Hermione and Draco awoke the next day and then walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Hermione took a seat next to Ron and across from Neville. Draco then sat next to Hermione. They all began talking about their holidays. Harry and Ron told everyone how they spent the majority of their holiday practicing Quidditch.

"Big surprise there," Hermione said to herself.

Hermione and Draco told everyone how they spent the majority of the holiday with each other and Hermione's muggle friends.

"What about you Neville?" Hermione asked curiously to Neville who didn't seem to be talking much. To everyone's surprise Neville got up and walked out of the great hall with out even uttering a response to Hermione. "That was odd," Hermione said.

"Yea, Neville's seemed to change an awful lot since the begging of this year," Harry commented as he ate his toast.

"Oh well, nothing we can do," Ron said as he began to change the subject, "So, Hermione, about your friend Amelia," Ron began to ask Hermione about Amelia but Hermione hadn't been paying much attention because she was worried about Neville, he was always so kind to her, why the sudden change?

"Sorry Ron, can we talk later I've got some home to finish up," Hermione said as she got up from the table and walked out of the Great Hall. Ron, Draco and Harry thought nothing of it and began to discus Hermione's friends.

"Amelia seemed very cheerful, I wouldn't mind seeing her again," Ron said very confidently.

"They all seemed great," Harry said. "What did you think of them Draco? You spent the most time with them." Harry asked Draco.

"They're all so energetic and when Hermione's around them it brings out a side of her that I've never seen before. But it's a good side," Draco said answering Harry's question. "Did Hermione ever mention some guy named Kyle to you?" Draco asked Ron and Harry curiously.

"Yea, back in first year," Ron began.

"But she didn't say much about him and she hasn't mentioned his name since, now all we hear from her is 'Draco this' 'Draco that'." Harry finished answering Draco's question.

For the rest of breakfast the three boys talked about Quidditch and who they thought were going to go to the World Cup in August.

The rest of the day passed quickly for Hermione and Draco before they knew it, it was already dinner. At dinner Draco got a very suspicious letter that simply read,

Malfoy- Stay away from Hermione if you know what's good for you.

Draco didn't think twice of it and stuffed it in his robe pocket. It was just from a jealous boy who was madly in love with Hermione. He knew that the sender of the letter much be watching them now so just to get him mad Draco put his arm around Hermione and pulled her closer to him. Dinner soon ended and Hermione and Draco walked back towards their common room. What the pair didn't know that a somebody had been following them, watching their every move until they entered their common room.

Hermione went to take a shower and left Draco alone in the common room. He had finished all of his homework earlier so he decided to take a book. He began to read but he got distracted by his own thoughts, thoughts of the future. He began to ask himself just what he wanted to be and weather or not he was going ask Hermione for her hand in marriage. After about fifteen minutes or so Draco had thought that he might want to be a teacher and that yes, he did plan on asking Hermione for her hand in marriage. Millions of ideas then passed through his head about how to ask her. He wanted to ask her during Easter break. Then Hermione came into the common room. She walked over and sat down next to Draco. Draco put his arm around Hermione and they sat quietly for about fifteen minutes starring into the fire.

"Hey, how about we go out on a little adventure," Draco said eagerly as he jumped up from the couch.

"Oh, I don't know Draco, what if we get caught," Hermione told Draco.

"We wont, Please," Draco pleaded.

"Oh alright," Hermione said unenthusiastically as she got up off the couch. "Just where are we going?" Hermione asked.

"You'll see," Draco said as he grabbed Hermione's hand and walked her towards the portrait hole. They left their common room and walked down towards the dungeons. Hermione was begging to get scared she hated the dungeons. After about fifteen minutes of walking down a long corridor Draco stopped and tapped his wand there times on a knight. Right before Hermione's eyes the knight moved over a few feet and reveled a door. Draco opened the door and lead Hermione into a room that was dark, very dark. Draco went over to turn on the lights revealing a room furnished in green. It was obviously some secret room that only the Slytherins knew about.

"Draco, where are we?" Hermione asked as she sat down on one of the couches.

"This is a room that my dad found when he was at Hogwarts. He told me where to find it and how to get access to it," Draco began. "I usually come here by myself to get work done. No one else knows about it, just you." Draco finished with a huge smile as he sat down next to Hermione.

They stayed up talking until two in the morning. Neither one of them noticed how late it was. When Draco realized that it was already two he told Hermione that they better get back to their room and get to sleep. Hermione agreed. They snuck back up to their common room.

"Goodnight Hermione," Draco said as he hugged Hermione. He then began to walk towards his room.

"Draco, do you think I could sleep with you tonight, I don't like having such a big room all to myself," Hermione said honestly. When she was alone in her room she was often very scared and had problems falling to sleep. She didn't see what would be wrong with her sleeping in Draco's room.

Draco walked back over to Hermione and put his arm around her. "Sure Mione. But wouldn't you want to get some sleep." Draco said in a joking manor. Hermione playfully punched him on his arm as they walked up to Draco's room.


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