TBB - TCW - Tension (ECHO/REX)

TBB - TCW - Tension (ECHO/REX)


The tension is always there, on some level

A quarrel with the Batch, when none too attached

The good kind of tension for once


Ship-of-the-month weekly prompt "Tension" Echo/Rex /collections/Clone_Haven_Ship_of_the_Month faq Set somewhere in the space time continuum of the Clone Wars and the Bad Batch There is tension there alright, for poor Echo.

Some of it caused by the body itself in the form of constant pain.

Some is caused by simply not being there for his squad in need.

While the other kind is caused by… well, let's just say it's the good kind of tension.

Enter Rex, with a goal in mind of relieving some of said tension.

An Echo/Rex series

The tension is always there, on some level

'Call it a headache, call it a strain in the neck, whatever you call it, it's always there, the nagging pain, no matter how small. It's frustrating at best.'

"Rex, I have a bad headache."

The words still echoing fresh in Rex's mind. The first coherent words Echo had uttered during his rescue back on Skako Minor all that time ago. Echo having been confused and shaky at first before they had disconnected him from the Techno Union's system. But in no time, Echo had gotten his sea legs back, being up and about, blasting droids and bouncing off bridges onto flying reptiles…

It was the kind of man Echo was. The kind Rex had known him to be. Always putting his own discomfort aside and hopping into the action even the unknown while saving others.

Echo was the kind of man Rex knew he was in love with.

But, ever since his rescue, the pain was somewhat of a constant companion of Echo's. Manageable, but still, mostly there. Letting itself be known and never forgotten. The aches and pains, causing tension onto his body. The human part of Echo never really getting used to the cybernetics. It wasn't as bad as it had been in the beginning though. With no small thanks to Tech's several improvements on Echo's cybernetics, even having changed a few of them for the better. And so, mostly the pain was manageable and not as constantly present any more.

Tech having been the one to adjust Echo's cybernetics after joining the Bad Batch. But also the one to provide the relief for Echo in the form of either medical treatment. Lately though, it had been more that in the art form of physical therapy. Something which Echo could not have done alone, rather needed someone to do it for him.

Concentrated massages and pressure puncture had turned out to be even more efficient than any medicine. And so, in the not so recent past, Tech had been the one doing this for Echo on regular bases.

But, now, as Echo was spending practically all his free time with Rex, it was Rex who had offered to administer these, treatments. At least, when Echo was with him and not with the Batch.

It wasn't every day this needed to be done. And sometimes, Echo, feeling still somewhat embarrassed of his, well special needs he guessed they were, Echo did not ask for the treatment even if the pain did increase into intolerable levels. Causing severe headaches when Echo let the treatments slide. Just like he had done now.

Rex had noticed Echo's behaviour and mood changes though. Seeing how quiet Echo got and sometimes seeing him touch his head, knowing that the tension in his body parts had caused bad headaches for Echo. It was something Tech had warned Rex about and also given detailed instruction on what to observe and how to handle the situation when the pain got really bad.

It seemed, that Rex wasn't the only one who knew Echo quite well. As clearly, his batch mates knew Echo rather well too by now. Having received the quite detailed data chip from Tech, Rex was only too glad Echo had ended up with the Bad Batch. As they had really taken good care of Rex's Echo.

"Echo, can you come over here please."

Rex's tone was low and soft, requesting for Echo to join him on the large plush couch. Echo being still at the desk, going though some plans for their next mission, wanting to fine tune them even if Rex had given up some time ago. Telling Echo it was all good already.

But Rex had seen Echo touch his head and neck several times now and knew what that meant. The pain, the headache, all of it had become really bad by now.

"In a moment dear, I still have a few calculations to make."

Echo was glaring at the data on the screen. But he did not want to lash out to Rex either, the endearment though, dropping it out of habit, even if Echo meant it. At least on some level. Because at the moment, he really wanted to finish the task. Hoping only Rex would leave him to it.

The headaches though, having worsened some time ago were causing him to see double. And kneading his temples had not helped. At all.

Rex got up, knowing there was only one thing to distract Echo from the job.

Taking the few steps to reach the desk. Standing right behind Echo, Rex placed his hands on Echo's tensed up shoulders. And they were tight to say the least. Feeling Echo immediately relax and lean back to the touch.

Apparently Rex had been right in his assessment. The pain was really bad as otherwise, Echo would have continued working and told Rex he would need a few more to do so. But not tonight. Despite his earlier response.

Without a word, Rex started to knead the tense muscles, eliciting a rather low growl of a moan from Echo. That specific sound sent shivers down Rex's spine and all the way to his crotch. But this was not the time for that. Not the time for foreplay nor sex. No, this was the time to release Echo's tension, his pain. The rest would have to wait for some other time.

Rex kept on kneading the Echo's shoulders. Soon enough, removing the data device around his head to gain better access to Echo's head. Massaging all of it. Echo's head, neck and shoulders.

After some time, Rex felt how lax and quiet Echo had become, his breathing less laboured, the ministrations clearly working.

"Sweetheart. Why don't we move to the sofa. We can both be more comfortable there."

Rex suggested then.

"Sounds good to me."

Not even glancing the screen, knowing the work would still be there in the morning, Echo yielded to Rex's suggestion. Rex's willingness and love to take care of Echo. Letting Rex simply guide him to the sofa to continue with the treatment.

As Rex was progressing with his massages, having also started the pressure puncturing with his apt fingers, Echo felt the pain along with the tension it had caused, being slowly but surely being drained away from his body.

Echo was also feeling very lucky, of have a loving man by his side doing this for him.

A quarrel with the Batch, when none too attached

''Being in love, consumed maybe, often causes one to discard all other obligations.'


Hunter started, not really sure as how to address this, whole situation.


Echo was pretty sure he had seen this coming. Then again, he could not really blame Hunter either. Still, they weren't, well, joined at the hip. All of them grown-ups with minds of their own. Well, part from Omega of course. But she too, had a very strong will and her own opinions. Too much so, sometimes.

"You have been, well, absent from several of our missions now."

Hunter reminded Echo of their status, again, not that he was reprimanding Echo, knowing he was other wise engaged.

"Yes, I have. Because Rex needed me with him on those other missions."

Echo knew it was an excuse for sure. Then again, Rex had asked, not ordered, whether Echo would be able join him on those missions even if they overlapped with the ones the Bad Batch was going on.

Besides, Echo knew the team was more than capable of performing without him. Well, most of the time. As the ones Echo had skipped did not involve much in data encryption or similar, which was kind of Echo's specialty while on missions. Not that Echo wasn't capable of doing all the things the others did too. Well, maybe not ramming someone head on or taking a precise shot from ten klicks away. But still, most of the things Echo managed just fine, if not even better.

It was because Echo could do all those things leading for Rex to have Echo joining him for the missions. Because Echo was a strike force of his own now. With his former Arc training and the enchantments he now housed. He was the best trooper to take on any mission.

Besides, ever since rekindling their relationship, Echo and Rex had been pretty much inseparable. In the good and the bad. Like right now, with Hunter having a bone to pick for Echo's absence from his team. Because Hunter needed Echo too. Not just because of his usefulness. But, Echo had become an integral part of the team. The family. And Hunter relied on Echo in so many other ways than simply Echo being the necessary evil when a scomp job was needed.

"Well, yeah. I know that. But, you are part of our team, part of the family and we need you too."

Hunter wasn't prepared to use the missing Echo part just yet. Deciding it was the last ace he would draw up his sleeve. Because Hunter had seen and felt it, the other members of the squad missing Echo too as much as he did.

Echo could see the hurt present in Hunter's expression, his eyes.

It was then when the realisation hit him. Hard. That Echo was sorely missed by the Batch. Even if Echo had sometimes felt like the odd clone out of the group. But, as Hunter spoke out the words, being family and all, Echo knew Hunter was right. That Echo had indeed neglected not only his team, but his family too. Because there was a strong bond between them all.

"I hear ya Hunter, I hear ya."

Echo stated softly then, feeling he was stuck between a rock and a stupid place. The cause only his own fault.

Because he loved being by Rex's side. Always had. They worked well together. Both on duty and off alike.

But, then there was the Batch, the one who had accepted Echo into their fold as one of their own, hardly with any questions asked.

Echo knew he needed to adjust his own thinking and do better. So, with that in mind…

"Look, Hunter, Rex and I, well, we've worked together for a long, long time and well, guess we know each other rather well too."

"Yeah, that much is obvious."

Hunter was still a tad on the defensive.

And it was no secret Rex and Echo were a couple now. Why would it be?

So, guess there was a tad of a jealous streak there as well for Hunter. Having had Echo all for themselves until Rex showed up.

But, Hunter could not deny the fact, that Echo and Rex were good together. Their reunion having done wonders for Echo and Rex too. Something which was visible to those familiar with the two of them.

"I won't make any excuses for being with Rex and being around him so much."

Echo too, took the side of the defence just then.

"But, I also admit I love you all and want to be around you as much as I can."

Echo then pulled the trade mark puppy dog look as he looked back at Hunter. Knowing which strings to pull to get his way with Hunter. It had always worked on Rex and Echo had figured out early on it worked with Hunter too. So, why not use it to get his way?


Hunter sighed, as he simply could not resist that look.

The half assed apology of a thing when Echo knew he was wrong but thought he was kind of right too.

"And, I will try to organise the planning of the missions so that we can all spend more time together."

Echo suggested then.

Being pretty sure he could do it. As of now, he had not really considered it, much, being still in that honeymoon phase with Rex and all.

Still, it all came down to better time management to please everyone, is all.

"So, on eighty percent of the time, you would join our missions?"

Hunter was driving a hard bargain.


Echo offered.

"Seventy, and no less. Plus fun time with the family at least six times a week."

Hunter was nothing if not good in this game. Bartering a deal.

"Seventy-five percent on the missions and four times with the fam."

Echo could give more, naturally and he wanted to, but for the hammered down deal, it was better do down play his availability.


Hunter's face drew to a grin as he offered his arm to seal the deal.

As Echo grabbed the offered arm, Hunter drew him in for a hug.

Close to Echo's ear Hunter simply whispered, sounding like a half threat almost, leaving Echo's eyes grow wide in surprise.

"I will hold you to that agreement."

The good kind of tension for once

'There is tension and then, there is tension, and sometimes, it is the good kind of tension.'

Sometimes the head aches, and sometimes, the ache is on the head.



"How's your head?"

*A moment of silence*

"Nev… never had… any… um… complaints."


"I can agree on that one."

"I.. um… Rex?"


"A little… to the left… please."

"Your wish is my command. Sir!"

"Ca-can you… harder, please?"

*Another chuckle*

"Can do."

*Slurping noises, followed by a loud pop*

*Heavy panting mixed with incoherent mumbles*


"Yeah, much, um, more please?"

*A snort followed by more slurping sounds and a few audible swallows*

*Several cuss words with a growl and more heavy panting.*

"That's… the spot! R-rrrright there! Um… Yes!"

*The howl ripping through the air, most likely carried across the whole level where the bedroom was situated at*

"Stars! Forces! Rex!"

*Several more profanities filled the room*

*Soon enough, only heavy panting and half audible sounds of soft kisses being placed on naked flesh*

"Echo, sweetheart, are you alright?"

"Never better Rex, never better."

*A soft chuckle, followed by another.*

Rex and Echo were entangled together limb for limb. Echo was usually very mindful of his prosthetics. But having gotten the more softer and improved version for his legs by now, was only too happy they were not causing issues even if his were tangled together with Rex's.

Feeling sated and lax but most of all, the tension caused by a headache from before, all but fled from his body. Rex's ministrations having both caused and relieved the, well, more pleasurable tension also gone. For now at least. As there was time for some more, pleasurable tension later on.

Right now, Echo was basking in the post orgasmic bliss with his partner. The two of them snuggled together, not wanting to move or do the more. At least for the moment. Usually, the two lovers would spend a few hours pleasuring each other, when there was no hurry, no mission waiting for them the next day to get up for. It was something of a post war and being on the lamb kind of a perk. Doing what they wanted even if there were still pressing matters like the Cause and the need to run ops, the missions and what-have-yous for it.

But, mostly, the time, the life the had, was for themselves to make as they saw fit. Along those lucky few clones, few at least for now, who had managed to get away from the Empire's clutches. Still, there were plenty of clones out there waiting to be saved. And they would do just that. Save their kin the best they could.

For tonight though, the Cause was left outside the doors of their quarters.

And the two lovers were only to happy to spend the time in each others arms, adding all the pleasurable tension onto each other's bodies, to be followed by the most blissful releases of said tension. The good kind of tension as it was.