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"Talking / Whispering"

"Spell Casting / R'hllor Speaking"

Warning: There will be lemons in this story!

A Game of Dynasties: The Cleric

Chapter 1: Into the Fire

Honestly, waking up to a realm of nothing but light and fire is not how I expected things to go after I died.

The age-old story about there being an afterlife of fire and pain for those who have done wrong in their life, and one of light and happiness for those who have done good, apparently seems to have been squished together into an amalgamation of both principles at once, while at the same time giving off a presence that feels neither good nor evil. It just is.

And now that I'm staring at it, I feel a brief moment of nervousness as I wonder what it means for me, since I technically wasn't what someone would consider "good" in my old life… but I don't think I've done anything "bad" enough to get punished.

Sure, I might have ignored the whole "saving yourself for marriage" thing, but so did everyone else I knew!

It wasn't like anyone had a problem with me fooling around with a few women here or there, and the women themselves seemed to enjoy what I did, so I should be relatively safe from being sent to the bad afterlife… right?

"You have been chosen," a voice in the flames whispers in a tone that echoes in both a male and female voices. Causing me to jolt in surprise as I feel a presence weighing down on me from every direction, "the lands you have come from have prepared you for the journey ahead. Know that this decision has not been made lightly, and the rewards bequeathed upon you for your efforts will be as bountiful as the challenges you will face."

Okay… hold on. Back up.

What's going on? I don't remember ever agreeing to be "chosen" for something, let alone doing it for a voice speaking from flames that's beginning to make me think is definitely Satan.

Or God, I guess. I think there was a story somewhere about a burning bush or something?

"The story of Ice and Fire is yours to interpret as you will." The voice continues on unheeded by my thoughts. "So long as the Great Other is defeated, you may do with the world as you see fit. Conquest or salvation. Domination or Indifference. Whatever paths you choose to walk in this world, know that you go with the blessing of R'hllor, Lord of Light.

Ice and Fire? Why does that sound familiar? The Lord of Light thing definitely rings a few bells.

Wait… is the voice talking about Game of Thrones?

Am I about to be reincarnated into the world of Dragons and Direwolves, Starks and Lannisters, and the infamous Iron Throne?

What the fuck?!

"Prepare yourself." The Fire God says, still ignoring me as my brain begins putting the pieces together as to what's going on. "Your rebirth in this world has already been foretold, and many followers will look to you for guidance as the Long Night approaches."

Before I even have a chance to start asking any of a number questions that are popping into my head, my vision instantly begins to swim as I feel myself lose consciousness, causing the world of light and fire around me to fade to black moments before I pass out.

Lannisport, Westerlands

The Reyne Rebellion, 266 AC

- 15 years ago -

The sounds of hundreds of men and women shouting and screaming rang out across the open sea air as the famous Lannisport, home of House Lannister's fleet and the central hub of trading for the West, went up in flames while dozens of men in armor bearing standards with a red lion's sigil - the sigil of House Reyne - on it marched through the streets burning any and all buildings in their path.

Their rampage through the port was met, belated though it may be, by an army of soldiers bearing standards of a golden lion - the sigil of House Lannister - that drew swords upon meeting their foe, and clashed against those who once fought side by side with them and called themselves "allies".

Lost amidst the noise and chaos of the battle between the Lannister and Reyne soldiers, a lone woman cried out in pain as she laid back upon a bed of ruined sheets. A growing pool of blood flowed from between her legs as several women moved around her in a flurry of activity; too focused on the task at hand to notice the war raging around them.

"Lady Joanna, you have to push!" The oldest of the women present exclaimed, hunched at the waist with her hands between the crying woman's legs as she urged the pregnant mother on. "On the count of three… one, two, three… PUSH!"

"AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!" The Lady Joanna Lannister cried out, following the midwife's instructions as she tried to push her unborn third child out of her. Praying to all the gods she could name in her head for the child she'd carried to term to just gET OUT OF HER ALREADY!

It was probably the worst situation a pregnant mother could be in, being surrounded by two clashing armies in the midst of a burning port, and one she deeply regretted agreeing to come along for when her husband, Ser Tywin Lannister, asked if she was capable of joining him when the need to leave Casterly Rock became apparent after his father, Lord Tytos Lannister, proved himself incapable of defending their House.

But as a noble woman who loved her family, and a proud Lady of the West, Joanna felt it was her duty to follow her Lord husband as he went to visit the other holds of the West and gather what Lords he could convince into joining him in their fight against the rebelling Reynes and Tarbecks.

Only…the Reynes had known of their plans far too early for them to escape Lannisport in time.

And now here she was, giving birth in the middle of a battle while a burning port raged with fire all around her. The smoke wafting through the open windows choking the very air and mixing with the scent of sea water as she cried out with exertion.

"I can see the head, my Lady!" The head midwife called out, bringing a newfound wave of energy to the sweaty, exhausted mother as she continued pushing with all her strength, crying out for the child to be born already. "And PUSH!"

Finally, with a great heave of effort, and a loud cry from her that was soon followed up with by the cries of a child, the Lady Joanna gave birth to her third and final child.

The vocal child, covered in the fluids of its birth, was quickly cleaned off and about to be handed over to her as the babe's gender was revealed, while outside, the cries and screams of the soldiers battling faded away moments later.

"It's a boy!"

At the same time as it happened, Tywin himself stepped through the door of the birthing room. Clad in blood-stained red and gold armor that shone in the light of the windows, his hardened face instantly gave way to a relieved smile as he strode across the room before he knelt down at his wife's bedside.

Ignoring the fact that he was covered in filth, the blond-haired man and father of now three stared into his wife's eyes with a look of compassion as he kissed her sweaty forehead, carefully clutching her clammy and shaking hands in his as he turned with her to look at their newborn child.

As the midwife turned back from the washing basin that had been set up ahead of time to clean the child off, a damaged and burning portion of the building's roof came falling down right on top of her as she cradled the cloth-wrapped babe in her arms.

The midwife barely managed to look up in terror in time before she was struck down by the flaming timber.


"NO, MY BABY!" Joanna cried out, her eyes wide with fear as she tried to scramble out of the blood-soaked bed on shaking legs, only to be held back by the other midwives.

Leaving the woman to watch helplessly as Tywin raced with large, thundering steps across the room and began pulling away the burning wood with his gauntlet-covered hands. "TYWIN, HURRY!"

Spurred on by his wife's cries, and the surge of fatherly protective instincts that compelled him onward even as the metal of his gauntlets began to heat up, Tywin managed to force the last few pieces of roofing aside and pull the clothed bundle out of the dead body's arms.

"Is he okay?" The terrified wife and mother asked desperately, staring at her husband's backside as he looked down at the bundle in his arms. "Is our son safe? …TYWIN!"

Hearing his name being shouted, Tywin turned towards his wife with a look she had never seen on his face before.

It was a look of shock, and wonder, as he handed over a burnt-cloth bundle… and the completely unharmed child wrapped within it.

"He's fine…" Tywin mumbled, staring down at his second son with a furrowed brow as confusion colored his normally stern tone. "The fire… it didn't burn him."

Handing the child over to his wife, he watched as she took in the babe's unblemished pale skin with heart-warming relief.

"It's a sign," Joanna cried out as she smothered her son's face with a shower of kisses. Ignoring the whispers of the midwives around her as they too beheld the marvel before them. "A sign from the gods…"


At a loss for words, Tywin simply stared at his wife and newborn son as if unsure that what he was seeing was real, though he still wrapped his arms around the two and cradled them close to his blood-stained armor as he tried to dispel the remnants of fear he'd felt when he watched what he thought had been his child's death.

Around them, the surviving midwives whispered back and forth between each other before one of them felt brave enough to intrude on the couple's moment.

"My Lady…" One asked softly, causing the two blond-haired Lannisters to turn to her and reveal a tuft of short blond hair atop the baby's head. "You have yet to name him."

Blinking, Joanna glanced up into her husband's eyes before she turned her face back down towards the small bundle in her arms.

Seeing the pale-skin, the typical Lannister blond hair, and the pair of emerald green eyes so much like her own, Joanna thought back to what just happened and the words that had spilled out of her mouth as she beheld her un-harmed child in her husband's arms, before the name finally came to her.

"Godwin," she announced to Tywin's and the midwives' surprise. "His name is Godwin Lannister."

Casterly Rock, Westerlands

Robert's Rebellion, 281 AC

- Present Day -

High-heeled shoes clicked against the stone floors of the mighty castle that was Casterly Rock; seat of the House of Lannister, and the pride of the West, as a young woman with flowing, long golden-blonde hair done in curls and dressed in an elegant red silk dress with golden lions sewn into the fabric crossed the long hallways of the private quarters of the castle with impatient steps. Listening to the sounds coming from the door at the end of the hall that was her target with growing agitation.

"Oh -ah!- yes!..." A young woman's voice screamed out as the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh was heard, though not from pain or terror, but from pleasure as she let out a loud, high-pitched moan. "Harder, Godwin!... Fuck me harder!"

Rolling her eyes as she approached the door, the woman ignored all sense of propriety and threw it open without so much as knocking as she beheld the spectacle inside.

Unsurprisingly, there was a young woman no older than herself - around 18 summers, by her guess - lying naked on the ruined sheets of the bed with her shapely, pale-skinned body and large, jiggling tits capped with thick, puffy pink nipples on full display as a muscular young boy even younger than the two women - 15 summers, in fact - thrust himself deeper into her glistening folds.

Her long brunette hair and his own short golden-blond locks clung to their skin, damp with sweat, as the sounds of their lovemaking echoed throughout the room and out into the corridor beyond as the two ignored her presence in favor of indulging in each other's youthful bodies.

"Enough!" The young woman announced loud enough to be heard over the twos moaning and grunts, causing the gasping and moaning girl's head to snap in her direction as the boy languidly turned while continuing to plow into the older girl beneath him. His hips slowing down just enough for her to catch a long glimpse of his thick cock, glistening with the girl's love fluids and a faint hint of red showing that she'd been a virgin until now, before it disappeared into her tight quim.

"Can you not stick your cock in a girl for five minutes, Godwin?" Cersei asked in annoyance as she raised a blond eyebrow imperiously.

Her emerald-green eyes, the same color as his own, glanced down at the cock of her younger brother in interest before meeting his own emerald hues that shone with amusement. A faint dusting of red coloring her cheeks at being caught, before she managed to smother it with a stern look.

"Father has been looking for you all morning." She stated, trying not to stare at Godwin's body glistening with sweat as he gripped the other girls thick, child-bearing hips after wrapping her legs around his waist in order to penetrate her deeper. "What are you going to say when he finds out that you've been ignoring your duties to spend time with the…"

It took her a moment to remember where she'd seen the girl before, but the slight pudginess of the girl's stomach gave her away, "Baker's daughter?"

- Godwin -

Continuing to thrust into the soaked, tight depths of the formerly virgin girl's pussy as I stare unashamedly at the gorgeous beauty that is a young Cersei Lannister - my "sister" in this new life - I chuckle at the sneaking glances she gives my shaft every time I pull back before eventually replying, "Calm yourself, dear sister... Father has more important things on his mind right now than worrying over how I spend my mornings."

Like the fact that Robert Baratheon has just taken up arms against the Targaryens, and has called his banners alongside his friend Ned Stark and Jon Arryn in preparation for what will one day be called Robert's Rebellion.

It was a shock, I'll admit, to find out that I've basically taken the place of Tyrion in the world of Game of Thrones. Let alone that I was so far back in time before the events of the series that I'd loved watching. But after spending several years as a child with the mind of an adult, I had more than enough time to come to terms with my new life.

For instance, the fact that I wasn't a dwarf like Tyrion is something I'm thankful for to this day. Or the fact that "our" mother Joanna hadn't died giving birth to me, and had managed to live for several years before she died from disease, which meant that my new "family" actually cared for me like a true family member, instead of blaming me for her death.

And that was before taking into account my new abilities that came as a gift from the Lord of Light in return for my unwilling service in helping to stop the White Walkers.

Guidance - (Cantrip)

By looking into any flame, you are able to receive a brief vision from R'hllor that will assist you on your path.

This can only be done once per day.

Fire Resistance - (Cantrip)

As the chosen of the Lord of Light, you are immune to all forms of heat and flame.

Thaumaturgy - (Cantrip)

You manifest a small wonder, a sign of supernatural power, that creates any of a number of minor magical effects.

Light - (Cantrip)

By touching an object, you can cause it to glow with a bright golden light for as long as it remains in contact with you.

Transmute Gold - (Cantrip)

As a gift of the Lord of Light, and as a child of the wealthiest House in Westeros, you are able to transmute any substance into pure gold simply by touching it.

While the first three abilities were meant to help me pass myself off as the "Prince Who Was Promised", the last one I got was the first of my rewards for "agreeing" to help stop the White Walker army when the Long Night comes.

Quest Added:

[The Prince Who Was Promised]

Objective: Defeat the Night King

Reward: ?

Apparently, the Lord of Light was a far better patron than I expected him to be, what with his whole "burning people alive" shtick, and with his patronage I get quite a few signing bonuses that are frankly ridiculously over-powered… and I'm not stupid enough to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The resistance to fire alone means I never have to worry about Daenerys or her dragons, or the ungodly amounts of Wildfire that's stored underneath the streets of King's Landing just waiting for a random spark to blow the whole place sky-high.

And that's before taking into account the usefulness of having access to limitless gold, which I've used frequently to help lift our family out of debt with the Iron Bank and put me solidly in my father's good graces.

Tywin Lannister is a hard man to impress, but even he eventually admitted that my gift of gold was beyond anything he'd ever dreamed of for his family. He'd worked so hard to portray our family as fabulously wealthy beyond all others, even when our gold mines ran dry… but now thanks to me, we actually have the finances to back up such claims.

Which means instead of living a life of pretend outrageous wealth, I'm now getting to live a life of actual outrageous wealth.

And R'hllor wants me to kill the Night King and his armies in return for keeping basically infinite wealth and a bunch of magical powers, as well as getting to be born as member of the most powerful Houses in Westeros? Fine with me. I'll burn the whole fucking North down if that's what it takes to keep getting gifts like these.

And to think, these are just the signing bonuses!

I received even more stuff as I got older and began experimenting with them, intentionally showing off their use every now and again to get people's attention while spouting R'hllor's name. Thereby greatly increasing the amount of worshippers he had in Westeros, and improving my chances of getting people to actually agree to fight with me against the White Walkers when they come.

Command - (Spell)

By speaking a one-word command, you can compel others to perform a deed so long as it is done with a language they can understand, and it does not directly harm their being.

Cure Wounds - (Spell)

By placing your hands upon a person, you can heal them of their wounds so long as they are minor and not life-threatening.

"Cum," I order to the Baker's daughter as she clenches down tightly on my pistoning length. Using Command to make her orgasm instantly as she releases another high-pitched moan, causing her eyes to roll upward as her legs clench tightly around my waist and force my entire length inside of her as I let myself go, spilling my seed in her womb without a care.

"T-There… see? All done…" I say as I slowly pull my dick out of the girl's well-fucked cunt, watching in amusement as a thick trail of liquid gold comes pouring out of her stretched hole thanks to Transmute Gold, which has a handy feature of being non-harmful to her while also killing my sperm before it can take root and create a bastard.

Watching the girl I deflowered for the past hour fall asleep on my sheets in exhausted bliss, I turn to face Cersei fully without a shred of embarrassment over my nudity as I raise my own eyebrow back at her. "Now, are you going to stay and help me get dressed, sweet sister? Or was there something else you needed?"

Intentionally flexing my spent member so that it throbs in her direction as a small leftover trail of liquid gold cum drips down onto the floor, I chuckle heartily as I watch my incest-loving older sister grow completely red in the face as she hesitates, obviously tempted by my offer, before she turns on her heels and storms out of my room without another word.

Do I care that she prefers the idea of sleeping with her own family instead of other men? Not at all.

Incest is only a taboo in this world because the Faith of Seven deems it so, and I've made it very clear to everyone by now that I'm a follower of R'hllor - who doesn't care about incest at all.

In fact, I even used my Guidance at one point to find out if a child between me and Cersei would have any kind of birth defects, since it didn't seem to affect the Targaryens for hundreds of years - or Cersei and Jaime for that matter - and R'hllor revealed through a vision that included an older me and Cersei surrounded by a few little golden-blonde heads, that such things seemingly aren't an issue in this world.

The Targaryen madness came about not because of their incestuous coupling, but because of the blood magics their ancestors had used back in Valyria to predict The Doom, which forever cursed them in return for not dying out with the other Valyrian houses.

As for Joffrey… he was just a spoilt little cunt.

Right now, Cersei hasn't yet started doing anything with Jaime beyond a bit of explorative kissing due to her needing her maidenhood intact for her eventual marriage. And her interests in her twin had been helpfully curtailed by our mother, who had used those several years of additional life to keep them both separate.

Which only served to work in my favor since Cersei was usually left with me whenever Joanna needed to separate the two, giving me the chance to build a foundation of familial love and trust with her that's only grown since then.

But that will all change soon once she gets forced into marrying Robert instead of Rhaegar, and have to listen to the drunk call out another woman's name on their wedding night instead of her own. At which point she'll have then given up all reservations about finding comfort in the arms of a family member, and come looking for someone to warm her bed at night.

…could I potentially take Jaime's place and have Cersei for myself? I'm not sure…

But I want to find out.

Cersei is undoubtably one of the most beautiful women in all of Westeros, hands down. And both Rhaegar and Robert are idiots for ignoring her in favor of the admittedly plain Lyanna who has none of elegant beauty my sister does.

I mean sure, there's a certain wild, natural beauty about the Stark girl. But she's also practically flat as a board, with only a somewhat perky backside to show for it.

Whereas Cersei is all womanly curves that, like a fine wine, keeps getting better with age.

"…thanks again." I say to the unresponsive girl lying on my bed, laying a quick kiss on her swollen lips in thanks for a fun time before I set about getting dressed in order to meet up with my "father".

It doesn't do to keep Tywin Lannister waiting, after all. Not even when you're his youngest son, and heir to his House.

… …

- Tywin Lannister -

Writing down a list of orders for his bannermen to carry out in preparation for the battles to come, now that the kingdom was at war, Tywin glanced out the window of his office with a frown as he spotted the rising sun closing in on midday.

He'd sent Cersei out in search of Godwin after his youngest son had yet to show up for his lessons at sunrise, and that had been almost an hour ago… yet the boy still hadn't arrived.

*Knock knock!*

Letting out a small sigh, he turned back to the parchment sitting on his desk and continued writing out his commands as he ordered out loud for the person on the other side of the thick wooden door to hear, "Come in."

As the door to his office creaked open, Tywin briefly glanced up at the person before pointedly staring at his desk as he wrote on in silence, creating a somewhat tense atmosphere in the room as the other approached his desk and took a seat in one of the guest chairs facing him.

"Father…" His youngest son and heir to Casterly Rock, after Jaime had so foolishly decided to join the King's Guard, said respectfully as he waited for him to finish. "You wished to speak with me?"

Continuing to write in silence for a few more moments, he eventually placed his quill back in its ink pot and sealed the letter in red wax with his personal stamp before finally focusing his attention on the boy seated across from him. Briefly glancing at the expensive red silk shirt and black pants with a golden lion's head embroidered on the left breast before staring straight into the emerald eyes that were so much like his late wife's, and just like his elder siblings.

"I did." He said after a long moment. "Where have you been?

A rhetorical question. They both knew Godwin's proclivities, the boy had never been shy in expressing his interest towards women once he'd reached manhood, and after the third time he'd caught the boy fooling around with one of the daughters of his bannermen, Tywin had grown indifferent to his antics.

But that didn't mean he was willing to let things slide, like the fact that his heir had obviously ignored his Lord Father's request to speak with him for several hours in order to fool around with some harlot.

And yet… even when caught, his son never once lost the amused look he always seemed to have on his face. "Gathering information, Father. You know that."

Raising an eyebrow silently, the Lord of Casterly Rock clasped his hands in front of him and rested them on his desk as he spoke only a single word.


"The Baker's daughter," Godwin replied without preamble, completely unaffected by Tywin's severe gaze. "A nice girl, and one who happens to know quite a bit about the day-to-day goings on of the people within and without Casterly Rock, as well as the rumors currently being spread amongst the commonfolk."

Crossing one leg over the other and shifting into a relaxed position, his son seemed to be completely at ease despite the scrutiny he was under. A trait that would serve his heir well when he becomes the head of their house, but one that only served to aggravate him at the moment.

"It seems that the commonfolk are mostly on Robert's side of this coming war, with many agreeing that the Mad King needs to be replaced after he so cruelly burned Lord Stark alive and killed his eldest son and heir… not to mention the many other Lords and Ladies since then." He revealed, surprising Tywin with the information despite the fact he was already aware of those same rumors.

It wasn't the information itself, so much as it was the fact that his son had actually been doing something useful beyond sleeping with harlots that surprised him. "Though there are some who seem to believe that instead of dethroning House Targaryen entirely," Godwin continued, "the rebels should merely remove the Mad King from power, and crown his eldest son Rhaegar as king in his stead. While the Mad King hasn't done himself any favors, the Targaryen dynasty is one that few are willing to give up on after so many centuries under their rule."

Hmm… perhaps there was hope for his heir yet?

Copying his son, Tywin leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest as he thought over this recent turn of events.

Certainly, his youngest had a better understanding of what it meant to protect the family and their family's legacy if he was taking the time to build what looked to be a potential skill in spy mastery. More than what could be said for his older brother, and Tywin's firstborn son.

He just wished that his youngest son would do so in a way that didn't make others assume Godwin was the second coming of Lucamore the Lustful - who had three wives and sixteen children, all of whom were later declared bastards by King Jaehaerys I Targarygen.

"Be that as it may," he acknowledged his son's efforts with only the slightest nods, before hoping to curtail Godwin's antics with the first of his lessons for the day. "A Lord of a prominent House such as ours will be expected to show up on time when he is called upon, or else he risks needlessly offending those who he might have otherwise gained favor with."

"Yes, Father."

"Good." Tywin nodded sharply, letting the topic go and moving on to more important things that needed to be addressed. "Now, tell me how you would go about handling this recent move by House Arryn…"

Cove by the sea, Casterly Rock

- Later that night -

- Godwin -

Standing on the sand beaches of the cove I made for myself as I watch as the high-tides roll across my wet feet, the moon-lit night sky shining like a mirror across the ocean surface, and I let out a relaxing sigh as the cool breeze washes across my skin. Marveling to myself at how beautiful the night sky here is without all of the light pollution that my old world had.

A private oasis, all my own. And all it took to get it was agreeing to deal with the sewer issue surrounding the castle.

To think, Tyrion had presumed Tywin was demeaning him by putting him in charge of building and fixing the sewers of Casterly Rock in the show, when in reality the man had been testing his son to see if he could be trusted with handling even the most boring and mundane of jobs without screwing it up.

After all, you don't just give someone control of a house as wealthy as ours without first testing to see if they're up for the task.

I'd received the same orders as he did, only instead of looking at it with begrudging reluctance, I saw what the man was doing and took to it with great enthusiasm. It was a chance to show my worth to the man, and helped to show that I had the right mindset and drive that was worthy of his heir once it became clear that Jaime had no intentions of leaving the King's Guard after he'd sworn his oath to forsake all claims to lands or titles.

Now, I not only have the trust of my lord father, I also have my own secret spot to go to whenever I need to get away from the castle. A sanctuary all my own, where I can practice my abilities without having someone looking over my shoulder, and a place where I can deal with more… private matters freely without being spied upon.

Hearing the sound of footsteps approaching, I turn away from the ocean and watch as a hooded and cloaked figure steps out into the light. A brief flash of long, golden-blonde hair peeks out from underneath the hood before two hands come up and pull off the cloak entirely…

Revealing my breathtaking older sister Cersei, dressed in a man's training clothes with her beautiful long locks tied over her shoulder in a braided plait with a few strands hanging down either side of her face. Framing the nervous look she has as she steps uncertainly towards me.

"I'm glad you could make it." I say kindly as she reaches me. Leaning down, I pick up the two sparring swords I brought along for what we have in mind as I ask her, "Are you ready?"

"I…" She hesitates, clearly still hesitant about learning how to fight with a sword despite how much she's wanted to learn how to do so ever since she discovered that only men were allowed to train in Westeros. A fact that served to infuriate her when our father had ordered Jaime to start his lessons years ago, and sent her off to learn how to sow and act as a Lady.

"…I am."

Smiling proudly, I hand her one of the swords as I show her how to properly wield it, reminding her that she'll need to work on increasing the strength in her arms if she wishes to actually use it in a fight.

"Good… Now, follow my lead."

Going through the motions, we spend the next few hours under the cover of night practicing a few basic steps and best practices on how to not hurt oneself while wielding a bladed weapon.

Not surprisingly, Cersei struggles heavily in the beginning, her arms simply not used to wielding a sword and waving it around. But after a while, she starts to show a bit of progress as she manages to do a simple few swings before her arms drop from exhaustion. The sparring sword tumbling out of her weakened grip and onto the sand below as she sways unsteadily on her feet.

Reaching her before she can fall, I hold my big sister close to me and wipe at the sweat on her forehead with a cloth I'd brought as I mutter into her ear softly. "Rest now, sweet sister… you've done well tonight."

And I mean it.

When I became physically old enough to wield a sword, Tywin had managed to pull some favors with the Kingsguard and get Ser Arthur Dayne himself to teach me how to fight. And after years of training with a sword under the watchful eye of the Sword of the Morning, I know what I'm talking about when I say that I see potential in someone.

"I'm so proud of you, Cersei." I whisper as her eyelids slowly flutter shut, obviously battling against the desire to sleep as exhaustion wars with her tired mind.

Taking the chance, I lean down and place a gentle, featherlight kiss against her full lips.

The spark that shoots through my whole body as I engage in this taboo act is so deliciously sinful that I nearly tear her sweat-soaked clothes off right here and now and have my way with her, before I manage to reign my hormones back in and pull away as she mumbles something under her breath.

"What was that?" I ask softly, leaning closer to hear what she said.

"…thank you."

Smiling, I cradle her sleeping body as she whispers her thanks, placing a final kiss upon her sweaty forehead as I pick her up bridal carry - struggling against the weight of her taller and older frame - and begin walking us back up the path that'll lead into Casterly Rock's main keep.

"You're welcome, sweet sister."

… …

- Cersei Lannister -

Waiting until Godwin had placed her gently down upon her bed and covered her with a bundle of furs, Cersei's lips quirked into a sleepy smile as her emerald gaze watched him tiptoe quietly back to his own room.

Feeling her younger brother's lips against her own as he kissed her lit a fire inside that she'd never felt before. Not even when she and Jaime were children and they'd practiced kissing each other before their mother had caught them and made the twins stay on opposite sides of the keep from one another.

Even now, after Godwin had already returned to his own room and the moon rose high into the sky, she could still feel her lips tingling as a hand dipped down beneath the sparring clothes she'd worn for their training, and began to gently caress her already glistening folds with a breathy sigh.

She knew it was wrong to think of her own flesh and blood brother in such a way, but there was no denying the connection the two of them shared that had grown ever since she first laid her eyes on him.

Something about the little bundle of golden-blonde hair wrapped in their mother's arms spoke to her more deeply than the connection she shared with her twin. It was like she was drawn to him in a way, and that feeling only grew as he got older and became more handsome.

Dipping a finger into her arousal, Cersei bit down on one of the furs as she tried to stifle a throaty moan that escaped her as she touched herself to the memory of her younger brother's naked body, glistening with sweat as he mounted the Baker's daughter and pounded her into the bed like a two-bit whore.

Only to then cum explosively when the image of the brown-haired girl was replaced with locks of golden-blonde, and it was her than Godwin spilt his seed inside of as he whispered his love for her against her lips before he took them in a heated kiss.

"Mmmh~… Godwin!"

… …

- Godwin -

Smirking to myself as I lean my ear against Cersei's door and listen in while she masturbates to thoughts of me and moans out my name, I quietly step away from her door and walk back to my own room as I try not to think about the painfully hard erection I have now.

Instead, I turn my thoughts elsewhere as I step into my bedroom and shut the door before locking it soundly, the heavy thunk of the lock falling into place echoing in the otherwise silent room as I cross the stone floors towards the fireplace opposite the bed.

Taking a deep breath, I step up to the roaring fire and stare into its flames as I feel my mind connecting with something beyond the mortal world. Activating Guidance as I call upon R'hllor to give me some kind of clue as to how I can use Robert's Rebellion to my advantage.

The "war" is only supposed to last a year or two before the Mad King is killed and Robert Baratheon takes the throne, which means there's not a lot of time for me to really do anything before a good portion of the important moments are already over. So, I'll have to try and prioritize which things are most important during that timeframe, and which I can let happen on their own in order to focus elsewhere.

Staring into the fire, visions dance across the flames and the heat of the hearth grows warm enough for me to feel it tingle my skin in spite of my Fire Resistance as R'hllor sends me his answer.

The rape and murder of Elia Martell and her two children at the hands of the Mountain… The death of Rhaella Targaryen as she gives birth to Daenerys at Dragonstone during a great storm... The battle between Ser Arthur Dayne and Ned Stark moments at the Tower of Joy.

All of them opportunities, and all of them carrying significant risk if I decide to take part in any of them.

The question now is… which of them to choose?

- END -

Author's Notes:

And that's Chapter 1!

There are a couple worlds I've looked at that seem like the perfect places to introduce a Gamer character who has Dungeon & Dragons powers, and after tossing a few choices back and forth I've decided to start things off with Game of Thrones.

I originally intended to have my character show up during the beginning of the series, aging alongside the younger cast like Sansa and Jon before I realized that by doing so, I would have very little time to entrench Godwin into the world before suddenly having to thrust him into political situations and battles that wouldn't be as impactful on someone who's only just been introduced. Let alone cementing himself in the world long enough to make his rise to power seem plausible.

Still… don't expect to take this all too seriously. There's going to be a lot of moments where he'll basically stomp on people without issue, or outsmart a lot of those who think they're clever, while having a lot of sex along the way. But hopefully he'll eventually become a decent enough character for me to build off of once I've got him going.

Be warned, there's going to be incest in this story (it's fucking Game of Thrones, what did you expect?) as well as potentially some darker elements (like hate-fucking or even rape). But there will also be some vanilla stuff (kissing, soft-core, love-making, etc) in the future as well.

Godwin is not a nice guy. But he's not a complete asshole or monster.

Hope you all are liking it so far! Thanks for checking out my story!