between the two stories. I want to keep them separate as much as possible. Thus, this story can be read completely on its own. I just wanted to make that really clear.

One final small note regarding Love Hina: New Beginnings if you're reading that. No, I haven't abandoned it, but I currently don't have much motivation to write it right now due to writers block. I'll probably come back to it eventually, but not for right now.