The Truth Hurts

Chapter I:  Two Brothers

By:  Michelle


This is my first X-men fanfic.  I, of course, do not own or claim to own any X-men.  This fanfics is written for pure fun. 

For this fanfics, I have mixed in elements from the comics as well as the two movies.  Takes place 6 months after X2.  I hope you enjoy.


Hello.  My name is Professor Charles Xavier.  I am a mutant.  As a mutant, I continually hope that my fellow mutants will one day be accepted as equal men.

I am a quite powerful mutant.  I can manipulate people's thoughts and read minds.  Although I consider my gifts a blessing, they are also curse at the same time.    

Sometimes, there are things the mind is supposed to discover on its own.  The truth lies deep inside a person waiting to be released.  Suppressed memories are the most painful of all.  The truth hurts.  There are times, I discover things that are hard to explain to others. 

Perhaps, I should begin now…..

Thirty-four years ago, a Bavarian count married a young peasant woman who was seeking power.  Mysteriously, the count died, but left behind a supposedly pleasant surprise.  The young woman was pregnant. 

"Push Fraulein Raven."  The midwife held her hand.  "All this pain will soon bring you joy."

Raven grinded her teeth and gave her last push.  She felt a sense of relief as she heard a small cry. 

The midwife wiped the baby down and gasped.  "The son of the devil.  The anti-Christ is born on earth." 

"What…"  Raven looked in disbelief as the midwife ran out the room screaming.  "No."

Panicked and weak, she wrapped the baby in a small blanket and placed him in a basket.  She could angry townspeople storming through her home and escaped into the woods. 

However, she could not out run them for long.  She found herself at the edge of a waterfall, weak and out of breath.

As the mob approach, she disguised herself as peasant man. 

"Kill the monster and its mother."

"We cannot let the dark on e roam the earth."

Raven looked down at the crying baby. Her first son.  Why did he have to be a mutant like herself?  She picked up the basket in front of the townspeople.   

"Behold."  She shouted disguised as the townsman.  "The devil's child."

"Sacrifice it."

"Throw it over the falls."

Protecting her own interests, the young woman dropped the screaming baby into the falls.  She never regretted it. 

The magically survived the fall.  How?  No one is really sure.  Perhaps, the Lord was on his side. He was found by a loving family traveling in the circus. 

A few years later, the same woman had an affair with a man by the name of Victor Creed.  She used her disguise to deceive him and became pregnant once again.

This time, she kept the child for a number of years, even concealing his existence from his father.  Victor found out, but in their line of work a child was too much hassle.

Once again, she placed her own interests first.

"He's not one of us Raven."  Victor placed a hand on her shoulder as she watched the boy leave.  "He's a human."

"I know."  Raven sighed.  "He will never be one of us.  He will never accept us."

That was the second son she lost.  Yet still, she did not feel any regret in her decision.

The child was adopted by a family in America and accepted as their own.

The two boys both grew up as opposites.  Different as night and day.  One a mutant, the other a mutant hater.  Both unaware of the others existence.  However, as painful as it must be, the truth must be revealed to them both.


"Senator Graydon Creed.  Look at this dick."  Logan pointed to the television.  "Who elected him?"

"I can't vote."  Bobby reminded him.

"Neither can I."  Rogue added.

Logan rolled his eyes.  "We are in trouble."

Ororo nodded.  "He wants to reintroduce the Registration Act.  He suppose to have a big debate about it next week with a Dr. Hank McCoy."

"We'll have to make plans to attend."  Xavier replied and sensed a wondering mind.  "Are you alright Kurt?"

Kurt stared at the television set like he was hypnotized.


He snapped out of his daze, hiding his true expressions with his image inducer.  "I'm fine.  Just a little worried that's all."