Hi every one! Well I got a lot of feed back on Heeros Baby and a lot of request to do a sequel. Don't know why though that one came out crappy but as was asked here is the sequel. OH and as asked by one person this will contain a lot of D&W material, I also warn that I might put a lemon into this one, MAYBE I'm not sure yet.

Beta: Kime

A Baby's Lullaby.

"DUO! You baka! Be careful, Wufei would kill me if you got hurt!" Heero exclaimed as he rushed over to Duo, who had been climbing up a latter to get the ball that they had been tossing, when he slipped off and fell into a bush.

"I'm fine Heero, I just got a little dizzy! Jeeezzz!" Duo yelled back.

"Ba. . . . .ba . . . . .BAKA!" came a squeal from little Miya who had been sitting in the grass waiting for the ball. She was now squealing and giggling over her first word. Heero turned around abruptly and Miya said it again.


"DUO! She said her first word!" Heero exclaimed excitedly as he rushed over and picked the 16 month old (1 year, 4 months) Miya and spun slowly with her above his head.

"I heard!" Duo said haply as he walked over to the two of them. Heero had stopped spinning and was cradling Miya in his arms. Duo reached out and started tickling her belly and she squealed again, yelling the word.

"Baka! Baka! Baka!"

"That's my little Miya! Smart as a whip, she can already tell her uncle is an idiot." Heero jested.

"HEY!" Duo exclaimed as he turned to fallow Heero inside. Heero went into the kitchen and sat Miya into her high chair and brought a bag of miniature blue berry muffins out of the pantry.

"This calls for a special treat." Heero said as he gave Miya a muffin. Miya gave a pleased laugh and then gobbled down the muffin before getting another from the small pile were Heero had poured out three more.

"I'm tempted to call Zechs at work and tell him." Heero said as he sat at the table next to Miya.

"Nah, Zechs, and Quatre should be home from W.E. in about 20 mints." Duo said sitting down with Heero. Heero nodded after looking at the clock over the door.

"Duo, I was wondering, I know that you and Wufei are trying to get you pregnant, so how's it going?" Heero asked trying to make small talk. Duo gave an exasperated sigh.

"Not so good. Were trying really hard but I just don't seem to be taking. I don't know why I haven't conceived. Hell we even stopped using lub because I thought that maybe it was killing his seed. But it didn't seem to work." Duo confessed.

"Maybe you're just trying to hard. Maybe you two should go for a vacation and just relax." Heero offered.

"Ya know Heero I think your right. Were just stressing are selves over this two much!" Heero offered a small smile before Zechs and Quatre came threw the kitchen door. Heero jumped up and took Miya out of the high chair and rushed over to Zechs.

"Zechs! She did it she said her first word!"

"Your kidding! When!" Zechs exclaimed as he bent down to take his daughter from his husband's arms and holding her over his head.

"Just before we came in to wait for you to get home."

"What'd she say?" Quatre asked before stepping up from behind Zechs to give Miya a little tickle causing Miya to squeal out her word.

"BAKA!" Zechs busted out laughing. He had to hand Miya to Heero before he dropped her out of laughter. Quatre hid a sinker behind his hand. It took a few tries but Zechs was finely able to calm himself down after a bit.

"Well Duo I have grate news! I finally was able to talk Wufei and Trowa into working at W.E. instead of Perventers!" Quatre beamed as he sat down.

"THAT'S GRATE! What jobs did you give them?" Duo asked cheerily.

"Well I only had two places open so they took those. Trowa is my new assistant in engineering and development wile Wufei took head of security." Quatre informed as he accepted the cup of coffee Zechs handed him wile Heero took Miya to put her down for her nap.

"At least I don't have to worry about Wufei being sent out and not coming back." Duo said relaxing into his chair.

"Oh Qat, you didn't tell me what did the doctor have to say when you went and saw her today?" Zechs inquired as he sat down. Quatre gained a cheeky little smile as a light blush came to his cheeks.

"Well, when Trowa and Wufei get home were all going out for dinner my treat and I'll tell all of you then." He said as he got up and headed out of the kitchen.

"Where ya going? Tired of us already?" Duo piped leaning his head back to watch Quatre who stopped at the door.

"Oh I was going to go get Miyas baby book, I thought Zechs might want to put Miyas first word in it." He answered with a smile. Zechs just nodded.

After about two hours Trowa and Wufei made it home and collapsed in the living room. Wufei aloud his head to fall back over the edge of the couch with his eyes closed. He soon snapped his eyes open as a pair of soft genital hands began to rub his neck and shoulders. The site that met his eyes was that of a heart shape face that held warm caring violet eyes and a gentle warm smile, a long braid falling over a slender shoulder. Wufeis face soften and he gained a warm smile him self as he allowed his eyes to close and just relax.

"Aren't you glad I said yes when you asked me to marry you?" Duo asked wittedly.

"Hmmmm, yes I'm very glad." He answered not opening his eyes. As Duo continued to massage Wufeis neck and shoulders Quatre walked in. he went over to where Trowa was seated with his eyes closed and arms stretched the length of the second couch, his head lulled onto his chest wile his legs remained crossed. Quatre smiled at the site of his husband as he walked over in front of Trowa. He bent down and laid a gentle kiss onto Trowas lips. Trowas eyes opened as he kissed back gently.

"I need to tell you something before we leave to go to dinner." With that Quatre took Trowas hand and lead him away to a remote part of the house. Wufei gave Duo a questioning look that Duo answered with a shrug. Within a few mints they heard Trowa yell.

"YOU'RE WHAT!" pause

"I CAN'T BELIVE IT!" pause

Quatre came back a few mints after Trowas last out burst; he was wearing a large smile that seemed incapable of leaving his face.

"Well are you two ready to go out for dinner? Zechs and Heero are bringing the SUV around." Quatre asked as he grabbed his jacket from the hall closet. Wufei rose from his seat and walked around to where Duo stood. Wufei grabbed his own jacket from were he had tossed it on a nearby chair. After Duo had also slipped his own jacket on Wufei weaved an arm around Duos slim waist as they walked out together.

"Ok Qat, you said you had something to tell us so what is it?" Heero asked as he sat his glass down as everyone finished eating. They had gone to a nice little casual restaurant not far into the town. Quatres smile came back, threatening to engulf the rest of his face. Trowa wrapped his arm around Quatres shoulders and pulled him close as another wove their fingers together. Trowa had a devilish smile on his face and his eyes held a cretin glint, it was the same look he had on their wedding day. Trowa gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Um, how should we tell them?" Quatre asked looking at Trowa with a slight blush.

"Together." Trowa answered. Quatre nodded, then turned to look at the ethers. Bring a hand up to tug at his earlobe; he took a deep breath then spoke,

"The doctor gave me some grate news today," he looked back to Trowa for support. Trowa decided to finish the sentence for him.

"Quatre is pregnant, were going to have a baby." Trowa was absolutely beaming as he spoke; wile Quatre bowed his head with a cheeky smile and deep blush.

"NO WAY!" Duo exclaimed as he got up from his seat and wrapped Quatre in a big hug, nearly suffocating the pour boy.

"Congratulations you two." Zechs smiled haply patting Trowa on the shoulder.

"Now I get to do a scrap book for you, it's only fare." Heero winked as he raised a figure at Quatre. Quatre laughed at the thought of Heero making a scrap book. Just last year he had been the up tight 'perfect solder' but now he was just as loose and almost cheerful as Zechs. Wufei and Trowa were getting their but still had a little ways to go. Wufei waited till the ethers calmed down some before give his congratulations.

"I'm happy for you two, I'm sure you guys will be blessed with a wonderful little angle. Were going to have to set up a new room for the baby." Wufei suggested.

"The room isn't the problem, there are still 12 rooms that aren't being used as it is." Quatre informed, his face gained a worried look.

"What is the problem then?" Zechs asked as he lifted Miya from her high chair and cradled her in his strong arms.

"Well, my family is known for multiple births. All my sisters have had no less the twins with each pregnancy." Quatre murmured out. Trowa paled but recovered.

"The more the merrier." He whispered into Quatres ear.