Chapter 1

Uzumaki Naruto.

The child of prophecy.

The one that began as an orphan hated by Konohagakure, his village. The reason was he was the jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no kitsune. He became a shinobi at age of 12 years old. Put in Team 7 with Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke under their Jonin sensei Hatake Kakashi.

With his team, he saved Nami no Kuni from a businessman named Gato.

He defended his village from an invasion caused by Orochimaru, one of the Legendary Sannin.

He became the pupil of Jiraya, another Sannin.

He fought against Akatsuki, an organization bent to retrieve the jinchuriki to extract the bijuu inside them.

He defended his home from the leader of Akatsuki, Pain, bearer of the legendary rinnegan.

He fought in the Fourth great shinobi War, against Uchiha Madara who was revealed as Uchiha Obito later.

He then fought against Obito and the true Madara who was revived by Kabuto.

He fought against the juubi, the origin of all chakra.

And he fought against Otsutsuki Kaguya, the progenitor of all chakra.

After the defeat of Kaguya, Naruto and Sasuke were ready to free everyone from the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The progenitor of ninjas, Otsutsuki Hagoromo, asked before what their desire for the future is. Everyone expected Naruto to say he was going to become Hokage. But he was not.

"I want to become stronger to protect this peace," Naruto said. Everyone was confused, they thought he would say he become Hokage. So, he elaborated. "Even if Kaguya is defeated, I have this feeling it is not over. Like other being like her will come and threaten our world again." Now, they are even more confused. What is he saying? Hagoromo sighted.

"So, this is the decision you made. I had seen two paths for you. The first one is where you choose to become Hokage and gain happiness but later faced destruction." The others were in shock. "And the second one where you choose to sacrifice your future and happiness to become something greater than human, to protect from the Otsutsuki menace." Everyone was even more shocked. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Hagoromo.

"What do you mean with Otsutsuki menace?" he said. Hagoromo turned toward him.

"My mother is not the only Otsutsuki in this universe. Otsutsuki is a race of godly beings that have the power to create words but decided to eat them instead to gain more power." Everyone except Naruto can't believe what they heard. "What you felt is true, Naruto. But rest assured, if you choose the second path, you will not begin from the unknown. The process of your transformation began already."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Kakashi.

"Because of your fight against Madara, a constant usage of Ashura's chakra was imposed on Naruto. The result was that Naruto's Otsutsuki heritage has surfaced." Everyone was surprised.

"Then, wouldn't it be better that Naruto trains at Konoha and become Hokage," said Sakura, hoping that Naruto didn't sacrifice himself.

"Impossible. He will need dedication to his training to succeed in his ascension. Being Hokage will reduce his time to train, time that is against us," Hagoromo said. Hagoromo then presented his hand to Naruto.

"I ask again, what is your choice? If you choose the second path, then take my hand and you will go to your where you will train," the rikudou sennin said. Naruto looked at his hand for three seconds.

"If I choose this path, what will happen with the Infinite Tsukuyomi?" asked Naruto. Team 7 was hopeful now. Hagoromo smiled at Naruto's selfless heart.

"I made preparation if you choose this path. The Infinite Tsukuyomi will be broken by the last chakra I have. However, it will prevent me from coming back to the living world for at least centuries," said Hagoromo. It's all Naruto needed to hear. He began to walk toward his ancestor.

"Dobe, wait! Don't be so reckless!" shouted Sasuke.

"Naruto, don't do it!" yelled Sakura.

"They are right Naruto-kun, think again! Are you really going to sacrifice your future? What about your Nindo? Aren't you going to never give up whatever the situation is?" asked Kakashi desperately, not wanting to lose his sensei's son. Naruto stopped, looking back at them, smiling sadly.

"What type of Shinobi will I be if put my future before others?" asked Naruto. "From my perspective, my future will be always sacrifice. What I need to choose is if I take the other's future or not." His answer shocked them. What happened to Naruto? Did the war affect him this much? He continued his speech. "And I can feel it," he puts a hand on his chest, "this power. I already feel calmer because of it. I don't want to become like Kaguya. That's why I want to become stronger, to master this power."

"But we can do it together as a team Naruto. Don't place this burden on you alone!" exclaimed Kakashi. Naruto slowly shook his head.

"We can't. Even as a team, we struggled this much against Kaguya, and she was the only one. What will happen against a nation of them?" They don't have an answer to his question. Naruto turned again to Hagoromo. "If my sacrifice means the protection of our world, then, as the child of prophecy, I do it." He took Hagoromo's hand. Naruto then glowed white before disappearing into light particles. Team 7 could only look in despair.

"Why..." asked Sakura? Hagoromo's eyes softened, taking pity on them.

"Naruto was right. His hidden power began already to influence his mind. He didn't want his behavior to change to the worst, and less you become victims because of this change," said Hagoromo. "In the end, he prefers sacrificing for his people that becoming something he will hate himself."

Kakashi fell on his hands and knees, not believing he lost his sensei's only child. Sakura sobbed while Sasuke clenched his hands and gritted his teeth.

"I will now release everyone. Infinite Tsukuyomi: KAI!" exclaimed Hagoromo. The moon became again white while the prisoners of the Shinju were liberated. Hagoromo began to glow too.

"My time has come to an end. As I said, I will not be able to come back before centuries pass," said Hagoromo. He then turned to a now complete and shocked Kyuubi. "As you noticed, you can't come with your partner Kurama. I will take care of him while you take care of the Shinobi during his absence." Kurama could only nod sadly, not believing he lost the second human that he respects.

Hagoromo disappeared in light particles, leaving behind a saved world but with a terrible loss.

Timeskip: ?

Naruto appeared in a white void with a watered floor. His presence sent ripples on the floor. Naruto felt the familiarity with the mindscape that Hagoromo used to lend his power. Now, it will be an alike space that will serve as his training ground. He can only hope Hagoromo will come. He felt the power influencing him more and more. His mind became clearer little by little, and his behavior changed too. The only solution he can think of was to meditate.

As he was about to sit and cross his legs, Hagoromo appeared in front of him.

"I see it troubles you, Naruto," said Hagoromo. Naruto sat down in a meditation position.

"Yes, my mind is changing right now as we talk," said Naruto. Hagoromo narrowed his eyes.

"I see. It is because you are human and see yourself as a human. This power is of Otsutsuki's origin. If you don't accept your heritage, the power will consume you. You need to accept you will become an Otsutsuki and be no more a human," Hagoromo said. Naruto narrowed his eyes this time.

"Why would I not be part human?" asked Naruto. Hagoromo sighted.

"It is because you will not just change but evolve," said Hagoromo

"Evolve?" Naruto was confused about his statement. Didn't shinobi evolve every day as they trained?

"Yes, evolve. As you know, the World is very much alive," said Hagoromo. Naruto nodded. When finished his Sennin training, his mind had become clearer to the world. Even when he hadn't been in Sennin mode, he could feel nature's chakra. "When you had finished your Sennin training, you evolved to a Sennin-class shinobi." Naruto raised an eyebrow. "It is the reason why you were able to sense natural energy outside Sennin mode and your late sensei Jiraya wasn't able. He didn't evolve." Naruto blinked at that. "Then you followed the path of understanding and love. You became a Messiah the World had desired. And finally, you faced my mother and beat her. A human would never dream of facing a godlike being. Yet you did and saved the world. The world declares you as worthy to evolve." Naruto's eyes widen. "You will become a god, Naruto. Your Otsutsuki heritage will be unlocked but if you don't wish to become one, you will not evolve. But if you don't evolve..."

"I will become like the other Otsutsuki," said somberly Naruto. Hagoromo nodded.

"By evolving, you will not become like them and become a True god compared to them," said Hagoromo. Naruto raised an eyebrow again.

"But they are gods, no? And you are one too, Hagoromo-Jiji," said Naruto. Hagoromo chuckled. It seemed Naruto's mind was really evolving.

"While they are godlike beings and called themselves gods, they aren't recognized by the Universe as True gods. I too am not a True god; I just received the title but never accepted to be one," said Hagoromo. Naruto's eyes widen again. "You will be recognized as a True god of our world, something they will envy." Naruto closed his eyes. He never realized that one day, he will be recognized as a True god. But he needed to do it, for his precious ones and his world.

'Yeah, even if I'm not human, I'm still me. I accept to evolve,' thought Naruto. In the last sentence, Naruto felt extreme drowsiness. He tried to fight back, but he can't stay awake for long. He can't see Hagoromo smiling.

"Don't panic Naruto. The World heard your wish. Your evolution will begin. You need to let the World do the process," said Hagoromo. Calming down, Naruto let the World put him to sleep.

Hagoromo, still smiling, watched Naruto becoming surrounded by a rainbow-glowing cocoon resembling a flower, a closed lotus flower to be precise.

"Now, let's wait," said Hagoromo to himself.

After 2 hours, the lotus cocoon stopped glowing. Hagoromo stopped his meditation to see the result and stood up in case Naruto was not still awaked. The cocoon opened, revealing Naruto in his new form.

He wore a white kimono with golden vine embroidery opened to show his muscular chest and abs covered in red tribal symbols, on the back of it was nine tomoe surrounding a golden eight-pointed star and tomoe on the collar, white hakama, a white haori with red hems and decorated with natural environment bellowed an eight-pointed star surrounded by nine tomoe. On his feet were tabi and geta.

His hair was still sun-kissed blonde, but it was middle back long and there was a glow to it. His face was angular, and his eyes were still closed. Two white horns were on his head. And a divine glow came from his body.

The strange part was the ten void-black plates encased in gold, floating behind his back.

Hagoromo had just enough time to catch Naruto as he fell forward, the glow disappeared, and the plates fell to the ground.

"It seems you are still not awake Naruto. But what a surprise you became. You will need much training to master your mysterious power," said Hagoromo.

After one week, Hagoromo sensed Naruto waking up. Hagoromo stood up watching Naruto opening his eyes. His eyes had black sclera and white eight-pointed star-like pupils. But as he opened them, a third eye opened in his front. It had the same star-like pupil but was smaller and surrounded by rings with tomoe. The sclera was an ever-changing color. The plates next came to life, white symbols glowed on them for a moment before coming back to Naruto's back as he stood up.

"It seems you're awake, Naruto," said Hagoromo. Naruto's sight zeroed in on his ancestor. He looked at him for a moment.

"Hagoromo-Jiji?" Naruto said. Hagoromo chuckled.

"It seems you need some time for your mind to wake up," he said.

"Yes, give me some time to get enough understanding and control of my new computability ability," said Naruto, putting a hand on his head. Hagoromo raised an eyebrow.

"Oh?" he said, rubbing his beard. "We should then begin with meditation. Our first task would be to put under control your mind's ability. Until the end of your training, I will be your Sensei and you should refer me as it is." Naruto nodded before sitting down and crossing his legs. His plates changed position, revolving around him instead, parallel to the floor. He began his meditation, trying first to order his mind.


It had been a hundred years since Naruto had begun his training. The first thing he had learned was his mind-relative ability, beginning first with the mind itself. He had managed to enter his mindscape, only to realize it had changed quite a lot. Instead of a sewer, It had become an ever-changing colored space with again a watered floor. Floated doors could be seen. He had decided to check his new computability ability. A door had appeared before him and had opened it before being blinded.

When he had regained his sight, he found himself in a new room. The room had been a black library with a white line running on the wall. He knew it had been the part of his mind where memories and experiences had been stored and had been treated and could be used. A bubble had been in the center of the room, and white symbols could be seen inside it. He had approached it, observed it, and calculated the possibilities. Only to realize that writing had appeared when he had thought. It had surprised him, stopping his thoughts and writing. It had connected dots with dots and had come to the conclusion this bubble represents his intelligence. The conclusion had appeared inside the bubble. He had wanted to store this information to not forget it. It had disappeared from the bubble while a white line had glowed for a moment. He had concluded that his conclusion had been stored as he had wished. Now he had wondered if he could duplicate this bubble. Two bubbles meant a process twice faster. He then imagined a bubble getting out of the first one. It had taken some time but he had managed to do it. He had tried then to search for memory the same time thinking of others possibilities. The two had responded to his will and he had gotten his desire. He had stopped after that, visiting another door.

The second door had led him to a rainbow-colored sphere of energy of non-visible diameter. When he had tried to feel this energy, he had recognized his own chakra but he had wondered why it was only spiritual in nature. He had decided to stop right now with his chakra, having questions to ask his sensei.

The other doors had led him to a room like his library room but without the shelves and he had felt he was outside of his body for some reason. He had concluded it must be his plate. He had stopped his meditation there.

He had explained his finding to Hagoromo and asked him about his chakra. His answer surprised Naruto.

"It is because gods are spiritual beings and so don't have physical energies. It is one of the requirements too: to not let yourself attach to whatever material, body or other things like money." Well, another reason why he had been chosen. He never had been interested in owning or possessing valuables, leaving a simple was better for him. And he had seen what greed can do.

After, they tried to learn the power of his dojutsu next. His normal eyes acted like the bakyugan but better. He could see through anything and zoomed to infinite distances. But the weaknesses were the same but with chakra consumption to add. He got Yin-Yang dominion too. He had asked why dominion and not manipulation.

"Manipulation gives possibilities to manipulate a concept maybe but Dominion will give absolute control on the concept. Nobody will be able to control it in your presence." In clear, dominion was better than manipulation. He had called his eyes, Shooting star eyes.

But those eyes were not the stronger ones. His third eye acted like a rinne-sharingan, but better again. The rikudou, Elemental dominion, Life and death dominion, Space-time dominion, and energy that Naruto didn't recognize but Hagoromo did.

"This is the void energy, one if not the strongest energy you can manipulate. This is the power of the beginning, of the end, of creation, of destruction. It is important to master it because if you don't, the power will destroy you," said Hagoromo. Naruto had swallowed his spit. Void manipulation was no joke. He called his eye, Origin eye.

But Hagoromo had gaped at his black plates. They were like worlds made of supercomputers themselves. They were the equivalent of truth-seekers balls but with extra. They possessed galaxy-sized storage. And while Naruto can store objects, he could do more than he imagined. Because of the computer-like functions, Naruto could store fuuinjutsu and use them at any moment. Let's not forget the calculation power that could help him in his tasks. So they had the benefices of the truth-seekers balls plus those powers. He called them, Origin plates.

His chakra possessed all attributes even the sub-element because of Elemental dominion.

"Now Naruto, it is time to train the body. Even if you are a spiritual being and you made incredible progress in the mental aspects even more in genjutsu, Taijutsu is still something important as a Taijutsu master will be able to overwhelm you as a long-range fighter," said Hagoromo. Naruto nodded, remembering Lee being able to fight with only his Taijutsu.

And they passed another century to master Taijutsu, kenjutsu, bukijutsu, and shurikenjutsu. Naruto had created his own taijutsu that he named Galaxy dominion. It consisted of whirling movements and used every part of his body to control the flow of the fight, to trouble his foe, and gave Naruto an opening that he could use to dominate them.

His kenjutsu was perfect. He called it, Crushing void. Because of the strength and flow of the kata, just the tip of his new katana is enough to create large ravines and reduce people to nothing. And it was not slow, on the contrary. The precise strikes made it difficult to dodge and impossible to block.

For shurikenjutsu, he just needed to practice his aim.

At present, Naruto was meditating under the eyes of Hagoromo. And what he didn't know was that he began to glow.

'It is time. Naruto will ascend to his domain in some moment.' Thought Hagoromo.

"Naruto, continue to meditate, I will just give a last piece of advice," said Hagoromo. Naruto wondered why he said that but continued to meditate. In this state, he can't make a conclusion.

"In some moment, we will be apart. Do not be afraid. It will tell the end of our training and the beginning of your reign and mission as a god. The new place will be your domain. Your new home," said Hagoromo. Naruto continued to meditate even after the shocking news. And as Hagoromo said, Naruto disappeared in front of him after one hour. Hagoromo smiled. "Good luck Naruto. And have a happy godhood life." He closed his eyes, beginning his meditation.

As for Naruto, he opened his eyes to see a new place. The sky was void black but the floor was made of golden water.

"So, this is my new domain," mumbled Naruto. He had work to do.