Bear was in the kitchen being, as usual, the jack ass he is. Today, as usual, he began to have very involved conversations with nom one(he always does that). He was blabbing about how to make breakfast when he heard loud music and the schreeching of tires. "C'mon," Bear said to no one. He beckoned No one with a finger and ran to the window. Ojo awoke from his nap and walked in.

"What was that Bear?" he asked, pleasantly.

"I do not know, my friend. Let us come and see." Bear and Ojo walked to the door.

"C'mon," Bear said to the wall. The wall did not answer. It did not come. Bear and Ojo walked outside. Two girls with were in a black mustang with wierd red designs on the front. The windows were rolled down and music blasted out from the car. Two girls, one brunette and the other raven-haired. The brunette one wore a tank top and a jean m,iniskirt. The other wore a sweater around her waist, jeans, and a shirt that said "Mindy". Her name was not Mindy. We don't know about Mindy. Bear smiled, walked up to the air, and said, "Let's make friends with these nice girls."

"Hello friends!" Bear said to the girls.(Bear, talking to a real person? That's a first).

"We're not your friends, dumbass. Get a clue!" said the brunette. her name was Aideen. She was the brains of the operation.

"And my name is not "friend", it is Ciar! And her name isn't either! Ir's Aideen!" Ciar was not the brains of the operation.

"Shut the fuck up, Ciar! Now the schizoid bear knows my name! I told you to let me do the talking." Aideen shouted. She looked at Bear and an evil smirk slowly spread across her face.

"C'mon, "friend". Let's go have some FUN."

Aideen grabbed Bear and Ciar grabbed Ojo. They tied them up with some rope in Bear's shed. Then, the girls got in the car and began to savagely run them over with the shiny black car. Hence the wierd red designs. Shwish, Swash went the car as it rammed into Bear and Ojo. Then Tutter came out.

"Bear! Ojo! That wasn't very nice!" Aideen came over and stepped on him. Being a mouse, he died instantly. Aideen held her head back in roaring laughter.

"Yo, we better get a car wash!" Ciar screamed from inside the car. The windsheild had splatters of blood on it.

"Okay," said Aideen, "but first, lets finish what we came hear for." They ramsacked the house, stealing all the money and valuables. Then, they went in the car, turned on the loud music, and drove straight through the big blue house. As they rode away into the morning, Bears body was rolling down the hill, where the intersection lay. It hit his car at the end of the hill, decapitating his head. The alarm when off, and a pedestrian looked up just in time to see Bear's head fly through the window of a passing car.