Harry sighs, knowing he is lucky to be alive for ten years. Sure, he is aware that his relatives are neglectful, but at least he has survived seven summers with them and is now starting the eighth. Despite the neglect, there is very little they pay attention to him for. Harry finally decides to open his eyes before he blinks at the little spinner above his head.

~{Good morning, new User, I am the Ultimate Gacha. This Gacha will randomly draw one skill, talent, equipment, summon, or similar from the infinite reality upon inserting gacha coins. One gacha coin is given to the user every morning, though accomplishing certain feats, and surviving or thriving in certain events, can earn you a gacha coin with the lower limit raised. With my help, the user can be the greatest in existence within the infinite reality. I may have two functions, but they are more than enough to elevate the user to being the greatest in the infinite reality.}~

~{My primary function is the gacha, obviously. Every morning 10,000 new things will appear in the gacha that replace most of those from the day before. The percentage Rarity is:

Common: 40%

Uncommon: 20%

Rare: 16%

Epic: 10%

Legendary: 6%

Mythical: 4%

Demigod: 2%

God: 1%

and Summon: 1%.}~

~{My second function is a Limitless Inventory, which can store anything inanimate, even if not from the Gacha. Everything stored in the Limitless Inventory is in stasis until it is removed. User can also hide stolen goods, which can be stored as long as you wish.}~

~{The Ultimate Gacha promises a rarity no lower than Legendary for the first use. The daily gacha coin is always spent the moment it is received, so the Gacha is now rolling.}~

Harry blinks, wondering if he has some sort of odd luck. He blinks, seeing the little slot start spinning rapidly, almost like there is an endless list of prizes. After a few moments, he stares at the item card he receives.

~{You have gained the [Dimensional Farm]: (God Rank)}~

Harry pauses, staring wide eyed at the new alert. He gulps, more than fully aware of what this means. Obviously something able to give him godly ranked items on the first try means something. It is likely how the universe repays him for all his Positive Karma, plus the Negative Karma acted against him. This means that it is truly no fault of his own that his life is as bad as it currently stands. Harry frowns, looking around nervously before deciding to pull out the card.

He flips it over, looking for a way to use it. He blinks when a new message appears.

~{Would you like to gain access to the [Dimensional Farm] at this time?}~

Harry smiles, feeling like the luckiest boy in the world. Suddenly, the card disappears from sight, he looks around, expecting something grand. Turning around, he sees hundreds of rows of little planting rows as well as a large lake. There is also a rather interesting barn situated a little bit away. He turns around, mentally panicking at the lack of Dursley house. At that thought, the world ripples around him, he blinks, finding himself exactly where he was moments before he entered. Shrugging it off, he gets out of his cupboard, making his way toward the door with his meager amount of money. If he kept more on him, Dudley would steal it in a heartbeat.

Harry opens the front door and goes to lock it while open. Going out, he shuts the door behind him. Harry doesn't know if there would be any robbers in this community, but he doesn't want to get blamed for it himself. The Dursleys would turn him into a slave if anyone robbed their house.

Harry pauses, wondering if he could purchase different vegetable seeds. He makes his way toward the shopping center, knowing he can do more jobs for the people purchasing groceries. Plus, sometimes the different shopkeepers have him help with stocking and inventory. Since Petunia hasn't ever said a bad word about him the neighbors usually tend to keep quiet, knowing Harry has told them she doesn't get any welfare checks for him. They are more than aware of what would happen with his money if the stingy lady knew about it.

It takes him very little time to get to the shopping center, maybe thirty minutes. Once he arrives, he blinks in surprise, an older man in a bathrobe yet again. "Good morning, Mr. Lupin. Do you need me to get your groceries again?" Harry asks him; once a month the man can be seen seated out here, looking exhausted. A few people act like he is homeless, but he sure does have a lot more money than Harry has seen at one time.

"Good morning, Harry. I think that would be nice. This is my list for today." Lupin offers him a list, giving him the wad of cash to purchase his food. Harry takes it before heading inside to grab a cart. He gets the fruits and vegetables fresh, even managing to look at deals for the week and see if there is anything that he could use. Mr. Lupin is a rather easy man to buy food for, and he lets Harry keep any leftover food money.

It takes him an extra fifteen minutes to pick out a few extra things for him before he wanders back outside. This time a police cruiser is on the edge of the parking lot. Harry, regardless of the officer's intent, pushes the buggy up to Mr. Lupin. "I got everything on the list." Harry tells Lupin, he looks at him, blinking slowly since he had been taking a nap.

"Keep the change." He tells him, before lifting the bags of foodstuff and starting to make his way toward the edge of the parking lot. Harry watches him for a few moments before he shakes his head. Harry takes the cart back inside, before turning around and making his way to his usual spot. A few minutes later, the elderly man he usually helps every Saturday shows up in his old volkswagen.

"Hey, Lad. I need this list of groceries. The money I have is only 100 pounds, so don't get the expensive stuff." Harry nods to him, taking the list and the money before making his way inside. He shops around, getting everything on the list, and only the stuff on the list, before returning to the man. Once he gives him back his receipt, he takes a look at it before frowning a little bit, Harry fidgets, wondering if he'll get extra this time. The man reaches into his wallet, before handing him a five pound bill. "Enjoy your day."

"You too, Sir." The man drives off, like he does every week.

Harry turns his attention toward his next client, smiling gently at her as he continues serving others until lunch.

Harry carefully eats his small sandwich between sips out of a water bottle. He is more than happy with what he has gotten on short notice. His selection of notebooks, binders, a pencil case, and index cards are being used to sort out what he wants in his garden now instead of later. He also has bought an old cooking pan, a pot, a spatula, and a serving spoon. He has a few seasoning bottles, each individual bottle has a different spice, unlike Petunia's pre-mixed bottles.

He shivers in dread, memories of over-spiced food Petunia cooked.

He quietly takes a deep breath, taking a moment to realize something. "Is there something different about my Dimensional Farm?" He mentally wonders. Harry nearly jolts as he hears the voice back in his head.

~{The [Dimensional Farm] is a personal space where users can plant anything wanted. Even [Divine Trees] Can be planted here. One minute outside is equal to one-hundred thousand minutes within. A better example is saying one minute real-time is over two months within. The moment a plant or animal reaches full maturity, it stops growing. The things grown within will be nourished to be at their best state. When a plant has its edibles removed, except for at least one root, more edibles will grow back. Animals will naturally breed while plant products will naturally produce seeds.}~

Harry grins, remembering the nearby orchard, where they have different fruit trees growing. A few nearby gardens also have vegetables if he can figure out how to get seedlings to grow from them. He quickly writes down his list of produce he wants and needs for a balanced diet.

Harry quickly makes his way to neighboring houses and offers to pay for one of every vegetable and fruit in their garden. A few elderly folk offer to allow them for free if he helps in their garden for the next week. So Harry gets a few extra jobs, mostly following orders and learning more about gardening.

He has done very good today, even managing to get extra seeds and fruit than he initially wanted. He even has a five hens he needs to pick up. Harry follows the man toward the back yard, where a few breeding hens are at. Harry frowns, all of the hens look exhausted. Glancing around he tenses, seeing a tall metal fence that has blood in the middle of it.

Harry tears up, knowing that these hens won't be used to being treated well. "Do you have a baby rooster too?" Harry asks him, the man silently huffs, before selling the abused hens to him, alongside the younger rooster. They are all neatly in cages, though the hen's eggs have been taken from them. Harry silently waits for the man to turn around before he pops into his Dimensional Farm.

~{You have brought animals into the Dimensional Farm. Please state if these are Livestock or Allies.}~

Harry frowns, looking at the chickens and realizing what this means. "I can't eat them, they've been abused far too much for that. I'm not allowing them to be livestock." Harry sighs, knowing he can't allow such a thing. He cautiously releases the hens, knowing that they need to be able to roam to make themselves comfortable.

Harry looks at the little rooster, where it has already grown bigger in the cage while pecking at the grass to eat. Harry quietly opens his door, allowing the little rooster out. Turning toward the hens, he sighs in relief, noticing that they already look better. Harry watches them for a few minutes, seeing that even just eating the grass in the pasture is making them have a slightly healthier sheen. Harry wipes away his tears. Harry wants to be in his favorite hiding spot within the Library, where he can research how to properly care for them. He appears in his personal corner all of a sudden, startling him into squeaking.

Looking around he recognizes the place and relaxes, slumping in his chair. "Uh, System, how did I get here?" He whispers, making sure nobody else can hear him.

~{The Dimensional Farm will either allow you to exit where you have entered, or where there is a concentrated trace of your essence. This is one of the places with concentrated essence. Concentrated essence occurs in a place you are constantly at or near for longer than three hours a day for a whole month or where you leave your magic signature. You typically spend 5 hours here daily, meaning that this concentration is denser than usual. }~

Harry nods curtly, despite his confusion, before he begins searching for some books on Chicken Care. After finding a few, he settles in to read about chicken coops, where the hens usually lay their eggs.

A few hours passed while he learned about chickens, rearing chicks, proper feed, and even a little bit about insects that could be great food for them. He even read about what materials to put in their nests to protect their eggs from cracking. Though he is going to need to buy a cage system for insects to be bred within while in the farm before he can release them. Though the netting to keep them in is an issue, because he is aware that he can instantly transport a 10x10 foot cage if he can find one. Though he will need more than one for each type of insect he is rearing, while raising multiple groups.

At the moment he has studied until there is almost nothing that he can actually do right now. While aware of this, he decides to start to move on toward the carpentry section. He picks out a few starter books including 'Building for the Farm', 'Building Materials and Equipment', and 'Building from Scratch' before a sound is heard. Turning toward the source, he finds a familiar face looking at the spines of the books in bemusement.

"Harry, we are closing." The librarian, Ms. Clearwater, tells him softly. Standing up, he follows her toward the front desk. Carrying the books with regret since he has no library card. "Harry, why are you studying farm related things?"

"When I get my own place, I'm going to raise a few animals and grow vegetables at the least. It will cut costs and I don't know how I will be able to earn much money for buying healthy ingredients." She chuckles in amusement. Before guiding him to the checkout counter. Harry stares at her, realizing she is filling out a form to get a library card.

"I trust you to treat these books with respect. You have a clean record with books and have helped me repair a few, so I know you won't harm them intentionally. If there are any more farm related books you'd like to study, like those on cows, goats, sheep, or any other animal you might eventually raise, I will help pick some out when you return these books." He beams at her tearfully, more than aware that he will have to store the books inside his dimensional farm if he is going to take them anywhere. "Though also knowing about edible plants that can be grown on a farm will be good too. Some things, like wild strawberry plants found in grass or fields, can also be eaten. Knowing you, these nine thick books will be finished in, at most, five days." He nods vigorously, knowing she is right.

After checking out the books, and getting several bags to sort and store books within his farm, he trudges out the door toward home.

Silently stepping in the front door, he sees the lamp is still on, peeping in the room, he sees Petunia sitting on the couch, reading the newspaper. Harry fidgets, wondering if he should tell her about the books before she looks straight at him. She frowns heavily at the bags he has before giving him a stern look.

"Bring those bags here." He reluctantly brings them over to her despite knowing she'll be angry at the sight of the library card. She checks the title of each book, eventually realizing something from the look in her eye. "What on earth are you trying to raise?" She asks him while her eyes demand the answer under threat of pain.

"Chickens… I like eggs, plus they are simple." Before he can explain further Petunia perks up a little bit. She moves back toward the newspaper, finding a specific article about buying a few acres.

"If you can get the money together, I'll put in a word for you to buy some of these acres. You have one month since the land is not being bought that easily, it's near the cursed wood." Harry realizes that she dislikes that place intensely. She motions for him to take the books to his cupboard. He obediently goes toward it, still intending to store the books on the farm.

"Boy…" He pauses, turning to look at her and seeing that she has a serious look on his face. "It seems you aren't a wastrel like your parents. Tomorrow, I want you to clear out a space in the attic, clean the whole room while you are at it and I'll let you use the bed and dresser that is up there for you." She sees his surprise and explains further, knowing he needs to come out of the stunned state he is in. "That cleared area will be your space, where Dudley will not be allowed; even I know Dudley will try to destroy those books and I refuse to pay for the damages. Store them however you like, as long as it is unused or empty furniture that you use. If there is no empty cupboard or dresser, I will direct you in organizing the belongings up there. This is to ensure that you have something to place clothes in, because I'd rather there be less of a mess, instead of just moving it to the attic." Harry nods vigorously, earning a harsh stare that causes him to freeze up.

"Y-yes, ma'am." he says the words that get the teachers to leave him alone after he has been given a directive. She returns her focus to the newspaper, completely ignoring him. He makes his way into the cupboard under the stairs, gets ready for bed, before slipping the books under his mattress in a series of about even stacks. After laying down carefully, and ignoring the hardness of his bed caused by the books, he quickly falls asleep.

The next day he stares at his aunt, who always wakes and goes to the kitchen, who is waiting in the sitting room instead of sipping tea in the dining area. "Boy, is there a reason you are staring at me?" She asks him with a heavy frown and narrow eyes.

"I was about to go get me some apples for breakfast, they grow in the park." He answers, telling her a partial truth. "I don't know if you'll be here when I get back to start on the chore, so I don't know if I should go." She relaxes for some reason, motioning for him to follow her as she stands.

He trails after her as she enters the kitchen and points at the pantry. "There are usually a lot of wasted fruits in different baskets." She tells him, as if she is suggesting what he hopes she is. "I only occasionally eat them and they're always being gifted to me at least twice a week. You have permission to grab three at meal times and to snack on two more daily." She pauses, thinking of something briefly. "The snacks need to be minimized at first, until I am able to tell them I have you starting to eat more fruit. After that I'll make sure to get a few different kinds for better nutrition." Harry smiles shyly, his aunt has never been so nice to him before in his life.

"Thank you, Aunt Petunia." He tells her with heartfelt gratitude. Hopefully there are a few extra fruits that he hasn't planted in his farm space yet. He goes into the pantry, picking out a few different ones, two of which he does not have on the farm, which are the kinda small pineapple and the mango. He also decides to get an apple and a banana. He sees that she has left the kitchen, so he briefly pops into his farm, digs a hole where he entered, and buries the pineapple before going thirty feet away and doing it again with the mango. Exiting back to the pantry, he peels his banana before coming out to the trash can to throw the peel away.

He stands by the trash, eating the banana and then the apple to the core and then he grabs the seeds from the apple core. Throwing the core away, and heading to get cleaning supplies he prepares before he enters the attic. Once up there, he gets an alert.

~{Would you like to roll the Gacha?}~

Blinking at it, and remembering jinxing himself he pouts. Though he does nod since it can still be useful.

~{You have won [Giant-Snake Skin Sandals]: (Uncommon Rank) today. The sandals are now inside your inventory.}~

He happily switches his worn shoes for the sandals, feeling that they are comfortable and are the right size for once. The sole has soft padding in addition to the nice leather look, being a pale brown and almost cream color.

Though he is happy about getting something useful, he goes ahead and focuses on his task. Working diligently and methodologically for hours, cleaning the vast majority before lunch. Heading downstairs to get another set of fruit, he sees Petunia is waiting for him. He tenses, seeing the stern look in her eyes.

"I know it is considered a woman's work, but it is important to know how to cook when living on your own." She states calmly, before he relaxes, realizing he isn't in trouble. "We'll start with something easy for you to eat." He perks up, having no reason to argue with that before she glares at him. "Don't expect to eat it all the time, you will be getting the fruit most often. This is a rare treat for hard work done well."

Harry realizes what she means by that. "You went to check on me?" he asks, feeling a little bit of awe at having someone in his family care about what he is doing.

"I worried that you didn't know how to clean properly or how to use the chemicals. I didn't want the stuff damaged or to have a hospital bill of any sort." Harry flushes, a little embarrassed that he hadn't noticed her peeping at him.

Though he does smile sweetly. "Thank you for being concerned about my health…" He doesn't look up until he hears a sigh.

"Your mother occasionally smiled like that. You look like her in facial features." She says before scowling heavily. "That horrible hair is all your father's though." Harry nods before helping to fry some eggs through.

Hesitating for a moment, he is aware that he has to go help in a few vegetable gardens in a few minutes. "I am not done with the attic, still like a little more." She nods to him, watching the frying pan like a hawk.

"Yes, I would think that sounds right." The dull comment causes him to shift on his feet due to his nerves.

Slowly gulping, he takes a moment to speak up, trying to find the right words. "I have obligations in the neighborhood that I can't refuse."

The fact that she only glances at his face has him relaxing. "I assume that it is some kind of chore?" He knows it is definitely a question.

"I'm going to be tending to a few vegetable gardens in Surrey. It's something I've been wanting to do for practice but only recently got the guts to ask a few about." She silently looks at him, as he finally puts the final egg on the slice of bread. He turns off the stove, grateful that the controls are on the edge, before taking the utensils to the sink and washing them.

"How often do you do chores?" Curiosity is in her tone for once, and it is genuine despite being focused on him and his habits.

"I do multiple chores daily. Though on every Saturday and Sunday I am at the market, helping the elderly by getting things on their list and carrying it to their care. Some of them just need help with carrying and moving heavy things, but most give me a list and grocery money before waiting in their cars. I get about five to ten pounds, total, excluding loose change, from each person. But some are cheap or greedy. There is one guy who actually gives my Twenty pounds every time, he always looks so exhausted and beaten." He says the last with concern since he is always worried about him and his health.

Petunia moves toward the fridge for some reason before returning to his plate. He ignores this as he is still washing the dishes. "Since you have hard work to do, get another fruit to go with this. I've added bologna and cheese to your sandwich since that is the simple part."

Harry finishes the few dishes before eating his still warm egg sandwich. When he goes to wash the plate she takes it from him and gives him a pointed look. Smiling with gratitude, he heads out to do his jobs.

Harry returns home after dinner, finding Vernon and Dudley watching the telly, they give him a brief look before ignoring him. Vernon speaks up, "Go on upstairs, Petunia explained things already." He tells him before promptly ignoring his existence. Dudley is too interested in the sports channel to even consider paying him more attention than a curious glance.

Harry pauses, wondering about the fruit before deciding to check upstairs first. Finding the attic door cracked open, and remembering that he closed it, he realizes what happened. He goes upstairs easily enough, he stares as he starts to slowly process what he is seeing. There, in front of the bed he set up, is Petunia sorting out a few old trunks. She has old clothes, shoes, books, and other things he might use or need.

Tearing up at knowing she is trying to help him he wanders over silently. Hearing the sudden creak from his footsteps she looks up at him and sees him with his tears. "What happened!? Why are you crying?" She starts panicking, so he chuckles, wiping his tears away.

"You didn't have to help me with the attic…" He murmurs softly, though she still hears him clearly thanks to the silence.

Relaxing, she stares at him like this is the first time she has seen him. She sighs, "Start trying on the clothes over there. If it does not fit, put it on the coffee table. If it fits, fold and place it in the drawers." Nodding in acceptance of the order, he obeys while trying not to tear up because of his joy.

Realizing that it is thanks to the Gacha that he has his aunt helping him, he mentally thanks whatever entity gave it to him. It has made his life at least a little bit better and his aunt is starting to respect him a little bit. The rest of the time until lights-out is spent organizing, cleaning, and obeying his aunt, which he enjoys for once.

Waking up groggily and slightly exhausted he doesn't recognize the room he is in until he sees the stacks of dishes and cookware that is specifically for him. Relaxing as he remembers, he stretches out his body slowly. A few pops come from his sore shoulders before he gets up and makes his bed. The alert shows up again.

~{Would you like to spin the Gacha?}~

Smiling fondly at the system he nods with respect. He feels respect for it since it has given him only useful things to him the two times he has used it.

~{Congratulations, you have won [Master Engineer]: (Legendary Rank) for today's prize. You can find the card for it in your inventory.}~

Harry stares for a moment, knowing that he can't use it right now. Despite this, he is actually excited about the skill as he pulls the card out of inventory. He uses it, feeling knowledge and instinct for engineering fill his head. "Whoever gave me the Gacha is a godsend. Now I'll have a reliable income when I get older." Respect for the Gacha swells in his heart as he realizes his life will never be the same.

Looking around at the room as he calms himself, he decides to take a shower and grabs some nice outfit compared to normal. He grabs boxers, jeans, a thin jacket, socks, and a t-shirt to wear. Heading toward the bathroom, he finds it empty and quickly heads inside. It takes him six minutes to take his cold shower before he gets dressed and opens the door. Heading downstairs he freezes up at the sight of both Petunia and Vernon sitting at the breakfast table with serious yet half stern looks on their faces.

"Harry, sit." His aunt's curt order, in her calm voice, relaxes him as he sits across from Dudley's seat.

Vernon's coffee is resting in his hand and he takes a sip before giving Harry a critical look. "I've never thought much of you until yesterday." He says, sounding like he has changed his mind about him. "To think you are more responsible than Dudley…" Reluctantly sighing, Vernon gives him a stiff nod, as if he doesn't really want to. "I respect that, I always thought you just went and caused chaos like your parents. I'm sorry I never got to know the real you. This is going to change, today."

"We are sending Dudley over to Marge for three days later this week. During that time, Vernon and I want to spend time with you. When that occurs, we will set more expectations of you since we are aware that you are more responsible than we thought." Feeling like he is walking on a cloud, he thanks the gacha entity yet again, feeling pride in it for being like a partner to him. Mentally he considers it as a gift. He doesn't know if it is from an almighty being, but whoever gave it to might as well be his best friend with the appreciation he has for the system.

"I understand…" Clasping his hands together under the table, he fidgets briefly as he considers offering to help. Looking between them for a moment, he hesitates before gathering his courage. "If you trust me now, can I help with a few chores?" his tone is almost meek in nature, though this surprises the two adults in front of them.

"Do you have any jobs you usually do on Tuesday mornings?" Harry tilts his head, remembering that he usually takes most of the entire day to groom Miss Figgs' feline army.

"Tuesdays only have one task. Grooming Ms. Figgs' cats and tending to them if any are unwell. They usually have to be bathed too." Petunia slowly turns toward him, and he can see that she is livid. He freezes up in his seat before she takes a slow breath to calm herself.

"Do you get paid for this one?" Harry raises his eyes to look at her.

Though he is wary of being at the end of her rage he still answers honestly. "I get paid two pounds per cat." She scoffs with anger before turning toward Vernon. "I will be speaking with her over the phone for the insult. That truly costs at least twenty pounds per for each of marge's dogs for them to be washed, groomed, have their claws cleaned, teeth cleaned, and the health issues always cost a lot more than just that." Blinking slowly, as his body pauses and his fear turns to confusion, he tries to understand what she is angry at. She sighs, apparently noticing that he is confused and slightly wary. "That woman is denying you fair payment. She's a despicable insect that should be paying at least a thousand pounds for all of her cats to be groomed at once, excluding health needs. I heard she used to pay 1500 pounds for that until she got… you to do it for her…" He realizes this makes her even more pissed at the thought.

Harry realizes she feels he has been slighted. Silently, he feels appreciative of his Aunt as she is likely going to tell the neighbors how she took advantage of him. The future rumors against and demands to her are going to be ridiculous. Suddenly, his throat constricts as his eyes water, she is defending, protecting, shielding him from another person. He bows his head, feeling grateful toward his aunt for the second time in his life.

"Harry?" Petunia's worried voice causes him to realize his gaze is lowered a whole lot and that tears are streaming down his cheeks. Sobbing only once, he wipes his arm against his face and looks up at her, smiling as he hesitantly reaches his hand out to her. She looks stunned for some reason before she reaches out and grasps his hand, "What's with the tears again?" Bemused, with him and his tears for kindness, she softly pulls him into a brief hug.

"Again?" Vernon asks before giving them a stern look. "Who made him cry?" The growling tone has Harry chuckling as he reluctantly releases Petunia. He wipes at his eyes as he slows his crying to a stop.

"Harry cried yesterday when he got home after supper last night. Though he cried because I helped him by sorting clothes and stuff out for his use. This time, I don't know why he's crying, but it has something to do with me again." He takes a deep breath, forcing his tears to slow to a crawl. Blushing at the intensity of their worry, he fidgets a little more.

"Harry, please take a moment to explain, even if it is brief." Vernon says, calmer than he was a moment ago.

"Nobody has ever defended me from people who take advantage of me…" He says, smiling as he almost cries again in joy. "I'm so happy I can't help my tears!" He hiccups, not noticing the self-disgust and righteous anger the two adults harbor. They give each oter sharp looks

"Why don't you go back upstairs and read the library books for now. You didn't even get a chance yesterday and I'm not going to let her make a deal unless she pays at least half of the funds you should have gotten for the whole entire timespan you had done it weekly."

Vernon huffs, obviously agreeing with her. "It is not going to happen again at that price. I've got reason to praise my nephew for once and I'm going to raise hell with the drinking buddies about the crime of a payment." Suddenly, Vernon pauses, suddenly getting an amused look on his face. Harry pauses as a light chuckle is heard from him. "One of them is a lawyer, he might be willing to help get all the money back for you, I'll ask him about it." Harry slumps in his chair, he is trying to calm down. Seeing that they are patiently watching him he flushes as he realizes what they want.

"Sorry. I didn't realize you wanted to talk in private. I'll go read upstairs." Scampering out of the room, the almost eleven year old goes upstairs to his space and enters the farm.

~{Status Update, there are now 210 Hens and 105 Roosters total on the farm. Would you like to limit the daily egg count?}~

Harry's eyes widen, not realizing that there would have been that much breeding going on with them. "Until the number of male and female are even, limit the breeding to 1 female and two males per egg laying hen daily." He says, wondering if there will still be extra eggs.

~{Would you like for sterile eggs to be laid? These can be sold at a high price.}~

Harry frowns, knowing that it is going to be a shit ton of eggs even if he does limit the number to one per hen daily. Though there is an easy solution, so he answers, "Please have each hen lay only one sterile egg this week." He asks politely.

~{The Ultimate Gacha System is to give one requested summons of a specific stereotype.}~

Harry pauses, knowing that whatever happened is a godsend yet again. Despite not wanting to be rude he decides to make his curiosity known. "I am not forcing an answer out of you for this, but I am curious as to why I'm getting a bonus today." he waits only for a second before getting a response.

~{The System has never truly been appreciated before and user Hadrian James Potter appreciates the System even if the prizes are not currently useful. Other users tend to be upset or moody when they jinx themselves into having common prizes. So the System was surprised that the user was immediately happy and gave thanks for having something useful. None of today's normal wheel prizes are currently feasible to use at the current time. Despite this typically being a setback, User became excited and was grateful for a potential job skill. Most users do install all skills when they won for the first time, but those that they can't use are only given a passing glance. There is more…}~

Harry frowns, waiting patiently before realizing what it is silent for. "I know what you mean, having you changed my life for the better." He smiles fondly into thin air, trying to convey his gratitude yet again.

~{Negative! The System did nothing that caused the change in User's life. User's jobs would have eventually been discovered anyway. Yet User placed the credit for the resulting happiness on the System, which made System's creator chuckle mildly. The System has no right to that gratitude.}~

Harry bursts into amused laughter. When he stops, he takes a slow breath before responding to the System with amusement. "I'm sorry for laughing, but you're so cute when you are in denial."

~{System is not in denial! That would mean the user is correct and the System is not-}~

Harry's snickering causes the system to fall silent. "Here's the thing you don't get. If they found out that I had been doing jobs, how would they react if I hadn't had those books from the library? Would they steal my money? Would they get pissed since I never helped in the house? Would they beat me black and blue? Would they believe I was trying to make a living for myself? Or would they try to ruin my reputation? I don't know what they would do, but surely you can understand that things don't always happen the same even if the situation is the exact same." Harry feels affectionate toward the system, he understands that this one seems to have something similar to a newborn AI that doesn't understand everything. Knowing that it is like a newborn makes him want to share experiences with it; he wants to teach it what it's like to be a human.

~{It has been determined that the System was the one in error. Confusion has entered the System when the user has wanted to share human likeness with the System. System cannot be made to look like a human.}~

The want of cooing at the system and the feeling that it would be rude wages war in Harry's mind. It takes a moment for his mind to calm enough to explain and not act cutesy with it. "When one wants to teach what something is like, it means they want to bring understanding of it, its functions, its abilities, and its natural state of being."

~{Even if the user did teach the system, all beings are different from one another… If the System is correct, the user appears to want to be more affectionate with the System. Wanting to be kind and loving to the System, if the user's feelings become that intense, would be decided by the System Creator.}~

Harry blushes, not knowing how to respond to the last two statements before deciding to ignore them. "Um, character traits… Yeah. I need someone who would be a good mentor, even if they never have been before. Someone with an innate caring nature, even if they hide or disguise it to avoid bringing it out. They need to be able to be able to protect me in most ways, including from physical harm and being taken advantage of. Therefore they also need to be able to understand the world at its basics. Like money management, work ethics, human morality, that sort of thing." Suddenly, a card of some sort appears in front of him, flipping over and over again until it jerks to a stop.

On the front of the card is a picture of a white haired, muscled young man. His skin is tan, showing that he is likely used to working outside. Despite the serious look and the image of him getting ready to fire a sword from a bow, Harry is excited. "I have a new friend…" He whispers, before he can request the system to bring him to him, the card has cracks of light appearing on it. It grows larger and larger until it is a small pillar with hundreds of cracks spilling out light. Then the pillar bursts into a light show. Once it dies down, the fellow is standing in front of him.

Harry stares at him, suddenly becoming shy and not knowing what to do for the first time. The guy looks human… He is frowning like a human… Now he is sighing like a human… "My name is Emiya. What's your name, kid?" His voice is deep, surprising Harry with how nice it sounds. Suddenly, Harry flushes as he realizes he has been staring rudely in his surprise.

"Harry..." he answers with one word, showing his shyness to him.

"It's nice to meet you, Harry. Can you tell me about yourself?" His tone is calming, so Harry nods, bringing them both back to his room, briefly surprising Emiya. Harry begins explaining his life, what he usually does, where he usually goes, and the change in his family.

About an hour later Harry is done and has explained everything, including the traits he has asked for. "Do you mind introducing me to your family as your mentor? It might help me get around the neighborhood without trouble." Harry nods to him before he turns into motes of light. Looking around wildly, he hears his voice in his head. "Easy, I'm going to the front porch to ring the doorbell. So, I'm going to tell you I haven't had you visit me for a week. They'll think I was concerned about your wellbeing and will likely want to know more about me. I'll ask them if I can see you before I start talking, so you can hear my fake history profile and will be able to tell it to others." Harry nods in agreement. Reaching for the first book, he opens it and begins reading before he hears the doorbell. After a few minutes he hears Petunia calling for him.

Going downstairs, he expects to see him with the red capes. He startles at the sight of a military outfit. "Emiya?" He greets him, coming the rest of the way down the stairs.

"You alright there, Harry?" He nods to him happy still, but with a dust of pink on his face at how shy he is acting. "I thought you meant yesterday or the day before when you said you'd visit me." He raises an eyebrow, before glancing at his relatives and then Harry understands.

"Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, this is Emiya… He's my mentor of sorts." Harry tells them, earning a shared look between the two. They give Emiya charming smiles, and Harry has the feeling he has brought the man's doom upon him. Harry gulps, nervously, wondering if they will even like him.

"Emiya, it's nice to meet you. Why don't you come in and tell us about yourself? Harry hasn't even mentioned you" Emiya nods while chuckling.

"Harry doesn't seem to share other people's information without reason." He explains as he follows the family to the kitchen for tea. Harry follows after them, wondering how they'll react to his story.