I remembered it all so clearly, it was the 26th of June, 2011 22:47, both esteemed philanthropists Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane were subsequently mugged and shot down by an unknown shooter who then left behind the adopted son of the two deceased, Bruce Wayne, Me.

I sat and looked into the stone bust of Thomas as i thought, What can i do, Father? What must i do? To avenge you. These thoughts has haunted me since their Funeral. Even in the sweetest of dreams, it always divulge in to their deaths.

The countless amounts of Therapists say that it will heal with time. But i know it can never heal.
The Rich and Wealthy tell me that it will be alright, But it can never be.
The small friends that i do have, Tell me to cheer up. But can i?

I watched as their eyes turn-

"Master Bruce!" Alfred, A mid-to-late 40's Butler called out to me, Why? He reached out his arm and pulled out a letter, I slowly grabbed it, without the spirit that i once vervishly had and quickly read through its contents. It appears that my Biological Father, Gendo Ikari, Has summoned me to the cold and sterile Tokyo-3, Japan. But he didn't divulge any other information than that. Countless thoughts rushed through my mind, Why now and not sooner? Would he use me? for Wealth? Power? Better Standing? To steal the wealth of the Wayne family? I raised my brow at Alfred who also handed me a picture, I examined it and it appears to be an Asian Woman possibly in her Mid to Late 20's with Long, Dark, Violet Hair.

"Perhaps you should go, Master Bruce. If not for this Gendo Ikari, Then for you to socialize" Alfred, has seemingly voiced out my thoughts. How can he do that?

I stood up and looked into his warm eyes with my own cold eyes and said "Perhaps, Alfred, Prepare a Jetplane."


Author's Note: I made this because nobody else did, Feel free to continue this because i will probably not. Also inspired by both the Year One comic and the THE BATMAN film.

P.S. If somebody already did this excluding the Bat-belfry, feel free to notify me.