Late at night, in the Farasi Palace's many guest rooms, the Princess of Love woke from her shallow, dreamless sleep, her body feeling hot and bothered all over as she took an absentminded glance out the window. Groaning, she picked herself up… only to collapse limply back onto her bed with a sigh.

"How did it come to this…?" She murmured, her thoughts drifting to her earlier conversation with the King…

Seven Hours Earlier…

Twilight and Cadence entered the dining room of the palace with a regal air, taking their seats at the long, ornate table. The two of them had been invited to Farasi; the Zebra homeland for a "rather unique friendship problem" as he put it... Cadence had been rather skeptical, but Twilight had been pretty excited to visit the Zebra homeland after so many years.

Cadence let out a breath of relief as she caught sight of Twilight chatting with some of the servants, she could hear them comparing notes on what Ponyville was like compared to the Zebra homelands, local events and the like… all the while Twilight was filling her plate with as many exotic foods as she could fit, from small snacks to larger cooked meals, she'd even guzzled down a few exotic drinks. She couldn't help but chuckle at this, Twilight had been a little stressed from ruling over Equestrian for so long. Cadence couldn't exactly blame her, she herself had been rather busy teaching her daughter how to properly run the Crystal Empire.

"So, Twilight... how's the trip going so far?" She asked, pulling out the decorative chair across from her friend.

"It's been amazing actually." Twilight smiled, taking a bite of her fruit. "I haven't had this many sweets in a while!"

"Well, I don't think you can go wrong with any kind of sweets from Farasi." Cadence smiled, taking a long swig of her sparkling wine.

"Mmm... you got that right." Twilight sighed as she leaned back and smiled at her older sister-in-law. "That being said, what do you think the King summoned us for?"

"That's... actually what concerns me." The Princess of Love replied, her tone becoming slightly uneasy. "We really have no idea what they've asked of us... He can't summon us here just for chit-chat." She added, her voice now carrying a hint of concern.

"Cadence, I'm sure he has a decent explanation, we just have to ask him the right questions and go from there." Twilight said calmly as she set her silverware down. "After all, the messenger told us this was important and that we were the only two ponies with the answer…"

"I agree." Cadence agreed, turning her glass of sparkling wine around in her aura. "But the problem is-"

"Introducing… King Abraxas the 7th!" Came a high-pitched, excited voice, causing both Princesses to immediately turn their attention to the Zebra stallion entering the room.

The first thing she noticed was how tall King Abraxas was almost a few inches taller than Twilight, which was saying a lot considering her sister-in-law's growth spurt, his build was also quite muscular and imposing, and unlike most Zebras his stripes were a lighter shade of purple. He wore a golden necklace and crown as well as a pale-yellow sash with green patterns along the edges, and his mane and tail were deep purple with orangish-yellow highlights and seemed to be styled in a way that resembled flames.

"Greetings, King Abraxas." Twilight said as she and Cadence bowed politely. "I am Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, and this is my sister-in-law and Princess of Love; Mi Amore Cadenza."

"It is an honor to finally make your acquaintance, Princesses." The Zebra King smiled, bowing as well. "You both are most kind for answering my summons."

"King Abraxas… forgive me for being so blunt, but why have you summoned us here?" Cadence asked, her eyes meeting his focused gaze as he sat in his own personal chair.

"This problem my message spoke of… I had mainly hoped the two of you would both have the means to help resolve it, magical or otherwise." The King sighed in response, his voice becoming somewhat solemn.

"Hm… what do you mean?" Cadence cocked an eyebrow, sipping her cherry tea.

"For you see, over the generations the population of Farasi has dropped significantly from 40 million He paused to take a deep breath while Cadence and Twilight both gasped upon hearing the numbers, realizing just how small of a population the kingdom had actually become. "Even worse is that in the last couple of decades the number of mare Zebras has drastically gone down. My advisors fear that we Zebras will be on the brink of going extinct if nothing is done."

"This is... very unfortunate, King Abraxas." Twilight replied in a rather conflicted tone, her ears flattening against her head. "But how do you believe we could help?"

"It was a long shot, but... well, we were hoping you would be willing to share some of your notes regarding fertility spells and the like." He began, trying his best not to sound awkward. "From what I know you both were responsible for creating and perfecting certain spells that allowed same-gender couples to have children of their own, were you not?"

This time Cadence chimed in. "This is true, through a lot of trial and error we managed to create a more potent version of the gender-swapping spell, but..." She trailed off as she let out a disappointed sigh. "Unfortunately it isn't permanent, the spell wears off after some time, and there's no set guarantee on which gender the child will be…"

"Unfortunate, I don't suppose there would be a way to... improve the spell's lasting effects?" The King asked, attempting to be cheerful despite the grave situation at hand.

"Not that we know of... at least not yet." Twilight replied after taking a sip of her sparkling wine. "I wouldn't mind looking into some of the potions your Kingdom used to produce, there might just be something that can help us improve that spell."

"Very well." The King nodded, a smile forming on his lips. "I shall have my advisors bring you more detailed scrolls as soon as possible."

Cadence felt a small sense of relief wash over her as Twilight continued her conversation with the King, enjoying the taste of her tea as she took another sip, the sweet scent coming from it and the food giving her a sense of calmness. However, the Princess of Love couldn't help but Wonder just how Twilight planned to create such a potent version of the spell, especially since there was also the issue of the child's gender that they had to take into account…

'Then again, it wouldn't hurt to take a more hooves-on approach…' A foreign voice whispered into her clouded mind, her mind fogging as she found herself staring at the King more and more throughout their conversation…

And now, here she was, trying to figure out how to assist the King… however every thought that came to mind only guided her to more… perverse solutions…

'…you want to help him…'

The foreign thought had suddenly popped into her head again, the covers shifting as she rolled onto her back.

'…and I… I haven't felt another stallion's embrace in so long… not since…'

She crossed her legs unconsciously at the thought of her late husband, making another effort to shift her body, her thoughts plagued by memories of their first time, their honeymoon… with her clouded mind yearning to recreate such a wonderful experience…

'He is of noble blood after all… surely it would help relationships between our lands…'

The foreign voice sounded the Alicorn's mind yet again… but it sounded like her own voice. As if… she was subconsciously trying to rationalize accepting his offer-she shook her head, a shudder running through her as her whole body grew even hotter. 'And heir born from our unification… such a wonderful offspring… skilled in potions and magic… the best of both worlds…'

The Alicorn gritted her teeth, the heat filling her body intensifying, shooting various sensations throughout her body, sensations she had been avoiding and denying ever since the tragic passing of her love…

'You've been denying yourself a stallion's touch for so long, haven't you? Ignoring it and letting it build up all this time...'

"Ugh… mmph…" Cadence groaned as she desperately tried to ignore the heat spreading from her loins, her marehood winking as her clit became so stiff and sensitive to the point where simply rubbing against the covers was enough to make her whole body tingle. "N-No… not… not now…" The Princess of Love shuddered, letting out a deep sigh as she tossed and turned, making the bed creak with each movement.

'Just look at how pent up you are…

Cadence shook her head in frustration as wracked her brain on how to resolve this without succumbing to her carnal desires… but her thoughts refused to ignore that pulsating feeling assaulting her loins. "I-I… I can't-"

'Can't, or won't?'

Another surge of lust shot through her body, seemingly timed to the beat of her heart, the image of the King's face flashing across her mind, and her loins yearning, aching for some semblance of pleasure. "…I… I-" The Princess stammered, hugged herself as she curled into a ball, the lascivious sensations driving her wild as perverse images of her and the King obscured her thoughts. "I-I d-d-don't… don't want-"

'Stop deceiving yourself, do you really believe yourself unattainable by anypony? That you should forever suppress your inner desires?'

"..." Cadence bit her lip, unable to answer as she struggled desperately to forget those perverse images. It felt like her mind was melting, the foreign voice penetrating her mental defenses and eating away at them bit by bit…

'Stop keeping your feelings locked away Princess… dismiss your inhibitions, embrace your desires…'

"I-I shouldn't… I-I c-can't-"

'Set. them. free.'

"Uuuuugh!" Suddenly, the Princess of Love arched her back as she experienced an intense and overwhelming surge of pleasure. Having finally had enough, she hurriedly got out of bed and rushed out of the room.

Before her mind had caught up with her actions, Cadence found herself storming out down the empty halls and straight towards the King's bed chambers, knowing exactly what awaited her if she continued her path.

And yet strangely enough… she wasn't afraid. If anything, a part of her looked forward to it.

As she passed one of the open windows the Alicorn glanced up at the night sky, a wave of relaxation spread through her mind as she felt the wind on her face. She found her thoughts drifting back to her time in the Crystal Empire, all those nights she had spent with her late husband so many decades ago… and how her mind and body yearned for another's intimate embrace for so many years… a desire that would soon be fulfilled once she reached her destination.

The Princess of Love lowered her head, her eyes becoming fixated on her hooves which seemed to move on their own, refusing to obey even when she tried to stop herself, as if they had separated from her will. Every step she took brought forth a surge of anticipation as she walked down the hall without a hint of hesitation, becoming more and more anxious to see the King as she neared her destination.

Cadence then caught a glimpse of her reflection as she passed a closed window, she was stone-faced, her emotions almost completely unreadable, her usually bright green eyes were blank and glazed over, as if something deep within her mind had been shut off.

Eventually, she arrived at her destination. She stood before the doors to King Abraxas' bedchambers. She showed little to no hesitation as she raised her hoof and knocked on the door…

"Come in."

…and from then on, there was no turning back.

Upon pushing the door open with her magic, the first thing she noticed was the smell, it was enchanting, like lavender mixed with… strawberries? She took another deep sniff as she peered into the room, for a moment she couldn't comprehend what she saw.

There he was; King Abraxas the 7th, laying in the center of his massive bed, surrounded by his three wives in all their alluring splendor. Their bulging pregnant bellies were on full display as they happily licked, fondled, and made out with their King.

It was then that she saw it… and couldn't force her eyes to look away. The King's massive, veiny cock stallionhood stood proudly with a bit of pre-cum dripping from the tip as one of his wives licked it. "So good of you to join us, Princess…" Abraxas smiled, prompting his wives to stop pleasuring him and turn their attention to the Princess of Love.

"Oh my, she actually came~"

"So beautiful, how is she not taken already?"

"Look at those curves! Are you sure she's a mother?"

As his wives continued to gossip amongst themselves, Abraxas merely chuckled as he got up. "Like what you see~?" Abraxas asked with a wolfish smile, his testicles swaying and his shaft audibly smacking against his belly with every step the Zebra took as he approached the gawking Princess.

"I-I… I…" The Princess stammered as she instinctively took a step back, a small spark of instinct telling her to leave the room… which swiftly vanished the moment she locked eyes with the King, her ears drooping as she took a step forward first, then another… and another, her head swaying from side to side in an intoxicated trance, as if she were under a spell of lust and depravity…

"Hmmm, I'll take that as a yes…" The King chuckled, his ever-present smirk growing as he came closer.

All of a sudden, Cadence felt her heart pounding faster under the evaluating gaze of the King. The closer he got, the heavier she blushed, his presence alone sending shivers up and down her spine, The faint heat growing within Cadence's loins quickly became stronger it spread through her entire body, every pulse of her heart driving her mind wild with lust and depriving her of any thought that did not begin or end with being deepthroating the King's "Royal Scepter''.

Just thinking about it made her mouth water.

"Nice…" Abraxas said with a satisfied look on his face as he started to circle the Princess, measuring her up. "Very nice indeed."

"Th-Thank you…" Was the only response she could stutter out, her reddened face and timid eyes getting amused chuckles from the Zebra's wives. She couldn't help but glance at them with a bit of envy, a desire to live the lives they did. Kissing his lips, biting his neck, smelling his long mane, licking the inside of his thighs, making him moan her name as he trembled with pleasure…

"So tell me, dear Princess. Have you found a way to help my Empire with our little predicament?" He asked from behind her, snapping the Princess out of her perverse thoughts.

"Y-Yes… I have…" She replied, gulping as she turned to face the Zebra King. She found herself gazing at her reflection in his gorgeous eyes, and the longer she stared the more she wanted to… embrace him, the fact that he was now mere inches away from her didn't help either. "Y-Y-You… I… I have come to… c-c-come the conclusion that-oohhh~"

She hadn't even registered him moving until the King's soft and warm muzzle was pressed against the side of her neck. 'Oh mother of Celestia, what is this stallion doing to me!?' She thought as she felt herself being pushed backward, the very feeling of his lips against her neck driving her crazy. 'H-He's… so gentle, yet so tempting… I want… I-I need more…' Cadence shuddered as she let out soft and tender moans, the King's soft kisses tempting her, turning her on, making her want him even more.

"What was that, Princess~?" He cooed, kissing his way up to her right ear and biting it gently, making her moan as she was pushed back towards the bed.

"I… I-" Cadence stammered.

'…I want to taste your essence, feel your body against mine, explore every inch of your body with my tongue and lips, experience pure ecstasy…' Her erotic thoughts continued as her wings sprang open, trembling as she bit her lip.

Then, she backed up to the edge of the bed… and was pushed onto her back, her body sinking into the covers as she gazed up at Abraxas with a look of pure desire. "I have to… I want… I-I… need to… bear your children."

"My my, aren't you eager~" She heard one of the wives chuckle.

"The poor thing looks soooo pent up, you'd think she hasn't gotten any in years!" Another commented, causing the Princess of Love to flinch, something the next wife picked up on.

"Oh my goodness, she hasn't!"

"Now now ladies, be nice." Abraxas chuckled, never losing his kind smile. And yet, Cadence still felt a great sense of dominance and power eliminating from the stallion as he climbed on top of her. "After all, from this moment on, she'll be part of our family, right Princess?"

"Of course, I will, my King." Cadence replied with a loving smile before leaning up and kissing him. A wave of relief overtook her senses as she finally realized that there was no need to resist. 'Everything's becoming… so clear… it feels… so right to just… let go…' The Princess thought as the Zebra pushed her further down against the bed, she couldn't even consider the concept of opposing or denying the King's requests, the thought of pleasing him and joining his harem filled her with pure joy that no one else could give her.

"Mmmm~ I'd love to see where else you taste delicious, my lovely Alicorn." Abraxas chuckled as their lips parted.

"I'm all yours~" She replied in a more sultry tone, fully aware of what the King had in mind for her. But the idea of her being dominated by him no longer made her nervous, now… it was all she wanted.

Abraxas smirked at this, he honestly couldn't wait for his second "guest" to arrive…

Meanwhile, in Twilight's room, a vivid sense of orgasmic pleasure plagued her mind as she tried to sleep, her hips twitching and her back arching as her whole body shuddered, rubbing her legs together in a desperate attempt to satisfy her urges.

And her dreams only made things worse…

How long had it been since she'd "awoken" in this situation?

It honestly felt like an eternity.

Darkness was all that surrounded her, as far as she could tell, she was alone. Her hooves had been bound to the floor by shackles, her wings pressed against her back thanks to a long corset, and a magic-suppression ring had been fastened around her horn so she wouldn't remove her blindfold.

The Princess of Friendship bit her lip as her nostrils were assaulted by the scent of her own arousal, she could feel just how damp her marehood was getting. In a desperate attempt to appease the heat and ache that filled her body, she tried to rub her legs together despite her bound state

But the heat only continued to build up…

'Your body's been yearning… begging for pleasure for so long…'

A female voice, whoever it was, echoed throughout the room, the alluring tone combined with the anticipation of what would become of her was enough to turn Twilight on something fierce.

"Aaahhn." Twilight moaned as she writhed in pleasure, the sudden feeling of a tongue gliding across her loins sending shivers down her spine. "Y-Yes… right there! Oooohhh…" She gasped… right before the tongue vanished, leaving her with an agonizing feeling of emptiness.

'That's right… don't repress it. Don't deny yourself what you want…'

Suddenly she could hear other muffled voices, and despite being robbed of her sight, she could just feel their eyes wandering all over her exposed body.

And yet the Princess didn't even feel any shame, her mind instead forming various possibilities of how these… creatures could ravish her body…

'But you've gone on denying your body and mind of this sweet release for so long, haven't you?'

Before the Princess could retort, she felt a sudden tug from behind as her head was pulled back by her mane. The very second she opened her mouth she felt the tip of a stallion's shaft forced between her lips. 'Yes… yes… ooohh yes~!' The Alicorn thought as she started hungrily licking the cock almost straight away, not even caring who it was as she lapped and swirled her tongue around the tip right before it was plunged into the back of her throat, prompting the Princess to start dragging her lips up and down along the stallion's shaft.

'And now you're soaking, drenched, and hopelessly begging for somepony… anypony, to fill the hole he left behind… both figuratively and very literally…'

Suddenly, she felt her buttcheeks being forcibly spread as the tongue returned to probe her pussy yet again, running along the length of her neglected marehood and parting her lips ever so slightly. "Ah! Ahan! Ooh-oooohh~" She groaned around the cock in her throat, her body shuddering as she felt it easily slipping into her depths.

She couldn't take it anymore.

'The only question now is… will you finally be honest with yourself? Or continue to hold yourself back for another decade-'

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME LIKE THE WHORE I AM!" Twilight gasped as she pulled her mouth off the cock. The tongue wasn't enough, she wanted his cock, she needed it right now! "I NEED TO FEEL SOMEPONY INSIDE ME! I WANT TO BE RAVAGED, FUCKED, AND USED LIKE THE SLUT I AM!" She screamed, waving her rear enticing to whoever was watching, her aching marehood longing to welcome any lucky stallion inside her…

'...see? Was that so hard?'

The Princess of Friendship then felt a hoof on her head, which quickly forced her back down on the shaft that had occupied her mouth, with Twilight eagerly sealing her lips around it as her legs were spread further apart. She then felt somepony enter her pussy almost immediately, fucking her as roughly as possible, Twilight was quick to start lifting her hips to meet his thrusts, each movement pushing the Alicorn's head further down the shaft in her mouth. It wasn't long before her nose was rubbed against the base of said shaft, the inner walls of her marehood hugging and squeezing the hard stallionhood as it pistoned in and out of her like a jackhammer.

As her own orgasm built up, Twilight quivered in anticipation as she imagined these mystery stallions cumming inside her…

…their warm seed pouring down her throat…

…flooding her inner walls…

…filling up her belly and womb…

…pulling out as their loads splashed all over her face…

…letting their cum rain down all over her body…

She was close… so close… she was… gonna… gonna cu-

The Princess' eyes shot open, and she found herself back in her guest room, alone and untouched.


Twilight's eyes quickly became glazed over, completely ignoring the wet stain where she'd slept as she pulled herself out of her bed, her wings spread wide and completely stiff.

'No, no, no, NO!'

Gritting her teeth, Twilight practically ripped open the doors and stormed down the hall, panting heavily as small drops of her pleasure fluids leaked from her marehood. Any thoughts or regrets vanished from her mind as memories of her dream of being penetrated, stretched, and fucked nonstop eclipsed her more rational thoughts. 'The King needs offspring that badly? Well, he'd better have a shaft long enough to impale me all the way through! 'Cuz I'm gonna ride him 'till I've squeezed every last drop out of his Royal Scepter!'

Back in the King's bed chambers, Cadence shuddered as Abraxas pressed his enormous semi-erect shaft against her muzzle, his sweaty scent quickly invading her nose with every breath the Princess took as he smeared his pre-cum across it. 'Sweet Celestial, I can feel the heat radiating off it!' She thought, biting her lip as she let her tongue slide out of her mouth in an attempt to lick the tip. The Princess of Love then proceeded to lower her head, moving her nose down along his cock to his low-hanging balls.

"Oh, my my my, are my balls that enticing to you?" Abraxas teased, chuckling at this display.

"Oooohh-ho-ho-ho yes~!" She replied, pushing her face deeper into his crotch and letting his testicles rest atop her closed eyes for a moment, savoring their warmth and sweaty scent. They were so large and swollen with cum, ready to give her foals… she needed to taste them!

Then without saying a single word, Cadence opened up her mouth and let her tongue slip out once more, pulling back and dragging it along his sweaty testicles. 'S-So big… s-s-sooo salty… so gooood…' Those were her only thoughts as she rolled her tongue over his massive orbs, lathering them in her saliva before sucking one of them into her mouth

Abraxas leaned his head back, letting out a pleasure-filled moan as he felt the Alicorn's tongue caressing his left testicle… before releasing it and moving on to the right. Taking in a deep breath through her nose the Princess let out a heavy and satisfied sigh as she inhaled more of his musk. After a few minutes, Cadence pulled away from his balls, panting like a bitch in heat with her gaze now transfixed on her King's pulsing shaft. She wanted more, she needed to serve him in whatever way he saw fit…

Tilting her head back to look up at her King, Cadence then leaned forward, pressing her lips up against the base of his shaft before dragging her tongue along its length, all the way to the tip. She then started swirling circles around it before pulling away, opening her mouth as wide as possible and wrapping her lips around the tip, all the while staring into his eyes.

"Such an eager mare~" One of the wives giggled as they all watched the Princess of Love servicing their husband's cock, making the King groan as he pulled his hips back a little and then forced his cock back into her muzzle, his thrusts steadily increasing as he prepared the Alicorn for a thorough throat-fucking. "Get ready, my Princess." He whispered before he suddenly placed a hoof on the back of her head and forced her down, surprising the Alicorn as he plunged his stallionhood deep into the confines of her throat. After a few seconds he then pulled back until only the tip was in her mouth, leaking some of his salty precum onto her tongue before plunging back in.

Cadence's body seized up the moment she felt her throat bulging as the Zebra's shaft traveled down her gullet. But then, as if by instinct, the Princess of Love started to breathe in rhythm with his thrusts, quickly getting the hang of it and even letting out a muffled giggle as she tasted the leaking pre-cum. 'S-So long… so deep… oooohhh how I've missed this feeling…' She thought as her body shuddered, with Abraxas' thrusts getting harder and rougher, resulting in his balls smacking against her chin. The strange yet familiar sensation of her King lodging his cock deep down her throat and stretching it out only served to make her even more enthusiastic, with muffled moans being the only sound escaping her stuffed muzzle. Soon the only thought going through her mind was when he'd finally start hammering away at her marehood. 'I'll drain every last bit of cum from his balls. Oooohhh yes~'

The King shuddered in bliss as his cock was enveloped by the Alicorn's tight throat, squeezing and convulsing around his shaft. "Aahhh, I can see… your skills haven't dulled… o-over the years." Abraxas grunted between thrusts, moaning as the vibrations from Cadence's moans sent pleasurable vibrations along his thick cock. "Your h-husband must've been… the luckiest stallion… in the Crystal Empire." He gasped as he thrusted his stallionhood in and out of her mouth again and again, sheathing it deep into her throat.

"Look at the Princess of Love, kneeling before her Zebra King, desperately trying to drink down his load~" He heard one of his wives giggling.

"And so eager as well…" Another chimed in. "Who knew she was such a shameless animal behind closed doors~"

The Princess paid the gossiping wives no mind as she ran her lips over the medial ring once again, taking heavy breaths through her nose as she let her King's shaft slide deeper into her throat as she opened her eyes and looked up at him lovingly.

"Mmmphh… gaaaahhh…" Abraxas moaned, his cock pulsing as he pumped in and out of Cadence's throat, his thrusts getting faster and faster as his balls started to twitch, pulling themselves up to the base of his cock as he was brought to the edge. "F-F-Fuuuuck!" The Zebra gasped as his cock pulsed, placing his left hoof on Cadence's head right between her ear before pushing her head as far down his cock as he could on, to the point where her nose was pressing up against the base of his stallionhood with his balls resting against her chin.

"Hrrk! Gulk, gluck-!" Cadence gagged for a moment, her own body tensing up as she felt the tip of his cock flaring in her throat, followed by a bulge rushing right up the shaft… and then finally, the King shot his thick, white seed straight down Cadence's throat, earning a muffled moan as the Princess of Love wrapped her hooves around his waist, eagerly swallowing every last drop of his cum as it sprayed down her throat. 'Yesss ooohhh yes~! Fill me up with your glorious seed! I wanna swallow it all!' She moaned around the shaft as her beloved King emptied himself inside her.

After a good minute or two, the visible bulge in her throat that was Abraxas' stallionhood was pulled out of Cadence's throat completely, shooting one last rope of cum onto her muzzle after slipping out from her mouth with an audible *plop*, now drenched in her saliva and still throbbing with a string of saliva connecting her lips to her King's cock for a few seconds.

"Wow… she swallowed that up like a pro!" Cadence heard one of the wives exclaim, sounding both impressed and jealous at the same time.

Proud of her accomplishment, the Princess of Love playfully licked her lips a few times to clean off the remnants of Abraxas' seed as she stood up, locking eyes with the King before lustfully crawling on top of him, ready to finally take all of his shaft inside her aching marehood…

"Of course you'd get to him first!"

Everyone turned their attention to the entrance, and standing there was none other than the Princess of Friendship herself; Twilight Sparkle. The Alicorn was panting deeply, her cheeks were flushed, her body seemed to be sweating heavily, and her facial expression conveyed an impression of suggestive and lascivious intent.

"You'd better have the stamina of ten Dragons in heat, my King!" Twilight snapped as she stormed into the room, not remotely bothered by the smell of sex and cum as she entered. "Because I'm going to have your shaft in a vice until I'm satisfied!"

"N-Now hold on Twilight…" Cadence began, only for the horny Alicorn to teleport onto the bed, shoving her fellow Princess aside and positioning herself on top of the King with a manic expression on her face.

"I want you. inside. me. NOW."

Abraxas felt a cold shiver go down his back as he gazed into Twilight's eyes, he had to admit, it was quite impressive how assertive she'd become… even while under the effects of those aphrodisiacs.

"I think those potions worked a little too well on her…" He heard his eldest wife whisper.

However, before the King could reply, Cadence's aura surrounded the Princess of Friendship and casually yanked her off the Zebra. "I volunteered to pleasure him first Twilight, so it's only fair that I get to take him inside me first." She stated firmly, dropping her sister-in-law onto one of the pillows before strutting towards her King.

"That's not fair!" Twilight protested as she got to her hooves. "I've been dealing with this heat all night and-"

"As have I, but our King isn't quite done with me yet." Cadence interrupted as positioned herself over the Zebra, her glistening marehood hovering right over his throbbing shaft. "Besides, he has more than enough stamina for the both of us, I'm sure you can afford to be a little patient~" She added, her voice taking on a more nurturing tone, the exact same one she'd used many times whenever she foalsat Twilight all those years ago.

"…fine." Twilight grumbled while crossing her hooves. Cadence couldn't help but giggle at her sister-in-law's expression, she always looks so cute when she pouted, even as an adult. "Just get on with it!"

"Don't worry, dear Twilight…" The King chimed in as he clapped his hooves together. "I'll make sure your patience is greatly rewarded. But first…" Abraxas, without ceremony, teasing or even warning, grabbed Cadence's legs and pushed her down, plunging his shaft deep into the Alicorn's awaiting hole.

"Oh-OHHHH!?" The Princess of Love gasped as her pussy lips parted, allowing the flared head of his shaft entrance, spreading her narrow passage while pushing deeper and deeper into her being. Her legs started wobbling and her knees threatening to give out as a surge of ecstasy shot through her body. She could feel her inner walls being stretched open more and more with each passing second as Abraxas' stallionhood was pushed deeper. "AH! AAHHA! AH-AH-AH-AAAHHH!" Princess of Love could only shriek as her vaginal walls constricted around her King's shaft in all the right ways. The Alicorn felt like she was about to be ripped in half, and yet somehow his presence inside her felt no less pleasurable. "Aaahh… sweet Fausticorn it feels sooo good~"

Twilight, overseeing the course of events, bit her lip as she watched in pure envy, her mind plagued with thoughts of spending the rest of the night impaled on the King's fat, glorious cock.

"Getting jealous, are we~?" The Princess of Friendship heard a feminine voice giggle just behind her. She looked over her shoulder and saw one of the younger wives gazing at her with a sultry yet mischievous smirk. "While my lover has yet to grant you the privilege of taking his shaft, we're not so cruel as to deny you pleasure completely." The Zebra mare then licked her lips, her expression one of pure lust as she lifted Twilight's tail and exposed her winking slit. "Hopefully, my tongue will suffice for now~" She added before slowly pushing her tongue inside the Alicorn's pussy.

"W-Wait I-oooohhh yeeeah~" Twilight moaned out, her eyes widening as she felt the Zebra mare's tongue slip into her marehood and start hungrily lapping at it. "Mmmph? Hmm… aahh~" Sighing, the Princess of Friendship gave up trying to resist and relaxed her body, letting the wife keep her satisfied until it was her turn.

"Mmmph ahaa~! W-Well, my King? D-Does it f-f-feel good?" Cadence asked, giggling as she drove her hips vigorously up and down his stallionhood, occasionally wriggling her hips in an attempt to stimulate various points on Abraxas' cock, subjecting him to unpredictable jolts of pleasure. "M-My husband loved this! Ooohhh it always drove him wild!" She gloated, not bothered by the fact she'd just brought up her late lover while fucking her King.

"Unf! I m-must admit-hah-aahhh! His stamina must have… b-been quite impressive… t-to keep up with you-Aaahh~!" Abraxas grunted in response, his continuous thrusts pushing the head of his cock closer and closer to the base of her womb. "B-But I promise you… I-I will not disappoint!"

A new sensation shot through the Alicorn's body as she felt her cock press harder against the entrance to Cadence's womb, spreading the deepest reaches of her depths even more, the shape of his stallionhood now visible via a massive bulge as the Princess of Love's insides suddenly started tightening greedily around his cock as she slammed her hips up and down his shaft with renewed vigor. All the while, her eyes began to glow as stripes began to appear all over her body, slithering and coiling around her body like snakes.

A proper sign that the Princess was now being bonded to her King for the rest of her days.

"Ooo! I'm c-close! I'm getting close! Oh-AAHA!?" She moaned out, her flank bouncing up and down as her King fucked her senseless… and then, she felt the Zebra's cock finally pierce the entrance to her womb and shoved its way deep inside to the point where it pressed against the back. Cadence saw stars as her eyes rolled back a unified wave of pain and pleasure assaulted her mind, the stripes quickly spreading across her body and traveling up her neck. "AAAAHHHH! Ah-ahAAA-HAH! OHH-AH-AH-AHEEEKKK!" The Princess shrieked as Abraxas relentlessly pumped his shaft into her womb, seemingly not caring if it could go any deeper, driving her over the edge as she finally came, her orgasm nearly eclipsing her mind as she arched her back, the stripes on her flank coiling and ensuring her cutie mark in the process…

Meanwhile, Twilight felt as though she had been dragged into a blissful paradise as she was eaten out. The Zebra mare's tongue work was exquisite, leaving the Alicorn panting as she ran her tongue running up and down the length of her slit with great vigor. Her situation was made even better by the sight of her sister-in-law's womb being absolutely flooded with Zebra cock as she submitted to the King so utterly sent a chill down the Alicorn's spine, turning her on something fierce and fueling her already intense desire to feel Abraxas' enormous cock inside her… and those wonderful stripes wrapping around every fiber of her being…

There was just something about witnessing the utter domination of one of the few ponies she idolized over anypony else that excited her more than she could imagine…

'And soon, you'll be next…'

"Eehee~! Oohhh yeah~!" Twilight's moans quickly became a series of giggles as the Zebra mare started to suckle her clitoris, occasionally stopping and letting her tongue dance up and down the Alicorn's slit just to taste the fluids leaking from it as it pulsated around her tongue "Aahh! F-F-Fuuuuck!" The Princess of Friendship let out a strained gasp as the mare's tongue went back to masterfully teasing her clit, keeping Twilight just close enough to the edge without ever letting her climax.

"That's it, ooohhh right there! Oh, yes! Yes! YEEEEES!"

Twilight was snapped out of her blissful daze as she heard her sister-in-law screaming in pure ecstasy as she came in unison with Abraxas.

Cadence suddenly found herself awash in the most intense pleasure she had ever felt in her entire life as she felt her King pumping immense loads of his seed into her marehood. "Aaahhhh~" She could feel it all shooting right into her womb, liters of cum sloshing around inside her, filling her up more than what she believed was equinely possible, to the point where her womb distended to accommodate the amount of cum her King had pumped into her, almost making her look pregnant! The sheer amount of it eventually overflowed and started pouring out from the sides of her marehood even as the King just kept thrusting, not caring if any leaked onto the covers beneath her.

And yet Cadence's climax continued, her vaginal wall squeezing around his shaft as tightly as possible as if she were trying to keep every drop of seed inside her. Then, after almost a minute, the Princess of Love came down from her high of maddening pleasure… she couldn't even begin to describe how amazing she felt as she fell onto her back, her eyes closing as her overstimulated mind went blank and her body went completely limp, basking in the mind-numbing afterglow.

Twilight was so astonished by the spectacle she'd witnessed that she'd hardly noticed the Zebra mare abandoning her oral assault on her nether regions.

"Ahhh… that was invigorating…" Abraxas sighed as he pulled his shaft out of her pussy, a wet slurping sound echoing through the room as the King's throbbing stallionhood slipped out.

His cock wasn't even remotely soft, nor did he look remotely spent. On the contrary, his stallionhood was still throbbing and twitching as if to say that it still wanted more. Twilight then found herself unable to stop staring as she gazed at Abraxas' cock, now coated with both his and Cadence's love fluids, her mouth dripping with saliva as her nostrils took in the scent of the musk wafting off it.

"Mmmph, oohhh Ah~!" Twilight heard Cadence let out a blissful coo as his cock was pulled free with a cute little *pop*, leaving the Alicorn of Love breathless and panting on the bed.

Abraxas then leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on Cadence's cheek before turning her attention to the Princess of Friendship. "Sorry to keep you waiting." He chuckled, approaching her without so much as a tired sway in his step, to the point where Twilight almost had a hard time believing he had just gone a few rounds with her sister-in-law. "Now then, I do believe that I promised you a reward for your patience…"

Snapping out of her thoughts, the lavender Alicorn licked her lips before pulling the King in close and kissing him passionately. Twilight's tongue slipped into the Zebra's mouth almost straight away, eagerly inspecting every nook and cranny of his mouth, leaving him gasping for air the second their lips parted. "Well then, let's get started, shall we~?"

"Fuck, girl." One of his wives chuckled as Twilight broke the kiss. "That was amazing, I think she shoved her tongue down his throat!"

Twilight glanced over her shoulder at one of the wives, specifically the one that had previously eaten her out, and smirked. "I might come for you next."

"Such a naughty, assertive mare…" She heard the King chuckle. Suddenly she found herself being pushed onto her back… with the Zebra himself looming over her. "…I do love breaking in mare like you."

'Yes! Finally!' Twilight thought as she felt Abraxas' hooves spreading her legs apart, exposing her marehood to everyone. A shiver ran through Twilight's spine as she breathed heavily, her body aching with a burning desire for the same sweet release Cadence experienced, every little want and desire focused on her King's throbbing stallionhood. The Alicorn felt as though her mind was drowning in an ocean of arousal, it almost felt like she needed the Zebra's shaft more than she needed to breathe.

"Ahhh that's the expression I love to see in my mates…" Abraxas cooed, his muzzle inches from Twilight's, tempting her to kiss him as he aligned his massive cock with her new lover's cunt and pushed forward ever-so-slightly. "Pure desire fueled by an insatiable lust that only your beloved King can fulfill."

Within seconds she felt the tip of his massive shaft pressing against the folds of her pussy, easily spreading them. "Mmph! Oooohhh~!" Twilight let a bestial moan of lust escape her lips as the tip of the Zebra's massive stallionhood was pushed deeper after a few tentative thrusts.

"You love that, don't you slut?" Abraxas grunted as he ground his hips forward, rubbing the head of his cock up and down Twilight's slit. The Zebra was somewhat surprised that his new broodmare was much tighter than Cadence had been, it must have been an even longer time since the mare had pleasured herself.

"I-ah!" Twilight bit her lip, shuddering as Abraxas threw all of his weight into the next thrust, driving his cock into her pussy with ruthless efficiency. "S-So… sooo deep~" The Alicorn squealed, moaning and writhing in pleasure as she felt her King pumping in and out of her in a slow rocking motion.

"I'm only halfway in, Princess… but if you want me to go deeper…" Abraxas grunted as he thrust his hips right up against Twilight's, forcing every last inch of his cock inside his new broodmare. "…then you'd better brace yourself." He added just as the rest of his stallionhood sank into the warm confines of the Alicorn's marehood, pushing deep enough to tap the entrance to her womb.

"AAAHHNN!" Twilight gasped, the sudden tap sending a jolt of ecstasy through her whole body right before the Zebra's cock was slowly pulled all the way out of her tight passage. The Princess of Friendship could feel the inner walls of her own cunt gripping his stallionhood for all its worth as its flared head scraped against her inner walls. "Oooohhh f-f-fuuuuck!"

As he felt the mare beneath her wrapping her wings around him, Abraxas grinned right before slamming his cock back inside with all the speed he could muster. Looking down at his second conquest for the night, the King was greeted by the sight of the Princess of Friendship gasping and panting in ecstasy with her tongue hanging from her mouth and her eyes rolling back into her head.

"Somepony is enjoying themselves," One of the wives exclaimed in a sultry tone, earning a few giggles from the other mares. "She just can't wait to become the mother of your child!"

'Y-Yes… his child…' Twilight thought, her mind barely able to focus on anything else as her body was assaulted by pure pleasure, the likes of which she hadn't experienced in years. 'I'll give my wonderful King an heir! Our beautiful child!' The Alicorn's thoughts of bearing his children were interrupted when she felt her marehood being stuffed full of Abraxas's cock, she bit her lip as she felt his massive shaft repeatedly bumping against the entrance of her womb, each tap like a bolt of lightning shooting through her body, feeling of both pleasure and pain had intermingled to the point with Alicorn's mind going blank between thrusts until it soon became the only thing she thought of and the only thing she cared about. "Ghhrkk, ahhaa! Oooohhh~! Eee-he-heek!"

"As she should be!" Abraxas grunted as he quickly slammed his cock in and out of the writhing mare, his hips making a wet slapping sound as they collided with Twilight's, the sound of his wet balls slapping against Twilight's ass echoing throughout the room with each thrust. "Be grateful that I choose to bless both of you with the gift of my children, it's an honor I don't bestow lightly…" The Zebra King smirked, relishing in the feeling of dominating the Princess of Friendship herself. " …not that I don't enjoy the act of giving it…"

"Aahhaa-ah! Ah! Ah!" A startled gasp escaped Twilight's lips each time her womb was prodded by her King's stallionhood. The Alicorn was so enamored with the sensation of Abraxas' enormous pillar of flesh slamming against the entrance to her cervix so ruthlessly over and over that she could barely register her King's words. "AH-GAAHH! EE-HEHE~! M-MORE! H-H-HARDER! D-DEEPER-OOOHH~!" She pleaded just as a new yet familiar sensation shot up her spine… followed by the stripes suddenly spreading across her body as her eyes started to glow.

Suddenly the Alicorn felt Abraxas' whole body collapse on top of her as he thrusted forward, pinning her down. "Oh trust me, I plan on making sure my essence reaches your deepest depths!" The Zebra King grunted, rocking hips back and forth while keeping his body in place, the stripes coiling around her legs and slithering along her back and wings.

Twilight bit down hard on her lip as she felt her King's stallionhood begin to twitch inside of her marehood, it took her only a second to realize that her King's magnificent, monstrous cock was close to finally filling her womb with his seed. "Oh Yes! YES! CUM! FILL ME UP, KNOCK ME UP! LET ME HAVE YOUR CHI-AAAAHHHNN!" She screamed as she suddenly felt the Zebra's cum shooting up his enormous cock, hitting her womb with tremendous force. Any and all conflicting thoughts were erased from her mind and she came as well, the stripes rushing up her neck and spreading across her face, covering her eyes and muzzle. "OOOOHHHH F-F-FUUUUUUCK!" Twilight hollered, her body writhing in ecstasy as her King practically painted the inside of her womb with his thick cum, filling it to the brim as her marehood tightened and constricted around his glorious cock, milking it for all it was worth as the stripes finally ensnared her cutie mark as well.

After a few more minutes, the Princess of Friendship was completely spent and nearly out of breath, her mouth was hanging open with her tongue loosely hanging out from her lips with a look of utter bliss on her face. All she could do was pant heavily while covered in sweat as the now-satisfied King dragged his cock out of the depths of Twilight's aching pussy. "Ahhh yes… that was satisfying…" Abraxas chuckled as he finally stopped thrusting, grinning triumphantly as the now unflared head of his cock slipped out of her cunt with an audible *pop*.

The Zebra King then looked over both Alicorn's bodies as they rested, taking in the sight of their stripe-covered bodies and enormous cum-filled bellies, with some of his seed leaking out of her cunt and onto the bed sheets. "I must say, that look suits you, my dear." He added in a mocking tone, his wives giggling behind him.

However, none of this mattered to the Alicorns. With both of them having just experienced the most mind-shattering orgasms of their lives, their only remaining thoughts were of Abraxas' enormous cock penetrating their and filling their slutty body with the cum she so desperately craved.

Now they were afloat in a sea of blissful pleasure, truly content for the first in as far back as they could remember.

"Welcome to my harem, my dear Princesses." King Abraxas smiled as he laid back, his wives quickly surrounding his shaft and licking off the excess fluids from both himself and the Alicorns. "Ahhh, it's good to be King."

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