TBB - Toxic (Crosshair/Hunter)

By Gun Roswell


There is "Murder on the dance floor"

That's why they call it "La petite mort"


Set somewhere in the space time continuum of the Bad Batch galaxy of things

The few drinks downed at the bar, the blinking lights, the heavy beat of the music, the inviting dance floor… A cocktail for romantic bliss, for sure?

A Crosshair/Hunter series

There is "Murder on the dance floor"

"Never underestimate the lure of someone's hips swaying to the beat of the music.'

Hunter was dancing by himself in the dim lit space. The dance floor almost empty still. It was early after all. The patrons of 79's only coming alive much, much later.

But the music had caught up with Hunter and he was swaying like no one was watching. His hips moving seductively to the rhythm playing. It had not mattered which song was on, rather the beat of it having caught Hunter's attention. Making him move towards the flashing lights and then starting to simply move. Letting the music consume him. Totally.

This all had not gone unnoticed by Crosshair.

Sitting at the bar and sipping his drink. As Crosshair kept on eye on Hunter move around the floor. All alone, without a care in the world. Completely submerged in the beat to notice anyone watching him. And watch they did. Those few patrons present in the club, mostly already half buzzed having come early to the place for one reason or another.

Crosshair kept a keen eye on them all though. Wanting nothing and no-one to disturb the dancing Hunter.

As even if they could all look, they were not allowed to touch.

Because Hunter, was Crosshair's.

Crosshair kept on staring at Hunter, the drink soon enough consumed. Ordering another one, because his throat was getting more and more dry the longer he kept his eyes on Hunter.

Those hips, the narrow waist, the muscular thighs, the way Hunter was completely absorbed by the music, his bandana long since forgotten as his long hair flowed freely with his dance moves.

Crosshair licked his lips.

The taste of bourbon was burning Crosshair's mouth. But thinking of the sweet, sweet taste of Hunter, when he finally got his lips on the man, and what a pleasant mix of flavours it would be.

Crosshair downed the last of his drink and was ready to hit the dance floor too.

But just as he was about to move, Crosshair could see two nat-borns headed towards Hunter's direction. A man and a woman.

Crosshair stopped in his tracks to observe them at first, just to make sure if they were only going to let there own groove out. To be sure before deciding on what to do.

But no. The two were clearly headed right to where Hunter was. The man placing his hand on Hunter's shoulder to get his attention, while Hunter was consumed by his own mind in the middle of the groove.

Well, Crosshair would have none of that. The possessive jealousy within him stirring as his long legs quickly carried him to the dance floor and right to Hunter's side.

Before any of the other three could react, Crosshair was already there. With his possessive arm around Hunter's waist, his permascowl plastered onto his face as he glared ominously at the two arrivals (rivals).

There was absolutely no question at that very moment as to whom Hunter belonged to. Not to the two would be suitors, nor anyone else having observed the scene unfolding.

Short of growling, and perhaps there was a low one there let out, Crosshair kept his stance. The man of the couple raising his arms in mock surrender before motioning for his partner to leave. As the two strangers quickly left, leaving Hunter and Crosshair all alone in the middle of the dance floor staring after them.

Hunter had observed intently and with great interest what had just expired between Crosshair and the couple. He could not have been more touched of his lover's actions though. After all, Hunter too would have been jealous if their roles had been reversed and someone had put the moves on Crosshair. Because Crosshair, belonged to Hunter.

Hunter looked up and at Crosshair, seeing the myriad of emotions in his partner's eyes.

A soft smile curled up Hunter's lips.

"Dance with me."

It wasn't a question. Then again, Hunter did not really have to order Crosshair to do it either, seeing the glimmer of passion in his eyes. And Crosshair like Hunter loved to dance.

The music having continued to play, despite the small spat of a thing having just happened, it had not made any difference. It was common place after all at the club, lovers having fights, then getting back together, the overall seduction of lovers, strangers, all that jazz.

Crosshair could only nod his answer.

Still intoxicated by Hunter and the way he had looked. Did look even now. All disheveled, soft and glowing, smelling of perfume and musky sweat. All that which Crosshair loved about Hunter.

Inhaling that which was Hunter, Crosshair placed his hands on Hunter's hips and drew him in. Their bodies almost crushing to each other. The soft civilian clothing leaving no room for the imagination. Not that Crosshair had not imagined, as he had watched Hunter dancing by himself for the longest moment.

Oh boy, had Crosshair imagined! Imagining Hunter's soft naked skin under his fingers, his lips, and… Crosshair knew he would be in trouble soon enough if he let his thoughts run along the lines they had started. Luckily or unluckily, there had been the slight diversion for his thoughts. The couple hitting on Hunter. But now, they were together again.

And so, with their bodies touching now. Oh so very close, Crosshair moved along with Hunter to the beat of the music. The scent of the other, the beginnings of arousal present there… But neither Crosshair nor Hunter wanted to move away from the dance floor or to act on what was happening between them. Not just yet. After all, they had all night to enjoy the each other. Long after the music had ended.

That's why they call it "La petite mort"

"The post orgasmic bliss, feels like dying, just a little bit. But, in a good way.'

"The taste of your lips will be my undoing."

Crosshair practically growled against Hunter's lips, having feasted on his lover's mouth for a longest moment.

"I think, I am addicted to you."

Crosshair was panting in between their kisses, Hunter being none the worse for wear. The dance floor long since forgotten, having reached their rented room they had for the duration for their leave time. It had been a quick run to the close by hotel after the heat between them on the dance floor had cranked up into a roaring fire. As staying in the bar under the hungry eyes of the other patrons… well, perhaps some other time. As tonight was only for the two of them. Not for the entertainment of others.

"I love how you get all jealous of me."

Hunter managed in between their kisses, his words spoken against the pliant skin of Crosshair's Hunter was still latched onto.

"Oh yeah?"

Crosshair knew he wasn't the only guilty party there. Hunter having as bad of a jealous streak as Crosshair did. But they each took their turn, to make the other jealous, whether by choice or then, happening naturally, like it had happened tonight. After all, many found the two of them rather desirable. And this wasn't the first time nor the last time someone would approach either or both of them in a bar.


"Well, perhaps next time, you will do a private session for me. Dancing only for me. You know, so I won't get jealous."

It was something of a bucket list of a thing for Crosshair. Involving Hunter, a private room and Hunter stripping to music. Just for Crosshair's eyes to appreciate.

"Hm. Next time?"

Hunter, despite their current situation, both panting heavily, half turned on from the kissing alone, was still able to half plan that particular scene in his mind though.

"Next time."

Crosshair managed, before his lips crashed into Hunter's once again.

"Now, less talking more kissing."

Crosshair wasn't asking either, but it sure sounded like an order, half of one anyway. "Is that an order?"

Hunter was bating Crosshair, already nipping his bottom lip between his teeth.

"I guess it is."

Crosshair was sounding more impatient if even possible. His mouth once again on Hunter's. Their bodies flush against the other's. Having removed half the clothing after getting through the door into the room, all the while their lips having been locked to the others.

The two of them having mastered the removal of their clothing quickly and easy with years of practice. Especially when the armour was not involved it was so.

The smell of musk and arousal filling the air as the two lovers moved towards the bed. Almost naked now, not much more between them anymore, having tangoed their way to the edge of the bed.

Crosshair pushed Hunter onto the bed, pawing Hunter's underwear off, seeing that Hunter was as ready as Crosshair himself was. For the more.

Without further delay, Crosshair disposed of his last piece of clothing.

But before he got into bed with Hunter, Crosshair let his eyes linger on the body of his lover's for a lengthy moment. Making Hunter squirm and flush ever so slightly, the longer his eyes stayed on specific part of Hunter's.

Letting Hunter too have a good long gaze of his own body, before Crosshair gave into the growing desire and crawled on top of Hunter. Holding his lover's gaze for a spell before kissing Hunter again.

* Hunter was lying on his back, with Crosshair on top of him. Crosshair's lips and fingers busy at work, mapping each and every single patch of exposed skin he could reach.

The craving to touch Hunter had already started way before the two of them had made it back to their room. The hunger having grown each passing moment they had moved on the dance floor, hip to hip, their bodies rocking in perfect rhythm to the music.

And this was no different. Their naked bodies touching, gliding against each other in the dim light of the bedroom. The soft sighs and moans the only music needed for this particular dance, as old as time itself.

Hunter's pleads we're getting louder, as Crosshair worked his way ever downward. Leaving a trail of markings in his wake all across Hunter's neck and upper torso, the tiny nips and bites, soothed only with soft licks and kisses

Smirking as Crosshair looked at his artwork. Something which would remain on Hunter's skin long after they were back on duty. The possessiveness present as Crosshair continued sucking on the pliant flesh beneath him.

Latching onto the erect nipples, Crosshair devoured the succulent nubbin into his eager and hungry mouth, while using his fingers to mimic the movements of his mouth on its twin. Remaining a tad longer in the taste of one of his most favourite parts of his lover, only moving reluctantly away, when Hunter let out a loud growl. Demanding, more.

"Cross, please… I'm not gonna last if… you keep up with… that."

Hunter was already on the verge of release, but wanting to desperately last a spell longer. Loving the feel of hanging onto the precipice while prolonging the inevitable.

"So impatient you are, my darling."

But Crosshair could not really blame Hunter, as where the roles reversed, he himself would most likely be pleading for his release as well.


Hunter managed even if he was way too riled up under Crosshair's ministrations.


Crosshair chuckled against Hunter's skin, sending ripples across Hunter's body, eliciting further sounds from him.

Crosshair could already feel the urgency of Hunter's.

Making his way ever downward, Crosshair kissed Hunter on his stomach, his pelvis, dipping his tongue into Hunter's belly button before settling in the crook of Hunter's legs.

Running his hands across the lean muscle of Hunter's thighs, while seated snuggly between the lean legs, Crosshair bent down to work on the inner sides of Hunter's thighs. Causing Hunter to jump up ever so slightly almost crashing into Crosshair's face in the process, the heated touch too much on the sensitive area for Hunter to handle at the moment.

But Crosshair did not mind the slight inconvenience, as he was on a mission. To satisfy his partner. Wanting to take his time despite the ever increasing curt demands falling from Hunter's lips.

As Crosshair's lips made contact with Hunter's bulge, it was too much for Hunter to bare, the loud moaning, more like a howl, filling the almost quiet air.

Crosshair started gently, tasting, licking, suckling on the hardened length of Hunter's, savouring the sweet juices he so loved. Changing his pace quickly though, devouring Hunter fully, after hearing the other man's pleads becoming more and more frequent from somewhere above him. Deciding to let Hunter off the hook and to give him what he needed at the very moment. The bliss of his release.

They had all night to linger and to take things slow after all.

As Hunter lay panting in his post orgasmic bliss, Crosshair made his way back up to Hunter. Landing on top of him, face to face. Their kiss deep and loving, Crosshair whispering soothing words to his lover, bringing Hunter down from his high. None too many words were needed between them though, except…

"I love you."

"I love you too."