TBB - Opposites Attract - (HUNTER/GREGOR)

By Gun Roswell


The squad plus one

The quest for the artefact

You and I should hang out, sometime

I kinda dig ya, ya know?


Set somewhere in the Bad Batch galaxy of things.

After rescuing Gregor from the Empire, Gregor having gotten involved with Rex's cause and all, the Batchers ended up working with the chuckling Clone Commando on several missions.

There was some tension there, between the two leaders at first. Hunter and Gregor.

But after some time and fashion Hunter started realising just how much he enjoyed Gregor's company. Not to mention the sometimes off-kilter jokes, the rather positive attitude among other things.

A Hunter/Gregor series

The squad plus one

'First, second and third impressions? No? Well, maybe it is time for a forth one then?'

It was their fourth mission together.

The Bad Batch having ran several ops for Rex's new cause, which was fast becoming Clone Force 99's favourite cause as well. Freeing their kin, helping others in need all around the galaxy, and, running interference against the Empire.

Even if the so called Rebellion was still rather small, divided into fractions, the clones led by Rex were surely making a dent in the imperial plans. Most importantly though, they were making a difference. Having found their new reason for being.

But it wasn't Rex who had joined them on the mission. It was Gregor. The Clone Commando the Bad Batch had rescued not so long ago. Gregor then having joined forces with Rex, the two clones having known each other ever since, well forever.

For Hunter, despite of kind of liking the man, it was a bit of a difficult situation though. Having a former Captain joining the team and all. Another leader of sorts. And well, Gregor had offered his, expert advise, on several occasion during said missions too. Even if Hunter had not asked for it.

Not that Hunter minded it that much. After all, Echo was constantly offering his own opinions to Hunter, even having managed to change the Sergeants mind on a few occasions. But, that was different. Echo was family. Gregor, was new. And certainly not part of the Bad Batch. Not officially anyway.

Still, Hunter knew he himself needed to adapt to this, new situation.

After all, this was Rex's cause and Hunter was damned to do his very best to help his friend with whatever needed to be done. And if it meant hauling Gregor and his unsolicited opinions along for the trip? Well, so be it. Hunter could easily work around them. After all, Hunter was the one in charge. Right?

Because Gregor was a great asset. Strong, skilful, not to mention his shooting accuracy was only rivalling that of Crosshair's. And that was saying something. Besides, some of the jokes Gregor was almost constantly cracking, were, well, funny. Eliciting chuckles from them all, most of the time. Even Omega, despite her not always being up to par of the meaning of said humorous anecdotes.

And having a specially trained commando on the squad?

Well Hunter wasn't going to say no to that! As their upon coming mission was that one of a heist. Sort of. Breaking into a vault of a former Sith. Retrieving an artefact which Rex had promised to get for Ahsoka Tano. Something she apparently needed for whatever Force related stuff she was currently up to. The purpose being neither here nor there as they were going to get it, as per requested by Rex. So, going on the mission was what the Batch was going to do. Period.

Breaking into the facility, was easy enough, it having been abandoned long since. The owner, the Sith having died years ago. It was surprising though, that the Empire was not aware of this place. At least, not according to Ahsoka's intel. Having only recently found out where this, artefact, was being held at.

As the Empire was hunting down all Force related devices, gadgets and artefacts alongside those few remaining with the ability to wield the Force. Mainly Jedi, but other Force sensitives as well.

But it seemed that this specific locale had completely dropped off the radar of the imperials. At least, that had been the general consensus of both Ahsoka and Rex's intel given to the Bad Batch, now en route to the place and detecting no imperials forces anywhere in the system when exiting hyperspace.

But, that had all changed rather quickly as when the Havoc Marauder emerged from behind the twin moons of the planet. As they could, much to their shock, see an imperial cruiser orbiting there. Hovering menacingly over the place.

"What the kriff are they doing here?"

Echo glared at the viewport, the large size ship clearly in view now, but not having shown up on their scanners.

"Did they see us?"

Hunter was standing right behind Tech and Echo seated in the cockpit.

"No, no, they did not. I had already rigged the shield harmonics to emit false sensory output. Just in case."

Tech told Hunter as much, having kind of neglected to inform the Sergeant of said upgrade. As if having had a sixth sense about their mission, Tech having made the adjustments to their ship before leaving the base. Something though, which the team had already discussed earlier, but the task having been pending for a while now due to their hectic mission schedule.

Still, apparently Tech had managed to do it just the same.

"I am taking the Marauder through a different route to make sure we stay hidden."

Tech added.

"They are most likely on the planet too."

It was Gregor having joined the three, having heard there was trouble for their mission.

"We need to reconfigure our approach."

He added, as if Hunter had not already started planning on it. After all, Hunter was, the squad leader.

Hunter simply gave Gregor a stern and annoyed glare, his intent clear. Making Gregor jump back a bit, even if he was bigger and stronger than Hunter. But also knowing, that he had, once again, crossed the line. Something which Gregor seemed to be doing a lot. But Gregor had been a Captain, a leader of his own right and so, old habits died hard he guessed.

Gregor knew he needed to tone it down though, even if it was sort of built in him. Being in charge and all. But he respected Hunter, very much so. And well, guess Gregor also needed to remember, that Hunter was a great leader and the designated one as well for this specific team. So, deciding to chat about it later with Hunter. If nothing else, then at least try to explain his, behaviour and apologise for it. It was the polite thing to do, right?

"Can you find us a safe landing place? As far away from the imps as possible?"

Hunter wasn't really asking, knowing Echo and Tech were most likely already on it.

And he was right in assuming just that.

"Got it."

Echo pulled the data onto the screen.

"We need to land three clicks south from our original planned location. There is some natural growth there which should be sufficient enough to hide the ship."

"Sounds like a plan."

Hunter patted Echo on his shoulder.

He then turned to look at Gregor, still standing close by. Only nodding to the Commando while passing him. Trying not to get too upset about, well, Gregor's continued suggestions.

The quest for the artefact

'Something you can always rely on, is that plan A usually always fails.'

"Are you sure you it's safe for us to get in there? There are imps crawling all over the place."

Hunter sounded worried, having seen the number of TK troopers already in place, most likely looking for the exact same thing the Batch was.

The plan they had, of sneaking in, finding the artefact and getting out before anyone was the wiser? Well wasn't like they had really expected anyone to be on this long since forsaken planet. The least of all imperials. Pirates maybe, but not the imps.

"Hunter, we promised to get this, thing. For Ahsoka. So we should not let her down. It will benefit us all in the long run if we retrieve it rather than let it fall in the hands of the Empire."

Echo reminded Hunter of the importance of their job.

"Besides, we've been on tighter situations than this one."

Tech piped in.

"A few imps, we can take 'em no problem."

Wrecker was his usual positive self. But getting approving nods and murmurs from both Gregor and Crosshair just the same, clearly all of them agreeing they should finish the mission.

Hunter glanced from one team member to the other and then nodded to Tech to finish hacking the lock panel of the back door they were at.

Tech was able to open it without problem, the team stepping inside of the building, one by one.

"According to the schematics, the vault is two floors down."

Tech was checking his datapad.

"There is a lift just around the corner."

Following Hunter the team made their way to the lift. Daring to use it as there were no imps in the on immediate vicinity. Not for the moment at least. As per having scanned the area before choosing their entrance into the base, seeing the TK troopers having concentrated their search on the opposite side of the rather large size compound.

Reaching the space where vault was situated in not time. The one supposed to house the object they were after. At least, according to intel received from Rex and Ahsoka.

"Tech, Echo, you're with me. The rest of you stand guard."

Hunter ordered, Crosshair, Omega, Wrecker and Gregor.

The four of them took their positions close to the entrance to the vault. Making sure nothing would pass them and keeping an eye on the hallway and the lifts as well. While the other three made their way inside of the room where the vault housing the artefact lay inside of.

As the trio reached the vault, they could see a force field surrounding what looked like a safe of sorts. The vault.

"That must be to."

Echo looked in and around the safe, trying to find a scomp port. And he did soon enough.

"Careful Echo."

Tech warned him.

"It can be booby trapped."

Tech stepped beside Echo running his scans, then punching a few codes before nodding to Echo.

"You can plug in now."

Echo nodded and placed his scomp arm into the slot.

The system whirred for a moment before the shield was lowered and the door to the safe was revealed.

Tech stepped in front of it and started tapping on his datapad again. Soon enough, there was a hissing sound before the door of the small vault swooshed open.

"We're in business."

Tech told the other two.

All three of them peeking inside of it. Seeing the small size grey coloured pyramid shaped object there.

"Is it safe to pick up?"

Hunter asked.

Tech scanned the object and getting no readings from it.

"It seems to be inert. So yes."

Hunter gave a lingering glance at the object, touching it once or twice quickly, before finally picking it up.

He looked at the triangle in his hand as did the other two.

"Well, guess this is it."

"Looks about right. Same as the description Ahsoka gave us."

Echo said then.

Hunter placed the artefact in his backpack before placing the bag on his back again.

"We better get outta here before the imps figure out there are others on the planet as well."

The three of them making haste out of the vault. Picking up the others, before heading for the lifts.

Soon on their way and out of the building.

Only hoping the imps were still searching elsewhere.

Just as the lift bell dinged indicating they had reached the exit floor, they all heard it.

The distinct sounds of open comms devices crackling. And real close by. The imps had found them.


Hunter cursed, realising they were trapped.

"What do you suggest we do?"

Crosshair asked of Hunter.

"Shoot our way out?"

Wrecker suggested.

The rest of them giving him a glare.

"There are twelve troopers outside the door and more on the way."

Tech stated having scanned the area.

"May I suggest something?"

Gregor was trying to be polite for a change, and not wanting to step on Hunter's toes again.

"What do you have?"

Hunter asked only too glad Gregor had actually asked this time. Certainly an improvement.

"Well, if memory serves, there is another egress three floors up."

Gregor having memorised the blueprints of the structure.

Hunter turned to Tech who was already checking his pad.

"He is correct. But, there is a steep climb from there to get down."

Hunter thought for a moment before nodding.

"Well, it's either climb or risk getting shot."

He glanced at the others.

"I vote climbing."

Omega told him flat on, as the getting shot part sounded none too appealing to her.

The others murmured their agreeing responses.

"Alright. Let's get moving."

And so pressing the button on the lift to the upper floor, the car of the lift started moving upward. All of them silently hoping to reach their egress point before the imps realised what they were doing.

"Now how are we going to get over there?"

Crosshair was looking down from the outside ledge they had ended up on while following Gregor's advice in finding an alternate route out from the building.

The ledge they were all standing on was a some distance away from the hill side they were supposed to get onto as a means of escaping the building and their would be pursues. The imperial troopers who had most likely detected their presence by now. "How else. We jump."

He got the stunned glares from all the others, but only chuckled.

As Gregor was already measuring the distance in his mind, from the ledge to the plateau on the side of the hill they needed to reach to get away safely.

"I would estimate we have an eighty-five percent chance of making it in one piece."

Gregor calmly stated, then turning to Omega.

"Kid, you are with me."

Hunter was about to say something, to object the idea. But as he watched Omega simply walk to Gregor. Trusting the Commando without any doubt in her mind Gregor could not make the jump, let alone having her on his back. Well, Hunter's mouth shut back up, rather quickly. Trusting in Omega's insight as it had been right on plenty an occasion.

Omega was soon hauled up to Gregor's back, holding on tightly to the man.

"I will go first."

Gregor had clearly taken lead on this, situation. Much to Hunter's chagrin. But there were few options left for them to escape. So letting it slide for the moment and trusting the Commando knew what he was doing after all.

The rest of the team made way for Gregor, as he took several steps back. Gaining the needed speed for the long jump.

"Hold on tight kid!"

It was all Gregor said before he started running. And then, he was already flying across the air. Reaching the ledge on the other side, with somewhat of an ease and precision as the others looked on.

As they landed, Gregor let Omega slide back to the ground to stand on her own two feet.

Hunter could not help but to admire the man at the very moment. The sureness and the skill he had shown just now.

It took mere moments as the rest of the crew made their way up the slope. None of them slipping or sliding. Much. But none made it over as gracefully as Gregor had. Except for Crosshair, him being always so feline like in his movements.

"Alright, we've got so far, but we're not off yet."

Hunter stated, turning to Gregor, expecting more advice from him, clearly.

Gregor's eyes were fixed on Hunter's for a moment. Perhaps staying there a tad too long. Something exchanged between the two, which neither really knew what it was exactly. But certainly a shift in their, well, consideration for the other and whatever else there was had taken place. And it seemed to be for the better.

Hunter was clearly trusting Gregor more, letting him lead. For now.

Gregor glanced around the immediate area and made yet another calculation in his mind before choosing their path.

"We take the left side of the slope down. It's more difficult, but it should provide enough cover for us to get to the ship. Hopefully undetected."

Echo too, had noticed the sudden shift in Hunter's and Gregor's dynamics. Echo himself being rather fond of Gregor, the two of them sharing similar backgrounds and all among other things. Echo now was standing right beside Gregor.

"I agree."

Echo simply said as the two of them turned to Hunter.

"Fine, we will go that way."

Hunter sounded curt but he trusted Gregor and Echo had agreed so, it must've been all good.

The way down was far from easy though. Several rocks sent flying and more than plenty of growls and sliding feet later, they had landed safely down onto solid ground and headed towards their ship.

Luckily though, here were no imps in sight. So, either they were blissfully ignorant of the Bad Batch even being there. Or then, they had lost their trail. Whichever the case was, none of it mattered now, as the Marauder was taking off of the ground and leaving the planet far behind. With the artefact safely secured with them.

You and I should hang out, sometime

'Getting to know someone, better, good, or really well… well, guess only time will tell where it will all lead to.' The mission was over and the Batch was safely back on Ord Mantell.

They were at Cid's Parlour for post mission celebration. Which was mostly them hanging at the bar, having a few drinks while Omega had already retired for the night.

One by one, the rest of the Batchers were taking their leave too, taking to their bunks.

That was except for Hunter and Gregor.

The two of them had yet to discuss what had happened during the mission. At least Hunter had, because there were a few things he needed to tell Gregor. Even if in the end, Gregor's advice had been all, well, rather good and helpful leading for the squad managing to escape unscathed.

And Hunter had indeed yielded his control, the lead to Gregor without much of a qualm.

But, there were still things nagging Hunter and he needed to say them out loud.

Pouring another drink for himself and then motioning the bottle to Gregor, who only nodded as Hunter then poured more of the bitter tasting liquid to his companion's mug as well.

Raising his own mug, Hunter cheered. For the umpteenth time that night.

"To the mission."

"To the mission!"

Gregor clinked his container against Hunter's.

There was a moment of, well, slightly awkward silence between the two of them before Hunter broke it. Clearing his throat and still staring to his mug.

"Look, I know you were a Captain and have commando training and all…"

Hunter paused.

He was trying to find the less offensive words to speak up his mind. After all, he wasn't like Crosshair, speaking his mind freely no matter what of whom was on the receiving end of things.

But there were no further words forthcoming. So Gregor decided to fill in the blanks, having already deduced what the problem there was.

"Look, Hunter. I know I've overstepped. On several occasions. And for that, I apologise."

Gregor was all business, not the one to mince words either.

Hunter looked at the other man, mouth half agape. The apology a total surprise.

He did not respond, so Gregor simply chuckled.

"Hunter, I know I am not the easiest one of the lot. Hell, Rex and I fought a lot during our joint missions. But we always managed to get on the same page in the end."

After all, Hunter and Gregor were both leaders on their own right and, they both were good in what they did.

Besides, Gregor really enjoyed working with the Batch. Running ops for both Rex and Cid. And the prospect of leaving the group wasn't appealing to him at this point in time at all. As Gregor had been without his vode for far too long. Even when Rex had offered a spot for him in his small organisation. Which would most likely have involved running ops on his own. Without a team by his side. As Rex had only recently started gathering the rogue clones found over the galaxy. Even a few escapes having joined him. And they were only now regrouping and building the, well, clone army. Of sorts. And it would take some time before they would all get organised and Gregor could have his pick of team mates from the lot.

So, if Hunter was to kick him out? Well Gregor would be, sad most likely, a tad disappointed in himself too. But most of all, well he would survive. But staying with the Bad Batch was something he really, really wanted to do.

Besides, Gregor really respected Hunter. Gregor also liked Hunter. Very much so. Admiring the man, his skills, the way Hunter moved out there in the field. And guess, Gregor was giving Hunter the odd once over a few times too many too. But hey, how could he not? Hunter was one of the most gorgeous vod Gregor had ever met.

So, plenty of reasons for Gregor wanting to stay.

After a moment of silence, their eyes locked. For a tad too long perhaps for a simple assessment glare of what to do or say next?

"So, what I am hearing from, this, is that you want to stay. With the Batch. With us?"

Hunter stated solemnly, not really asking but yeah, asking, having deduced the fact from Gregor without him stating it.

"Yeah, if it's alright with you."

Gregor sounded rather quiet as he said it. Not really asking either. Only hoping.

Because in the end it did not matter if Gregor was asking or pleading even. As it was all up to Hunter to decide.

A moment passed. Then two. Hunter was taking a sip from his mug before he made his decision.

"Alright. You can stay. But."

Hunter raised a finger as Gregor's face had already turned from sour to happy and he was about to say something. Hunter cutting him off before Gregor even started.

"But, from now on, if you have suggestions, plans whatever improvements you think we should do for and on the missions…" Hunter paused, his eyes never leaving Gregors. The distinct warning glare in places. "…always consult me first and then I will make the final choice. Understood?"

Not that the rest of the Batchers respected that kind of behaviour most of the time either. But Gregor was new and well, Hunter still wanted to at least uphold the illusion of him being in control. Being the leader of the team.


Gregor offered his arm to Hunter then to seal the deal. And as Hunter took it, Gregor drew him in for a hefty bear hug.

Holding onto Hunter perhaps a tad too long for it to be just a friendly hug.

Hunter felt something then too. Something he had not excepted. But letting the feeling go the moment Gregor released him.

Raising his mug then, Gregor feeling only too happy of having been approved for the Bad Batch. Officially.

"For the Bad Batch!"

Hunter chuckled a little then too.

"The Bad Batch!"

The two grinning and drinking their mugs empty before heading to bed.

As it looked like the Bad Batch had gotten themselves a new recruit after all.

Some time passed and Gregor had become a full fledged member of the crew. The lot running more and more ops for Rex, but also earning credits on the side from Cid while doing some jobs for her as well.

Gregor, while sometimes misstepping still, had found his place in the Batch. Not to mention that he and Hunter had started getting along rather splendidly.

The rest of the team were quite fond of the Commando as well. Even Crosshair had finally warmed up to the man. The two of them having several interests in common as they had figured out along the way.

But mostly, the late evening talks after the others had retired for the night were spent with casual and sometimes less casual conversation between Hunter and Gregor.

The two of them growing more familiar with each other each passing day.

Hunter had found himself enjoying the seemingly carefree clone commando, the sometimes poor and more often times dirty jokes something Hunter found rather funny, as he had never laughed as hard as he did with Gregor.

But then there were those other times, when their job, their mission, those for Rex's weren't going as planned. Those would be saves, the ones who needed their help and the team did not reach them in time… The devastation left behind by the Empire was something none of them could cope with in an good way.

They were all soldiers that much was sure. But in the war they had fought, it had been mostly non-living creatures the clones had been fighting against. Well, sometimes living people too. But, they had been at war, literally back then.

But now, the Empire was destroying worlds simply because they did not yield to the rule of the imperials. And so many civilians died without any reason. Unarmed, without a battle, without much saying in their lives before falling dead onto the ground of a place they had called home. As this was not supposed to be war. Right? The Empire supposedly bringing peace and prosperity to all? But, the truth being told, it was. War. A sort of an underground civil war. Only the Empire did now know it. That they were at war. Or at least they never admitted as much.

The rest of the team handled such things in whatever means they redeemed fit to. Finding solace in each others arms. Keeping Omega safe and trying to assure her it was part of life and all that crap parents told their children. That everything would be fine in the end as long as they kept on fighting the fascist regime.

But, Hunter handled it differently. He was their leader after all. And it was his job to console the others, not grieve himself. Right?

Enter Gregor.

Because Gregor could see right through Hunter even if the rest of them did not really want to. Seeing the fragility behind the blank, expressionless eyes when ever Hunter was in pain.

And so, the midnight chats after hours sometimes turned into crying sessions. Both of the two leaders consoling each other the best they could.

It was less words, more holding, assuring hugs that things would be alright in the end kind of a thing for them.

The development had happened slowly but surely, bringing Gregor and Hunter impossibly close to each other.

And neither of them seemed to mind it. At all. The whatever there was clearly developing between them further than either of them had even imagined.

Well, Gregor had. Imagined. Quite a lot to be exact.

And perhaps, Hunter had too. After some time having been spent with the other clone.

I kinda dig ya, ya know?

'They say opposites attract, don't they? And they, would be right!'

Another op, another late night for Gregor and Hunter.

This time though, a more relaxed one as they had managed to save a boat load of clones. Having fallen from the skies, literally. And it was a victory. A very large one at that, the doomed vode having been saved in a nick of time.

And so, once again, Hunter and Gregor were left alone, just the two of them. Maybe deliberately by the others or not. But, here they were, sharing drinks in the late hours of the day.

"So, have you thought more about Rex's offer. You know, of moving to his new base?"

Gregor wasn't quite sure whether Hunter was even willing to do that, seeing as how much they Batchers enjoyed their freedom. Coming and going according to their own schedule rather than someone else's seemed to suit the group. Plus the fact of making their own decisions, usually, as a group rather than taking orders again from someone else. Despite the fact that they all adored Rex and were willing to do whatever he basically requested of them.

Hunter sipped from his mug not answering right away.

The offer of Rex's had come, well, not really out of the blue as Rex had been talking forever about establishing a base for the Cause. And then getting all the rescued clones there and other people wanting to stay there too.

So, first off the bat, after finding the suitable place, and old abandoned facility far away from the imperials, Rex had asked if Hunter would like to bring his team there. Permanently.

Hunter had talked to the squad about it and they seemed all to be open to the move. Especially Echo, but surprisingly also Tech and Omega. While Crosshair and Wrecker had not really expressed their preferences one way or the other.

Hunter had been weary of making the choice though, as he really liked being independent. At least for the moment. Then again, knowing the imperial chokehold of the galaxy was getting tighter and tighter each passing day. So perhaps the autonomy was an illusion after all. And there as strength in numbers. That much was sure.

"I have. And well, as much as I would like to honour Rex's offer… Well, there are things I am still wondering about and whether the move would be good for the team or not."

Gregor nodded. As he could understand quite well where Hunter was coming from. Having been an independent agent most of his career, not to mention being that now. As part of the Bad Batch of course.

"I hear ya. And, if your decision is to not move, then I just want you to know, that I would prefer to remain here, with the squad as well."

Hunter turned to look at Gregor. To really look at him. The surprise present in Hunter's gaze. Of course Hunter knew Gregor and Rex were as thick as thieves. And so, Gregor rather choosing Hunter and the Batch than going to Rex's base? Well, guess, that had come as a surprise after all.

Even if those kind of vibes having been there in the air for a while now. Hunter having sensed something was causing them and the plenty of time Gregor had spent with Hunter? Well, it had kind of made Hunter think perhaps he had not imagined the pull between them after all.

It all came so naturally. Much again, to Hunter's surprise. After their initial bumping of heads, the two of them had come to a consensus. Of the way they worked now. And it was all great! Having Gregor as part of the Batch had added a whole new layer to their dynamics they had not even known was missing.

"I um, sure. I mean I thought that you would want to…"

Hunter was still staring right into Gregor's eyes. As if trying to read something there.

Gregor let out a small chuckle.

"Well, you thought wrong."

As if reading Hunter's mind.

As Gregor being always the more straight forward one, never to mince words. But having learnt the way of the Batchers, how they were, Hunter in particular, Gregor had also learnt to tone down his, enthusiasm and not always speak directly. Because the best reason for him wanting to stay with the team, was Hunter.

Gregor had not said anything or made any moves yet towards that direction. Wanting to test the waters first. And besides, they had not exactly gotten off on the right foot since their first encounter. But, time having passed, the two of them having grown, to become fast friends since those times… Well, Gregor had kind of sensed there was something there between the two of them. Feeling those special vibes emanating from Hunter whenever they were in close proximity.

And so, guess after all the time spent together on missions, planning said missions and then even hanging out together during these late night get togethers, Gregor felt bold enough or rather sure enough to spill the beans.


Hunter managed.

"Yes, because as much as I love Rex, my brother, batch mate, all of that. I would refuse his offer if it meant I would not get to be with you."

Gregor did not even blink, while stating the simple fact.

But Hunter did blink. Once, twice, trying to fathom what Gregor had actually meant with his words.

"You mean us, as in the squad, right?"

Hunter's tone was coarse, having to swallow hard before talking, his throat gone dry all of a sudden.

"Well, as much as I like the team, I like you even more."

Gregor had a soft smile on his face suddenly.

But Hunter could only glare. As no matter how many vibes he had felt coming from Gregor, Hunter still had his doubts about perhaps having imagined Gregor's interest, in him.


Hunter managed.

"Yes, dear Hunter, you."

There was a long moment of silence descending over the bar all of a sudden. Both of them simply basking in the glare of the other. Hunter having become totally baffled about what he had just heard. And Gregor? Well, he was simply letting Hunter digest what he had just told him.

"I, I…"

Hunter could not find the words to reply as he was still surprised. The ever present self-doubt whispering into Hunter's ear. But also deeply taken by the fact that Gregor was really interested in him. Hunter.

"I kinda figured it went both ways. Was I wrong?"

Now it was Gregor's turn to have said doubt, not that Gregor usually felt it. But sometimes it was there. Guess it was true for most of the clones, especially when the more intimate connections were involved. The doubt that is.

And so, the notion, the meaning of what Gregor had said, was finally sinking into Hunter.

"No, no you were not."

It was all the incentive Gregor needed.

He leaned in, the two of them already having been seated quite close, being only a breath away from Hunter, Gregor paused.

"Is this alright?"

His voice a breathy whisper on Hunter's face.

Hunter was already prepared to whatever Gregor was offering him though. The sudden halt surprising him.

"Of course."

Hunter's tone low and raspy.

Gregor leaned in the rest of the way, brushing his lips against Hunter's.

It started as a soft probing touch, but soon evolved into a lock of their lips. The wanton need and passion emanating from both of them, pouring to the kiss.

As the two parties reluctantly let go of the others lips, the need to breathe leaving no choice, Hunter and Gregor's eyes remained connected.

"That, that was…"

"Yeah, I agree."

Gregor chuckled nervously.

"So, maybe we should try it again?"

Hunter offered, the tingling sensations left by Gregor's lips still very much present on his own.

"I have no objections."

Gregor was only too happy to oblige, having loved the touch of Hunter's lips on his own.

They kissed again. This time, it was more languid, more precise, more of everything.

Breaking apart for air again, they were both panting rather heavily.

"I could really get used to this."

Hunter managed.

"Yeah. Me too."

Gregor had no coherent thought left in his mind, except wanting to feel more of Hunter against him.

"Um, maybe we should take this to somewhere more private?"

Hunter too, needed the more from Gregor.

"My room or yours?"

"I think, yours would be more, private."

Gregor offered his hand to Hunter, who took it, as Gregor then quickly guided the two of them up the stairs and towards his bunk room.