TBB - My Knife is bigger than Yours - (WRECKER/HUNTER)

By Gun Roswell


Knives out!



Set somewhere in the space time continuum of the Bad Batch and the Clone Wars galaxy of things

They are always competing against each other. The Bad Batch that is. Crosshair and Wrecker having their own, ever on going 'battle' of topping the other in the count of blown up clankers.

While Hunter and Wrecker really have no such rivalry… Well, they still have a sort of a competition going on. That of which of them has the largest collection of… vibroknives.

As the ones the two use in battle, are just a small selection of the more serious collection both of them have. Of vibroknives.

A Wrecker/Hunter series

Knives out!

'Competing in the battlefield is one thing, but when it comes to the weapons used, namely vibroknives, well, gotta make some serious comparisons, right?'

The battle was going on, as the droids kept pouring in.

From the odd onlooker, it might have just have seemed, like trouble for Clone Force 99. But the truth was, they were not loosing. Far from it. They were right where they needed to be. In the midst of it all. Blasting away, taking down the large armada of enemy combatants headed their way.

After the most of the clankers had been dealt with blaster fire and droid poppers, it was time for some varied action. Hunter and Wrecker both pulled out their vibroblades, both of them having taken with them double the arsenal this time around. And so, having one vibroblade in each hand was all they needed for their stint.

And so, it was time for the perfectly coordinated dance the two of them liked to do. To prance around the somewhat confused clankers. Hunter doing his quite light looking ballet around, over, under and on top of them. While Wrecker was having the more forward approach to the rhythmic assault. Ramming into the clankers head on. Slashing the necks of each and every single droid headed his way. Wrecker too, had a few other moves for himself, not as gracious as Hunter's were, but for sure, following the flow of the beat while taking the well practiced stances around the enemy droids.

It was a pretty sight for sure.

Echo, Tech and Crosshair could not help but admire the way their two batch mates moved around the battle ground. So gracefully, never missing a beat, or a clanker's neck for that matter. It was such beautiful of a display, it almost brought tears to the rest of their eyes. Almost. After all, this was war, not some fancy paid for show. Well, it was kind of both.

"That's not a knife! This, this is a knife!"

Hunter and Wrecker were maintaining their collection. Taking great care of the lot. Their cherished babies, as Crosshair had dubbed the weapons to be. Always cleaning, polishing and organising them. Even taking a few of them out for a spin when not in battle. For target practice, as Hunter and Wrecker used as an excuse. Not that they needed to, not really. Everyone knew how much the duo loved their, knives.

And besides, not all of the knives were used out there in the battle field. Some of them were, collectables. In mint condition no less!

"Oh yeah?"

Hunter wasn't that impressed of Wrecker's rather large size vibroblade he had picked up from some antique dealer while out running ops. And while having aided said dealer while catching a thief on their behalf and then having the option to pick up his reward for his, good deed.

"I'll bet the size of that, thing, prevents the very precision these small beauties have. You are missing the artistry here, Wreck."

Hunter was in the middle of cleaning a set of six rather small size, but with a bite of sharpness to them no less. The edges able to penetrate even the smallest of cracks. His most priced possessions for sure, with the exception of his trusted ever present vibroknife of course.

"Well, this, is an antique!"

Wrecker reminded Hunter as he held the Precious against his chest. Almost afraid *it* had gotten offended by Hunter's remark.

"You keep telling yourself that!"

Hunter chuckled.


Wrecker punched Hunter on the arm. Slightly. At least, that was the plan. Just a friendly jab.


Hunter exclaimed rather loudly and theatrically while holding his arm in supposed pain. As the hit hadn't really been that hard. And the pain was hardly felt anyway. A slight sting, nothing more. It was all just for the show. Their mutual show.

Wrecker looked panicked though momentarily. Knowing he had more force than the rest of them after all. And he had thought it was just a light jab he had made.

"Sor… I am so sorry Hunter! Are you alright?"

"You hit me!"

Hunter was still playing the game. Wanting Wrecker to suffer for a bit. Because he had kinda insulted Hunter's knives too. So, paybacks being a bitch and all that, Hunter decided to play into the moment a tad longer.

Wrecker's look got even more worried, trying to asses how badly Hunter really was injured.

"I'm really sorry Hunt. Here, let me have a look."

Wrecker put his knife away in no time and quickly moved closer to Hunter and was about to check him out.

But he managed only to get close enough to Hunter, when the other man pounced. And before Wrecker knew what had hit him, he was flat on his back on the floor with a grinning Hunter on top of him keeping the larger man pinned down with brute force.


Hunter laughed, a rather predatory laugh at that.

And at that moment, Wrecker wasn't worried about Hunter, at all. More like worried about himself, in a good kind of anticipating way. Only waiting for the inevitable to happen.


'It's all part of the game we play, prancing around each other, before we pounce and then down lay.'

Wrecker licked his lips. Waiting for the inevitable to happen.

After all, Hunter looked feral, to say the least. The true hunter in him, having come out for a play.

"You are trapped, Wrecker, admit defeat!"

Hunter really had the larger man pinned down, without little if no wiggle room. Despite his smaller statue, Hunter was able to keep Wrecker in his grasp. But then again, Wrecker wasn't even trying to get away. Even if he was showing off just a little, the supposed struggle of being at the mercy of Hunter's.

Because right now, Wrecker was onto Hunter's little game.

And so, being the bigger man, literally and figuratively, Wrecker was letting Hunter play his game, tagging along for the moment at least. Simply enjoying being controlled. Something which Wrecker easily let Hunter do with him. Until, it was time to… switch.

"Well, I guess I could."

Wrecker let out a soft chuckle. As even if Wrecker was fond of their little foreplay. Watching Hunter play with his many knives. Having been taken back to the most recent battles where Wrecker had watched Hunter make his play with said knives while the slicing and dicing up of the plethora of clankers… Well, Wrecker, could not have been more aroused at the very moment.

"But, I would much rather be the winner this time around."

Hunter could see the mischievous grin slowly emerging onto Wrecker's lips. The none too subtle one aimed at Hunter. Knowing well, he would be in so much trouble soon enough. And most likely end up being the one pinned to the floor.

Hunter blinked, once, twice.

Feeling the tension in his arms shift as Wrecker made his move. And in one swell swoop, their roles were reversed. Not that Hunter had had any doubt in that not happening. As usually, Wrecker let Hunter have his way just the same. But clearly, not today.

As Hunter was pinned to the floor, with Wrecker's eyes on him, the ability to move taken away completely, Hunter had only one option.

To yield.

"Alright, Wreck, you won!"

Hunter gave up pretty quickly, knowing it would not take too long before things would escalate. As clearly, today Hunter was not the one in charge. Despite his bravado only moments ago.

"Was there ever any doubt?"


Hunter bated Wrecker. Knowing only too well there really had not been any doubt. Because when Wrecker wanted something, to have his way, he usually got it. Then again, Hunter could not fault the man. After all, Wrecker let Hunter have his way plenty of times without any complaints. Well, mostly not. Always playing along in Hunter's games. Then again, they both ended up with their respective rewards in the end, just like they would today too. It was just the way the game was played, between the two.

"Well, if you are having your doubts, guess we better stop then."

Wrecker sounded serious suddenly. But Hunter could see, literally see, through his bluff. The large bulge showing through his blacks a sure tell tale sign there was no pulling back now as the game had heated up to its next level.

Not that Hunter was in a better position himself.

And so, deciding to enjoy himself and take full advantage of Wrecker wanting to do the work, Hunter played along.

"No doubts. I totally and utterly yield to your, superior powers."

Hunter wasn't kidding though. Not too much anyway. Because it was true. Wrecker had the most power of them all. Physically at least, and sometimes even mentally.

Wrecker getting the gist of Hunter's words too, had his grin plastered back on.

"Well, then, let the games continue!"

Wrecker leaned into Hunter, his hot, wet lips smashing against Hunter's filled with a promise as to which direction this, little game of theirs would continue towards. Only too happy he was in charge. With the knowledge that Hunter would let him do whatever he had in mind to do. The trust ever present between the two of them, no matter how much of a play of a game it all seemed to be between them. Because it was all serious business after all.

The love shared between the two of them.