Chapter 1

Edward's Point Of View

Bella has been lying there motionless for the past two days. I was, and still am really worried that I was too late, but Carlisle has constantly assured me that I was right on time. He kept on saying that if I just waited a few more minutes, then Bella would be gone forever. That made me both relieved and panicked at the same time. Relieved because I wouldn't have to live without Bella forever, and panicked because my Bella was so close to death doors.

To say that Renesmee was magnificent was an understatement. She has Bella's chocolate brown eyes, her curly hair, and my bronze colored hair. But she was also acting oddly… in the nicest way possible. Whenever I take her to see her mother, whenever I would even enter the room with her, she would start crying her eyes out. But after I leave the room, she stops immediately. As much as it pains me to think, I think she has something out for her mother.

I'm sitting next to Bella, still lying as motionless as ever. I hope she wakes up soon, because I don't know what to do with myself if she doesn't. Rosalie is occupying Renesmee most of the time, only giving me a couple precious hours with her, but also a couple dreadful hours away from my Bella.

I was brought out of my thoughts by a shrill high pitched scream. The scream of my precious daughter, Renesmee. She truly is one of a kind, being the only half human, half vampire that we know of. I know it's selfish of me, because I want a million more children with my Bella, because almost no vampire could say that they have a kid. But I can. I was a part of something impossible. Something people, or well vampires, dream of.

Rosalie knocks on the open door, not coming in, because she knows just as well as I do, that bringing her in here will make her cry even more. I get up from my spot next to Bella, and I walk over to my sister and my baby. Rosalie hands Renesmee to me, her cries muffling almost automatically. I guess someone just missed her daddy.

I walk away from Bella and I's room, not wanting to upset Renesmee even more. I head to the living room. I look around, and see that Alice and Jasper are cuddling on the loveseat, and Esme and Carlisle are outside, tending to Esme's garden in comfortable silence. I sit down on the piano bench, sitting Renesmee down between my legs, and start playing her a piece. I start playing Bella's lullaby, but then it turns into another completely different piece.

My hands just flow on the keys, knowing where to put them before I know myself. It's like magic. When I hold the last note, I quickly grab some blank sheet music without disturbing a dozing off Renesmee. "Rose, can you come and grab Renesmee? I need to write this down," I mutter, knowing perfectly well that she can hear me. Approximately three and a half seconds later. Rosalie is next to me, carefully grabbing Renesmee without waking her.

I scribbled down the notes of the song I just played and when I was done, I wrote "Renesmee's lullaby" along the top. I was about to play the song again, following the sheet music to make sure I didn't miss anything, but then I heard a groan. A groan coming from a mouth I know all too well.

My Bella was waking up.

Hi! This is the first chapter of my first fanfic! I'm so excited to start posting, and I hope that you guys love reading this story just as much as I love writing it! Love ya!