Wufie woke to the sound of softly whispered conversation. He blinked several times before the sleep finally left his eyes and aloud him to see properly. He was still in the hospital bed with Duo laying curled up onto of him. He smiled down at his lover before looking around to see where the whispering was coming from.

Across from the bed sat their patchwork family. Heero gently rocking Miya in a provided chair while she napped with Zechs standing protectively next to them. Trowa sat in another provided chair also rocking, only it was not a baby he held but his overly pregnant lover. Wufie smiled at the site of the small blond curled in his husbands lap sleeping lightly.

Wufie looked down at his bundle and relished how he loathed to disturb his sleeping angel but unfortunately he need to use the restroom. Luckily Heero had seen that Wufie was awake and nodded to Zechs that the China man might be in need of assistance, which he was. Wufie could not seem to find a way of moving Duo that would not lead to his braided lover waking from the needed rest. He was startled slightly when he felt Duo being lifted off of him carefully, only to look up and see Zechs concentrating on the task of untangling and loosing Duo's grip to allow Wufie escape. When Zechs noticed Wufie's locked on stare, he smiled in that soft disarming way of his and held Duo just as delicately as he would his own lover. Wufie nodded and slipped out from under Duo and moved to stretch next to the bed.

Wufie did not stray from Duo's bed side till Zech had laid him back down gently and finished propping a soft pillow under his side so he would not roll around to much in his condition. Wufie moved close to Duo and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead after Zechs had moved back to his spot standing next to Heero, before he dashed into the restroom. Heero, Trowa, and Zechs laughing lightly to themselves.

A week passed by uneventfully. Duo was moved into a normal room in the paternity wing of the hospital, Wufie never leaving his side. The other ex-pilots would come daily to see their braided comrade and bring Wufie and him what ever they needed from home. So all in all it was a relatively normal week. The only thing that would have made it better was if Duo was not cramped up in the hospital.

That however was fixed by Friday. . .

"That's it Duo!" Sally said as she snapped off her gloves. She pulled the blanket back down and let Duo sit up properly. "You can go home at 3." She said putting away the last of her stuff.

"Really! I'm good to go?" Duo asked excitedly, squeezing Wufie's hand happily.

"Yep, but-"

"Ah man I know there would be a catch!" Dou sighed as he leaned on his husband.

"What has to be done Sally?" Wufie asked as he stroked Duo's slightly rounded belly.

"Bed rest, I don't want him doing anything, not for at least another two months." She stated sternly.

Wufei nodded easily. It was a very agreeable 'but' to their situation.

"Welcome home Duo!" Quatre greeted boisterously.

"Oi, Q-man!" Duo laughed as the plump blond hugged him gently.

"Little one, Duo needs to get upstairs. Remember what Sally said." Trowa said softly as he carefully pulled his lover off of the brunette and into his own arms.

"Gomen, Duo."

"Hey it's alright." Duo waved off happily as he headed for the kitchen, "Man we're hungry, aren't we lil guy." Duo rubbed his stomach, his face glowing in happiness. That is till something attached its self to his leg.

"No No baka!" Baby talk yelled up at him. There, attached securely to his leg was Miya. Her blue eyes and round little set in her mothers patented glare. The only thing he could capably do at that moment was blink down at the girl dressed in a little soft pink dress.

"Oh Heero, Zechs! Miya, she's walking!" Quatre called out. The next thing every one knew, Heero was thundering down from upstairs while Zechs streaked in this his video camera out and recording. Apparently Heero had been picking up his daughters room while Zechs had been in his office. They had let Quatre watch her, letting him get use to the idea that in five measly month he would soon be a 'mother' too.

Miya in her baby-ish way, looked over at her mother who stood next to her uncles. Her grip tightened on her uncle Duo's pant leg as she stomped her little foot, stating that she was not happy. Zechs continued to record the whole thing. Watching through the camera screen as Heero crouched down with his arms held out for his baby girl.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" Heero said gently after watching his daughter stomp her foot.

"Un Du No No!" She yelled. Every one tried their best to conceal their mirth as she expressed her displeasure.

"That's right Chibbi, your uncle Duo is doing a no no." Wufei cooed as he walked up and gently grasped Duo's shoulder.

"Nigh Nigh!" Miya stomped again. Wufei crouched down to her so he was level with her and spoke kindly.

"That's right he's suppose to be in bed. Why don't you go to your mum and I'll take him to bed."

Satisfied that her uncle was going to be taken care of the baby girl released her grip on her uncle and wobbled slowly to her mother. Zechs proudly capturing every mint. His favorite being when his little princess let herself fall against her mum, wrapping tinny, chubby arms around his neck. Heero standing with her wrapped tightly in his hold as he gave her great praise and danced around with his angel. It was perfect. And it was all his.

Wufei gently laid his husband down on their bed before curling up next to his braided lover. He wrapped strong, caring arms around the slight frame and pulled Duo close, the braided head was laid against his chest. Wufei was bordering on the thresh hold of unconsciousness when a soft voice brought him back.

" 'Fei, how in hell did Miya know that I was suppose to be in bed?" Wufei looked down at his husband

"Quatre was watching her when I called and told him we where on are way home. She probably was listing to him when he told Trowa that you where suppose to stay in bed." Wufei began to settle back down before been brought back again.

"Wu-bear, I wasn't kidding when I said I was hungry." Duo said innocently.

"And what do you want to eat?"

"One of those frozen chocolate banana's that I saw at the store."

"I'll be back in twenty-five minutes." Wufei stated as he kissed the top of Duo's brow.

Wufei slipped off the bed, making sure Duo was comfortable before making his way out of the door.

Else Where

'Need to go to the store and pick up a test.' Heero moaned as he stood from his kneeling position on the floor. It had been about two week since he had started to get sick. First he thought he had just caught a bout of flu but then with Duo going into the hospital and all it had disappeared and now it was back. He could only nock it this feeling up to one thing. . He was pregnant, again! He looked over at the door when a light nock came from it as it began to open.

"Hey hunny, you feeling alright?" Zechs asked worry plain as day on his face as he moved in to hold Heero.

"Yes, I'm fine. I shouldn't have eaten that tuna I found in the back of the fridge." Zechs shook his head as he ran a rag under cool water. He began to wipe Heero's face, neck, and hairline with the cool compress. Heero sighed softly as he leaned into the touch.

"I need to run to the store, mind watching Miya without me?" Heero asked as he continued to enjoy Zechs' comforting care.

"Not at all." Zechs replied.

Heero moved off of him and began to head out of the bathroom and down the hall. He soon ran into Wufei who was just closing his bedroom door behind him.

"Wufei where are you heading?" Zechs asked when he saw that the china man had his keys in hand.

"Duo is hungry and craving those chocolate frozen bananas that he saw at the story last time. I'm going to go pick up a load for him and I know Quatre will want to try them." Wufei said as he walked with them.

"I'll pick them up, I'm going to the story to do some shopping. You need to go back to Duo." Heero stated as he snatched away Wufei's keys and pushed him back to his and Duo's room.

Wufei, thankfully, went without a fight. Slipping back into the bedroom only to find his husband asleep. Easily, he slipped next to him and whispered 'I love you' as strong arms encircled the slim frame in front of him. Happy, Heero left to go to the store.

Heero stood in the bathroom strumming his fingers on the counter top impatiently. He had returned with enough frozen bananas to feed an army, along with a load of groceries and miscellaneous things like shampoo and dish soap, which by the way they still had plenty of.

It had taken half an hour to find one of the male pregnancy test he had bought in the load of toiletries, which where now all neatly organized and put away. The wait was just killing him. Then the timer went off. With shaky hands, Heero picked up the little stick and looked at it. Nope, it had to be wrong. So he opened the 'Forth' box and took out the test and redid it for the forth time. To say he was in denial would be an underestimate, seeing as he had managed to buy all six test that where on the shelf and was currently on the forth one.

So far they had 'All' been positive, and he knew it to be true, but that did not mean he couldn't be in denial of it. Finally, giving up when he held the 'SIXTH, POSITIVE' test he surrendered to his fate. Well it looked like Zechs was going to have an interesting night tonight.

Heero threw all of the test but the final one in a empty store back and took them to the outside trash. When he came back in he grabbed a zip lock baggy and put the sixth test in before washing his hands. He put the baggy and test into a pocket and decided to go have a nice long bath then a nice longer, nap. Miya would be fine with Zechs. He hoped.

Zechs opened the door to his and Heero's room. Heero hadn't wanted dinner, and before that he had taken a long bath. Heero didn't take baths often, he was more of a quick shower person like Zechs. That in its self was enough to tell Zechs that there was something wrong with his lover. The long nap just concreted this worry.

Zechs slipped onto the bed, spooning behind Heero. He buried his nose into the nape of heero's neck and hair. Breathing deeply he took in the clean smell of creamy peaches from Heero's shampoo. He smiled to himself. Who would have thought that Heero enjoyed the some what girly scented shampoos. It was quite funny to watch as Heero would stand in the soup isle for hours if you let him, debating on what scent he was more fond of, peach, vanilla, lavender, or apples and cinnamon spice.

Though the really funny thing was, that Heero tended to use a certain sent during a certain point in time. take Apples and cinnamon spice. That was used during the really cold wintry/holiday times. Heero had said it just seemed to fit the time and made him feel warm. Vanilla was pretty much an every day sent for him. He was quite fond of it. Lavender was what he would use when he wanted to relax, the soothing sent also having a aphrodisiac affect on Zech (which Heero would take full advantage of at times). Peach. . .Heero used Peach when? Oh he knew this! what was it!

Zechs' eyes snapped open. Blue eyes dilated in total shock. There was no way, Heero would have. . .No he wouldn't. He'd wait till the moment was right before even hinting at the fact that he was pregnant again. Zechs took this moment to peace together all that had been going on.

First, Heero had gotten sick about a month after Miya had come home. Then Duo had his accident and Heero had gotten better. Of course! Heeros nerves would have kept him so focused on Duo till he knew he was alright! That now explained the fact that Heero was sick again. 'Tuna my ass'. Zechs thought to himself. Then there was the fact that Heero had been a little more tired recently when things started to calm down. Why in bloody hell did he not see it before!

Zechs lean up on one arm. Using the other he turned Heero onto his back. He brought a hand up and cupped Heero's cheek gently. Zechs lent down and laid a soft kiss on his lover's soft lips. It was returned gently. Zechs pulled back and watched deep blue eyes look up at him, focusing slowly from deep sleep.

"Hmm, what's wrong Zechs?" Heero asked groggily. Zechs being ever blunt and straight to the point replied.

"When did you find out you where pregnant?" Heero didn't even bat an eye.

"How did you know?"

"Your shampoo gave you away." At the quizzical look he was given, Zechs elaborated." You have only worn Peaches and Cream when you where pregnant. That tide in with your tired ness and morning sickness." Zechs said gently as he pressed another kiss to Heero's forehead. He pulled away and watched as Heero pulled something from his back pocket. He held the test up in the baggy.

"I found out after six of these things said 'positive'." Heero said glaring at the offending stick. Zech lent and buried his face into Heero's neck, chuckling away. Coming back up, he look down at his lover, his husband. The smile Zechs wore seemed to light up his face as his sapphire eyes sparkled with pure happiness. It was this look of joy that Heero saw that made everything seemed to sink in.

"Oh gods. . .Zechs. . . I'm pregnant again." Heero's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

"Wha-" Zechs cut him off with a deep kiss before his husband could cause himself to hyperventilate. When he pulled away Heero had that glowing look. The one he had when he was pregnant with Miya. Zechs watched as Heero's hands moved down and held his belly, his index finger and thumbs touching to create a diamond around his navel.

"Zechs, Where going to have a baby." Heero said softly. The smile was one that even Zechs rarely saw. It was big and affected his whole face, making his eyes squint and sparkle with happiness. It was a breath taking beauty. The small almost giggle like laugh that escaped from Heero made it all the more rare and beautiful.

"Miya is going to have a bigger family than we thought." Zechs cooed. 'I don't think life can get any better then this.' Zechs thought as he leaned in and kissed his husband one more time.

Konnichiwa mina! Yes I know it has been a LONG time since I updated this story. And now I bet you all want to kill me for making Heero pregnant again. Well you see I hit a crossroads with him. It was either make him depressed and somewhat mean cause of all of the babies coming, or take the chance to give Miya some one to play with. I'm kinda entertaining the idea of letting the H&Z and D&W move out to their own homes but I don't know, so give me your input on it and help me decide. Its up to you if they stay with Qat or not. Ja ne!