Chapter 1-

Voltera, Italy was full of life on Saint Marcus' Day. The people were in red robes, celebrating and having fun. Tourists were joining the locals for the biggest day of the year, some just with their lovers and others making a family day of it. There was one family in particular that was enjoying the festival more than anyone else. The parents were happy to be out of the country and spending time in Italy while the little girl was just curious about everything. Sadly for her she was on a leash because her parents knew of her tendency to run off.

When they moved to the center of the festival the little girl was mesmerized by the palace in front of her. She was reminded of the stories and movies about princesses and was too curious to not be in the castle. She slipped out the leash and wandered through the crowd into the castle.

It was a curious thing how a five-year-old managed to slip past not only the receptionists but the guards who were vampires. How she managed to find the tower and even the meeting room was astounding to the Volturi Kings. Marcus, a petrified man, was even intrigued by the little girl. She however only had her attention on the thrones of black and gold. She walked toward Marcus' throne soundlessly.

Marcus sat up to get a better view of the little girl touching his throne. "Little one?" His voice was wispy with a rasp at the end from no use and barely loud enough to be heard.

The little girl looked up wide-eyed at the man she thought was a statue. She tilted her head now more interested in him than the gold chair. She climbed up which was easy to do since he felt like a rock and was very angular. She reached up with her small hand and tangled it in Marcus' long hair.

"Who is this child?" Aro asked curiously. He was amazed at seeing a child not afraid of any of them with such focused curiosity that she paid no mind to them. "How did she get in? Did anyone see her?"

The guards shook their heads or vocally said no. They couldn't take their eyes off of the little girl and her interaction with Marcus. Caius was most interested. She was strange and getting Marcus to talk made her seem stranger.

The little girl took her hands from Marcus' hair and instead put them on his cheeks to get him to meet her eyes. His skin was ice cold and felt weird under her hands, but she didn't hate it.

"Are you the king?" She suddenly asked. The vampires were surprised at her soft voice that was on the same barely there decibel as Marcus. Said vampire's eyes crinkled at the ends and confused them save for Aro and Caius. He was amused.

"Something like that. How did you get in here, little one?"

"I walked. I like castles. I thought a princess lived here. Is she the princess?" She turned to look at Jane who was surprised to have the child's eyes on her.

"No." He left it at that.

The child went back to playing with his hair, utterly fascinated. "Your hair is pretty. It's soft." She giggled. Marcus' eyes crinkled even more but he didn't smile. That much he could control. He looked over to see Aro's eyes getting ever darker. He worried for the child and what Aro was seeing in her.

"Child, do you know how to get back?"

She nodded her head. "Always."

Marcus picked her up and put her on her feet. "You should go then. I'm sure your parents are worried about you and want to continue to enjoy the festival. Just don't tell them you were here ok."

"Promise. Bye bye." She waved. Then she turned to Caius and waved at him as well before she left back out with no objection. It was such a strange situation that the coven knew not what to do. She was at the age where she probably couldn't comprehend their being and easily left with no questions. She even took a shine to Marcus, their most apathetic member.

"What happened here never leaves this room." Aro told them and they easily agreed. The damage it would do to the Volturi if it was known that a child managed to sneak in and leave with their life would be beyond their imagination.

The child easily found her parents again who enveloped her in their arms, crying about how they missed and couldn't find her. They asked where she had gone and all she said was she got lost. If only they knew of the beautiful creatures and thrones, she had seen that day.

She kept that moment in her dreams, committing the most important people to memory. But most of all she dreamed of their thrones and longed to have one.

As she got older, grew up and matured she could never get the vision of the statue man out of her head. Nor the short blonde girl and light brown-haired boy standing next to her. She barely remembered the man with the long black hair but vividly kept the blonde man next to him in mind. For some reason his scowl and red eyes didn't scare her but made her curiosity even more pronounced.

'I miss Italy'

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