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"bye mom im leaving now" kagome yelled as she ran through the door towards the well. She was late again and was sure that inuyasha was goin to throw one of his "fits" he wasnt really good at hiding the fact that he wanted kagome to stay there with him. But kagome never noticed she thought that he just wanted the shard . oh how little she knew.

"ok bye kagome . oh tell that sweet doggy friend of yours that i said hi!" mrs higurashi said as she was washing dishes.

"mom i dont think she heard . shes already long gone by now.geez mom you hav to tell her a little bit faster than that or shes gonna think that we dont want her here any more." Sota said. But big suprise he was right . not about the not wanting to be her anymore but he was right about kagome not hearing her mom. She was after all traveling through the well as they spoke. Kogome was talking to herself in whipers . grumbling something about kikyo and no good B!c$ trying to drag a certain hanyou to h-e double hockey sticks. She however told herself quickly that she shouldnt worry because he after all wanted to join the walking bile of mud. She remindes herself that he had always ditched her for kikyo.

"that settles it. First thing in the morning im gonna have to fall in love with someone else. I wonder if koga is going to be around tomorrow?" she knew she was just playing around . she couldnt possibly forget about inuyasha that easily no matter how many times she told herself that she could. "woah! i have to pay attention from now on." She told herself. She had come back through the other side of the well already and had been standing there for a while now. She started to climb up the well when she realized that she had forgot her backpack on the bottom of the well. So she jumped back down grabbed her backpack and quickly climbed up and out of the well. As she figured inuyasha was standing t the well waiting for her. Or was it inuyasha? She stood there for a few seconds waiting to get yelled at or cussed out. But it never came so she eventually said"inuysaha? Are you ok?" kagome asked still waiting for him to pop.

"Inuyasha you say? Im sorry to dissapoint you . for surly a beuty such as your self should never be sad. I am not however inuyasha. I am his younger brother ." he said as he began to kneeled in front of kagome. "i am Inuhiko, his younger brother." He said as he kissed her hand. Kagome blushed so fast it put light to shame. "I am not quite sure he knows i even excist but i was on my way to see if the rumors of him are true when i heard a noise coming from down this well and then you came up and the rest is history." He continued as he got up to his feet.

What could kagome do he looked exactly like inuyasha so she decided to believe him. It was quite obvious that he was somehow related to inuyasha. "well then do you care to walk me to village so that you can meet inuayasha?" kagome was quickly starting to like inuhiko. He looked just like inuyasha the same ears, eyes, EVERYTHING! Except he seemed to be a little nicer ok a lot nicer which was a major plus in kagomes opinion.

Inuhiko just smiled and said "why walk if you can jump on my back and jump all the way there. Its alot faster." Kagome giggled as she got on. She was sure falling fast for this guy she was beggining to forget whats his face now.


"ok im going to go get kagome now!" inuyasha yelled as he walked out the cabin. He was late because he was sleeping. He was having a dream too. A verry good dream about him and kagome. Him and her were doing something that would make anyone blush at the thought. He didnt want to admit it but he didnt ever want to wake up from that dream. In fact if it wasnt for shippo yelling in his ear he wouldnt have. It was quite weird for inuyasha. He knew he was thinking of kagome as much more than a friend now and he liked the idea. But who was he kidding kagome had alife of her own and was only gathering fragments because she felt bad for scattering them in the first place. She wasnt coming because she enjoyed it she was coming because of her conscience. I mean he thought there were times when kagome really enjoyed being there. But then she would always be overly ecited about going back home and take those stupid test things that she always was complaining about. He madde a mental note to back to kagomes time and desroy those "tests" whatever they were so that she had no excuse to go back trought the well she would be forced to stay. He started laughing when he caugh kagomes scent along with another hanyou. He quicly ran towards the scent .

he didnt like what he had seen kagome was smiling while she was on the back of this hanyou. His blood started to boil. The hanyou stopped in his tracks to let kagome off. They both stood there speechless. Neither one saying anything. Inuyasha was about to pull out tetsaiga when he realized that the hanyou looked just like him. He reluntently put his sword back in his sheath.

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